Corrections, Department of; earned sentence credits. (HB1532)

Introduced By

Del. Don Scott (D-Portsmouth)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Department of Corrections; earned sentence credits. Establishes a four-level classification system for the awarding and calculation of earned sentence credits. The bill requires the calculation of earned sentence credits to apply retroactively to the entire sentence of any inmate who is confined in a state correctional facility and participating in the earned sentence credit system on July 1, 2020. This bill incorporates HB 1370. Read the Bill »


Bill Has Failed


01/10/2020Presented and ordered printed 20105202D
01/10/2020Referred to Committee on Public Safety
01/15/2020Assigned PS sub: Public Safety
01/16/2020Assigned PS sub: Public Safety
01/30/2020Impact statement from DPB (HB1532)
01/30/2020Subcommittee recommends reporting (5-Y 3-N)
01/30/2020Subcommittee recommends referring to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/31/2020Reported from Public Safety (13-Y 9-N) (see vote tally)
01/31/2020Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/02/2020Assigned Courts sub: Criminal
02/03/2020House subcommittee amendments and substitutes offered
02/03/2020Subcommittee recommends reporting with substitute (5-Y 3-N)
02/03/2020Subcommittee recommends referring to Committee on Appropriations
02/05/2020Committee substitute printed to LIS only 20107650D-H1
02/05/2020Incorporates HB1370 (Campbell, J.L.)
02/05/2020Continued to 2021 in Courts of Justice


Debra Turner writes:

At a time when incarceration rates in cities is dropping due to rehabilitative programs, the incarceration rate in our rural areas is rising. Middle River Regional Jail in Verona has plans to approve a $98.5 million expansion. Where is our fiscal responsibility, Virginia? End mass incarceration. Reinstate parole. Increase 'good time." Support HB430 Reinstate Parole and HB1532 Earned Sentence Credits.

Cheryl Shakur writes:

The system as we all know was not designed for the African American and so many of our young men and woman are spending their entire young adulthood in prison from a young-minded mistake. We all have made silly or very stupid decisions, we just didn't get caught at a young age. Our young men and women are not giving a chance to redeem themselves during their tender years, were they can have enough life in them left to do so. We put these kids in at a young age, and expect them to come out of prison responsible men and women. Well, the prison doesn't teach them how to be responsible, or how to become a man or woman. The age they go in is the age they come out, as far as growth. You give them 20 years at age 18, they come in serve the whole 20 years and released at age 38, mind set 18 yrs old! It take them living in the real world to develop, to grow and to learn from other responsible adults. Yes, it takes a village, but how can the village raise these children behind a jail cell! If we want them to be accountable, we have to lead by example and become accountable ourselves. NO ONE wants to take the blame on why are young men and women are giving a life sentence for a childhood mistake. Give these men and women a chance at life and not have to come out, lost in a world that grew without them in it.

Debra Turner writes:

For more information about this House Bill 1532 go to the Humanization Project:

It is not a gift, they must work hard through 4 tiers or levels and there are incentives for good behavior and self-improvement.

Dale Ray writes:

I am all for this house bill 1532. They need to be home and working a job to help themselves and family. Once they are out they are still on strict probation rules and some are on it for years. I think this should be shortened as well.
Please pass this bill.

Laura Jackson writes:

I strongly agree with this bill. PASS HB1532 and give proper credit where credit is due for so many who made mistakes but have done everything they are allowed to do within the prison system to IMPROVE themselves, their CHARACTER and their mindset to succeed! When locked up, so many learn the value of freedom in the harshest of ways yet still ACHIEVE life goals and accomplishments while living through some of the most horrid conditions ever seen. These men and women who complete programs that are setup to help them upon being released as well as higher education, being respectful of laws etc for long prison sentences deserve a chance to apply all that they have learned, and prove their growth as human beings much sooner than current laws allow.

Christina Moore writes:

Im a for HB430 & HB1532. Mass Incarceration must end. I agree that giving outrageous sentences to young people does not teach a lesson. The mentality has not matured. IF the young men and women are going to be locked away for decades or sentenced wrongfully; and yes that is happening also at least prepare and rehabilitate them while they are behind bars. I believe there should be a program put into each prison system that teaches and rehabilitates. Inspires not degrades and beats or mistreats.
So please support these bills #HB430 & HB#1532

Anne Puckett writes:

PLEASE support HB#1532. Inmates are incarcerated with little incentive or opportunity to make improvements in their lives. Not all of the prisons have programs or jobs for the inmates to participate in. They are basically being warehoused in a punitive system when it should be a restorative system. My son was sentenced to 9 years. His pre-sentencing report recommended 4 and 1/2 years. Because he took a plea deal we were not able to appeal. He has dealt with the issues that caused him to go down the wrong path and he has stayed out of trouble since his incarceration. He would definitely benefit from the passage of this bill and it would give him, and many others in the same situation, a chance to become a productive member of society.

