2017 Bills

309 bills found.

# Title Status
HB6 Campaign Finance Disclosure Act; unlawful conversion of political contributions to personal use. introduced
HB40 Public safety answering points; deployment of text-to-9-1-1. introduced
HB60 Income tax, state; subtraction for National Guard pay. introduced
HB75 Reckless driving; right to appeal. introduced
HB96 Problem-Solving Court Act; established, report. introduced
HB102 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty. introduced
HB129 Local government; publication of notices for charter changes, referenda, and public hearings, etc. introduced
HB130 Limited liability companies; series. introduced
HB157 Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of; approval of guidance document prior to adoption. introduced
HB163 Income tax, state; deduction for senior citizens. introduced
HB165 Meals and food and beverage taxes, local; exemption for sales of meals for fundraising purposes. introduced
HB171 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio for certain mixed beverage licensees. introduced
HB193 Certificates of public need; creates three-phase process to sunset requirements for medical care. introduced
HB215 Income tax, state; annual adjustment for inflation. introduced
HB219 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio. introduced
HB251 Cover sheets; multiple deeds or instruments concerning the same interest in real property. introduced
HB253 Local license tax and state contractor's license; certificate of workers' compensation compliance. introduced
HB271 Parenting time; replaces 'visitation' in statutory language. introduced
HB286 Legal notices; advertisement by locality. introduced
HB346 Consumer finance companies; motor vehicle title loans, prohibited practices. introduced
HB350 Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program. introduced
HB352 Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs. introduced
HB362 Accident and sickness insurance; step therapy protocols, disclosure of information. introduced
HB379 Electric utility; customer account information, warrant required. introduced
HB400 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority established. introduced
HB401 Student loan servicers; student loan ombudsman. introduced
HB452 Virginia Energy Storage Consortium; created, report. introduced
HB461 Handheld personal communications devices; use while driving, penalty. introduced
HB473 Palliative Care Information and Education Program; established. introduced
HB490 Workers' compensation; cost of living supplements. introduced
HB500 Child care providers; criminal history background checks. introduced
HB539 Income tax, corporate; lowers rate of taxation. introduced
HB540 Income tax, state; increases deduction for personal exemptions. introduced
HB545 License tax, local; staffing firm deductions. introduced
HB575 Energy efficiency programs; total resource cost test. introduced
HB576 Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency goals established, report. introduced
HB601 Health insurance; mandated coverage for treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. introduced
HB602 Petit larceny; prior convictions, penalty. introduced
HB618 Distributed electric generation; establishment of community solar gardens. introduced
HB625 Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution. introduced
HB666 Contracts; certain provisions for sale or lease of consumer goods or services declared void. introduced
HB678 Human trafficking training; DCJS to establish for law-enforcement, etc. introduced
HB693 Income tax, state; adjusts standard deduction for inflation. introduced
HB710 Property Owners' Association Act; conforms maximum fees for disclosure packets. introduced
HB754 Domestic violence-related misdemeanors; enhanced penalty. introduced
HB765 Assault and battery against a family or household member; first offense, enhanced penalties. introduced
HB768 Victims of domestic violence, etc.; firearms safety or training course. introduced
HB790 Solid waste disposal fee; removes Pittsylvania County from list of counties authorized to levy. introduced
HB794 Death penalty; severe mental illness. introduced
HB809 Firearms; selling, bartering, etc., to persons not lawfully present in United States, penalty. introduced
HB835 Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of licensed art instruction studios. introduced
HB838 Professions, occupations, and trades; applicant's criminal history. introduced
HB839 State Library Board; retention of surveillance videos. introduced
HB843 Income tax, state; reduces top marginal tax rate. introduced
HB877 Taxation, Department of; increases period taxpayer may file an amended return. introduced
HB880 Income tax, state; withholding tax for an employee. introduced
HB881 Child day programs; exempts from licensure certain martial arts programs. introduced
HB887 Virginia Public Procurement Act; requirements for use of construction management. introduced
HB897 Tow truck drivers; registration of drivers convicted of violent crimes. introduced
HB900 Associate physicians; requirements for licensure, practice agreements. introduced
HB904 Alcoholic beverage control; limited mixed beverage license for retail cigar shops. introduced
