House Courts of Justice Bills

11 bills found.

# Title Status
HB181 Improper driving; use of handheld communication device while driving vehicle. passed senate
HB571 Alcohol; unlawful consumption, purchase, or possession. passed senate
HB661 Assault and battery against a family or household member; enhanced penalty. passed senate
HB757 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration. passed senate
HB934 Prisoners; medical and mental health treatment of those incapable of giving consent. passed senate
HB1008 Postrelease incarceration; violations of postrelease supervision. passed senate
HB1469 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses constitute second degree murder, penalty. passed senate
HB1580 Violation of protective order or stalking; third or subsequent offense, penalty. passed senate
SB476 School principals; incident reports. in subcommittee
SB777 Post-conviction relief; previously admitted scientific evidence. in subcommittee
SB980 Statewide e-filing system; creating for civil case filings. in subcommittee