2017 Bills by Topic

abc abortion absentee absentee ballot absentee voting abuse addiction adoption adrdc agency agriculture airbnb alcohol alzheimers animal apa appeal appointment aquaculture architect arrest art assault athletic field attorney attorney general authority baby bank battery beer bhds bicycle bingo birth control board board of education board of health bond brewery bridge budget building bus business campaign finance cancer car care cat cemetery certificate of public need charity charter chesapeake chesapeake bay child child care child support children choice circuit court civics civil cjs clerk of court college combined commendation concealed carry constitution constitutional constitutional amendment construction construction management contract contractor contractors corporation corrections court credit crime criminal ctb custody dacs dam day care daycare dbhds dcjs dcr death death penalty debt decriminalization deed deq development dgif dgs dhrm dillon rule disability disabled discipline discrimination disease divorce dmas dmme dmv doctor dog domestic violence dominion dpor dredging drivers license driving drug drug addiction drugs dss dui dyslexia easement economic economic development education elderly election elections electoral college electricity email eminent domain employee employer employment ems energy engineer engineering environment estate ethics expungement family farm fee felon felony fetus finance fine fines fire firearm firearms firefighter fish fishing foia food foster foster care fourth amendment fracking free speech fuel funding gambling gasoline gay gay marriage gender general assembly gerrymandering government governor grant green grottoes guardian gun gun control gun safety guns gymnasium handgun hate crime health health care health insurance healthcare highway history hiv hoa homeowners insurance homicide hops hospital housing hunting hydraulic fracturing immigration immunity income tax infant inflation insurance internet israel jail jlarc judge jury justice land rights landlord larceny law law enforcement lawsuit lawyer leadk legislature leo lgbt liability library license license tax lien loan localities locality loitering malpractice mandate marijuana marriage media medical records medicine menhaden mental health mental illness military minimum wage minor mrc naloxone national guard net metering newport news newspaper nomination nurse ocean officer ombudsman onsite opiod opioid opioids oyster parent park parole patient permission permit personal property pet pharmacy pipeline police pollution pornography portsmouth poverty power pregnancy preschool president press primary prison prisoner privacy pro pro choice procurement proffer prohibiting proximity property property tax public public hearing rape real estate realestate red redistricting regulation religion renter protection reproduction reproductive rights rescue research residency restrictions restaurant retirement rights riot river road diet roof safety sale sales tax sanctuary sbe scc schev scholarship school school board school suspension schools science search warrant septic services sewer sex sex offender shelter sheriff sick leave small small business social services soil soil scientist sol solar special education sports stafford stalking stormwater student student discipline student loan study subpoena suicide sunlight supreme court surveillance surveyor suspension swcb tape tax tax credit tax cut tdo teacher tenant tenants term limit term limits third party registration toll tow truck town transgender transit transparency transportation trespassing truck trust fund trustee tuition unfunded mandate university utility vcpa vdot vehicle veteran vhc video virginia vote voter fraud voter id voter registration voting voting rights vppa vsu warrant water weapon welfare well well water will wine wireless women womens health womens rights workers compensation wta zoning