2021 Bills That Failed

397 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1735 Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of farm winery licensees and limited brewery licensees. dead
HB1736 School nurses; nursing services in a public elementary or secondary school. dead
HB1738 Alcoholic beverage control; local outdoor refreshment areas. dead
HB1739 State parks; discounted rental and service fees, military and veterans. dead
HB1740 Signs on certain highways; rotation of eligible entities. dead
HB1741 Va. Public Procurement Act; contract clause requiring subcontractor reporting of certain payments. dead
HB1742 In-person instruction; education vouchers, etc. dead
HB1744 Animal care; zoos and petting zoos, seizure of animals. dead
HB1745 General Assembly; legislative process, required expiration provision. dead
HB1746 Conduct of elections; vote counting, required live video recording. dead
HB1748 Actions against real estate appraisers or appraisal management companies; statute of limitations. dead
HB1752 Golf carts and utility vehicles; operation of vehicles on public highways in Town of Smithfield . dead
HB1753 Va. Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission Accreditation Grant Fund & Program; created. dead
HB1754 Employer or other person; retaliatory discharge of employee prohibited. dead
HB1755 Right to work; repeals provisions of Code that refers to denial or abridgement. dead
HB1756 Campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates. dead
HB1757 Firearm-free zones designated by the Commonwealth or a locality; waiver of sovereign immunity. dead
HB1758 Voter registration; list of decedent transmitted by St. Reg. of Vital Records to Dept. of Elections. dead
HB1759 Personal appearance by 2-way electronic video/audio communication; at or after trial before judge. dead
HB1761 Parole; investigation prior to release. dead
HB1762 Parole; monthly report. dead
HB1765 U.S. Route 60; Dept. of Transportation to propose a plan to renumber a certain portion in Lexington. dead
HB1766 Disabled Veteran's Passport; expands program to all veterans with service-connected disability. dead
HB1767 Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund; Powhatan County. dead
HB1769 Health care providers, certain; licensure or certification by endorsement. dead
HB1770 Public education; student education accounts. dead
HB1771 Income tax, state and corporate; tax credit for employers of Nat'l Guard members, etc. dead
HB1772 Higher educational institutions, public; per student enrollment-based funding, noncredit workforce. dead
HB1773 Carrying a concealed handgun; permit not required. dead
HB1777 Serious or Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program; def. of serious juvenile offender, etc. dead
HB1779 Death penalty; abolition of current penalty. dead
HB1780 Public employees; prohibition on striking, exception. dead
HB1781 Intentional injury to property or a monument or memorial; reduces penalty. dead
HB1782 Wearing masks during commission of a crime or acts of intimidation or harassment; penalty. dead
HB1784 Small Business Procurement Enhancement Program; established, report. dead
HB1785 Employment health and safety standards; heat illness prevention. dead
HB1787 Income tax, state; establishes an exclusion for Paycheck Protection Plan loan forgiveness. dead
HB1788 Income tax, state; rolling conformity with the Internal Revenue Code. dead
HB1791 Assault and battery or threats of bodily injury; sports official, penalty. dead
HB1792 Contractors, Board for; exemption from licensure for work on state-owned emergency power generators. dead
HB1793 Concealed handgun permit; local control of firearms. dead
HB1794 Collective bargaining; prohibited considerations during negotiations. dead
HB1795 Counseling, Board of; licensure of professional counselors without examination. dead
HB1797 License plates, special; fees for certain military declarations. dead
HB1799 Sunday hunting; allowed on public lands. dead
HB1802 Local government attorneys; prohibiting the handling of matters related to certain wills. dead
HB1803 Approved local volunteer activities; enables localities to provide credit against taxes & fees. dead
HB1809 Charitable or civic organizations, etc.; contracts, report. dead
HB1822 Health insurance; cost-sharing payments for prescription asthma inhalers. dead
HB1826 Education, Board of; qualifications of members. dead
HB1839 Special hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans; 50 percent disabled. dead
HB1840 Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses. dead
HB1844 Zoning; special exceptions. dead
HB1856 Estate planning documents; electronic execution, codifies Uniform Electronic Wills Act. dead
HB1857 Virginia Public Procurement Act; architectural and professional engineering term contracting. dead
HB1860 Controlled substances or marijuana; obtaining, procuring, etc., by means of the Internet or by mail. dead
HB1861 Compression release engine brakes; use of brakes in localities. dead
