House Courts of Justice Bills

208 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1622 Child abuse or neglect; out-of-court and recorded statements made by a child. passed subcommittee
HB1624 Sanctions; other frivolous pleadings. passed subcommittee
HB1630 Judges, substitute; powers and duties, entry of a final order, cases taken under advisement. in subcommittee
HB1636 Unmanned aircraft system; trespass, military airfield or military helicopter landing zone, penalty. in subcommittee
HB1653 Custody and visitation arrangements; best interests of the child, domestic abuse, child abuse. in subcommittee
HB1659 Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporters. in subcommittee
HB1664 Out-of-state conviction of drug offenses; petition for restricted driver's license. passed subcommittee
HB1665 Court-established community service programs; community service work in lieu of payment of fine,etc. in committee
HB1667 Virginia Public Procurement Act; statute of limitations on actions on construction contracts, etc. passed subcommittee
HB1673 Protective orders, preliminary; full hearing date if an act of God causes closure of a court, etc. passed subcommittee
HB1674 Abuse and neglect of incapacitated adults; informed consent. passed subcommittee
HB1675 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; attorney fees. in subcommittee
HB1684 Waiver of extradition; a judge is required to revoke bail of any person who waives proceedings, etc. in subcommittee
HB1685 Public schools; enrolled students, disorderly conduct. in committee
HB1687 Nonpayment of wages; private cause of action by an employee. in subcommittee
HB1688 Elementary school, etc.; students not guilty of disorderly conduct, school property or school bus. in committee
HB1689 Parole; exception to limitation on the application of parole statutes. in committee
HB1695 Passing a stopped school bus; civil penalty. in subcommittee
HB1701 Gender-neutral terms; assisted conception, prohibitions on same-sex marriage and civil unions, etc. in committee
HB1711 Motor vehicle registration, licensing, and certificates of title statutes; reorganization, etc. in committee
HB1712 Vehicle registration; dismissal of summons for expiration, proof of compliance. passed subcommittee
HB1716 Criminal sexual assault; definition of sexual abuse, complaining witness under age 13. in committee
HB1717 Employment discrimination; prohibited against electoral board members & assistant general registrar. dead
HB1720 Public elementary & secondary school students; suspension & expulsion, cannabidiol oil & THC-A oil. in committee
HB1721 Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporters. in subcommittee
HB1728 Post-adoption contact & communication agreements; child placed in foster care, court commitment. in subcommittee
HB1741 Housing assistance program; failure to disclose material facts in order to obtain aid or benefits. in committee
HB1742 Marsh Criminal-Traffic Division/Manchester General District Court, etc.; concurrent jurisdiction. in subcommittee
HB1744 Smoking; unlawful in motor vehicle with a minor present. in subcommittee
HB1745 Juvenile offenders; eligibility for parole. in committee
HB1751 Forgery; venue for prosecution. passed subcommittee
HB1758 Adoption by stepparent; background checks. in subcommittee
HB1767 Wrongful death beneficiaries; parents who receive support or services from the deceased. passed subcommittee
HB1771 Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act; prevention of juvenile crime prior to intake. in committee
HB1782 Court-established community service programs; community service work in lieu of payment of fine,etc. in committee
HB1787 Students; offenses reportable by juvenile intake officers to school division superintendents. in committee
HB1797 Juveniles; places of confinement, separation of juveniles from adult offenders. in subcommittee
HB1799 Criminal cases and traffic infractions; eliminates accrual of interest on fines and costs. in committee
HB1808 Assault and battery in the presence of a minor; penalty. in committee
HB1811 Handheld personal communications devices, use while driving. in subcommittee
HB1813 Alcoholic beverage control; possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by interdicted persons. in committee
HB1814 Deferral of jury service; persons who have legal custody/responsibility for care of a child. in subcommittee
HB1817 Prostitution; promoting travel, penalty. in committee
HB1820 Arbitration agreements; unconscionable and unenforceable provisions, sexual harassment, etc. in subcommittee
HB1825 Employment of persons 18 years of age or older, etc., in a sexually oriented business; prohibited. in subcommittee
HB1826 Marijuana; advertisement prohibited, penalty. in subcommittee
HB1833 Investigations and reports by probation officers; persons eligible for parole. in committee