HB908 Electrical transmission lines; SCC to consider impact on historic resources. introduced
HB922 Computer trespass; increases penalty if government computer and computer used for public utilities. introduced
HB936 Students, certain, with limited English proficiency; Board shall make provision in its regulations. introduced
HB956 Legal notices; advertisement by certain towns. introduced
HB957 Laser hair removal technicians; licensure by Board of Medicine. introduced
HB963 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; created, penalty. introduced
HB966 Income tax, corporate; apportionment of income to Virginia. introduced
HB969 Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act; conforms the Commonwealth's sales and use tax laws. introduced
HB978 Health insurance; proton radiation therapy coverage decisions. introduced
HB1019 Educational improvement scholarships; modifies tax credit program, pre-kindergarten eligibility. introduced
HB1021 Medicaid nonemergency transportation providers; criminal history background checks. introduced
HB1035 Elderly care savings trust accounts; established, administered by the Virginia College Savings Plan. introduced
HB1042 Toll facility operators or their agents; exempted from charges for information supplied by DMV. introduced
HB1065 Ground water conservation incentive program; State Water Control Bd. to establish voluntary program. introduced
HB1067 Bonds; tolls on I-66. introduced
HB1072 Virginia Retirement System; modifies hybrid retirement program. introduced
HB1078 Advertisement of legal notices by certain towns. introduced
HB1080 Onsite sewage systems; designs for treatment works from professional engineers. introduced
HB1089 Virginia Lottery Fund; administrative expenses, reduces cap on appropriations to Fund. introduced
HB1095 Income tax, state; reduces top marginal individual tax rate. introduced
HB1098 Practice of chiropractic; expands definition. introduced
HB1104 Firefighters employed by localities; entitlement to continued compensation. introduced
HB1113 Prescription drugs; price transparency. introduced
HB1121 Absentee voting; verification of signatures by officers of elections. introduced
HB1130 Medical records; fee limits and penalty for failure to provide. introduced
HB1133 Paid Sick Leave Pilot Program; established, paid sick leave tax credit. introduced
HB1136 Capital outlay plan; revises six-year plan for projects. introduced
HB1161 Correctional Officer Procedural Guarantee Act. introduced
HB1171 Corrections, Board of; notification of tertiary care of prisoner. introduced
HB1193 Line of Duty Act; probation and parole officers. introduced
HB1196 Arrest; failure to be physically taken into custody by using physical means to resist. introduced
HB1210 Gun safes; establishes an exemption from retail sales tax. introduced
HB1233 Charitable gaming; conduct of bingo games. introduced
HB1239 Fire Programs Fund; increases rate of assessment for Fund. introduced
HB1241 Guardians ad litem appointed in custody and visitation cases; certification form. introduced
HB1251 Health insurance; assignment of benefits. introduced
HB1262 Charitable gaming; conduct of instant bingo, network bingo, pull tabs, and seal cards. introduced
HB1282 Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement; SCT to work with Virginia-Israel Advisory Board. introduced
HB1285 Community energy programs; investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperatives to establish. introduced
HB1286 Distributed and renewable generation of electric energy; net energy metering. introduced
HB1302 Charitable gaming; conduct of bingo games, prohibited practices. introduced
HB1306 Family day homes; voluntary listing of certain homes. introduced
HB1314 Grapevine Grant Fund and Program; created. introduced
HB1317 Sexual abuse of certain children; penalty. introduced
HB1328 Unfaithful delegates; constitutional convention, penalty. introduced
HB1332 The Virginia Electronic Communications Privacy Act; report. introduced
HB1346 Commonwealth Transportation Board; regional membership. introduced
HB1347 Wireless communications; infrastructure established. introduced
HB1358 Gas emissions; control systems for certain landfills. introduced
HB1363 Local officers; petition requirements for removal of county supervisor, etc. introduced
HB1379 Voter list maintenance; use of Electronic Registration Information Center, etc. introduced
HB1380 Absentee voting; electronic signatures prohibited on certain applications for absentee ballots. introduced
HB1388 State agencies; review of potential anti-competitive actions and promulgation of regulations. introduced
HB1389 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; record exclusion for trade secrets submitted to DMME. introduced
HB1392 School security officers; carrying a firearm in performance of duties. introduced
HB1393 Direct primary care agreements; Commonwealth's insurance laws do not apply. introduced
HB1394 Franchisees; status thereof and its employees as employees of the franchisor. introduced
HB1395 Same-sex marriages; civil unions. introduced
HB1396 Grottoes, Town of; amending charter, appointment of member to office of vice mayor, etc. introduced
