HJ406: Commending First Piedmont Corporation.


Offered March 2, 2020
Commending First Piedmont Corporation.
Patrons-- Marshall, Adams, L.R. and Poindexter; Senators: Ruff and Stanley

WHEREAS, First Piedmont Corporation, a waste and recycling solutions company serving Southern, Central, and Southwest Virginia and parts of North Carolina, received the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s Pinnacle Award and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019; and

WHEREAS, First Piedmont Corporation received the honor at the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards dinner held on May 6, 2019, at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research; and

WHEREAS, created in 2011, the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s Pinnacle Award is the organization’s highest honor, recognizing businesses and organizations that improve the region’s economic vitality and its quality of life; and

WHEREAS, since its founding in Chatham in 1969, First Piedmont Corporation has grown into one of the leading waste and recycling service companies in the region; today, it employs more than 150 people, most of whom work locally in the Danville and Pittsylvania County areas; and

WHEREAS, First Piedmont Corporation has demonstrated a desire to protect the environment of the community it serves, converting its fleet from trucks that run on diesel and gasoline to those that run on natural gas, greatly reducing its carbon footprint; and

WHEREAS, by operating with sound and ethical business practices and a steadfast commitment to serving its customers, First Piedmont Corporation exemplifies the community spirit that makes the Commonwealth a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend First Piedmont Corporation, an upstanding waste and recycling service company, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and for meriting the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Pinnacle Award; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to First Piedmont Corporation as an expression of the General Assembly’s heartfelt admiration for the company’s success and the valued service it provides to the Commonwealth.