Senate Finance and Appropriations Bills

16 bills found.

# Title Status
SB26 Plastic bags; tax in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. incorporated
SB198 Disposable plastic shopping bags; local option. incorporated
SB484 Local taxing authority; equalizes city and county taxing authorities. incorporated
SB554 Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; additional retirement allowance, retirement age. incorporated
SB596 Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain counties and cities. incorporated
SB682 Food and beverage tax; county imposing a tax greater than four percent. incorporated
SB741 Workers' compensation; occupation disease presumptions, PTSD. incorporated
SB749 Peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platforms; establishes sale of insurance, etc., for platforms. incorporated
SB750 Peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platforms; definition, taxation. incorporated
SB789 Advanced recycling; incentives in income tax, sales tax, and machinery and tools tax. incorporated
SB799 County food and beverage tax; eliminates limit that restricts a county from imposing. incorporated
SB891 Animal welfare regulations; keeping of dogs, cats, and rabbits. passed
SB921 Cigarette tax, local; authorizes all counties to impose without rate limit. incorporated
SB960 Va. Lottery Board; regulation of the manufacturing, distributing, etc., video games. incorporated
SB984 Governor's New Airline Service Incentive Fund; created. incorporated
SJ15 Teacher licensing process; Department of Education to study. passed house