Rebecca Engel writes:

Please support HB #1532. Give inmates the opportunity to still have a life after paying for their actions. The idea behind imprisonment should be to rehabilitate and not to merely punish. My son was a first-time offender who plead guilty to a lesser charge of robbery. Instead of being given the minimum sentence of five years, he was sentenced to 25 years. Although a good deal of that was suspended, he will still have 20 years of probation hanging over his head when he gets released. For the first three years of his incarceration, he was housed in the regional jail with no access to classes or programs to help with his rehabilitation. Because he was basically forced into a plea deal, we had no right to appeal. My son has admitted to his crime, assisted law enforcement and worked to better himself, none of which came through the assistance of the Commonwealth. He has managed to not receive any infractions and still he has no access to programs in the prison system. This bill would allow us to bring him home and help him be a productive member of society. We are not the sum of our actions! We beg you to please support passage of this bill. Thank you.

Michael Keith writes:

More anti-victim legislation by the GA.

Linda Smith writes:

Please support and pass HB1532. This will allow all inmates to be able to get out earlier and be back home with their children and families. It does not take long for them to realize their wrongdoing and have a real desire to do better in their future life. Most will be under a probation officer for many years and that will be punishment too. I beg you to please pass this bill. Thank you.

Brittney Fridley writes:

After an inmate pulls their time for the crimes they have done it is hard enough to come back out to this part of life and not be judged still. They deserve the right to come home and start their life over again out here free and not feel like they are still in prison. Every american deservers this right to feel free so I say pass this law.

Kelly Hodge writes:

I fully support this Bill, 1532
It is important to many with loved ones unfairly sentenced for non violent crimes.
Others also need a chance

veronica lovejoy writes:

Please pass this bill it will bring a lot of Families back together.

Lina Castro writes:

I strongly agree with House Bill 1532.
Everyone deserves a second chance, Reason being that everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect.
Second chances are what makes everyone work harder and towards making their lives better.
Everyone should get a second chance not only people with money and power.
That money and power should not count it should be equal for everyone!

Kelly Hodge writes:

Agree pass this please.

Mellissa J Parks writes:

This is what needs to be done so inmates have something to look forward to and to work for there so they can return to society and grow .

Nancy Pierce writes:

Please, please come support this bill on Thursday, Jan 30 at 6 pm where it will be heard in Subcommittee room 400-B in the Pocahontas Building, 900 E. Main St, Richmond. We want the room overflowing so we can get this bill passed!!

Tulip writes:

All For HB1532. Virginia has the harshest laws for those innocent but still found guilty. Give a second chance to those who deserve it. Please pass the bill and please show your support if you haven’t already

Carolyn M Jarvis writes:

I am 100% for HB1532. Our family has suffered for long enough. my husband has been locked up for 8 years for a non violent charge. Please except the reform so he can come home and workand take care of his family. please pass HB1532

Valerie writes:

I support HB1532!!!!!!!

Kaila writes:

Please please PLEASE pass HB1532!!!!

LaRea writes:

Prolonged incarceration doesn’t rehabilitate, but debilitates. They need to feel human. They need to be treated like humans.

LaRea writes:

Please pass HB1532!!

hilarya93 writes:

These men and women have to work for this. It's not that you're putting nonrehabilitated men and women on the streets! Pass HB1532!

Charlotte writes:

I agree with this bill, PLEASE PASS!!

Sylvester Jones writes:

I am retired military I support Virginia Bill 1532

Sylvester Jones writes:

Please pass Virginia Bill 1532

Lj writes:

Please pass bill to encourage and support our men and women of the world..

Joy Lorien writes:

Please pass this bill for our jails and prisons are so overcrowded with citizens of our Commonwealth who are mostly incarcerated with non violent actions such as drug use. Many have been there for years with good behavior and can become productive citizens in society if they are rewarded for that good behavior as this bill states. Do the right thing legislators. Bring out loved ones home.

Mahryah Moreno writes:

I agree very strongly about the bill, please pass this bill 1532. Everyone deserves a second chance in life.

Raquel Soria writes:

I support HB1532

Jose Moreno Marquez writes:

I strongly agree for bill 1532 to be passed. Please

Jennifer Lane writes:

I very strongly agree for this bill 1532 to pass . Please people this needs to pass . We need to give them a chance in life to have the help they need to succeed out here not to keep failing .

Shaquielle Patterson writes:

I strongly agree with that this bill should be passed

Shaquielle Patterson writes:

I strongly agree that bill 1532 should be passed

jamir smith writes:

i strongly agree

Robert Williams writes:

I strongly agree that bill 1532 should be passed.

Miriam Rodriguez writes:

I support bill 1532. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Miguel Ortiz writes:

I strongly agree with this bill I pray this bill gets passed

Alnija writes:

I support bill 1532

Catherine A King writes:

Please support and Pass HB Bill 1532, which I strongly agree with the plan for inmates to be given a chance to get through all the required Re-entry programs, Agree they should be given the opportunity to do better for themselves, more than that their families, so they can work and support the children who need both parents. Also, adhere to probation regulations. Thank you.

