2019 Bills That Failed

204 bills found.

# Title Status
HB76 Political campaign advertisements; disclosure requirements, advertisements placed, etc. dead
HB218 Special license plates; ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION. dead
HB246 Virginia Code Commission; duties. dead
HB277 Guardians ad litem for children; report requirements, certification form. dead
HB295 Resident stickers; turns in certain residential areas. dead
HB330 Public elementary and secondary school students; use of unscented topical sunscreen. dead
HB338 Medicaid; Training, Education, Employment, and Opportunity Program for able-bodied adult recipients. dead
HB362 Law-enforcement officer; change in definition, security division of the Virginia Lottery. dead
HB372 School calendar; opening day of the school year. dead
HB525 Carnal knowledge of pretrial or posttrial offender; bail bondsmen, increases penalty. dead
HB541 Veterans, certain; alternative treatment options. dead
HB611 Certificate of public need; issuance for new neonatal care services in Planning District 5. dead
HB622 Sex offenders; prohibited entry onto school property, penalty. dead
HB659 Distance learning reciprocity agreements; out-of-state providers. dead
HB670 Standards of Quality; local match for basic aid, debt service on projects in school divisions. dead
HB676 Children; services for deaf or hard of hearing. dead
HB692 Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; revenue sharing, composite index. dead
HB747 Veterinarians; exemption from sales and use tax on purchase or prescription of drugs and medicines. dead
HB777 Emergency air medical transportation; informed decision. dead
HB786 Taxes, local; taxpayer's application to court to correct erroneous assessments. dead
HB787 Real property taxes; appeals to boards of equalization. dead
HB809 School boards, local; display of commercial advertising material on school buses. dead
HB874 Certificates of public need; creates a three-phase process to sunset requirements. dead
HB885 Conventional or alternative onsite sewage systems; authority of the Board of Health. dead
HB896 Motor vehicle dealer; clarifies definition. dead
HB960 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; marketing plan information, report. dead
HB966 Income tax, sales tax, etc.; refundable credit for certain local taxes. dead
HB998 Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation; child-placing agency. dead
HB1033 Testing of bodily fluids; deemed consent. dead
HB1137 Commuter Rail Operating and Capital Fund; established. dead
HB1210 Post-election audits; definition. dead
HB1252 Renewable energy power purchase agreements; pilot programs. dead
HB1320 Division-level performance assessments; DOE to develop and distribute resource guide. dead
HB1325 Provisional voting; persons voting in split precincts. dead
HB1424 Recounts; number permitted, tie votes. dead
HB1435 Initiation of a civil action; duties of clerk of general district court. dead
HB1557 Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing. dead
HB1584 Health insurance; balance billing for ancillary services. dead
HB1606 Certificate of public need; psychiatric beds and services. dead
HJ19 Public elementary and secondary education; joint committee to study the future in the Commonwealth. dead
HJ49 Interstate conventions; selection of commissioners and committee procedures. dead
# Title Status
SB3 Same-sex marriages; civil unions. dead
SB4 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older. dead
SB6 Absentee voting; late applications and in-person voting in certain circumstances. dead
SB8 Absentee voting; prescribed oath for absentee voters. dead
SB11 State Corporation Commission; increases number of members. dead
SB17 Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance policies; bad faith. dead
SB32 Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established. dead
SB48 Concealed handgun; eligibility to carry openly within Commonwealth. dead
SB56 Line of Duty Act; eligible dependents. dead
SB59 Criminal Justice Services, Department of; training standards, community engaged policing. dead
SB82 Electric utility regulation; agricultural net energy metering. dead
SB83 Renewable energy; third-party power purchase agreements. dead
SB93 Parole, eligibility for; at liberty between offenses. dead
SB110 Marijuana field test; evidence at trial. dead
SB114 Absentee voting; no excuse. dead
SB116 License plates, special; issuance for members/supporters of Parents Against Bullying organization. dead
SB136 Absentee voting; no-excuse in-person available 21 days prior to election. dead
SB141 Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; use of certain revenues by localities. dead
SB160 Language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing; assessment resources. dead
SB164 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older. dead
SB167 Discovery in criminal cases; duty to provide. dead
SB173 Consumer fireworks; regulation of the sale and use, criminal and civil penalties. dead
SB175 Dogs or cats; public animal shelters required to notify intent to euthanize. dead
SB178 Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation of; child-placing agency. dead
SB193 Plastic shopping bags, disposable; local option to distribute to consumers. dead
SB207 Statewide prioritization process project selection; cost of project to be considered. dead
