House Rules Bills

26 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1735 Student Behavioral Health, Commission on; established, report. passed senate
HB2168 School Innovation, Modernization, and Competitiveness, Commission on; established. passed senate
HJ581 Interstate 95 Corridor Improvement Plan; Commonwealth Transportation Board to study. passed senate
HJ593 Remembering the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. passed senate
HJ594 Safe Digging Month; designating as April 2019, and each succeeding year. passed senate
HJ595 811 Day; designating as August 11, 2019, and each succeeding year. passed senate
HJ603 Enrolled Agents Week; designating 1st full week of February 2019, & each succeeding year thereafter. passed senate
HJ610 Wind tide flooding in the Southern Watershed; Secretary of Natural Resources to study the effects. passed senate
HJ613 Trench Safety Stand Down Week; designating third full week of June 2019, and each succeeding year. passed senate
HJ617 Year of Reconciliation and Civility. passed senate
HJ626 Shingles prevention; VDH to take action to increase awareness of shingles. passed senate
HJ630 Silence Empowers Violence Break the Code Awareness-to-Action Week. passed senate
HJ641 Department of Health; rulemaking process, use of rainwater, report. passed senate
HJ646 First Responders Day. passed senate
HJ649 Susanna Bolling Day. passed senate
HJ655 Lynching; acknowledging with profound regret the existence and acceptance within the Commonwealth. passed senate
HJ659 Taiwan Day. passed senate
HJ662 JCHC; dispensing of drugs and devices pursuant to pharmacy collaborative practice agreements, etc. passed senate
HJ674 DVS & TAX; feasibility of exempting military retirement income from taxation, report. passed senate
HJ677 Blockchain technology; joint subcommittee to study emergence & integration in the economy. passed senate
HJ690 First Transcontinental Railroad; designating May 10, 2019, as the 150th anniversary of completion. passed senate
HJ697 Correctional Officers' Week. passed senate
HJ703 Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents Week. passed senate
HJ705 Cameron Crowder Pediatric Care Awareness Day. passed senate
HJ720 World Refugee Day. passed senate
HJ732 Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day. passed senate