HB1834 Binary explosives; use, penalty. in subcommittee
HB1845 Owner or employee of bail bond company, etc. in committee
HB1852 Civil commitment of sexually violent predators; petition for release, procedures. in committee
HB1861 Police & court records; expungement of records relating to misdemeanor/nonviolent felony conviction. in committee
HB1863 Abortion; informed written consent. in committee
HB1873 School resource officers and school security officers. in committee
HB1874 Shooting trespassing dogs; penalty. in committee
HB1888 Sexual abuse; limitations period. in subcommittee
HB1903 Criminal history record information; limitations on dissemination of information. in subcommittee
HB1909 Habeas corpus; reorganizes, updates outdated language, and removes unused provisions. passed subcommittee
HB1910 Drug paraphernalia and controlled paraphernalia; fentanyl testing products. in committee
HB1911 Duties of drivers approaching stationary vehicles displaying certain warning lights; penalty. in committee
HB1922 Summons for unlawful detainer; initial hearing, subsequent filings, termination notice. passed subcommittee
HB1924 Summons; attendance before commissions of another state. passed subcommittee
HB1933 Prisoners; medical and mental health treatment of those incapable of giving consent. passed subcommittee
HB1940 Child Pornography Registry; contents of Registry, criminal investigations, report. passed subcommittee
HB1941 Driving while intoxicated or operating watercraft while intoxicated; maiming, etc., of another. in committee
HB1944 Civil actions; determination of indigency. in subcommittee
HB1945 No-fault divorce; waiver of service of process. in subcommittee
HB1947 Elementary or secondary school, private or public; threats to bomb or damage, false information. in committee
HB1954 Uniform Power of Attorney Act; recovery of attorney fees. passed subcommittee
HB1955 Appellate damages, specifies that when any judgment is affirmed, etc. passed subcommittee
HB1976 Hate crimes; reporting to State Police. in committee
HB1979 Assisted conception; amends statute to provide gender-neutral terminology, etc. in committee
HB1988 Military retirement benefits; marital share. in subcommittee
HB1991 Domestic terrorism offenses; penalty. in committee
HB1997 Public elementary and secondary school students; protective orders, notification. in committee
HB1998 HIV or hepatitis B or C viruses; exposure to bodily fluids, infection, expedited testing. passed subcommittee
HB2010 Using flame producing instrument or device with intent to intimidate; penalty. in committee
HB2027 Action against parents for minor knowingly possessing on school property, civil liability. in committee
HB2032 Assault and battery against a family or household member; enhanced penalty, effective date. in committee
HB2036 Larceny; prima facie evidence of intent to commit by employed caregiver of an adult. in subcommittee
HB2042 Assault and battery against a family or household member; prior conviction, etc. in committee
HB2044 Medical records; service of subpoena, return date. in subcommittee
HB2056 False information and hoax criminal activities; penalty. in committee
HB2059 Child support; nonpayment, amount of arrearage paid, suspension of driver's license. in committee
HB2066 Firearms, stolen; creates and enhances penalties. in committee
HB2074 Custody and visitation arrangements; presumption of equal time. in subcommittee
HB2078 Forfeiture on recognizance; bail bondsman, suspension of license. in subcommittee
HB2079 Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty. dead
HB2080 Physical evidence recovery kit tracking system. in subcommittee
HB2082 Birth control; definition. in committee
HB2087 Prostitution-related crimes; minors, penalties. in committee
HB2088 Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; offenses requiring registration. in committee
HB2089 Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; reregistration schedule. in subcommittee
HB2091 Smoking; unlawful in motor vehicle with a minor present. dead
HB2096 Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; finding of guilt required. in subcommittee
HB2111 Immunity from civil liability; abuse of process, malicious prosecution, emotional distress. dead
HB2118 Forensic Science, Department of; accrediting bodies. in committee
HB2119 School attendance officer; motion for a rule to show cause, child in need of supervision. in committee
HB2121 Bail; data collection and reporting standards, report. in committee
HB2127 Children; maximizing amount of time minor children spend with each parent. in subcommittee
HB2132 Crimes against incapacitated and vulnerable adults; penalties. in committee
HB2134 Private security services businesses; qualifications, felony convictions. dead