HB1397 Income tax, state; subtraction for National Guard pay. introduced
HB1398 Hate crimes; acts against law-enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel. introduced
HB1399 Elections, State Board of, and local electoral boards; appointments, proportion of political party. introduced
HB1400 Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report. introduced
HB1401 Higher educational institutions; speech on campus. introduced
HB1402 Higher educational institutions; governing boards, residency. introduced
HB1403 Driving under influence of alcohol; subsequent offenses, penalty. introduced
HB1404 Fire alarms; malicious activation in any building, penalty. introduced
HB1405 Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 143 bridge over Interstate 64. introduced
HB1406 Firearms; restoration of right to person convicted of a nonviolent felony to possess, etc. introduced
HB1407 Voters, qualified; definition of violent felony. introduced
HB1408 Student vision screenings; requirements for certain students. introduced
HB1409 House of Delegates and Senate districts; General Assembly authorized to make technical adjustments. introduced
HB1410 Educational institutions, certain; designation of governing boards. introduced
HB1411 Withdrawal of privately retained counsel; rules and regulations, client's failure to pay. introduced
HB1412 Weight limits; increases maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle eligible for an overload permit. introduced
HB1413 Driver's licenses; expiration and renewal. introduced
HB1414 Standards of Quality; end-of-grade assessments. introduced
HB1415 Transient occupancy tax; Powhatan County authorized to impose. introduced
HB1416 Line of Duty Act; payments to beneficiaries. introduced
HJ3 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states. introduced
HJ50 Composite Index of Local Ability to Pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment introduced
HJ90 United States Constitution; amendment concerning federal budget, sunset provision. introduced
HJ538 Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference). introduced
HJ539 Celebrating the life of Eleanor Tart Harrison. introduced
HJ540 Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote (first reference). introduced
HJ541 Constitutional amendment; top two open primary election (first reference). introduced
HJ542 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, executive clemency (first reference). introduced
HJ543 Constitutional amendment; failure to pass an appropriation act (first reference). introduced
HJ544 Study; JLARC to study the Virginia's workers' compensation system; report. introduced
HR141 Recognizing the influence of Christian heritage in Virginia. introduced
# Title Status
SB3 Building Revitalization Grant Fund; created, report. introduced
SB6 Private animal shelters; reporting euthanasia. introduced
SB10 Same-sex marriages; civil unions. introduced
SB15 Economic development, local; transfer of taxes to qualified locality. introduced
SB17 STEM programs; grants for donations to programs at qualified schools. introduced
SB18 Companion animals; surgical sterilization program. introduced
SB20 Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council; established. introduced
SB26 Problem-Solving Docket Act; established, report. introduced
SB35 Vehicle registration fees; funds allocated to Department of State Police. introduced
SB52 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority; established, report. introduced
SB53 Ultrasound prior to abortion. introduced
SB60 Commonwealth of Virginia Transform I-66 Corridor Outside the Beltway Bond Act of 2016; created. introduced
SB65 Virginia Sickness and Disability Program; open enrollment period. introduced
SB66 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, accommodation, penalty. introduced
SB69 Voter identification; accepted forms of identification. introduced
SB93 Correctional Officer Procedural Guarantee Act; created. introduced
SB100 Charitable gaming; limits audit and administration fee of charitable organization. introduced
SB101 Police and court records; expungement of records. introduced
SB105 Virginia Housing Trust Fund; revenue deposits. introduced
SB119 Small Business; changes in definition, regulation by U.S. Small Business Administration. introduced
SB135 Human trafficking training; DCJS to establish for law-enforcement, etc. introduced
SB139 Electric utility regulation; agricultural net energy metering. introduced
SB140 Electric utilities; net energy metering, standby charges. introduced
SB142 Solar thermal system; tax credit. introduced
SB149 Health insurance plan, local option; participation of regional emergency medical services councils. introduced
SB157 Virginia adjusted gross income; sale of certain crops by farmers to craft breweries. introduced
SB168 Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; adjusts annual supplement. introduced
SB178 Concealed handgun permits; reciprocity with other states. introduced
SB187 Transfer of firearms; permit required. introduced
SB194 Police and court records; expungement of records. introduced
SB197 Interstate 73 Corridor Development Fund and Program; created. introduced
