Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, definition of poverty guidelines. (HB1024)

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Del. Dave LaRock (R-Loudoun)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts established. Permits the parents of qualified students, defined in the bill, to apply to the school division in which the qualified student resides for a one-year, renewable Parental Choice Education Savings Account that consists of an amount that is equivalent to a certain percentage of all applicable annual Standards of Quality per pupil state funds appropriated for public school purposes and apportioned to the resident school division in which the qualified student resides, including the per pupil share of state sales tax funding in basic aid and any state per pupil share of special education funding for which the qualified student is eligible. The bill permits the parent of the qualified student to use the moneys in such account for certain education-related expenses of the qualified student, including tuition, deposits, fees, and required textbooks at a private elementary school or secondary school that is located in the Commonwealth. The bill also contains provisions relating to auditing, rescinding, and reviewing expenses made from such accounts. Read the Bill »


01/12/2022: Awaiting a Vote in the Education Committee


01/12/2022Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/12/22 22100732D
01/12/2022Referred to Committee on Education


BillTheThrill writes:

$16500 a kid in fxco. A small credit to opt is good for taxpayers.

Michael Albin writes:

Del. La Rock

This bill helps to restore parental control to the education of their children. It also rectifies a huge inequity in education funding. Thanks for introducing it.
Michael Albin
FFX County Taxpayers Alliance.

Lou Di Leonardo writes:

You are surely aware of the cesspool that public education has become in Virginia. While some parents can afford the exorbitant costs associated with private/parochial schools, many, many others simply cannot. HB 982 would give many parents the chance to save their precious children from Leftist indoctrination and sexualization. People pay their taxes expecting them to be spent wisely by government officials and their appointed staffs. That is no longer the case in Virginia and is a big reason why Glenn Youngkin is now our governor. Parents DO have the right to tell schools what they should teach their kids. Unfortunately, Democrats think once school kids enter school doors those kids belong to the State. That is evil.

Please get this bill passed and signed. The HOD might also think of putting a little pressure on private/parochial schools to reduce their tuition charges AND encourage private educational companies to buy up empty buildings and establish new schools in them. Everyone knows that if $$$ is made available for parents to send their children to private/parochial schools that thousands would do it.

From poor to rich, no one wants their kids indoctrinated and ruined for life in schools. Unfortunately, that's what is going on. Change that!

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