Tom Balas writes:

I support this bill.

Jessica fullen writes:

I support

Bianca Moreno writes:

I strongly Support bill 1532 And I hope and pray to God that it will pass so we can all see our loved ones come home one day please pass the bill 1532. As human beings they deserve a second chance in life.

Javier Martinez writes:

I support this bill. Some mistakes are not as serious as others and we all deserve a second chance.

Kiara writes:

I support this bill. The ones who are trying to change definitely deserve a second chance.

Monica Moreno writes:

I support this bill. Many are doing time that didn’t deserve the amount they got.

Charlene M McCrary writes:

I support this bill I hope every one will have a second chance of this bill God help us we need this I want my husband home soon I been married 2 years I just want him home please in jesus name amen

Candice Mills writes:

I support this bill!! The father of my kids has been incarcerated for the last 10years with 11 more years still to go! Please approve this bill!

Andrea Moreno writes:

I support this bill, everyone deserves a second chance in life regardless, if God can forgive why can’t we. Please pass this bill.

Jasmine Rose writes:

I fully support this effort.

April Thornton writes:

I support this bill 100% my fiance is incarcerated please approve this bill

Karen Matthews writes:

I support this bill. I agree 100% with Andrea Moreno. She wrote it beautifully. Everyone deserves a second chance. If they prove to be a good inmate, they deserve a second chance.

wanza cooper writes:

I think this is a good way to show the offenders that we have confidence in the system and that it is put in place to rehabilitate them and give them another try at being successful. Often times the person that has committed a crime is young and make a grave mistake and by the time they realize what they have done they are in a predicament that has cost them there whole life and even if they get better and fly straight they are still incarcerated with no vision. With this program at least they will feel like they are humans and that if they act accordingly then they could be be rewarded and have a chance at life again. I think if you research incentive programs there is always a great turnout.

William D Marshall writes:

i support this and please pass this HB#1532 it mains so much to so many and every body needs a second chance !


Please pass this Bill. HB#1532. The comments I have read on here are so true. These inmates make a mistake at a young age and are sentenced to lengthy incarceration times. There is no rehabilitation on the inside. Let them re enter society and have programs where they can benefit from on the outside. This needs to pass.

Jose writes:

I support this 100% since they won’t bring back parole this the least that can happen.

DeMarco McMullen writes:

I Fully support this bill

Franklin ortiz writes:

I fully support this bill HB-1532 to allow these not just inmates but human beings, friends and families, to come back home. Some of these humans rehabilitation has already been met but continues to be incarcerated! PASS THE BILL

John Chambers writes:

I fully support this bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess v writes:


Josh jones writes:

I support this bill 100% I have family and friends that are incarcerated that need and want to be with family again yes they committed crimes but they deserve second chances everybody deserves second chances the inmates need this so they can see light for their future

Sarah Moore writes:

Please support HB 1532. I support this BILL. So many have done all that they can to rehabilitate themselves but still do not see no light at the end of the tunnel. Most prisons no longer offer educational classes. We need to give these men and women a second chance to show they are more than who they are on paper. So many may have committed a crime at a young age, 16-17, and are spending the rest of their lives behind bars. Let's face it, you nor I are the same person we were at that age or even think the same way now. We need to come together to get this BILL passed. This BILL is very near and dear to me.

C Stacy writes:

I am currently on the other side of the prison, working with these offenders daily. I believe this bill should be passed with flying colors because there are plenty of Guys whom work hard to show they have changed. Some continue to strive to be the better them and use their time getting better. We all make mistakes in sort of way , some just didn't get caught. We must come together and help each other and the time given to some of these guys is way to long for the punishment. PASS THIS BILL!!

Angel writes:

I currently have a family member who has been on both sides as A victim and as A criminal. Virginia needs prison reform since parole is NO longer an option. Give these men and women something to look forward to. I believe HB1532 will encourage these men and women to steer clear from any disciplinary infractions and/or incarcerated charges. Helping them to work on themselves so they can come out and be better citizen's than before.

Darlene Smith writes:

I support this bill and thank everyone involved. We are way past the time to bring humanity back to a system that has too many without wealth and resources have found them selves on the wrong side of the podium.

Walter Chavez-Moreno writes:


Donna Asay writes:

I support this bill!

Austin Jones writes:

I support this bill!

Jona Paz Moreno writes:

I support this bill!

Nichole Jackson writes:

So many of our youth have been incarcerated in their youth to pay their debt to society well into their adult years. Some of these youths (especially minorities) have been made examples of by recieving maximum time for multiple charges and then having to serve these terms consecutively instead of concurrently, leaving no time for a juvenile to serve his debt to society and still emerge to live some sort of life of normalcy. Incarceration is supposed to be about rehabilitation, forgiveness, and second chaces. None of us are the same person we were at 14, 15,16,...when our brains were still learning problem solving, decision making, and decernment. For everyone that is serving exhorbadent life sentences handed down decades ago with no chance for second chances... I stand with you. I stand in support of this bill.