SB200 Qualified equity and subordinated debt investments; raises cap on total amount of credits. introduced
SB203 Public schools; Standards of Learning assessments. introduced
SB232 Capital outlay plan; revises six-year plan for projects. introduced
SB236 Government Data Collection & Dissemination Practices Act; collection & use of personal information. introduced
SB255 Toll relief; Department of Transportation to study. introduced
SB271 Adoption; leave benefit. introduced
SB290 Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures pertaining to NASA airfield. introduced
SB297 Line of Duty Act; certain employees of DOC included in definition of deceased person under Act. introduced
SB317 Veterans Docket Act; established, report. introduced
SB330 Tuition, in-state; eligibility of members of Virginia National Guard. introduced
SB353 Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; conservation officers. introduced
SB365 Prioritization of statewide transportation projects; exceptions. introduced
SB373 Alcoholic beverage control; food sale requirements for businesses. introduced
SB379 Speed limits; fines doubled for speeding on certain highways. introduced
SB380 Behavioral Health Docket Act; established, report. introduced
SB383 Health insurance; parity of coverage for oral chemotherapy medications. introduced
SB394 Health care; plan to increase transparency in delivery, etc. introduced
SB401 Crohn's disease, colitis, etc.; identification cards and information. introduced
SB402 Virginia Higher Education Scholarship Act Fund; created. introduced
SB403 Virginia Energy Storage Consortium: created, terms of Board members, report. introduced
SB406 Consumer finance companies; open-end credit plans, sharing location with motor vehicle title lender. introduced
SB410 Alcoholic beverage control; consumption of samples by brewery tour guides. introduced
SB419 Operation of a child welfare agency without a license; negligence resulting in death or injury. introduced
SB428 Standards of Learning assessments; administration time frame. introduced
SB429 Creation of the Commonwealth Genomics and Personalized Medicine Authority. introduced
SB439 Voter identification; information contained in electronic pollbook. introduced
SB442 Health benefit plans; prescription drugs; tiers. introduced
SB447 Attorney General, Offices of; employment of special counsel. introduced
SB483 Occupational safety and health; employer's liability for violation by contractor. introduced
SB486 Land preservation tax credits; certain donations of land. introduced
SB487 Prescription drug price transparency. introduced
SB488 Mixed beverage restaurant licensees; food-to-beverage ratio. introduced
SB489 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio. introduced
SB505 Standards of Learning assessments; reporting results. introduced
SB509 Interpleader; earnest money deposits. introduced
SB521 Expungement of certain charges and convictions. introduced
SB523 Line of Duty Act; includes firefighters and emergency medical services trainees in Act. introduced
SB526 Motor vehicle safety inspections; single sticker. introduced
SB528 Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility. introduced
SB530 Cable franchises; service availability in certain areas. introduced
SB533 Sales and use tax; exemption for certain nonprofit entities. introduced
SB546 Possession or transportation of firearms following convictions for certain misdemeanor crimes. introduced
SB550 Virginia Veterans Recovery Grant Program; established, etc. introduced
SB558 Dredging; TMDL credits, request for assignment of credits equivalent to street sweeping. introduced
SB561 Certificates of public need. introduced
SB586 Virginia Public Procurement Act; requirements for use of construction management. introduced
SB591 Taxicab services; regulation by localities, background checks. introduced
SB599 Virginia Electronic Communications Privacy Act; established, report. introduced
SB601 Child care providers; criminal history background checks. introduced
SB617 Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; certain members of enforcement division of DMV. introduced
SB618 Standard deduction; adjusted for inflation. introduced
SB619 Line of Duty Act; probation and parole officers. introduced
SB620 Nurse practitioners; eliminates requirement that they practice as part of patient care team. introduced
SB627 Direct primary care agreements. introduced
SB644 Battery; public transportation operators; penalty. introduced
SB650 Primary elections; voter registration by political party affiliation. introduced
SB669 Highway maintenance payments; bicycle lanes. introduced
SB671 Lyme disease; treatment of a patient. introduced
SB689 Common Interest Community Board; increases membership. introduced
SB696 Medicare; supplement policies for individuals under age 65. introduced
SB698 Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund; disbursement of moneys. introduced
SB702 Bridge structures; attachment to locality, annual service fee. introduced
SB703 DMV; charges for information supplied to toll facility operators. introduced
SB717 Vineyards and Orchards Grant Fund and Program; created and established. introduced
SB723 Campaign finance; contributions from out-of-state sources prohibited. introduced
