HJ638: Commending Homework Helpers Organization.


Offered January 28, 2021
Commending Homework Helpers Organization.
Patrons-- Delaney, Ayala, Cole, M.L., Coyner, Plum, Reid, Simonds and Ware

WHEREAS, Homework Helpers Organization received a 2020 Volunteer Service Award in the Youth Volunteer Group category from Volunteer Fairfax and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for its achievements on behalf of the community; and

WHEREAS, Homework Helpers Organization (H2Org) began as a middle school tutoring club and has grown to include more than 50 volunteer tutors serving fellow students throughout Fairfax County; and

WHEREAS, in 2018, H2Org partnered with the Study Buddy Program of the Fairfax County Department of Family Services to work directly with students at eight Title I elementary schools; and

WHEREAS, the following year, H2Org began working with the Fairfax County Volunteer and Partner Services Program to continue to expand its community engagement; and

WHEREAS, H2Org established the STEAM Pathways program to teach science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to children of all ages in small, virtual groups; and

WHEREAS, during the COVID-19 pandemic, H2Org also developed daily enrichment packets to help supplement remote learning for local students; and

WHEREAS, the inspirational young leaders in H2Org have given generously of their time and talents to help other students build a strong foundation for their academic future, gaining valuable skills that will help them continue to serve their communities; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend Homework Helpers Organization on receiving a Volunteer Service Award from Volunteer Fairfax and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2020; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Homework Helpers Organization as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration for the organization’s dedication to serving and supporting young people in Fairfax County.