Timm Smith writes:

I fully support the passing of HB1532. I believe that people can change and that those who do should be incentivized and given the opportunity to continue.

Carol Williams writes:

I most definitely agree with the passing of this bill!!!! People change especially from childhood to adulthood !!!! I believe everyone should have a second chance at life

Jody Piercy writes:

I fully support HB1532. Getting credit for good behavior gives the inmates a goal to work towards. Non-violent inmates should have this opportunity to strive for. Our prisons are so over crowded and the corrections officers are so overwhelmed with this over crowding it causes a lot of stress and problems between the prisoners and officers. I’m not saying it would create harmony, but it would definitely lessen the burden of the officers, administration staff and the tension in the prisons. So I am strongly in support of this bill to be passed.

Freddie Large writes:

Please pass this bill I think it’s a good idea and a smart move lots of these people just needed a jolt to reality to stay on the right track not a long term prison term . I think these judges making examples out of people has over dis it a lil . I’m not against punishment to a extent but let’s at least give them something to work for . Please pass this bill ... thank you and I’m sure many prisoners will thank you and prove it’s a bill worth passing !

Krystel Davis writes:

I support this bill.. It is also very near and dear to me..

shaelyce schafer writes:

i support the bill !

Killzell Vaughn writes:

I support this bill 100%
everyone deserves a second chance

Killzell Vaughn writes:

I support you bill 100%
Everyone deserves a second chance

Sandra Williams writes:

I support the passing of HB1532. Too many young people have been convicted in their teens and given adult sentences of 10 or more years in prison. They were too immature to understand the consequence of their action(s). No one should suffer a lifetime in prison because of poor judgment made in his or her youth. With the aid of rehabilitative programs they should be given a second chance to enter into our society.

TNina Huitt writes:

I Support this Bill 100% Please pass these men and women have families to support. I need my husband home ASAP please pass bill HB1532. Give them a second chance at life please #HB1532

katrina writes:

i believe everyone deserves a second chance at life, mistakes happen and people do change.

Alexis Smith writes:

I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life and people truly do change and grow. He should be able to come home to his two boys and show them how to be a Man and guide them down the right path so they dont make the same mistakes, but him being away doesnt allow him to be there the way he want and should be!

Rosa Salamanca writes:

Everyone deserves a chance to prove they can change!

Whitney Wilfong writes:

I support Bill 1532 110%. Please pass this bill, people deserve a second chance.

Mercedes writes:

Everyone deserves a second chance and I believe HB1532 would give them that opportunity. Please pass HB1532. I support it.

Debra Turner writes:

This bill will save the State of Virginia millions of dollars per year and it uses a 4-tier system of evaluation that is already being used by the Department of Corrections. It is not a gift, it must be EARNED. It provides incentives for improvement not only for the nonviolent offenders, but also the violent offenders who make up over 70% of the offenders and may benefit most from inducements to improve their behavior and education.
Please Vote YES for HB 1532 EARNED Sentence Credits!!

Elizabeth Hamm writes:

I support HB1532 as there is no equality across the board with regards to sentencing. You have judges giving offenders 20-30 years for drugs or for minor things but then people involved in murdering someone or abusing and killing a child they are back out walking the streets in 5 years. WTH!!

Patricia Billings writes:

I support HB 1532. Hope it passes.

Nancy Voegtlin writes:

I totally support this bill.

Nancy Voegtlin writes:

I totally support this bill

Michelle Hensley writes:

Praying for this bill to pass! If an inmate has not gotten in trouble and exceeds all that is expected of him/her while incarcerated they should have at least a chance/incentive to be released! Would save the tax payers an extreme amount of money, instead of housing individuals that could prove their rehabilitation.

Catherine Browell writes:

Praying that this bill will pass.I totally support Bill 1532.

Shawn Cordle writes:


Shawn Cordle writes:

Praying this bill will pass I totally support bill 1532

IvanaW writes:

I support this this bill please pass this bill these men and women deserve. To have a second chance at life we all have made mistakes. And for the most part we learn from them and move on to make better decisions. Only god can judge give the a opportunity to show that they have learn from their mistakes. Please i want my love on home he has been gone for 17 years please pass this bill. Thank u

Shelly holmes writes:

I support please pass the bill !!!

Shelby writes:

Please pass this bill!!

Shavaughn Robinson writes:

I fully support passing this bill and for it to include ALL offenders!

Frankie Looney writes:

We all need to come together in support of this Bill, the life of our Loved Ones cannot be given back after it`s taken away... Please support this bill before its too late for a lot of us, we need our Loved Ones Home..

Lisa DODSON writes:

I fully support this bill

Samantha writes:

The public are voting to pass the bill. Listen to our voices and pass the bill. Plenty are supporting the bill to be passed. Many are hoping that people are given a second chance at life. I support the bill HB1532 & SB91. Let's push for earned credits & parole. Some of the men and women are really trying to pursue a better life and are creating change.