HB1863 Blacksburg, Town of; amending charter, acceptance of certain proffers. dead
HB1869 Absentee voting; unsolicited absentee ballot applications, required information. dead
HB1870 Victims of human trafficking; eligibility for in-state tuition. dead
HB1871 Motor vehicles used for the delivery of property; trade dress. dead
HB1872 Abstract of votes; when required to contain accounting of absentee ballots by precinct. dead
HB1875 Law-enforcement officers; modifies minimum qualifications. dead
HB1880 Illegal gambling; skill games, temporary exemption for truck stops. dead
HB1883 Elections; preclearance of certain covered practices required. dead
HB1886 Electronic titling; definition of 'fleet.' dead
HB1897 Summons for unlawful detainer; notice to tenant, adverse employment actions prohibited. dead
HB1906 Campaign finance; prohibited contributions from corporations, civil penalty. dead
HB1910 Regional transportation authorities; creation. dead
HB1914 Electric utilities; triennial review, period costs, rate reductions. dead
HB1915 Teachers; required to be compensated at or above national average. dead
HB1917 Local planning and zoning; publication of certain notices on locality's website. dead
HB1920 Suspension or modification of sentence; transfer to the Department of Corrections. dead
HB1922 Medical assistance; coverage for reproductive health services. dead
HB1924 Required local effort for basic aid; debt service on projects in certain school divisions, sunset. dead
HB1929 Standards of Quality; work-based learning and principal mentorship, teacher leaders and mentors. dead
HB1933 Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. dead
HB1934 Public utilities; gas pipelines prohibited in residential subdivisions. dead
HB1937 Green New Deal Act; establishes a moratorium, effective January 1, 2022, etc. dead
HB1938 Firefighting, emerg. medical services, or law-enforcement equipment & vehicles; destroying, penalty. dead
HB1939 Food and beverage tax; single-serving salads, definition of 'single-serving.' dead
HB1941 Law-enforcement officer; discharge of firearm, etc., release of video or audio recording. dead
HB1946 Charitable gaming; operators licensing requirement, definition of instant bingo, pull tabs, etc. dead
HB1947 High school graduation requirements; certain substitutions. dead
HB1948 Law-enforcement officer; duty to render aid, duty to report wrongdoing by another officer. dead
HB1951 Suicide; abolishes the common-law crime. dead
HB1954 Minimum wage; application to certain persons providing fire or emergency medical services. dead
HB1955 Income tax, state; deduction for multigenerational households. dead
HB1956 Income tax, state; late payment penalty. dead
HB1959 Medication abandonment and increasing patient medication adherence; options for reducing rates. dead
HB1966 Sports betting; mandatory permit issuance to certain casino operators. dead
HB1970 Voter identification; identification containing a photograph required. dead
HB1972 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; Virginia Parole Board member votes. dead
HB1974 Architects & professional engineers; exemptions from license requirements for onsite sewage systems. dead
HB1975 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and mandatory fee waivers, survivors of sex crimes. dead
HB1978 Legislative Staff Development Fund; created, effective date. dead
HB1984 Electric utilities; triennial review proceeding by SCC, fair rates of return. dead
HB1996 Va Public Procurement Act; determination of responsibility, etc. dead
HB1997 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; definition of 'meeting.' dead
HB2000 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; charges for production of public records. dead
HB2003 Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices, certain advertising related to school quality. dead
HB2005 Disposition of the remains of a decedent; persons to make arrangements for funeral. dead
HB2011 Parole; investigation prior to release, notice to victim. dead
HB2015 Essential workers; hazard pay, employer to provide personal protective equipment, civil penalty. dead
HB2016 Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission required to establish. dead
HB2021 Health insurance; provider contracts, report. dead
HB2022 Hospice and home care providers; requirements, agreements with managed care organizations. dead
HB2023 Solar and wind farms; reporting of acreage by locality. dead
HB2026 Vehicle window tinting; exempts motor vehicles equipped with side mirrors from prohibition on apply. dead
HB2028 Absentee ballots; witness requirement, printed name and residence address. dead
HB2033 Health insurance; association health plan for real estate salespersons. dead
HB2037 Unemployment compensation; benefits, suitable work, benefits charges. dead
HB2041 Best interests of the child; assuring frequent and continuing contact with both parents. dead
HB2043 Virginia Beach Tourism Authority; created. dead