SB215 Concealed handguns; renewal of permits, notice of expiration. dead
SB217 Sale of dog or cat not obtained from releasing agency or animal rescue; prohibition. dead
SB224 Release of seized property; petition to stay release. dead
SB243 Virginia Veterans Recovery Grant Program and Fund; established, report. dead
SB254 Absentee voting; no excuse required when voting in person. dead
SB255 License taxes; interest rate for certain refunds. dead
SB259 Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility. dead
SB272 Construction Trust Act; moneys paid under a contract by an owner to a contractor. dead
SB277 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older. dead
SB289 Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; public documents, redactions. dead
SB299 Taxation, Department of; reports on sales and use tax exemptions. dead
SB311 Community solar gardens; SCC to establish standards for operation. dead
SB313 Community solar generation; establishment of facilities. dead
SB317 Public procurement; contracting for construction on a construction management basis. dead
SB323 Virginia Independent Redistricting Review Commission; established. dead
SB350 Concealed handgun permit; extends expiration date. dead
SB351 Firearms in locked vehicles; immunity from liability. dead
SB352 Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. dead
SB355 Richmond, City of; designates areas that constitute service territory for natural gas utility. dead
SB357 Death certificates; electronic filing required. dead
SB364 Motor vehicle liability insurance; increases minimum liability coverage amount. dead
SB366 School personnel; staffing ratios, school nurses. dead
SB367 Stormwater; localities to provide for partial waiver of service charges for management at airports. dead
SB370 Prescription drugs; delivery of orders. dead
SB373 Higher education; prohibits any percentage increase in in-state tuition for undergraduate students. dead
SB380 Personal injury; loss of consortium claims by certain relatives. dead
SB414 Micro Market Act; registration required for operation of micro markets, effective clause. dead
SB415 Jurisdiction of claim; plaintiff's motion to amend claim amount, transfer of matter. dead
SB419 Discriminating between employees on the basis of sex; payment of wages. dead
SB431 License plates, special; I SUPPORT WOMEN VETERANS. dead
SB436 Schedule I drugs; classification for fentanyl derivatives. dead
SB453 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older. dead
SB458 Conditional proffers; public facility capacity, previously approved residential developments. dead
SB461 Direct service providers; disclosure of information by employers. dead
SB463 Drug crimes; disposition of forfeited property used in connection with the commission of crimes. dead
SB468 Line of Duty Act; death benefit eligibility, Department of Military Affairs employees. dead
SB476 School principals; incident reports. dead
SB481 Nonsuits; recommencement of action. dead
SB494 Line of Duty Act; health insurance coverage for eligible spouses. dead
SB495 Deputy Sheriff Supplemental Salary Fund; created, revenue source. dead
SB497 Public places; disorderly conduct, right of person in charge to detain. dead
SB498 Law-enforcement officers, local; retirement benefit, participation by certain political subdivision. dead
SB499 Conservation easements; validity, termination. dead
SB502 Virginia Public Procurement Act; State Police, exemption for purchase of aviation equipment. dead
SB505 Doctorate of medical science; establishes requirements for licensure and practice. dead
SB510 Cigarette tax; counties authorized to hold referendum. dead
SB516 Public schools; Board of Education to establish regional charter school divisions. dead
SB537 Computation of composite index; land-use assessment value. dead
SB541 Involuntary manslaughter; death of a fetus, penalty. dead
SB561 Interstate 81; pilot program for right lane restrictions for tractor trucks. dead
SB574 Step therapy protocols; health benefits, disclosure of information. dead
SB578 Drivers' license; suspension for nonpayment of fines or costs. dead
SB583 Western Virginia Transportation Fund; created. dead
SB590 Scope of discovery; deposing certain corporate officers. dead
SB591 Post-election audits; definition. dead
SB592 Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, penalty. dead
SB600 Distracted driving; penalty. dead
SB602 Absentee voting; no-excuse in-person available 21 days prior to election. dead
SB603 Same-sex marriage; gender-neutral terms. dead
SB604 Absentee voting; certain absentee voters permitted to vote after close of absentee voting location. dead
SB613 Local government; deposition. dead
SB634 All-Payer Claims Database; participation by certain insurance. dead
SB639 Health care shared savings; incentive programs. dead
SB642 Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. dead
SB662 Electric utilities; competition. dead
SB674 Election day voter registration; State Board of Elections to develop a pilot program, report. dead
SB689 Absentee voting; eligibility of persons whose polling place prohibits firearms. dead
SB692 Disabled parking placards; certification by mental health professional to DMV a person's disability. dead
SB694 Intentional or negligent infliction of injury or death; bystander claims for emotional distress. dead
