HR535: Celebrating the life of James Michael Wilson.


Offered February 18, 2021
Celebrating the life of James Michael Wilson.

Patrons-- Hodges, Adams, D.M., Avoli, Bagby, Bourne, Cole, J.G., Cox, Davis, Delaney, Edmunds, Gooditis, Helmer, Heretick, Hope, Hudson, Hurst, Jones, Keam, Kilgore, Krizek, LaRock, Levine, Marshall, McGuire, Mullin, O'Quinn, Plum, Poindexter, Price, Ransone, Rasoul, Reid, Rush, Scott, Simonds, Sullivan, Tran, VanValkenburg, Walker, Ward, Willett and Wright

WHEREAS, James Michael Wilson, an esteemed builder and beloved member of the Mathews and Gloucester communities, died on February 13, 2021; and

WHEREAS, born in Richlands, James “Mike” Wilson lived most of his life in the Tidewater region, building homes and other developments for the benefit of his community, the Commonwealth, and areas beyond; and

WHEREAS, Mike Wilson gave amply of his time and talents to support Habitat for Humanity, and the hundreds of homes he built over his lifetime, both professionally and as a volunteer, will endure as a testament to his strong work ethic and dedication to helping others; and

WHEREAS, an avid horseman and outdoorsman and active member of the Shenandale Gun Club in Swoope, Mike Wilson won a rodeo state championship in 1987 and regularly participated in shooting tournaments across the country, developing a close network of friends along the way; and

WHEREAS, Mike Wilson was an adoring father and grandfather who loved sharing his knowledge of woodworking, hunting, and other skills with his family; and

WHEREAS, guided throughout his life by his faith, Mike Wilson enjoyed worship and fellowship with the community at Christ’s Community Fellowship in Wichita Falls, Texas, after meeting its pastor, James Sterling, at services in Mathews; and

WHEREAS, Mike Wilson will be fondly remembered and dearly missed by his loving wife, Cheryl; his children, Carrie, Courtney, Catelyn, and Cassie, and their families; his stepchildren, Andy and Jake, and their families; and numerous other family members and friends; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the House of Delegates hereby note with great sadness the loss of James Michael Wilson, a treasured member of the Mathews and Gloucester communities whose unwavering kindness and generosity touched countless lives; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to the family of James Michael Wilson as an expression of the House of Delegates’ respect for his memory.