HB2044 Naturopathic doctors; Board of Medicine to license and regulate. dead
HB2045 Civil action for deprivation of rights; duties and liabilities of certain employers. dead
HB2048 Electric utility regulation; purchasing from competitive suppliers. dead
HB2049 Electric utilities; eliminates customer credit reinvestment offsets. dead
HB2050 Virginia housing opportunity; tax credit established starting in taxable year 2021. dead
HB2051 Alcoholic beverage control; local outdoor refreshment areas. dead
HB2052 Land banks; right of first refusal for tax delinquent parcels. dead
HB2056 Status offenders; willful and material violation of court order or terms of probation. dead
HB2066 Public health emergency; reports of suspected violations of orders and regulations, penalty. dead
HB2067 Solar facilities; permit by rule. dead
HB2073 Wrongful death statute of limitations; criminal investigations by law enforcement. dead
HB2076 Motor vehicle sales and use tax; definition of sale price. dead
HB2077 Motor vehicles; driving while holding a companion animal, prohibited. dead
HB2080 Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. dead
HB2082 Virginia Redistricting Commission; transparency in redistricting process. dead
HB2083 Wake surfing; proximity to certain structures or other persons. dead
HB2084 Health, Department of; certain communication prohibited. dead
HB2087 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; limitation on duration of executive orders. dead
HB2088 Elections, State Board of; increases number of members, appointment of Commissioner of Elections. dead
HB2089 State Inspector General, Office of the; concurrent distribution of reports. dead
HB2090 School boards; establishment of the READ Fund and READ programs. dead
HB2093 School Construction Fund and Program; created and established. dead
HB2094 Public schools; Standards of Learning assessments. dead
HB2096 License plates, special; bearing legend NOT FORGOTTEN. dead
HB2097 VaLORS; adds agents of Department of Corrections Special Investigations Unit to System. dead
HB2100 Tourism Development Authority; name change. dead
HB2102 License plates, special; issuance for supporters of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority. dead
HB2103 Certain public & private employers to provide earned paid sick time. dead
HB2104 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; repeals Act. dead
HB2106 State highways, bridges, interchanges, etc.; dead
HB2107 Health, Board of; public health emergency, virtual visitation for certain facilities. dead
HB2108 General Assembly; conduct of business by electronic means joint committee established. dead
HB2109 Agriculture and Consumer Services, Board of; expands membership. dead
HB2112 Court of Appeals; expands jurisdiction, increases from 11 to 15 number of judges on Court. dead
HB2114 Public hearings; notice submitted by localities to newspapers. dead
HB2115 Absentee voting; definition of postmark, legibility requirement. dead
HB2122 Golf carts and utility vehicles; Town of Ivor authorized to allow operation on highways. dead
HB2126 State parks; lifetime senior parking pass. dead
HB2127 Redevelopment and housing authorities; gives authorities greater flexibility in naming an authority. dead
HB2136 Alcoholic beverage control; mobile retailer license created. dead
HB2141 Parole; investigation prior to release. dead
HB2142 Child care tax credit; establishes an individual nonrefundable income tax credit. dead
HB2143 COVID-19 virus; immunity from civil claims related to the transmission of or exposure to the virus. dead
HB2144 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty. dead
HB2145 Higher educational institutions, public; virtual instruction, tuition cap. dead
HB2149 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; limits duration of executive orders to no more than 60 days. dead
HB2151 Search warrants; daytime execution, exceptions. dead
HB2152 Charitable bail organizations; licensure and regulation by Department of Criminal Justice Services. dead
HB2153 Curbside voting; right to observe ballot deposited into ballot scanner machine or ballot container. dead
HB2156 Nursing home staffing and care standards; regulations, report. dead
HB2157 Estate tax; reinstates the tax for persons dying on or after July 1, 2021. dead
HB2158 Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes; tax on room rentals, Destination Marketing Fund created. dead
HB2160 Electric utilities; triennial review, fair rate of return, customer bill credits. dead
HB2164 Tobacco; prohibits person from selling product at retail without license from ABC Authority. dead
HB2173 Advanced recycling; not considered solid waste management, definitions. dead
HB2183 Small businesses; Department of SBSD to publish on its website a resource to assist businesses. dead
HB2184 Pandemic Remediation Task Force; established, report. dead
HB2188 Engineered septic systems; Department of Health, et al., to initiate a 3-yr. pilot program to study. dead