Iris Seaborn writes:

Please pass this bill!!

Barbara Branch writes:

Please support this bill. It is structured in a way that they still have to work hard to reach the benefits

John writes:

The system is archaic. People who fall into it have little chance of ever recovering. First it’s the heavy court costs put on them and then excessive sentencing. Please pass the bill and let’s try to get some of these inmates back to having some hope for the future sooner than later.

Kenya Hayes writes:

I strongly support this bill, please pass it.

Paula Thoennes writes:

I have heard about plenty of people incarcerated in VA prisons who have recognize their mistake, are truly sorry and have rehabilitated themself to the best they can with what is offered in prison. They want, given a chance, to be a part of Virginia society and make a contribution. What do you end up with by punishing a person over and over who is trying hard to become better. Do you keep punishing or do you make a way for that person to become an active contributing member of society.
Please pass HB 1532 and SB91

Sarah Haynes writes:

I support House Bill 1532 for Earned Sentence Credit! It will benefit both the community and the deserving offender.

Patricia Gibson writes:

Support HB1532 100%, there is no fairness or consistency with sentencing, often it depends on what jurisdiction you are in when you had your “lapse of judgment”. The court system gives new meaning to wanting “their pound of flesh”. Please pass this bill and give nonviolent offenders a chance to have a life and be productive citizens.

Priscilla Craig writes:

Please pass this bill. Not only to bring families back together by to show them that Black Lives do matter. There are so many that are locked up & giving more time than they should have received. Why has the justice system been allowed to fail our family members? Please help our loved ones who have been treated unfairly because of the color of there skin.

Chris Russell writes:

I wholeheartedly support this bill.

Toccara Wright writes:

Please pass this bill. I am in complete support of bringing our loved ones home and helping them better themselves instead of staying in a system that doesn't.

J. Bel writes:

Every bill presented that could help our loved ones was only agreed upon if it only meant for non violent offenders. So people convicted of robbery, murder were excluded. My love has been in prison for 22 yrs for first degree murder and arson for being involved in the crime at 18 yrs old. He has changed so much and is so doing much and he wont benefit from this bill that they agreed to pass. YET sex offenders fall under this bill. wow.

Nae writes:

Please see fit in God eyes they have family missing them

K. Atkinson writes:

Please pass this bill. There are people in prison who didn't deserve the amount of time that was ordered. Everybody makes mistakes and have to learn from them and taking away someone life throwing them in prison for simple mistakes is not a way for anybody to learn anything. More positive and educational programs should be ordered for them to participate in and less time in prison.

Tiffany writes:

Please pass this bill everyone makes mistakes and deserve a second chance I support this bill

Tina Zimmerman writes:

What does this now mean?

Rita Kovach writes:

This bill offers hope to many who may be imprisoned due to a failed legal system--personal agendas of those presiding; poor and narrow legal judgement; faulty counsel. Whatever the reason, non-violent criminals deserve the chance to redeem themselves and rejoin their loved ones in society. Families deserve this opportunity as well. Many have suffered and have been severely traumatized by separation from their loved one. Please pass House Bill 1532 asap.

Waldo Jaquith writes:

This means that the House Courts of Justice committee has voted to do nothing on this bill until next year. This may indicate that they intend to pursue it next year. Unfortunately, this is often a way to kill a bill without being seen as having done so.

Garri writes:

Please pass the bill I fully support!!

Sam writes:

Of course they would continue to 2021 for the one bill the citizens were all agreeing to that is beneficial to so many families.

Sarah M Moore writes:

How come we cannot find the reason why bill 1532 didn't pass? Are they afraid of losing the money the make off the incarcerated men and women? Prisons and jails are so over crowded and the living conditions are inhumane. We need to continue fighting to get our loved ones home who have worked so hard to show they have changed and have become a better person. #freemyhusband

Yolanda Gracia writes:

I fully support this bill and believe it should be passed.

Yolanda Gracia writes:

I just read continued until 2021. Virginia does not want to give these men and women any type of incentive to do good. They are probably looking at it like why should we reward them when theyve broken the law, but let all of these pardons take place and just forget about the crimes that were committed.

Amanda Fairchild writes:

The fact this was supported by so many and they put 1370 in this bill and as soon as one chance to get some people out on 10.5 for every 30 good days served was gone... they said here’s our chance and shot 1532 down as well. Va’s government is so screwed up... my guy had a technical violation n guidelines were 1day-30days and judge Brown in Stafford gave him 4yeArs 8.5months. So some people would have gotten a chance to come home even after they still had to sit and be overly punished. It’s not all rape and child molesters and murders or whatever they had in mind that scared them to say no after putting 1370 into 1532. One day this will pass and I pray that the men and women who shot this down never have to feel what it’s like losing someone they love to death to this bull@*%t system.

toni Allen writes:

This bill mean so much to so many. This is bill can help change so much has a big effect in the lives of families. I pray that a change come about and this bill be passed as it should.

