House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Bills

14 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1625 Animal care; adequate shelter, exposure to heat or cold. approved
HB1626 Animal fighting; one or more tethered cocks. approved
HB1839 Industrial hemp; federal Farm Bill. passed
HB1932 Mineral mining; increases permit fees. approved
HB2047 Oyster planting grounds; municipal dredging projects. passed
HB2252 Firearms ordinances; applicability to property located in multiple localities. passed
HB2269 Regional transportation sector emissions programs; participation by Commonwealth. vetoed
HB2403 Wetlands; impact, permit requirements for compensation. approved
HB2411 Timber theft; theft, accounting, penalty. approved
HB2611 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; prohibition on participation by Commonwealth. vetoed
HB2637 Loans and grants for agricultural best management practices; riparian buffers. approved
HB2755 Conservation easements; comprehensive plan. passed senate
HB2762 Firefighting foam management; use of foam that contains PFAS chemicals. passed
HB2783 Living shorelines; loans to businesses. approved