HB2189 Virginia Adventure Corridor and Trail Authority; created. dead
HB2195 Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as school security officers. dead
HB2196 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; required release of law-enforcement disciplinary records. dead
HB2199 Parents of stillborn child; establishes a refundable income tax credit. dead
HB2200 Electric utilities; triennial review. dead
HB2205 Same-day voting; repeals provision relating to voting after registration records close. dead
HB2209 Absentee voting; signature match, provisional ballot status. dead
HB2210 Civil Rights, Division of; created in the Department of Law. dead
HB2214 Broadband service territory maps; Commonwealth Broadband Chief Advisor to develop and maintain. dead
HB2215 Small agricultural generators; definition, manufacturer licensees. dead
HB2224 Broadband service providers; fiber optic broadband lines, railroad crossings. dead
HB2225 Empowerment Scholarship Accounts; established, report. dead
HB2226 Criminal street gang reporting; notice & process for contesting entry of information into databases. dead
HB2228 Workers' compensation; injuries caused by repetitive and sustained physical stressors. dead
HB2231 Group Violence Intervention Board and Division of Group Violence Intervention; established, report. dead
HB2232 Authorized representatives of party or candidate; intimidation of or interference, penalty. dead
HB2235 Voter identification; optional restrictive identification requirement. dead
HB2237 Virginia Public Procurement Act; project labor agreements, transportation projects. dead
HB2239 Absentee voting; ballots to be processed before election day and sorted and counted. dead
HB2240 General Assembly; limits on introduction of legislation. dead
HB2241 Unborn child protection from dismemberment abortion; penalties. dead
HB2242 COVID-19 immunization; prohibition on requirement, discrimination prohibited. dead
HB2243 Home instruction and private schools; creates an individual, nonrefundable income tax credit. dead
HB2244 Family life education; curriculum guidelines, human reproduction, viewing of ultrasound video. dead
HB2245 Transportation; revenues dedicated as of July 1, 2020, shall not be redirected. dead
HB2246 State agencies; automatic workforce management verification software. dead
HB2247 Education, Board of; conditions and considerations on school division boundaries. dead
HB2248 Motor Vehicles, Department of; personal information requests, fees. dead
HB2251 Emergency orders and regulations; limitations, civil penalty. dead
HB2253 Economic Development Access Program, bonded projects. dead
HB2254 Unlawful dissemination of unsolicited obscene image of self to another; penalty. dead
HB2255 Local election officials; public availability of instructions and guidance. dead
HB2256 Parking; localities authority to regulate. dead
HB2259 Governor; issuance of licenses to persons denied by regulatory board. dead
HB2260 Vehicle registration fees; imposes an additional fee to be deposited into Public Safety Trust Fund. dead
HB2264 Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as fingerprint examiners. dead
HB2265 Electric utilities; development of renewable energy facilities. dead
HB2267 Local electoral boards and general registrar; disclosure of certain gifts and funding. dead
HB2268 State Health Commissioner; powers during an epidemic, vaccinations, religious tenets or practices. dead
HB2270 Minimum wage; effective dates of scheduled increases, report. dead
HB2271 Universal health care; Joint Commission on Health Care to study options for financing. dead
HB2272 Naturopathic doctors; Department of Health Professions to amend its regulations. dead
HB2274 Health insurance; carrier business practices, provider contracts. dead
HB2275 Food and drink permit; Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services to issue. dead
HB2277 Children with disabilities, certain; one-year high school extensions permitted. dead
HB2278 Voter registration; political party affiliation, closed primary elections. dead
HB2279 Contractors, Board for; requirement for continuing education prohibited. dead
HB2280 Higher educational institutions, public, and State Bd. for Community Colleges; governing boards. dead
HB2281 Virginia Clean Economy Act; non-bypassable charges, energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE). dead
HB2283 Railroads; freight train crew size requirements, civil penalty. dead
HB2285 Firearms; certain persons exempted from purchasing one firearm per month. dead
HB2286 Court appearance of a person not free on bail; changes to provisions regarding bail hearings, etc. dead
HB2289 Children's Services Act; eligibility for state pool of funds, any child or youth. dead
HB2291 Law-enforcement civilian oversight bodies; deputy sheriffs. dead
HB2292 Fossil fuel projects; establishes a moratorium, effective January 1, 2022, etc. dead
HB2296 Worker classification; independent contractors. dead
