Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits. (HB1532)

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Del. Don Scott (D-Portsmouth)


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Department of Corrections; earned sentence credits. Establishes a four-level classification system for the awarding and calculation of earned sentence credits. The bill requires the calculation of earned sentence credits to apply retroactively to the entire sentence of any inmate who is confined in a state correctional facility and participating in the earned sentence credit system on July 1, 2020. Read the Bill »


01/16/2020: Awaiting a Vote in the Public Safety Committee


01/10/2020Presented and ordered printed 20105202D
01/10/2020Referred to Committee on Public Safety
01/15/2020Assigned PS sub: Public Safety
01/16/2020Assigned PS sub: Public Safety


Debra Turner writes:

At a time when incarceration rates in cities is dropping due to rehabilitative programs, the incarceration rate in our rural areas is rising. Middle River Regional Jail in Verona has plans to approve a $98.5 million expansion. Where is our fiscal responsibility, Virginia? End mass incarceration. Reinstate parole. Increase 'good time." Support HB430 Reinstate Parole and HB1532 Earned Sentence Credits.

Cheryl Shakur writes:

The system as we all know was not designed for the African American and so many of our young men and woman are spending their entire young adulthood in prison from a young-minded mistake. We all have made silly or very stupid decisions, we just didn't get caught at a young age. Our young men and women are not giving a chance to redeem themselves during their tender years, were they can have enough life in them left to do so. We put these kids in at a young age, and expect them to come out of prison responsible men and women. Well, the prison doesn't teach them how to be responsible, or how to become a man or woman. The age they go in is the age they come out, as far as growth. You give them 20 years at age 18, they come in serve the whole 20 years and released at age 38, mind set 18 yrs old! It take them living in the real world to develop, to grow and to learn from other responsible adults. Yes, it takes a village, but how can the village raise these children behind a jail cell! If we want them to be accountable, we have to lead by example and become accountable ourselves. NO ONE wants to take the blame on why are young men and women are giving a life sentence for a childhood mistake. Give these men and women a chance at life and not have to come out, lost in a world that grew without them in it.

Debra Turner writes:

For more information about this House Bill 1532 go to the Humanization Project:

It is not a gift, they must work hard through 4 tiers or levels and there are incentives for good behavior and self-improvement.

Dale Ray writes:

I am all for this house bill 1532. They need to be home and working a job to help themselves and family. Once they are out they are still on strict probation rules and some are on it for years. I think this should be shortened as well.
Please pass this bill.

Laura Jackson writes:

I strongly agree with this bill. PASS HB1532 and give proper credit where credit is due for so many who made mistakes but have done everything they are allowed to do within the prison system to IMPROVE themselves, their CHARACTER and their mindset to succeed! When locked up, so many learn the value of freedom in the harshest of ways yet still ACHIEVE life goals and accomplishments while living through some of the most horrid conditions ever seen. These men and women who complete programs that are setup to help them upon being released as well as higher education, being respectful of laws etc for long prison sentences deserve a chance to apply all that they have learned, and prove their growth as human beings much sooner than current laws allow.

Christina Moore writes:

Im a for HB430 & HB1532. Mass Incarceration must end. I agree that giving outrageous sentences to young people does not teach a lesson. The mentality has not matured. IF the young men and women are going to be locked away for decades or sentenced wrongfully; and yes that is happening also at least prepare and rehabilitate them while they are behind bars. I believe there should be a program put into each prison system that teaches and rehabilitates. Inspires not degrades and beats or mistreats.
So please support these bills #HB430 & HB#1532

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