Senate Education and Health Bills

26 bills found.

# Title Status
HB1643 Teacher licensure; alternate routes. incorporated
SB1054 Abortion; ultrasound. incorporated
SB1055 In-state tuition; domicile, individuals granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. incorporated
SB1056 Public schools; tobacco products and nicotine vapor products. incorporated
SB1074 School calendar; local school board in No. Va. responsible for setting opening day of school year. incorporated
SB1113 School calendar; local school board in No. Va. responsible for setting opening day of school year. incorporated
SB1124 Telemedicine; physicians licensed in contiguous jurisdictions. incorporated
SB1134 Support services positions; includes licensed behavior analysts, etc., in local school division. incorporated
SB1147 Public high schools; graduation requirements, credit for work-based learning experiences. incorporated
SB1148 In-state tuition; eligibility, certain individuals who have applied for permanent residency. incorporated
SB1204 Higher educational institutions, public; student approval of increase in tuition or mandatory fees. incorporated
SB1239 Higher educational institutions, public; primary duties of members of governing boards. incorporated
SB1261 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and fee increases, public comment. incorporated
SB1299 School resource officers; training and certification, memoranda of understanding. incorporated
SB1313 Early childhood care and education; establishment, licensure. incorporated
SB1357 Hospitals; price transparency. incorporated
SB1493 Death certificates; medical certification, electronic filing. incorporated
SB1525 SOL; reduces total number and type of required assessments in public schools, report. incorporated
SB1530 Criminal Justice Services, Department of; training standards for school resource officers. incorporated
SB1546 Higher education; in-state tuition. incorporated
SB1551 School resource officers; memorandums of understanding. incorporated
SB1563 School boards; local law-enforcement agencies, memorandums of understanding. incorporated
SB1585 Division-level performance assessments; DOE to develop and distribute resource guide. incorporated
SB1616 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and mandatory fees. incorporated
SB1665 Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; extends benefits of Program. incorporated
SB1735 All-Payer Claims Database; participation by certain insurance. incorporated