2015 Bills by Topic

abc abortion absentee voting abuse accident accountability adoption age discrimination agency agriculture air airport alcohol american indian animal apa appeal appointment arlington arrest asbestos assault assessment asset forfeiture athletics atm attorney attorney general atv autism auto dealer autocycle baby bail ballot bank bar barber battery behavioral benefit bicycle biosolids birth control board board of education board of health board of medicine boating bond boxing bpol bridge bristol broadband budget building building code business cab camera campaign finance cancer candidate capital crime casino cat charity charlottesville charter charter school cherokee child child abuse child care child neglect child support children chiropractic cigarette cigarettes circuit court citizen city city council civil forfeiture civil rights cjsb climate change clinic coal college commendation commerce commonwealths attorney communication community college comptroller computer concealed carry concealed weapon condemnation condominium conflict of interest congress conservators constitution constitutional amendment construction contest contract corporate corporation corrections county court credit credit union crime crowdfunding ctb dacs data day care daycare dbhds dcjs dcr death death penalty debt deed deed of trust dental deq development dgif dhp diabetes dillon rule disability disaster disclosure discrimination disease district court divorce dmme dmv dna doc doctor doe dol domestic violence dot dpor dprt dre dredging drivers license driving drone drug drugs dsbsd dss due process dui dvs easement economic development economy education efficiency elderly election elections electoral board electoral college electricity electronic eletricity eminent domain employee employees employer employment ems energy enterprise zone environment epinephrine equal protection era ethics evidence ex post facto fairfax family family day homes farm farming fda fee felon felony fighting finance fine fire firearm firefighter flood foia food forest forfeiture foster foster care fourth amendment fraud fuel fund funding gambling gang gas gay gay marriage gender gender identity general assembly gift gold government governor grant gun gun show guns hampton hampton roads handgun harassment health health care health insurance healthcare help high school higher highway history hoa homeowner honor code horse hospital hotel tax housekeeping housing hrtpo human trafficking hunting ice immigration impact general income tax indian infant insurance internet investment it jail jlarc judge justice juvenile kidnapping labor landlord larceny law enforcement lawsuit lawyer legislature leo lgbt liability library license license plate license tax licensure liquor loan locality lyft magistrate male malpractice marijuana marriage martial arts mass transit masturbation mayor medicaid medical malpractice medicine mental mental health metal methane military minimum wage minority mmie montgomery motorcycle murder nasa native american natural gas net metering neuter new river newborn newspaper nonprofit notice nurse nursing home nvta obamacare of officer officers olice open orientation oversight parent park parole patrick penalty murder dsbsd dmbe dba permission permit pet pharmacy phone physician planning planning commission platinum police pollution pornography port portsmouth poverty power pregnancy preschool prescription primary prince william prison prisoner privacy private private school privatepolice process procurement property property tax prosecutor prostitution protective order pss public public assistance public interest public registry pulaski punitive quota race rail railroad rape real estate real estate tax recreation red light camera redistricting referendum registrar registry regulation religion rental report reproduction reproductive rights residential treatment restaurant restraint retirement revenge porn rights road rural safety salary sales tax same sex marriage sbe scc schev scholarship school school board schools scop scrap seclusion securities security sewage sewer sex sex offender sex offense sexual sexual abuse sexual orientation sheriff silver sludge small business social services sol solar solar energy soq spay special special education spending sport sports stalking state state park state police state song statute of limitations stormwater stream student study subdivision subpoena suffolk summons sunlight superintendent supplemental registry support supreme court surveillance swcb tanf tax tax commissioner tax credit tax cut tax increase tax refund taxi teacher technology telephone tenant term term limits testing theft therapy threat tnc tobacco tobacco commission toll tool tourism town town council traffic transcript transit transparency transportation trap trash travel tree trespassing truck tuition uber ultrasound unemployment unfunded mandate universal health services university usps uspscrimepoliceleo utility var2015 vdh vdot vec vedpa vehicle veteran vhc video violence virginia freedom of informatio vision vita vmi vmrc vote voter id voter registration voting vpba vppa vrs vsp vsp registry warrant waste water weapon welfare wind winery women wood worker workers compensation workforce wrestling writ of actual innocence youth zoning