SB700 School bus video-monitoring systems; release of information by DMV. dead
SB711 Electric utilities; community renewable projects. dead
SB713 Standards of Quality; mathematics intervention services. dead
SB714 Local economic development; expenditure shall be first approved by local governing body. dead
SB731 Health insurance plans; prior authorization for drug benefits or surgical procedures. dead
SB737 Driving under influence of alcohol; license conditions for first offense. dead
SB746 Sales and Use Tax; accelerated payments. dead
SB753 Expert witnesses; standards for testimony. dead
SB761 Law-enforcement officers; training, reimbursement of costs. dead
SB765 Coal ash ponds; mandatory testing of drinking water wells in Chesapeake Bay watershed. dead
SB766 Citizen water quality monitoring; use as evidence in enforcement actions. dead
SB767 Coal ash ponds; flaws in closure plans, delay of permit. dead
SB768 Electric utilities; recovery of costs associated with closure in place of coal ash facilities. dead
SB770 Absentee voting; alternative locations for in-person absentee voting. dead
SB771 Absentee voting; counting military and overseas absentee ballots received after close of polls. dead
SB773 Alcoholic beverage control; reduces food-to-beverage ratio for mixed beverage licensees. dead
SB777 Post-conviction relief; previously admitted scientific evidence. dead
SB790 Virginia Employment Commission; development of a plan for a paid family-medical leave program. dead
SB791 Employers and potential employers; civil immunity, reports of violent behavior by an employee. dead
SB799 Virginia Gaming Commission; established. dead
SB800 Trespass; civil action, vicarious liability. dead
SB808 Electric utilities; Transitional Rate Period, coal combustion residuals landfills. dead
SB816 Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; disclosure by local government officers. dead
SB835 Central Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited. dead
SB837 Electric utilities; retail competition. dead
SB838 Virginia Conservation Police Review Board; created. dead
SB842 Certificate of public need; medical equipment for MRI & CT scanning services in City of Winchester. dead
SB845 Premium Security Plan; created, a state-based reinsurance program. dead
SB857 Public Rights-of-Way Use; fees used for high-speed Internet access in underserved areas. dead
SB864 Cryptocurrencies; State Corporation Commission to study. dead
SB865 Standards of Quality; reading diagnostic tests. dead
SB879 Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing. dead
SB880 Composite index; local ability to pay for certain counties. dead
SB886 Law-enforcement officers; psychological examination. dead
SB897 Workers' compensation; taxicab and executive sedan drivers. dead
SB904 Line of Duty Act; disabled persons to participate in state and local health insurance. dead
SB907 Health insurance; coverage for contraceptives. dead
SB909 Virginia Fair Housing Law; unlawful discriminatory housing practices. dead
SB913 Voters; review of assignments in districts throughout the Commonwealth. dead
SB916 Health benefit plans; sale by authorized foreign health insurers. dead
SB936 Standards of Achievement Career and Technical Education Committee; established. dead
SB938 Child support; withholding of income, contracts with an independent contractor. dead
SB940 Combined sewer overflow system; notice of discharge. dead
SB952 Protective orders; issuance upon convictions for certain felonies, penalty. dead
SB957 Conditional rezoning proffer; exemption from certain requirements. dead
SB973 Track and Trace Program; established. dead
SB975 Students with disabilities; feasibility of educational placement transition of certain students. dead
SB980 Statewide e-filing system; creating for civil case filings. dead
SB988 License plates, special; THE AMERICAN LEGION. dead
SB990 Stormwater; State Water Control Board to adopt regulations. dead
SJ1 Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference). dead
SJ2 Constitutional amendment; qualifications of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. dead
SJ3 Constitutional amendment; General Assembly term limits (first reference). dead
SJ5 Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights (first reference). dead
SJ6 Teacher licensing process; Department of Education to study. dead
SJ8 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office (first reference). dead
SJ9 Constitutional amendment; qualifications of voters and the right to vote. dead
SJ12 Constitutional amendment; qualifications of voters and the right to vote. dead
SJ25 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission, criteria to redraw certain districts. dead
SJ27 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, restoration of civil rights. dead
SJ31 Interstate conventions; selection of commissioners and committee procedures. dead
SJ32 U.S. Route 29; VDOT to study feasibility of eastern bypass. dead
SJ33 Route 60 Corridor; VDOT to study. dead
SJ34 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established. dead
SJ39 Constitutional amendment; Literary Fund, proceeds from forfeited property. dead
SJ51 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission established (first reference). dead
SJ65 Solitary confinement; Department of Corrections to study. dead
SJ68 Constitutional amendment; criteria for electoral districts (first reference). dead