Senate Education and Health Bills

11 bills found.

# Title Status
SB1099 Children's Services Act; special education programs. incorporated
SB1114 Children's Services Act; expands eligibility for state pool of funds. incorporated
SB1132 Public schools; severe weather conditions and other emergency situations. passed house
SB1154 Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Commissioner of; reports to designated protection. passed house
SB1187 Physical therapy; extends time allowed for a therapist to evaluate and treat patients. passed house
SB1205 Career fatigue and wellness in certain health care providers; programs to address, civil immunity. passed house
SB1320 Licensed certified midwives; clarifies definition, licensure, etc. passed house
SB1416 DMAS; remote patient monitoring, rural and underserved populations. incorporated
SB1421 Brain injury; clarifies definition. passed house
SB1445 COVID-19; facilitates vaccine administration. passed house
SB1464 Drug Control Act; adds certain chemicals to Schedule I of Act. passed house