SB733 Income tax, state; annual adjustment for inflation. introduced
SB741 Tax administration; awards for detection of tax underpayments. introduced
SB742 Motor vehicles; fuels sales tax in certain transportation districts. introduced
SB752 Health insurance provider contracts; accepting enrollees as patients. introduced
SB757 Income tax, state; modifies tax by establishing a flat 5.75% tax on all taxable income. introduced
SB759 Public schools; dyslexia advisor. introduced
SB762 License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Virginia Women Veterans. introduced
SB763 Special education; recording of classrooms. introduced
SB779 Electric utility regulation; net energy metering. introduced
SB782 Same-sex marriages; civil unions. introduced
SB783 Public employment; prohibits discrimination on basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. introduced
SB784 Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture, etc. introduced
SB785 Minimum wage; increases wage from its current level to $8.00 per hour effective July 1, 2017. introduced
SB786 Charter; Town of Grottoes. introduced
SB787 Sales & use tax; prohibits accelerated collection of payments from retail merchants & other dealers. introduced
SB788 Income tax, state; rate of taxation. introduced
SB789 Income tax, corporate; rate of taxation. introduced
SB790 Crimes against law-enforcement officers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel; penalty. introduced
SB791 Concealed handgun permits; fee for processing. introduced
SB792 Absentee voting; entitles persons age 65 or older on date of an election to vote absentee. introduced
SB793 Small businesses; waiver of tax penalties. introduced
SB794 City of Chesapeake; pilot program for problem-solving docket. introduced
SB795 Register of funds expended; required posting by localities & school divisions on public gov website. introduced
SB796 Police and court records; expungement of certain charges and convictions. introduced
SB797 Competency to stand trial; evaluations. introduced
SB798 Virginia adjusted gross income; sale of certain crops to craft breweries. introduced
SB799 Companion animal; surgical sterilization program, penalty. introduced
SB800 Direct primary care agreements; Commonwealth's insurance laws do not apply. introduced
SB801 Dogs; public animal shelters required to notify intent to euthanize. introduced
SB802 Camping in tent or recreational vehicle; special use permit. introduced
SB803 Executive budget; zero-based budgeting principles. introduced
SB804 Retail Sales and Use Tax; media-related exemptions. introduced
SJ2 Constitutional amendment marriage; marriage (first reference). introduced
SJ4 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office. introduced
SJ7 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for certain primary residences. introduced
SJ9 Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference). introduced
SJ12 Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights. introduced
SJ32 Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference). introduced
SJ34 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office. introduced
SJ47 Constitutional amendment; exemption from taxation of certain motor vehicles (first reference). introduced
SJ50 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office. introduced
SJ60 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established, criteria. introduced
SJ68 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established. introduced
SJ79 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established. introduced
SJ81 Teacher salary scale; JLARC to study compression in local school divisions, etc. introduced
SJ84 Public transportation services; DRPT to evaluate study necessary to identify, etc. introduced
SJ86 Pay It Forward, Pay It Back; SCHEV to study feasibility of implementing. introduced
SJ113 Constitutional amendment; term limits for members of General Assembly. introduced
SJ119 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established. introduced
SJ120 Constitutional amendment; qualifications of Governor, residency requirement (first reference). introduced
SJ216 Constitutional amendment marriage; marriage (first reference). introduced
SJ217 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office (first reference). introduced
SJ218 Commending the I.C. Norcom High School boys' basketball team. introduced
SJ219 Celebrating the life of Charles B. Whitehurst, Sr. introduced
SJ220 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); marriage. introduced
SJ221 United States Constitution; Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment. introduced
SJ222 Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights. introduced
SJ223 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters and executive clemency (first reference). introduced
SJ224 Constitutional amendment; General Assembly term limits (first reference). introduced
SJ225 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); qualifications of Governor; residency requirement. introduced
SJ226 Constitutional amendment; registration of voters (first reference). introduced
SJ227 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office. introduced