House Education Bills

19 bills found.

# Title Status
HB112 High school graduation; standard diploma requirements, etc. incorporated
HB273 School boards; planning time and planning periods for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. passed senate
HB398 School counselors and social workers; student to position ratio, certain schools. incorporated
HB483 Standards of Learning; review, racism and inequity. incorporated
HB695 Reports of certain acts to school authorities; exclusion, possession of certain amount of marijuana. incorporated
HB716 Public school employees, certain; online mental health awareness training required. incorporated
HB725 Teachers in certain schools for students with disabilities; extension of provisional licenses. incorporated
HB804 Virginia Diverse Educator Scholarship Fund and Program; established. incorporated
HB811 Higher educational institutions; intercollegiate athletics, student-athletes, compensation. incorporated
HB897 School resource officers; memorandums of understanding. incorporated
HB931 Public schools; reduces number of Standards of Learning assessments, report. incorporated
HB1110 Standards of Learning; history and social science, diverse people. incorporated
HB1135 School resource officers; memorandums of understanding. incorporated
HB1138 Higher educational institutions, public; exemption from out-of-state tuition rates. incorporated
HB1169 Public elementary and secondary school teachers; probationary term of service. incorporated
HB1323 Instructional positions; students identified as having limited English proficiency. incorporated
HB1326 Teachers; placed on probation, notice of dismissal. incorporated
HB1554 Public schools; Mental Health First Aid training every three years. incorporated
HB1578 Appointed school boards; members, salaries. incorporated