Raimondo Praticô writes:

Hello, who knows what crimes enter HB 1532? And what crimes do they entail? My fiancé is at the Luvanna Correctional Center of Women in Troy Virginia. You have a 24-year sentence. He served 16 years. But someone said that for his crime he is not entitled to HB 1532. Who can tell me which crimes do not come into play? Thank you

Karimah Niblett writes:

Please pass this bill, and also include a substantial program locally where they live and may return upon release for jod readiness and training for the current job needs in their vicinities, update list of all participating companies that hire ex-offenders. We need more proactive participators to help direct ex-offenders to jobs for a livable lively hood, help with child support, court fees and misc. payments, in order to get a leg up toward helping themselves with housing and with transportation. I know they provide the STEP program, but they run out of money before they help those that need them the most! Please, Pass this bill stop incarcerating our black population with ridiculous amounts of time for nonviolent crimes! Than you.

Shakira Clark writes:

So many inmates are incarcerated for things they didn’t do. So many cases have been found guilty without any REAL evidence . The system is made for African American men to fail . What about the KIDS. they don’t have both parents home . What about the WIFE. , she has to do it all on her own! And the inmates still gets punished when they do get released it’s hard for them to get a decent paying job all because of a mistake they made as a young minded kid or from false accusations! So what’s the point of them being incarcerated if they come home and still feel like they are being punished! The Lord Jesus Has the final say ! I pray God will win favor for all these Families! Amen !

bob writes:

If you want your precious recidivism rate to go up then pass this bill. Many criminals do what they have to do while in prison, yet totally change once out. Ask California and New York how releasing criminals earlier than expected is working out for them. The only people who want this bill passed is criminals and their families.

Denise writes:

To the above’s not only people that are criminals and there families who wants to see this bill pass. It’s those who has humanity in their hearts; who would love to see this bill pass. I have been a victim of a crime but that will not effect my decision on this. Because this bill reform is for the majority not for the few. Everyone is entitled to a second chance to get back into society with their families and love ones; with lessons learned and to be a better person. I’m from New York and yes like everything else there will always be those few. But, the reform is working for the majority in New York, local politicians and government revenue. This bill is for those who appreciate there second chance. For those who learned from there wake up call, mistakes and bad decision making. Their are prisoners being incarcerated for crimes that the length of time and punishment is real steep compare to others convictions and sentencing. Their debt to society is already being paid off. Let’s show them as a society and let’s give them that second chance sooner then later. So yes please pass the HB1532 earned sentence credits. But it is sad to note that the bill has stopped at the courts of justice till 2021. Other words this bill has failed. Hopefully there will be another bill presented and that bill will pass...

Mario Lanza writes:

I know this bill has been pushed back to 2021, but please consider passing it then. So many first time offenders have done great things with their lives in prison, and they deserve a chance to use their new college education and their second chance and earn time off for good behavior. Passing it is just the right thing to do.

Dale Ray writes:

I think this should be offered to all prisoners. The violent men and women may have bettered themselves and deserve a chance to work and have a better life. There should be better programs to rehabilitate so they do n ok t have to spend a life time in prison. There should be a better way to rate their abilities. The longer they are in prison the harder it is for them to adjust to their new world. When they get out. It seems we are failing them and their families. Some of them are determined to be violent that are not just because their crime and law makers say they are. This is injustice .

Stacey Watkins writes:

I support this bill I need my husband home, his children need him so badly. I think he has served enough time he has been gone 11 years he has 7 children that grew up without a father. He is very sorry for the crime he committed and he has taken responsibility for it. He is a level 1 he has grown up and understands what he needs to do for his family but he need a chance to prove it. Please pass bill HB 1532 next year.

mary e phillips writes:

I think this should be offered to all prisoners levels, 1,2, and 3. They are paying for their sins or crimes, a large amount of them are growing up in prison, the things they go through and see will scar them forever, when they come out the have that record and in most cases the big red letter F stamped on their foreheads forever. They cant and don't get jobs, housing and other help in spite of what the courts say or people wanted to be elected say. When they come out they are broken and most have no will to do better, but if they got more good time earned this would give them some hope and more willpower to do their best while behind bars, but the way it is now they have no hope, stay depressed and think no one cares. The way I see it is everyone deserves a second chance at life and to do better so they can hold their heads, they are paying for their crimes I feel they have lost so much already, when they come out the world as they know it has changed so much and it is hard for them to start over. If they have been there over two years with no charges or anything against them and they are not causing conflict or trouble that should mean a lot to everyone. This gives them something to work for and less apt. to re enter the system. Please pass bill HB1532 next year. There are so many families impacted by this.

James Tinsley writes:

I support this bill

Kenneth crawford writes:

1532 should have been passed. I was told it would be passed in 2020. This state does not believe an individual can change. If it is not passed in 2021 vote a new group in to get the job done. They promise you a lot of things to get elected then turn their back on you and your family member who is incarcerated. Northam also did not push hard enough.