HB2297 Alcoholic beverage control; transfer of wine, penalty. dead
HB2301 Therapeutic day treatment; DMAS to develop a plan regarding authorization, etc. dead
HB2303 Controlled substances; reduces penalty for possession of a Schedule I or II substance, penalties. dead
HB2305 Governor's Schools; Board of Education to issue guidance on the governance of academic year. dead
HB2306 Va. Public Procurement Act; contract clause requiring subcontractor reporting of certain payments. dead
HB2309 Condition of parole; registration with Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry, penalty. dead
HB2315 Marijuana; local referendum on the legalization, report. dead
HB2319 Firearms; access to certain persons in a shared dwelling, civil penalty. dead
HB2324 Virginia Redistricting Commission; removing a citizen commissioner for neglect, etc. dead
HB2325 Corrections Ombudsman, Office of the Department of; created, report. dead
HB2329 Involuntary commitment; release of person before expiration of order. dead
HB2334 Damage to motor vehicles; penalties. dead
HB2335 Medical mandates; each adult has a fundamental right to be free from mandates. dead
HB2336 Non-FDA-vaccines; preventing public and private imposition of vaccines. dead
HB2338 Veterans; alerts for those missing who have a service-related health condition. dead
HJ511 Gospel Music Heritage Month; designating as Sept. in 2021 and in each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HJ513 Constitutional amendment; executive power, state of emergency, special session (first reference). dead
HJ514 Constitutional amendment; special sessions, required certain states of emergency (first reference). dead
HJ515 Constitutional amendment; right of parents (first reference). dead
HJ516 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states. dead
HJ523 Voting Rights for Women Month; designating as November in 2021 and each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HJ524 Abolition Day; designating as December 6, 2021, and each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HJ528 Uyghur American Friendship Day; designating as November 12, 2021, & each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HJ529 Apprenticeship training programs; DOLI to study the future need for programs. dead
HJ530 Controlled substances; VSCC to study decriminalization of possession, etc. dead
HJ531 Interstate Medical Licensure Compact; Joint Com. on Health Care to study advisability of joining. dead
HJ536 Remote sales and use tax distribution to localities; JLARC to study. dead
HJ541 Daylight saving time; Secretary of Commerce and Trade to study the effects on the Commonwealth. dead
HJ543 National service; Department of Social Services to study ways to increase participation. dead
HJ545 Infertility treatment; Health Insurance Reform Commission to study mandating insurance coverage. dead
HJ548 Constitutional amendment; public schools, standards of quality. dead
HJ550 Glass-Steagall Act; memorializing Congress to reinstate Act and develop an infrastructure bank. dead
HJ551 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, 16-year-olds permitted to vote (first reference). dead
HJ552 Recurrent inland and urban flooding across the Commonwealth; joint subcommittee to study. dead
HJ556 Constitutional amendment; environmental justice (first reference). dead
HJ558 Student meal donation programs; baccalaureate public institution of higher education to establish. dead
HJ559 Global warming; caused by human activity has resulted in a climate and ecological emergency. dead
HJ560 Pharmaceutical distribution payment system; Secretary of HHR to convene a work group to examine. dead
HJ561 Construction trades; joint subcommittee to study occupational licensing laws. dead
HJ564 Public records; FOIA Council to study whether FOIA should be amended to allow easier access. dead
HJ566 Citizenship Amendment Act; Congress of United States urged to call on Republic of India to repeal. dead
HJ568 Juvenile justice; prevention of girls who are victims of violence from entering system. dead
HJ569 Trees; Dept. of Forestry to study & evaluate enabling statutes for ordinances related to planting. dead
HJ572 Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly to extend state recognition. dead
HJ573 COVID-19; expresses the sense of the General Assembly that any vaccination for virus be voluntary. dead
HJ577 Medicaid managed care organizations and provider networks; joint subcommittee to study oversight. dead
HJ607 Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month; designating May, in 2021 and each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HJ614 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for surviving spouses. dead
HJ616 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for affordable housing. dead
HJ618 Racism & racist ideologies; condemns all forms of hate, bigotry, etc., & discrimination. dead
HJ626 Clarence Clemons Day; designating January 11, 2022 and each succeeding year thereafter. dead
