Senate Rules Bills

20 bills found.

# Title Status
SB47 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, Va. Council on the; membership. incorporated
SB714 Virginia Revolutionary 250 Commission; established, report. incorporated
SB970 MEI Project Approval Commission; increases membership. incorporated
SJ27 Coastal Flooding, Joint Subcommittee on; continued, appropriations. passed house
SJ30 Economic and workforce development; DOAV to study. passed house
SJ31 Honor and Sacrifice Flag; emblem for honoring fallen public safety personnel. passed house
SJ35 Barrier crimes and criminal history records checks; joint subcommittee to study. passed house
SJ42 Waste Diversion and Recycling Task Force; DEQ to establish. passed house
SJ47 Court of Appeals of Virginia; Judicial Council of Virginia to study jurisdiction and organization. passed house
SJ49 Social workers; DHP to study need for additional, etc., workers. passed house
SJ50 Commonwealth Corridor passenger rail service; DRPT to study feasibility of an east-west service. passed house
SJ51 World Prematurity Month and Day. passed house
SJ60 Nuclear energy; advancement of nuclear energy research & exploration of economic opportunities. passed house
SJ67 Marijuana; JLARC to study legalization of growth, sale, and possession. passed house
SJ68 Puppy Mill Awareness Month. passed house
SJ80 National Prosthodontics Awareness Week. passed house
SJ86 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. passed house
SJ89 Senate Committee on Rules; confirms appointment. passed house
SJ112 Commending George Mason University Korea. passed house
SJ140 Commending the Richmond Police Department. passed house