House Education Bills

99 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1611 Virginia College Savings Plan; prepaid tuition contracts, pricing reserves. passed subcommittee
HB1619 Children's Services Act; special education programs. passed subcommittee
HB1623 Military families; relocation to the Commonwealth, student registration. passed subcommittee
HB1643 Teacher licensure; endorsement, Montessori method. in subcommittee
HB1652 School calendar; opening day of the school year. in committee
HB1656 School security officers; employment by private or religious schools, carrying a firearm. passed subcommittee
HB1693 High school family life education curricula; students with intellectual/developmental disabilities. passed subcommittee
HB1704 Higher educational institutions; certain students, federal financial aid. passed subcommittee
HB1710 Public school buses; seat belts. passed subcommittee
HB1724 Grow Your Own Teacher Pilot Programs Fund; created. passed subcommittee
HB1739 Public School Security Equipment Grant Act of 2013; eligible security equipment. in committee
HB1753 School buildings; electronic room partitions, safety devices. in subcommittee
HB1788 Virginia Public Records Act; implementation in local school divisions, recommendations. passed subcommittee
HB1791 Guidance counselors; changes the name to school counselors. in committee
HB1793 Public schools; lock-down drills, notice to parents. in subcommittee
HB1807 State share for basic aid; duration of certain agreements. in committee
HB1830 Higher educational institutions, certain; sexual violence policies, student rights. in subcommittee
HB1831 Higher educational institutions, public; disciplinary proceedings against enrolled students. in subcommittee
HB1835 Advanced Learning and Research, Institute for; executive director, duties. passed subcommittee
HB1837 Students; eligibility for free or reduced price lunch, dual enrollment, tuition or fees. in subcommittee
HB1844 Teachers; annual report on shortages in each school division. in subcommittee
HB1868 Virginia Index of Performance incentive program; renamed Exemplar School Recognition Program. in subcommittee
HB1877 Adult education programs; requires year-round operation of programs by local school divisions. passed subcommittee
HB1881 Public schools; instruction on the hazards of nicotine vapor products. in subcommittee
HB1908 Sixth grade science; Department of Education, et al., shall update curriculum. passed subcommittee
HB1920 New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund and Program; grant priority. in subcommittee
HB1930 Concussions in student-athletes; guidelines, policies, and procedures. passed subcommittee
HB1972 Virginia College Savings Plan; prepaid tuition contracts, etc. passed subcommittee
HB1985 Department of Education to annually collect data on programs. in subcommittee
HB1986 Children in residence or custody; participation in educational programs. in subcommittee
HB2008 Energy career cluster; Department of Education, et al., to establish, report. in subcommittee
HB2018 Public high schools; clock hours of instruction, certain alternative programs. in subcommittee
HB2020 Virginia Community College System; certain registered apprenticeships, uniform instruction. in subcommittee
HB2037 Diversifying Teacher Workforce Act; teacher licensure, criteria, etc. in committee
HB2041 Students; suspension, sufficient cause. dead
HB2053 School boards; staffing ratios, guidance counselors. in subcommittee
HB2102 Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs. in committee
HB2104 Public elementary and secondary schools; dress or grooming codes. in committee
HB2107 Public schools; parental review of certain anti-bullying and suicide prevention materials. in committee
HB2113 Higher educational institutions, public; withdrawal of veteran student. in committee
HB2123 School boards; boards permitted to enter into College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships. in committee
HB2124 Length of school term; waiver for evacuation. in committee
HB2125 Education, Board of; alternative pathway to the advanced studies diploma. in committee
HB2140 School calendar; opening of the school year, good cause waiver. in committee
HB2145 Teachers; model exit questionnaire, statewide implementation. in committee
HB2147 Standards for Accreditation; review and corrective action. in committee
HB2173 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and fee increases, public comment. in committee
HB2181 Radford University; authority to establish Roanoke Division. in committee
HB2205 Family life education; consent. in committee
HB2217 Microcredential program; Department of Education may establish. in committee
HB2222 School boards, local; display of commercial advertising material on school buses. in committee
HB2236 Postsecondary schools; enrollment agreements, disputes, arbitration. in committee
HB2259 Teachers; model exit questionnaire, statewide implementation. in committee
HB2291 School boards; local law-enforcement agencies, memorandums of understanding. in committee
HB2319 Public elementary and secondary school students; permitted fees and charges. in committee
HB2325 School board employees; discipline, private reprimand. in committee
HB2336 Higher educational institutions, public; salaries of executive officers. in committee
HB2337 Higher educational institutions, public; governing boards, tuition and mandatory fee rates. in committee
HB2338 Public high schools; Standards of Learning assessments. in committee
HB2376 School meal; adoption of policies. in committee
HB2380 Higher educational institutions, public; online course catalogue, no-cost/low-cost course materials. in committee
HB2382 Student journalists; freedom of speech and the press. in committee
HB2384 Public schools; tobacco products and nicotine vapor products. in committee
HB2386 Higher educational institutions, public; information relating to pledges and donations. in committee
HB2387 Student discipline; alternative education programs. in committee
HB2388 In-state tuition; eligibility for certain individuals. in committee
HB2400 School Breakfast Program/National School Lunch Program; school boards to determine eligibility, etc. in committee
HB2408 Students with disabilities; feasibility of educational placement transition of certain students. in committee
HB2416 Public charter schools; additional student services, etc. in committee
HB2449 Scholastic records; disclosure of directory information. in committee
HB2455 Virginia National Guard; education grants in committee
HB2458 Early childhood care and education; establishment, licensure. in committee
HB2462 School boards; school meal policies, student debt, parental notification. in committee
HB2463 Children with disabilities; due process hearings, burden of proof. in committee
HB2471 Higher educational institutions, public; admissions applications, criminal history. in committee
HB2476 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and mandatory fees. in committee
HB2486 Teacher licensure; provisional license. in committee
HB2508 Local school boards; includes licensed behavior analysts, etc., in local school division. in committee
HB2520 College and Career Readiness Steering Committee; Secretary of Education to establish. in committee
HB2567 Higher educational institutions, public; free exercise of religion on campus. in committee
HB2568 Child Safety Savings Accounts; established, report. in committee
HB2570 Family life education programs; student participation. in committee
HB2574 School Divisions of Innovation; performance-based assessments. in committee
HB2589 Teacher licensure; dual enrollment courses, three-year licenses. in committee
HB2591 Higher educational institutions, public; students, determination of domicile. in committee
HB2593 Health instruction; mental health. in committee
HB2599 Public schools; prohibits use of seclusion and restraint. in committee
HB2609 School resource officers; training. in committee
HB2610 Higher educational institutions; certain students issued visas. in committee
HB2612 Public school teachers; planning time. in committee
HB2620 Higher educational institutions, public; governing boards, educational programs. in committee
HB2623 Public schools; counseling services, parental rights. in committee
HB2628 Military families; relocation to the Commonwealth, student registration. in committee
HB2646 School boards; assignment of teachers, class size limits. in committee
HB2654 Students who receive home instruction; documentation. in committee
HB2662 High school graduation requirements; work experience, capstone project. in committee
HB2685 Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility. in committee
HB2699 Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; task force; membership. in committee
HB2702 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Virginia State University; joint plan. in committee