HR225 National Infrastructure Bank; urging Congress of the United States to create and pass H.R. 6422. dead
HR227 Racism; recognizing as a public health crisis. dead
HR237 COVID-19 pandemic; condemning the Chinese Communist Party for its role in the pandemic. dead
HR239 Law-enforcement officers; HOD to affirm its support and appreciation for their service. dead
# Title Status
SB1101 Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. stricken
SB1107 Medical malpractice; limitation on recovery. dead
SB1116 State Health Commissioner; powers during an epidemic, vaccinations, religious tenets or practices. dead
SB1117 Immunizations; religious tenets or practices. dead
SB1118 Voter registration; verification of social security numbers, provisional registration status. dead
SB1124 Execution of wills; witnesses to a will required to be disinterested, definition. dead
SB1131 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; limitation on duration of executive orders. dead
SB1133 Children's Services Act; eligibility for state pool of funds, pilot program. dead
SB1137 Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as school security officers. dead
SB1139 Animal-drawn vehicles; establishes equipment requirements for vehicles operating on the highways. dead
SB1140 Gifts of real estate; requirements. dead
SB1149 Nursing homes; standards of care and staff requirements, regulations. dead
SB1151 Income tax, state; subtraction for veteran retirement income. dead
SB1159 Sick leave; use for the care of immediate family members. stricken
SB1166 Nursing professional; establishes a nonrefundable individual income tax credit. dead
SB1167 Nursing, Board of; licensure or certification by endorsement for members of the U.S. military. stricken
SB1172 Capitol Square Preservation Council; powers and duties, review and approval of plans for changes. dead
SB1173 Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission; membership. dead
SB1174 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Director of; reporting requirements. dead
SB1176 Barrier crimes; amends current requirements for DBHDS to provide, etc. dead
SB1177 Public weighmasters; license. stricken
SB1179 Corrections Private Management Act; name change, private management prohibited. dead
SB1185 Assisted living facilities; residents that are auxiliary grant recipients. dead
SB1186 Landfill siting; historic preservation. dead
SB1191 School nurses; excludes positions from certain requirements, school board to employ in each school. dead
SB1192 Naturopathic doctors; Department of Health Professions to amend its regulations. dead
SB1195 Motor vehicle insurance; underinsured motor vehicle, uninsured motorist coverage. dead
SB1200 Waste disposal; local approval. dead
SB1203 Hate crimes; associational relationships, penalty. dead
SB1217 Secondary state highway system; taking certain private roads into the system. dead
SB1218 Naturopathic doctors; Board of Medicine to license and regulate. dead
SB1222 Virginia Public Procurement Act; purchase of personal protective equipment. dead
SB1224 Uniform Statewide Building Code; amendments, energy efficiency and conservation. dead
SB1228 Virginia Equal Pay Act; civil penalties. dead
SB1230 Criminal cases; transfer to general district court. dead
SB1231 General district courts; filing an order of disposition from a criminal case. dead
SB1232 Conditional release of geriatric prisoners; exceptions. dead
SB1233 Campaign contribution limits; contributions that exceed $20,000. dead
SB1235 Health, Department of; certain communication prohibited. dead
SB1236 Campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates. dead
SB1238 School security officers; carrying of firearms by United States Armed Forces veterans. dead
SB1244 Sexually violent predators; repeals sections authorizing civil commitment. dead
SB1249 Local planning commissions; review deadlines. dead
SB1250 Firearm rentals; criminal history record information check required, penalty. dead
SB1263 Bicycles; permits operators to treat a stop sign as a yield sign in certain situations. dead
SB1264 Emergency and preliminary protective orders; expungement of orders. dead
SB1268 Disposition of the remains of a decedent; persons to make arrangements for funeral. dead
SB1286 Income tax, state; rate increase, funding for schools and law-enforcement officer salaries. dead
SB1292 Electric utilities; overearnings, customer bill credits. dead
SB1294 Police and court records; fee for filing a petition for expungement. dead
SB1308 Pedestrians; interference with traffic, penalty. dead
SB1312 Virginia Spirits Promotion Fund; assessment on distillers. dead
SB1317 Local school boards; open enrollment policy required. dead
SB1323 Worker classification; qualification of independent contractors. dead
SB1330 Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission to establish. dead
SB1332 Law-enforcement officer; use of deadly force during an arrest or detention. dead
