2018 Bills by Topic

abc absentee absentee in person voting absentee voting adoption advance directive advisory referendum age albemarle alcohol animal animal abuser registry animal cruelty animal cruelty registry animal shelter apportionment criteria apprenticeship autism behavioral health board of education bpol bridge budget business campaign finance candidate cats celebratind celebrating charlottesville chesapeake child child abuse child safety child support children civil judgement civil rights coastal flooding college commending concealed carry conflict of interest constitution constitutional amendment consumer credit court courts credit freeze credit report crime curriculum custody daca data deaf education death dhrm dillon ruel dillon rule disability disaster discrimination dog dogs domestic violence dominion energy drivers license drugs early voting education election elections electoral college electric utility electronic medium electronic records emergency employee employee benefits employer employment enforcement engineering enrivonment environment era ethics expungement family life education felony felony threshold firearm firearms fishing flooding foia food foster care fraud gay gender gender identity gerrymandering government assistance governor gun gun control gun safety hampton roads hate crime health health care provider health insurance healthcare high school highway highway safety hospital hospitals housing hunting immigrant immigration insurance internet jlarc justice juvenile justice labor larceny lgbt library license license plate lobbist lobbyist localities locality loudoun marijuana marriage medicaid medicine minimum wage minor minors no excuse absentee voting onsite open data opiods opioid opioids oversight parent parole permission physician pipeline police polling hours pollution poverty prescription medication prescription medications privacy private property procurement profession proffer property rights public benefits public utility ratification real estate reapportionment redistricting redistricting commission redistricting criteria regulation renewable energy resiliency restitution restoration of rights road safety sales tax scc school school board schools sea level rise sex sex offender sexual orientation snow removal social services speed student sunlight tanf tax tax code tax credit teacher teachers temporary assistance for needy term limits tolls town transparency transportation treasurer tuition university utility utility rates vehicle vehicle registration vote voter registration voting voting rights wage water water quality weapon women womens rights zoning