HB2135 Notaries; qualifications, conviction of a felony. dead
HB2136 Evidence; accident reconstruction, criminal cases. passed subcommittee
HB2138 Fluorinated hydrocarbons or vapors; prohibited inhalants or other noxious chemical substances. passed subcommittee
HB2143 Air bags and supplemental restraint systems; counterfeit and nonfunctional components prohibited. in subcommittee
HB2162 Kinship foster care; notice, family assessments. in subcommittee
HB2167 Corporate officer; deposition witness. passed subcommittee
HB2170 False caller identification information; penalty. in subcommittee
HB2172 Geriatric prisoners; conditional release, exceptions. in subcommittee
HB2193 Grass; throwing or depositing certain substances on the highway. in subcommittee
HB2197 Summary judgment; limited use of discovery depositions and affidavits. passed subcommittee
HB2199 Preliminary removal order or preliminary protective order for a child; hearing, evidence. in subcommittee
HB2225 Financial institutions; immunity for disclosures of financial exploitation. in subcommittee
HB2227 Hate crimes; adds to list of crimes that a multi-jurisdiction grand jury may investigate. in committee
HB2235 Protective orders; issuance upon convictions for certain felonies, penalty. in committee
HB2239 Court buildings; ownership, location and jurisdiction. in committee
HB2242 Statute of limitations; action based on an unsigned, written contract. passed subcommittee
HB2250 Protected information; newspersons engaged in journalism. in committee
HB2255 Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry; registration procedures for change of email address. dead
HB2262 Landlord; managing agent. passed subcommittee
HB2263 Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Procedural Guarantee Act; breach of procedures. in subcommittee
HB2273 Passing stopped school bus; increases civil penalty. in committee
HB2275 Passing stopped school bus; certain local ordinances. in committee
HB2277 Driver's license; suspensions for certain non-driving related offenses. in committee
HB2278 Police and court records; expungement of records, absolute pardon. in committee
HB2283 Juvenile court; appointment of counsel, waiver. dead
HB2289 Jurisdiction of claim; plaintiff's motion to amend claim amount, transfer of matter. passed subcommittee
HB2296 Rights of persons with disabilities; procedures for certain actions, website accessibility. in subcommittee
HB2299 Commercial sex trafficking, prostitution, etc.; increases penalties. in committee
HB2300 Motor vehicles, certain; operation by sex offenders. passed subcommittee
HB2303 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration. in committee
HB2307 Police animals; killing or injuring, penalty. in committee
HB2317 Custody and visitation orders; history of family abuse, law-enforcement officers. in subcommittee
HB2320 Resetting bail, bond, and recognizance determinations; jurisdiction. in committee
HB2323 Clerks; refusal to record certain liens or encumbrances. in subcommittee
HB2343 Central Criminal Record Exchange; reports, duties and authority. in committee
HB2344 Motor Vehicle, Department of; records released to certain private vendors. in committee
HB2370 Marijuana; Possession and consumption, penalty. dead
HB2371 Marijuana; legalization of simple marijuana possession, penalty. dead
HB2373 Marijuana; legalization of simple marijuana possession, penalty. dead
HB2383 Juvenile and domestic relations district court; social history report, consideration and waiver. in committee
HB2392 Inquiry and report of immigration status; persons charged with or convicted of certain crimes. dead
HB2396 Passport and military identification numbers; breach of personal information notification. in committee
HB2409 Mechanic's liens; forms. in committee
HB2412 Electronic tracking devices; consent of fleet vehicle operator. in subcommittee
HB2413 Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; secrecy of information. in committee
HB2414 Transfer of venue; delinquency, adjudication. in committee
HB2415 Business records; electronically registered on a blockchain self-authenticating document. in committee
HB2417 Emergency protective order; required conditions, petition to dissolve or modify. passed subcommittee
HB2423 Apparel-cleaning service; gender-based price discrimination, civil penalty. in committee
HB2428 Protective orders, preliminary; hearing by two-way electronic video and audio communication. in subcommittee
HB2429 Preliminary protective orders; hearing dates. in committee
HB2430 Guardianship; communication between incapacitated persons & others, notification of relatives. passed subcommittee
HB2439 DNA analysis; conviction of certain crimes or similar ordinance of a locality. passed subcommittee
HB2441 Special identification card without a photograph; fee, confidentiality, penalties. in committee
