HJ275: Commending Robert M. Oman.


Offered February 19, 2020
Commending Robert M. Oman.
Patron-- Leftwich

WHEREAS, Robert M. Oman, a respected businessman and civic leader in Hampton Roads, has served his community with great care and compassion for many years; and

WHEREAS, as president of Oman Funeral Homes, Inc.; Hampton Roads Crematory, LLC; and Simply Cremation, Robert “Bob” Oman provides an essential service to the Hampton Roads region with great empathy and integrity; and

WHEREAS, Bob Oman’s business ventures also extend into the banking and insurance industries, as he serves as president of Oman Insurance Company, as founding director and a corporate board member of Monarch Bank, and as a corporate board member of Towne Bank; and

WHEREAS, Bob Oman has demonstrated leadership in the mortuary industry for many years, serving as president of the Virginia State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers, the Virginia Funeral Directors Association, and the Tidewater Funeral Directors Association; and

WHEREAS, with ample wisdom to pass along to future generations, Bob Oman has influenced countless students of the Commonwealth as a member of the advisory board of the mortuary science department of Tidewater Community College and as a guest lecturer in the sociology department of Old Dominion University; and

WHEREAS, as a 31-year board member and three-term chair of the Chesapeake Hospital Authority, Bob Oman played an outsized role in the management of the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, ensuring that residents of the Tidewater region have access to quality medical care and services; and

WHEREAS, an active and engaged member of the community, Bob Oman also served on the boards of the Chesapeake Community Trust and the Widowed Persons Services of AARP, and as president of the Hospice Council of the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of his years of commitment to professional excellence, Bob Oman received the Virginia Outstanding Funeral Director of the Year Award from the Virginia Funeral Directors Association in 2004; and

WHEREAS, for many years, residents of Hampton Roads have reliably turned to Bob Oman for support in their time of need, while numerous organizations have benefited from his tireless commitment to their cause; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend Robert M. Oman, esteemed businessman and civic leader of the Hampton Roads community, for his many years of dedicated service; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Robert M. Oman as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration for his many contributions to Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth.