HR233: Commending the Charlottesville Band.


Offered March 10, 2022
Commending the Charlottesville Band.
Patron-- Hudson

Whereas, The Charlottesville Band Mission Statement reads: “We are The Charlottesville Band; local musicians enriching community life through excellence in musical performance and education since 1922 and through our free concerts, varied repertoire, and partnerships, we provide our members and audiences with experiences that entertain, uplift, and inspire”; and

Whereas, the Municipal Band of Charlottesville, Inc. was established on August 17, 1922, and, under the direction of Harry Lowe, gave its first concert at a park in downtown Charlottesville on August 29, 1922; and

Whereas, since its founding in 1922, the Band has played hundreds of free concerts at Civic Functions, Patriotic Occasions and Celebrations including events to honor several Presidents of the United States as well as the Queen of England in Charlottesville and throughout Virginia and the southern United States; and

Whereas, since admitting women to the Band in 1957, over 600 women have played with the Band, and Peggy Madison, one of the first eighteen women to join in 1957, continues to play with the Band to this day; and

Whereas, in 2020 and 2021, the Band upheld its commitment to a century of free uninterrupted music, playing through the pandemic with its ensembles performing at safely distanced outdoor concerts in the summer and with the full Band performing a December holiday concert in downtown Charlottesville; and

Whereas, in 2021, the Municipal Band of Charlottesville changed its name to “The Charlottesville Band” to reflect its standing as an independent band, and created a commensurate new logo; and

Whereas, the Band has played for thousands of Virginia residents and beyond, always without an admission charge, and has had more than 1,700 musician members perform with it over its lifetime; and

Whereas, The Charlottesville Band continues to be one of the oldest continually operating community bands in the United States; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate of Virginia, That The Charlottesville Band hereby be commended for its service to the community on the occasion of its 100th anniversary; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Stephen R. Layman, Music Director of The Charlottesville Band, as an expression of the House of Delegate’s admiration for the band’s achievements and best wishes for the future.