House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Bills

57 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1612 Game and Inland Fisheries, Department of; fees, boat ramps. in subcommittee
HB1613 Wanton waste; penalty. passed subcommittee
HB1621 Hunting license; trip hunting license for residents. passed subcommittee
HB1696 Killing of nuisance species; authorizes shooting, etc., from an automobile. passed subcommittee
HB1769 Menhaden; VMRC to adopt regulations for managing the Commonwealth's fishery. in subcommittee
HB1779 Riparian planting ground; assignment eligibility. in subcommittee
HB1783 Forestry, Department of; conveyance of easement in Buckingham County. passed subcommittee
HB1839 Industrial hemp; federal Farm Bill. in subcommittee
HB1865 Towing fees; sets maximum towing hookup and initial towing fees. passed subcommittee
HB1880 State environmental boards; appointment of members. in subcommittee
HB1894 Dog previously found dangerous; owner's failure to comply, disposition of dog. passed subcommittee
HB1906 Residential automatic pesticide misting systems; prohibition, civil penalties. in subcommittee
HB1932 Mineral mining; increases permit fees. in subcommittee
HB1973 Historical African American cemeteries; adds two cemeteries in Pulaski County. in subcommittee
HB1975 PACE program; DMAS to develop and implement a plan to provide client education. in subcommittee
HB2009 Virginia Land Conservation Foundation; project proposals. in subcommittee
HB2016 New Kent County; Department of Forestry's conveyance of easement. in subcommittee
HB2047 Oyster planting grounds; municipal dredging projects. in subcommittee
HB2062 Ground water management; defines human consumption. in subcommittee
HB2063 Ground water withdrawals; waste. in subcommittee
HB2064 Ground water withdrawals; allocation. in subcommittee
HB2103 Stormwater management plans; erosion and sediment control plans, portion of project. in subcommittee
HB2105 Coal combustion residuals; Chesapeake Bay watershed; closure. in subcommittee
HB2154 Stormwater management; grandfathered land-disturbing activities. in subcommittee
HB2187 Gas or oil drilling units; escrowed proceeds, Coalfield Region Elderly Assistance Fund. in subcommittee
HB2190 Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Fund; investments in Va. Venture Capital Accts. in subcommittee
HB2201 State Forester; confidentiality of certain records. in subcommittee
HB2249 Timber sales; theft, accounting, penalty. in subcommittee
HB2252 Hunting ordinances; applicability to property located in multiple localities. in subcommittee
HB2256 Animals; remedies containing Cannabis plant, exemption. in subcommittee
HB2257 Dangerous or vicious dogs; emotional distress damages. in subcommittee
HB2269 Regional transportation sector emissions programs; participation by Commonwealth. in subcommittee
HB2274 Meat; food labeling, misbranding. in subcommittee
HB2309 Marine Resources Commission; grant of interest in subaqueous lands, etc. in subcommittee
HB2311 Historical African American cemeteries; adds a cemetery in City of Suffolk. in subcommittee
HB2341 Forester title; educational criteria. in subcommittee
HB2346 Industrial hemp; expands existing registration program. in subcommittee
HB2361 Stormwater management; land-disturbing activities, prior technical criteria. in subcommittee
HB2364 Agritourism; amends definition relating to wedding venues. in subcommittee
HB2391 Landfills; waste disposal fee, deposits into the Greenhouse Gas Fund. in subcommittee
HB2394 Product safety; flame retardants, penalty. in subcommittee
HB2395 Hazardous Waste Site Inventory; DEQ to compile and update at least annually. in subcommittee
HB2403 Wetlands; impact, permit requirements for compensation. in subcommittee
HB2406 Historical African American cemeteries; adds four cemeteries in City of Martinsville. in subcommittee
HB2411 Timber sales; theft, accounting, penalty. in subcommittee
HB2505 Environmental Quality, Department of; stormwater regulations, Tennessee River Basin. in subcommittee
HB2506 Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas; filling low-lying areas. in subcommittee
HB2580 Pesticides; prohibits sale, use, etc., of chlorpyrifos, penalty. in subcommittee
HB2590 Animal testing facilities; adoption of dogs and cats. in subcommittee
HB2611 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; prohibition on participation by Commonwealth. in subcommittee
HB2637 Loans and grants for agricultural best management practices; riparian buffers. in subcommittee
HB2649 Industrial hemp; testing, destruction. in subcommittee
HB2658 Stationary blinds in the public waters; minimum distance from shore. in subcommittee
HB2661 Saltwater recreational fishing license; exceptions, commercial license holder. in subcommittee
HB2681 Historical African American cemeteries; City of Hampton. in subcommittee
HB2687 Special license for hunting elk. in subcommittee
HB2689 Livestock definition; alpaca. in subcommittee