House Counties, Cities and Towns Bills

21 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1614 Stormwater Management Fund, local; locality by ordinance authorized to create. approved
HB1649 Boundary agreement, local; locality allowed to attach to their petitions to circuit court a GIS map. approved
HB1698 Zoning Appeals, Board of; written order, certified mail. approved
HB1838 Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; revenue sharing, composite index. approved
HB1895 Irvington, Town of; amending charter, updates the town's boundary description, etc. passed
HB1913 Subdivision ordinance; sidewalks. approved
HB2012 Industrial development authority; King William County may expand the board of its authority. approved
HB2061 Richmond, City of; restrictions on activities of former officers and employees. approved
HB2139 Transfer of development rights; specified sending and receiving areas. passed
HB2141 Local services districts; broadband and telecommunications services. passed
HB2224 Zoning appeals, local board of; membership. passed
HB2229 Affordable housing; waiver of fees. approved
HB2305 Localities; descriptions are replaced with locality names. passed
HB2316 Voluntary boundary; agreement between Counties of Caroline and Essex. passed
HB2375 Zoning ordinance; review of proposed amendments. approved
HB2420 Nonconforming use; a wall built on residential property shall be grandfathered as a valid use, etc. passed
HB2485 Industrial development authorities; legislative intent. approved
HB2621 Rezoning and site plan approval; decommissioning solar energy equipment, etc. passed
HB2686 Zoning Appeals, Board of; changes vote requirement. passed
HB2779 Enterprise zones; designation. approved
HB2807 Keysville, Town of; amending charter, shifts municipal elections to November. passed