HB1793: Public schools; lock-down drills, notice to parents.


Offered January 9, 2019
Prefiled December 27, 2018
A BILL to amend and reenact § 22.1-137.2 of the Code of Virginia, relating to public schools; lock-down drills; notice to parents.
Patron-- VanValkenburg

Committee Referral Pending

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That § 22.1-137.2 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:

§ 22.1-137.2. Lock-down drills.

In every public school there shall be a lock-down drill at least twice during the first 20 school days of each school session, in order that students may be thoroughly practiced in such drills. Every public school shall hold at least two additional lock-down drills during the remainder of the school session. Lock-down plans and drills shall be in compliance with the Statewide Fire Prevention Code (§ 27-94 et seq.). Every public school shall provide the parents of enrolled students with at least 24 hours' notice before the school conducts any lock-down drill.