Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Bills

10 bills found.

# Title Status
HB2252 Firearms ordinances; applicability to property located in multiple localities. approved
SB1025 Companion animals; adequate shelter and space. approved
SB1271 Oil and gas wells; bonding requirements, application notice. approved
SB1367 Dogs running at large in packs; local ordinance, civil penalty. approved
SB1388 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; Lynnhaven River and Little Creek watersheds. approved
SB1427 Water and sewerage companies; cost allocation and rate design. approved
SB1462 Comprehensive animal care; enforceable under Virginia Consumer Protection Act. approved
SB1599 Ground water withdrawal; Eastern Shore Groundwater Management Area, incentives for use. approved
SB1600 Motor fuels; labeling. approved
SB1692 Industrial hemp; federal Farm Bill. approved