HB5096: School boards; board required to post on its website the COVID-19 virus mitigation plan.


Offered August 20, 2020
A BILL to require each school board to post its COVID-19 virus mitigation plan on its website; emergency.
Patron-- Carroll Foy

Committee Referral Pending

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. Each school board shall post in a publicly accessible and conspicuous location on its website the plan outlining its strategies for mitigating the spread and public health risk of the COVID-19 virus, consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Virginia Department of Health mitigation recommendations, that the school board is required to submit to the Department of Education before reopening schools in accordance with Phase II and III guidelines pursuant to the June 8, 2020, order of the State Health Commissioner.

2. That an emergency exists and this act is in force from its passage.