Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Bills

10 bills found.

# Title Status
SB175 Dogs or cats; public animal shelters required to notify intent to euthanize. in committee
SB189 Telecommunications; Dept. of Historic Resources to convene work group to examine Sect. 106 review. incorporated
SB212 Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established. incorporated
SB217 Sale of dog or cat not obtained from releasing agency or animal rescue; prohibition. in committee
SB333 Hemp, industrial; removes all restrictions on production, etc. incorporated
SB499 Conservation easements; validity, termination. in committee
SB599 Hemp, industrial; Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services to create a license to grow. incorporated
SB838 Virginia Conservation Police Review Board; created. in committee
SB940 Combined sewer overflow system; notice of discharge. in committee
SB990 Stormwater; State Water Control Board to adopt regulations. in committee