SB1337 Golf carts and utility vehicles; operation of vehicles on public highways in County of Westmoreland. dead
SB1344 Overdoses; arrest and prosecution when experiencing or reporting. dead
SB1345 Alcoholic beverage control; license applications, notice requirements. dead
SB1346 Alcoholic beverage control; creates a mobile retailer license. dead
SB1347 Motorcycles; authorizes the use of any color auxiliary lighting, other than blue. stricken
SB1348 Local advisory referenda; exception to rule that prohibits referendum from being placed on ballot. dead
SB1352 Flood Control and Commonwealth Flood Control Board, Department of; established, report. stricken
SB1353 Income tax, corporate; combined reporting requirements. dead
SB1355 Rapidan Service Authority; withdrawal of a member. dead
SB1358 Employment health and safety standards; heat illness prevention. stricken
SB1359 Higher educational institutions, public; fees levied for collegiate athletics optional for students. dead
SB1360 Virginia Human Rights Act; nondiscrimination in employment, sexual harassment. dead
SB1361 Law-enforcement civilian oversight bodies; person appointed shall be U.S. citizen, etc. dead
SB1364 Commonwealth Transit Ridership Fund; created. stricken
SB1368 Abuse and neglect of children; contact with other parent, penalty. dead
SB1370 Parole statutes; application for juveniles and persons committed upon certain felony offenses. dead
SB1371 Safe haven protections; newborn safety device. dead
SB1373 Environmental permits; community and environmental justice outreach. dead
SB1378 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; limitation on duration of executive orders. dead
SB1380 Electric utilities; electric school bus projects. dead
SB1382 Firearms; purchase, etc., following conviction for assault and battery of a family member. dead
SB1386 Vehicle registration; enforcement of private tolls. stricken
SB1407 Electronic gaming devices; regulation, penalties. dead
SB1409 Virginia Retirement System; retired law-enforcement officers employed as fingerprint examiners. dead
SB1419 Project labor agreements; public interest. dead
SB1422 Voter registration; list of decedent transmitted by St. Reg. of Vital Records to Dept. of Elections. dead
SB1424 Funeral service establishments; defines 'manager of record.' dead
SB1430 Firearms; criminal history record information check required to sell. dead
SB1432 Electoral college; revises process for allocation of electoral votes. dead
SB1433 Public education; voucher program, policies and procedures, etc. dead
SB1434 Public schools; mandatory virtual learning, provision of required technology and Internet service. dead
SB1435 Estate planning documents; electronic execution, codifies Uniform Electronic Wills Act. dead
SB1440 Law-enforcement officer, etc.; civil action for unlawful acts of force or failure to intervene. dead
SB1441 Commissioner of accounts; prohibits appointment of General Assembly members. dead
SB1446 Medicine and other healing arts; practice, provision of litigation assistance. dead
SB1448 Income tax, state; subtraction for military retirement income and survivor benefits. dead
SB1449 COVID-19 immunization; prohibition on requirement, employment discrimination prohibited. dead
SB1450 COVID-19 vaccination; discrimination in employment prohibited. dead
SB1451 COVID-19 vaccine; access to state and local public property by persons who choose not to receive. dead
SB1452 License plates, special; issuance for supporters of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority. dead
SB1454 Evidence of mental competence; medical scans of brain. dead
SB1455 Absentee ballots; witness requirement, printed name and residence address. dead
SB1459 Elections; voter identification & absentee voting process for applying for absentee ballots. dead
SB1460 Deer hunting; authorizes the use of a .223 caliber centerfire rifle. dead
SB1463 Covenants regarding solar power; planned unit developments. stricken
SB1466 Concealed handgun permit; local control of firearms. dead
SB1467 Menhaden fishing; prohibited in territorial waters. dead
SB1474 Nonrepairable and rebuilt vehicles; extends sunset provision relating to certain requirements. dead
SJ274 Constitutional amendment; limits immunity of legislators (first reference). dead
SJ275 Constitutional amendment; public schools in the Commonwealth (first reference). dead
SJ289 Constitutional amendment; authority to grant perpetual easements to units of government. dead
SJ291 Washington, Booker T.; establishes commemorative commission to honor w/statue in State Capitol. dead
SJ297 Constitutional amendment; authority of Gen. Assembly to tax exempt property for certain veterans. dead
SJ309 Constitutional amendment; General Assembly, term limits (first reference). dead
SJ310 Constitutional amendment; length of regular sessions convened in odd-numbered years. dead
SJ317 Celebrating the life of Walter Lowrie Martin III. dead
SJ331 Commending Richard D. Pillow. dead
SJ372 Commending the Nation of Greece. dead