Parole; application of statutes. (SB91)

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Sen. John Edwards (D-Roanoke) with support from co-patron Del. Kaye Kory (D-Falls Church)


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Application of parole statutes. Repeals the abolition of parole. The bill also provides that the Virginia Parole Board shall establish procedures for consideration of parole for persons who were previously ineligible for parole, because parole was abolished, to allow for an extension of time for reasonable cause. Read the Bill »


11/27/2019: Awaiting a Vote in the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee


11/27/2019Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/08/20 20100438D
11/27/2019Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services


Jamie Hughes writes:

Offenders should have to earn their release from prison, not just automatically let go after a set discretionary parole creates such a system. Also, this will allow us to release the elderly offenders who present the least threat to the public, yet who cost the most taxpayer dollars to incarcerate. Parole is a great tool for the VA DOC to be able to utilize. It will save the state money, give offenders an incentive to rehabilitate, and make our community safer by not releasing offenders until they have demonstrated a change in their behavior.

Brandon writes:

I agree that convicts should be allowed parole

Kat Ferguson writes:

The prison system is nothing more than the warehousing of human beings, just north of slavery. There's no rehabilitation, no consideration & no justification for a lot of the sentences imposed.

Just look at how the country reacts to certain types of crimes committed by one person versus another. The same crime committed by people of different races are astoundingly different. There is no justice for all & it sure isn't blind.

It's sad that the people who know the least about what it means to grow up disadvantaged or profiled are the ones making decisions that put 17 year olds in prison for the better part of their lives or for life.

Our prisons are nothing more than a system to remove whom are deemed 'undesirable' & move them to a warehousing facility - mere mistakes made by God.

Kat Ferguson writes:

Parole should be implemented & thank goodness someone recognizes that.

Kyra Tanner writes:

Parole is a chance to prove that they have changed and can be productive members of society. The governor got a second chance didnt he? #justsaying

Donna Dean-Chrivia writes:

Parole should be available to each and every person who has proven that rules can be followed. For example, an incarcerated individual who has had no disciplinary violations or sanctions while incarcerated, who has been willing and cooperative to participate in their individual required program plan for classes and completed their requirements. I work in a prison and I see so many who have followed the rules and completed programs they were required to do and get denied year after year for parole. I have also seen on many occasions as well an incarcerated individual who has done nothing to complete their programming and have had many "write ups" or disciplinary violations with significant sanctions imposed as a result make parole and walk out. I do not believe a panel of parole board officials who are having a bad day should just on a "whim" determine if someone should be eligible to go or have to stay longer. I also do not feel that the parole board always has the correct information about an incarcerated individual because it is not always relayed to the board for their review prior to the hearing. I know the parole board has access to the disciplinary violations and sanctions should they choose to review that but what about all the undocumented "good" things that these individuals have done while incarcerated such as mentoring another person to do better while incarcerated and improve their life as well. What about the individual who has also went above and beyond their requirements to improve themselves but aren't acknowledged for it through the parole board process because it has never been documented and the parole board doesn't know it?

Also, what about the sentences that are being imposed as well that are unfair? I have followed several Virginia cases where murder was involved and the individual was eligible for parole in a very short time but others who were sentenced on other matters that got a life sentence. The sentences that are being imposed are not always reflective of the crime involved and then to have the parole board deny an individual for the possibility of parole is unjust. For those who were never eligible for parole is extremely unjust and needs to be resolved.

My statements above are of my opinion and my opinion only and are not the opinion of anyone else or reflective from anyone else nor the prison system in which I am employed. My opinion comes from the fact that I see what happens daily inside a restricted environment and have saw positive changes in individuals in their lives but have also saw the opposite as well but again the parole board I feel most of the time only sees the negatives. I believe that anyone deserves a second chance if it is earned by completing required programming and remaining disciplinary free while incarcerated and have worked towards their rehabilitation. I am also of the opinion and believe in geriatric parole for many reasons but also for the simple reason that most governments complain about the cost of housing individuals and the likelihood for geriatric prisoners increase because of their medical costs if the individual incarcerated can get the medical care they truly need during their incarceration, however, if anyone who has had an incarcerated family member knows that their family is not getting the medical care they truly need when it takes months to get them to see an outside doctor for a new onset serious illness or required surgery in most prison systems. Give the individual a geriatric parole (or regular parole if they are eligible) so that they can receive the medical care they need when they need it. Which brings me to my next point, any incarcerated individual does not get the appropriate and proper nutrition they need as well, therefore, with the lack of proper nutrition and lack of proper on time health care what are we as citizens paying taxes for that goes into the correctional system?

In summary, we as individuals are willing to give anyone on the streets a second chance - incarcerated individuals deserve a second chance if they have proven themselves while incarcerated.

Melniekque SPAIN writes:

Hi my Dad name is Melvin Allen Spain he has been in prison since I was 2 years old .. I’m 24 now and he is still incarcerated his release date is set for 2055 I’ll never see my dad again if he doesn’t get parole please help my family see him again

Melniekque SPAIN writes:

He didn’t murder anyone. He didn’t rape anyone Whatever he did as long as it didn’t harm anyone else is no reason to loose your life behind bars

Estrelda Lewis writes:

Parole should be reimplemented ASAP.

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