Commending Shawn Weneta. (HJ94)

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Del. Kaye Kory (D-Falls Church) with support from co-patron Del. Mike Cherry (R-Colonial Heights)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate


Commending Shawn Weneta. Read the Bill »


01/20/2022: Passed the Senate


01/13/2022Presented and laid on Speaker's table 22100510D
01/17/2022Engrossed by House
01/17/2022Agreed to by House by voice vote
01/18/2022Laid on Clerk's Desk
01/20/2022Agreed to by Senate by voice vote
01/20/2022Bill text as passed House and Senate (HJ94ER)


Matthew Weneta writes:

I know Shawn Weneta. He is my brother.

If I understand restorative justice correctly I would have expected such a leader in restorative justice to have at least made attempts to make amends with victims of his crimes. He has not. I know many of them.

As a leader in the restorative justice movement I would expect him to be honest about his background. I've watched his testimony in front of the Virginia assembly. He has lied to the Virginia assembly repeatedly about how and why he ended up in prison. He also routinely lies in his podcast interviews. He continues to take advantage of others for his own gain. Why else is he so dishonest with the Virginia legislature?

Maybe a more important question is people who want to see restorative justice become a regular part of our culture and society have never bothered to look into this? The court transcripts are quite clear why he was in prison why he had a long sentence. Yet people keep taking his word.

While in prison, he harassed his family via computer technology. Virginia inmates were not supposed to have access to this technology. And disgusting this with his Warden the Warden stated that he was the most difficult prisoner at the facility. The warden said he was extremely manipulative and dishonest. Which is to be expected from a person with antisocial personality disorder and a genius IQ. He was later moved to a more restrictive prison because of these behaviors and protect his family from him.

Following his release the state's attorney deliberately hid his release. The state's attorney did not meet their legal requirements to FOIA requests exposing his past victims including his family. His personal relationship with a former state's attorney seems to have clouded her judgment. It has been a mistake to prop him up in front of a movement and idea that has value.

You should understand if someone ever decides to unwrap his current lies as a leader in this movement it will be far more harmful to the credibility of these organizations then it will be to him.

Decades of Mr Weneta's crimes, dishonesty and harm to the community and families that have supported him, His theft from and abuse of his Mother and she was dying of cancer are are simple of examples of things he's done he's made no attempt to apply restorative justice principles to. Repeatedly lying to the court about his mother's cancer and his role in abusing her is why he received such a large sentence. As he tried to convince the court dishonestly that he committed the crimes to pay for her cancer treatment. When she had the same health insurance as US senators and congressman.

For the sake of other people who truly participate in restorative justice and not just use it as a way to profit, you may want to look closer at his background before propping him up further. False beacons can harm a movement that's trying to build credibility and influence.

To sum this up there are two basic reasons why he should not be commended. First he has not exemplify the principles restorative justice in doing his work. Second, he continues to use dishonesty to con others into false beliefs.

If you decide to look at this further you have my contact information.

Amy Long writes:

Shawn Weneta, my ex fiance and a true criminal. Please Please Please, do your diligence at looking up his past. So many people with so many stories of all his untruths.