House Finance Bills

11 bills found.

# Title Status
HB48 Income tax, state; rolling conformity with the federal Internal Revenue Code. incorporated
HB53 Taxes on income, wills, and administrations; exemption for victims of the Virginia Beach shooting. incorporated
HB125 Income tax, state; subtraction for low-income military veterans with a service-connected disability. incorporated
HB230 Income tax, state and corporate; tax credit for employers of National Guard members. incorporated
HB773 Refunds of local taxes; authority of treasurer. incorporated
HB977 County food and beverage tax; allowable tax rate, removal of referendum requirement. incorporated
HB1014 Income tax, state; housing choice vouchers, eligible housing areas. incorporated
HB1119 Flavored tobacco products; sale prohibited, civil penalty. passed
HB1220 Income tax, state; amended return notice, interest accrual period. passed senate
HB1412 Third-party settlement organizations; reporting of payments. in subcommittee
HB1673 Plastic bag tax; use of revenues. incorporated