House Appropriations Bills

11 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1702 Library of Virginia; disposition of official correspondence of the Governor. passed senate
HB2395 Hazardous Waste Site Inventory; DEQ to compile and update at least annually. passed senate
HB2550 Commonwealth of Virginia Research Consortium Authority; created. passed senate
HB2589 Teacher Education and Licensure, Advisory Board on; membership, report. passed senate
SB999 Virginia Grocery Investment Program and Fund; created, report, effective clause. in subcommittee
SB1000 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Scholarship Pilot Program; VCCS to establish and administer. in subcommittee
SB1014 Interstate 73 Corridor Development Fund and Program; created. in subcommittee
SB1023 VRS; retired law-enforcement officers employed as school security officers, effective clause. in subcommittee
SB1040 Jails, local; compensation for cost of incarceration of convicted felons. in subcommittee
SB1095 Early childhood care and education; development of a statewide unified public-private system. in subcommittee
SB1750 Medicaid Supplemental Payment Program Fund; established. in subcommittee