Lewayne writes:

I support 1532 I wish our gov. would have pushed this, he seems so sincere and honest and I am disappointed that he didn't push for this. Our loves ones , the ones with medical issues and ones with autisum issues, that have caused no issues since being in prison and does not endanger anyone, this bill means everything for them and all their love ones. Really worried with this virus, our love ones are like sitting ducks, waiting for this to be brought in to them by employees and deliveries and other means, it is not just visitors they are worried about. Please push for hb1532 to pass.

Lois Marie writes:

I support this bill 100% I know there are a lot that got more time than they deserved , some got over 13 years that really deserve no time at all, right out of High school to lock up. Young life gone for 1 mistake that hurt no one . Please push to pass this bill 1532

Rodney writes:

This a plea to our government, and all lawmakers. Please do the right thing and the Christian thing to do. I support the HB1532 and praying it will be passed this year, there is still time for this to happen. It is a very humane bill and anyone who is serving their time, guilty or not, if not violent and haven't physically harmed anyone, first time offenders, who haven't gone against the rules or caused trouble while in prison, or had charges against them, should earn good time for this. Since there is not parole in virginia, more earned good time should be the next best step. Our justice system is so broken and needs to be updated and changed, this one size fits all is wrong and outdated. It is like beating someone while they are down and drowning. There are so many laws that are outdated. Most crimes could be judged on a case by case basis. Gov. Northern has a great chance to work on things that need to be fixed, he seems like a honorable man that wants to make things better for all virginians, this is a start.

Candace Mitterer writes:

Please pass this bill not all prisoners are bad people alot of them are good people that made bad decisions and also my husband is in prison inmates were pulled to the counselors office and said if the bill passed they would go home some of those people were sex offenders i dont understand why my husband time hasent been fixed for good time it says 2022 but sex offenders can get out before him????? Also they cant practice social distanceing in there when there soooo close togeather and also the water was freaken brown at the prison my husband is at it was brown yesturday and theres alot of infected people from the coronavirus in the gym at his prison and the guards are all togeather not not practicing social distanceing and prisoners yesturday asked a gaurd to put the mandatory mask on and they refused please for goodness sake pass this bill for my husband and other good people to come home sooner to there loved ones.

Katherine Hall writes:

I strongly support this bill 1532!!!! Please pass this bill and give the ones that have learned their lesson a fighting chance to have some kind of life. You have some that made a poor decision and got into trouble at a very young age and didn’t get a chance to even start their life to have a family of their own. Please pass this bill!!!

Renee Mize writes:

I support this bill 100%.

Jeanine Chumney writes:

We need a better system in place rather than long term prison terms.

Michelle Harrison writes:

Pass this bill 1532!

William mize writes:

I think the bill should be passed jail is to help return people society after they have been rehabilitated not to just keep them locked up longer just to keep them there

Sandra Ray writes:

Please give people another chance

Jacquelyn Oates writes:

I vote to pass this bill. I believe some inmates deserve a second chance at freedom when there crime was committed at a young age.

Summer Justus writes:

I vote for this bill

Kayla Lambert writes:

I vote to pass this bill! This bill could mean so much to my family and give so many others a second chance to turn their lives around!

Judy Harrison writes:

I vote to pass this bill. It could help with their re-entrance I to society, especially when they have already shown that they are turning around.

Misty Perez writes:

I vote to pass this bill

Sarah writes:

Many are in support of this bill being passed. I support it as well. They need to consider passing this bill for the people who’ve actually made a change.

Antoi J Harrington writes:

I support House Bill 1532. It’s pass the time that inmates should truly be allowed to return home and start the process of rebuilding their lives and rejoin society. Most all non violent offenders who deserve a second chance at life.

Kellie writes:

I support this bill 100% give people another chance

Wadie Cooper writes:

I Strongly Support HB1532. Please give our children who are now young adults a second chance at life. To become productive citizens. Who may be a inspiration for our youths.They deserve to have families and they deserve a second chance. Thank you Ms. Cooper

Wendy writes:

HB 1532 & SB 91 MUST be revisited ASAP. My fiance has been incarcerated for 10 years and has 3 more left. Upon release he will be on indefinite probation. He has children who need him ... children he went to prison for because he made 1 very stupid decision while believing it was the only way to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. He elected to do 5 years so his children wouldn't go without ... but he was handed down 15 after signing a plea agreement for 8 which was rejected. He has watched murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and countless others come and go since his incarceration. This is a man who ran his own business and at times was more than willing to work 2 and 3 jobs simultaneously to take care of his family. He has served as an inmate advocate and never failed a drug test during his incarceration.
He has more than served his time and paid his debt to society. His incarceration is bringing more harm than good to his family, friends, and society in general. He is utilizing resources which would be better spent on someone else. This is his first incarceration ... and without a single doubt his last. He has a solid home plan and people who love him and are willing to assist him in getting back on his feet. He is goal oriented. Keeping him incarcerated is a waste of the taxpayers money and in preventing him from being a productive tax-paying citizen!!