HB2448 Admission to bail; expiration and extension of recognizance, notice to bail bondsman. in subcommittee
HB2452 Contempt of court; failure to appear. passed subcommittee
HB2453 Bail and recognizances; magistrate's checklist, surety's basis for request for capias. in committee
HB2454 Support person for minor victim; presence in courtroom. in subcommittee
HB2461 Geriatric, terminally ill, etc., prisoners; conditional release. in committee
HB2464 Child victims and witnesses; testimony, using two-way closed-circuit television. passed subcommittee
HB2470 Minors; prostitution and human trafficking related crimes, increases penalty. in committee
HB2472 Hate crimes; adds gender, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation, penalty. in committee
HB2484 Identity theft; credit card fraud, charging several acts, venue. passed subcommittee
HB2488 Driver's license; suspension for nonpayment of fines or costs. in committee
HB2491 Abortion; eliminate certain requirements. in committee
HB2496 Virginia Human Rights Act; creation of cause of action for discrimination. in committee
HB2504 Protective orders; possession of firearms, penalties. in committee
HB2510 Judges; maximum number in nineteenth judicial district. in committee
HB2512 Charges and convictions, certain; expungement. in committee
HB2523 Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution, penalty. in committee
HB2524 Nonpayment of wages; private action. in committee
HB2525 Misdemeanor sexual offenses; increases statute of limitations where the victim is a minor. in committee
HB2528 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty. in committee
HB2542 Temporary delegation of parental or legal custodial powers; child-placing agency. in committee
HB2548 Felons; restoration of firearms rights, report to State Police. in subcommittee
HB2552 Unmanned aircraft systems; delayed notice of search warrant to deploy. passed subcommittee
HB2554 Discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints; act of domestic terrorism enhancement. in committee
HB2562 Investigation of social history of juvenile; mental health examination for certain offenses. in committee
HB2576 Sex Trafficking Response Coordinator; created, duties, report. passed subcommittee
HB2579 State Police, Department of; reporting hate crimes. in committee
HB2582 Protective orders; violation of provisions of orders. in committee
HB2583 Protective order; violation of order, armed with firearm or other deadly weapon. in committee
HB2584 Assault and battery against a family or household member; enhanced penalty. in committee
HB2586 Prostitution and sex trafficking; offenses involving a minor, penalties. in committee
HB2592 Petit larceny; defines punishment. in subcommittee
HB2597 Child abuse and neglect; report or complaint, victims of sex trafficking, etc. passed subcommittee
HB2605 Community corrections alternative program; establishment. in committee
HB2606 HIV or hepatitis B or C viruses; exposure to bodily fluids, infection, expedited testing. in subcommittee
HB2615 Capital murder; law-enforcement officers and fire marshals, reduction of charges. in subcommittee
HB2616 Juveniles; trial as adult. dead
HB2619 School property; threats of death or bodily harm, penalty. in committee
HB2622 Removal of a child; names and contact information of relatives or other interested individuals. in committee
HB2627 Voir dire examination of persons called as jurors; criminal case. dead
HB2642 Cruelty to animals with intent to intimidate or threaten a household member; penalty. in committee
HB2644 Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty. dead
HB2648 Crime victim rights; notice of release of defendant found unrestorably incompetent. passed subcommittee
HB2650 Custody and visitation arrangements; best interests of the child, domestic abuse, child abuse. in committee
HB2651 Virginia Prevention of Sex Trafficking Fund; created, fees for offenses related to sex trafficking. passed subcommittee
HB2657 Telephone/wireless devices; threats of death or bodily injury to a person/member of family. in committee
HB2659 Bail bondsman; surrender of principal, deposit. passed subcommittee
HB2665 Specialty dockets; report. passed subcommittee
HB2666 Law enforcement; DCJS to establish. passed subcommittee
HB2675 Initiation of a civil action; duties of clerk of general district court. in committee
HB2678 Unlawful dissemination or sale of images of another; falsely created videographic or still image. in committee
HB2679 Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; jurisdiction, specific findings of fact. in committee
HB2684 Hate crimes; gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, penalty. in committee
HB2695 Crime victim rights; definition of victim. in committee