Senate Rules Bills

37 bills found.

# Title Status
SB1067 Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; meetings requirement. in committee
SB1097 Civic Education, Commission on; extends sunset provision. in committee
SB1101 Attorney General, Office of the; representation of members of G.A. for violations of FOIA. in committee
SB1152 Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee; increases member terms. in committee
SB1264 Students with disabilities; feasibility of educational placement transition of certain students. in committee
SB1316 MEI Project Approval Commission; changes to membership and operation of Commission. in committee
SB1377 Registrar of Regulations; Division of Legislative Services to employ. in committee
SB1378 Uniform Law Commission; Commissioner expense reimbursements expense reimbursements. in committee
SB1430 Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; duties. in committee
SB1491 Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; school boards and school employees, etc. in committee
SB1556 Auditor of Public Accounts; Commonwealth Data Point, employee compensation information. in committee
SB1561 Sixth grade science; Department of Education, et al., shall update curriculum. in committee
SB1618 Broadband Advisory Council; appointments, expiration. in committee
SB1732 MEI Commission; incentives for episodic television series. introduced
SJ254 Dulles Greenway; purchase of Greenway by VDOT. in committee
SJ255 Commending U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. in committee
SJ259 U.S. Route 29; VDOT to study feasibility of eastern bypass. in committee
SJ260 Route 60 Corridor; VDOT to study. in committee
SJ265 Municipal solid waste generated within a solid waste planning unit; reduction of recycling rate. in committee
SJ268 Interstate conventions; selection of commissioners and committee procedures. in committee
SJ272 Shipbuilders Day. in committee
SJ276 Interstate 95 Corridor Improvement Plan; Commonwealth Transportation Board to study. in committee
SJ277 Resiliency Week; designating first week of September 2019, and each succeeding year thereafter. in committee
SJ285 Study; JLARC; the practices, procedures, and accountability of industrial development authorities. in committee
SJ286 Move Over Awareness Month. in committee
SJ287 The Reverend Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker Day. in committee
SJ289 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Awareness Day. in committee
SJ291 Military - overseas ballots; electronic return of voter ballots, report. in committee
SJ297 Lynching; acknowledging with profound regret the existence and acceptance within the Commonwealth. in committee
SJ298 Breastfeeding Awareness Month. in committee
SJ299 World Prematurity Day. in committee
SJ301 Joint Subcommittee to Study Mental Health Services in the Commonwealth in the Twenty-First Century in committee
SJ307 Study; JLARC; costs of education; report. in committee
SJ309 Study; Virginia Marine Resources Commission; creation of protection zones for submarine cables. in committee
SJ311 Study; Department of Housing and Community Development; permitting processes. in committee
SJ312 Study; JLARC; health benefit plan premium rate review process administered by the SCC. in committee
SJ314 Montessori Education Day. in committee