Bryson writes:

I support this bill 100%. The current good time granted is a joke. Especially paired with the harsh sentencing handed out by the virginia court system. Something has to make sense. You are locking people up and throwing away any hopes of being able to be a productive member of society. By the time people are able to be released they will have nothing left to contribute to society, they become a burden on the state. Please pass this bill if only to restore the hope. It is not a guarantee of release. Inmates behavior and participation in programs is what helps them to receive the benefits of this bill it is not given it is earned. Again I urge the passing of this bill. Thank you.

Peggy Gault writes:

I support HB1532 fully. Give the inmates a chance to prove that they can have a productive lifestyle. Incarceration for long periods of time only debilitates a person.

Kimberlin Cooke writes:

I support HB1532 to correct the mass incarceration of individuals, particular those of color who have been injusticed by unawful arrests and unfair prosecution. There many inmates of color who have been sentenced well over their guidelines, particularly in VA because judges were allowed to. It is time to correct the justice system and help inmates be reunited with their families.

My family member was sentenced to 10 years by Williamsburg-James City for ATTEMPTED Breaking and Entering - no assault no weapon...... 5 years was the maximum but the judge oversentenced him by 5 additional years. It's tiem to correct some wrongs... HB1532 will send a message that VA Justice and Correctional Reform is Live and Action.

Andrea Pegram writes:

Bill 1532 has an amendment that says not for non-violent offenders. Probably 90 percent of the people incarcerated have a violent record, so what's the point of this Bill. Sentence credit that gives an incentive to do better and want better if it doesn't apply to all. It's always bits and pieces that don't truly hit the core. Mass incarceration is the goal obviously..smh

Andrea Pegram writes:

Correction: Not for those convicted of a violent felony.

Vickie Stuart writes:

I fully support this bill. We all make mistakes and should be given a second chance.

Andrea Pagan writes:

I pray that this bill gets passed it will not only allow the changed ones to better their lives but also assist and continuing to raise their children.I pray for everyone to be released who have been over charged for offenses that didn’t require the high end of the time sentenced. Please pass 1532

Bethany Frankenfield writes:

I support this bill 100%. There may or may not be a lot of people in jails and prisons that truly want rehabilitation and to come out better and stronger than ever before. If there are few, those few who really transform for the better deserve justice and a chance! If there are a lot, even more people deserve justice and a chance at life and to correct their wrongs! Every life matters - give these people a chance at redemption and give them something to work for!!

Christy Ward writes:

Please pass this bill

Charmaine writes:

The website is a clear indication that the people agree with the passing of the HB1532 bill. However, people who do not even bother to listen to the American people can make such a decision to continue a bill that would reunite families and give people a second chance at life. This bill is constantly being continued when so many people are for this bill being passed. It’s unfortunate the amount of time judges are handing out for the crimes that are being committed. I hope they actually are reviewing the comments and taking into consideration with re-reviewing this bill.

Ashley D Gardner writes:

Does anyone know when they are voting on this bill for sure is it August 18th 2020

Arletta Harris writes:

I agreed on the hb1532 bill to be passed.

Carmen Arevalo writes:

I am for the bill to pass. I agree with the above comments and more so of the fact they started off great individuals that went to school to create a great career for themselves. They made a mistake and got caught. If their first offense and more for the bill to pass with good behavior. They need to be given a chance for corrections and redemption.

jennifer ward writes:

hey i would love for this to pass because i can have my husband come home with this virus stuff it would be nice if i can cut his time in half and be able to bring him home.

jennifer ward writes:

i need for my husband to come home please pass this bill

Gloria Maldonado writes:

I agree to have this bill passed. I agree that people with good behavior and first offensive that has made an honest mistake should be given a second chance after they have served at least a year or two.

Alexa writes:

Pass this bill 1532!!!!

June Little writes:

I think this bill should be passed because there are a lot of men whom have served enough time and this virus is going on on and they need to be home plus my finance has been away from me and his kids for 8 year's and we miss him and we need him home, it's a lot going on in this world and I think if they have served at least 3 to 5 years they have truly served enough time and I just really want my love one home so I beg u to please PASS this Bill

Kathleen Kary Keesling Malone writes:

I support this Bill. Please Pass HB 1532.

Nahida Sultani writes:

I support HB 1532. It’s time for change. Please pass HB 1532 for all inmates because everyone deserves a second chance.


I believe everyone deserve and should get a second chance cause to be honest the judge and the officers and jury don't truly know what happen unless it on camera and u hear everything so the people who is serving time don't deserve to be in there and I have one love one who don't deserve to be in there all because the dea in Martinsville VA knew the people who tried to break into our house and we called the cops and they flipped it on him and gave him time instead of the people we called on and its not right so if its a way to help these people out I believe they should be giving a second chance to get their life back the was taking injustice to them and all about color in the commonwealth. then on top of this covid-19 going around they don't need to be in there no ways not only they not supposed to be in there they gotta worry bout not dying r get sick from this smh

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