House Courts of Justice Bills

54 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1622 Child abuse or neglect; out-of-court and recorded statements made by a child. approved
HB1636 Unmanned aircraft system; trespass, military airfield or military helicopter landing zone, penalty. passed
HB1675 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; attorney fees. approved
HB1720 Public elementary & secondary school students; possession or distribution at school. approved
HB1772 Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council; advisory opinions, evidence in civil proceeding. approved
HB1811 Handheld personal communications devices; prohibition on holding while driving. passed senate
HB1814 Deferral of jury service; persons who have legal custody/responsibility for care of a child. approved
HB1817 Prostitution; promoting travel, penalty. approved
HB1874 Cruelty to animals; increases penalty. approved
HB1911 Duties of drivers approaching stationary vehicles displaying certain warning lights; penalty. passed
HB1924 Summons; attendance before commissions of another state. approved
HB1933 Prisoners; medical and mental health treatment of those incapable of giving consent. passed
HB1941 Driving while intoxicated or operating watercraft while intoxicated; maiming, etc., of another. approved
HB1944 Civil actions; determination of indigency. approved
HB1954 Uniform Power of Attorney Act; recovery of attorney fees. approved
HB1979 Assisted conception; amends statute to provide gender-neutral terminology, etc. approved
HB1997 Public elementary and secondary school students; protective orders, notification. approved
HB2042 Assault and battery against a family or household member; prior conviction, etc. passed
HB2044 Medical records; subpoena duces tecum; additional time to comply. passed senate
HB2056 Law-enforcement officials; knowingly, w/ intent to mislead an official, giving false reports. approved
HB2080 Physical evidence recovery kit tracking system. approved
HB2087 Prostitution-related crimes; minors, penalties. passed senate
HB2089 Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; reregistration schedule. passed
HB2118 Forensic Science, Department of; accrediting bodies. approved
HB2143 Air bags; counterfeit or nonfunctional bags prohibited. approved
HB2170 False caller identification information; penalty. approved
HB2212 Certain private roads or rights-of-way; gates and fences. approved
HB2225 Financial exploitation of adults; reporting by financial institution staff. approved
HB2262 Landlord; managing agent. approved
HB2263 Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Procedural Guarantee Act; breach of procedures. passed
HB2270 Incarcerated aliens, certain; release from jail, notice to Immigration & Customs Enforcement. vetoed
HB2289 Jurisdiction of claim; plaintiff's motion to amend claim amount, transfer of matter. passed
HB2296 Rights of persons with disabilities; procedures for certain actions, website accessibility. passed
HB2300 Motor vehicles, certain; operation by sex offenders. approved
HB2303 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration. passed
HB2317 Custody and visitation orders; exchange of child. approved
HB2320 Resetting bail, bond, and recognizance determinations; jurisdiction. passed
HB2339 Taxation, Department of; sharing information with the Department of Social Services. passed
HB2343 Central Criminal Record Exchange; reports, duties and authority. passed
HB2344 Motor Vehicles, Department of; records released to certain private vendors. approved
HB2396 Passport and military identification numbers; breach of personal information notification. approved
HB2413 Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; secrecy of information. approved
HB2452 Contempt of court; willful failure to appear. passed
HB2470 Minors; prostitution and human trafficking related crimes, increases penalty. passed senate
HB2528 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty. passed
HB2586 Prostitution and sex trafficking; offenses involving a minor, penalties. passed
HB2605 Community corrections alternative program; establishment. passed
HB2615 Capital murder; punishment. passed
HB2622 Removal of a child; names and contact information of relatives or other interested individuals. approved
HB2651 Virginia Prevention of Sex Trafficking Fund; created, fees for offenses related to sex trafficking. passed
HB2678 Unlawful dissemination or sale of images of another; penalty. approved
HB2679 Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; jurisdiction, specific findings of fact. approved
HB2773 Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; amount of award. approved
SB1129 Food stamps and TANF; eligibility, drug-related felonies. in committee