2022 Bills by Topic

abortion absentee ballot absentee ballots absentee voting advertising africa alcohol animal animal cruelty asset forfeiture attorney general audit autism bail reform ballot ballot access bicycle board of education board of medicine broadband budget business credits business discrimination campaign finance candidate cannabis cannabis public health advisor carbon caregiver charter charter school child child abuse civic engagement coastal flooding commendation commerce commission commissioner commonwealths attorneys comprehensive plan concealed carry conflict of interest constitutional constitutional amendment construction content control contribution courts covid crime deterrent criminal law reform criminal legal reform criminal procedure criminal sentencing reform cultural competency curriculum cyber death death penalty decriminalize prostitution by developmental disabilities disability disaster disclosure discrimination discriminatory policing disenfranchisement diversion divestment divisive drugs due process economic education election elections electoral board electronic emergency eminent domain employee employer employment energy energy efficiency environment environmental justice executive order exemption expungement facial recognition fair trials family family leave fees felony firearm firearms foia gambling general assembly gift gifts gold government overreach government overreach correctio government surveillance gun gun safety hampton roads handgun handguns health health care health insurance history homeowners housing incarceration income tax insurance internet intervention judicial jury sentencing juvenile justice labor laws law enforcement lgbtq license literary fund local government local tax localities locality mandatory minimums marijuana marijuana decriminalization marijuana legalization marijuana reform marriage equality mass incarceration medical medical transparency medical tyranny correction military minimum wage misdemeanor municipal elections nurse officer open government pac parents parole permit personal petition photo id planning police police misconduct policing political power precinct precious metals prison reform privacy private school procurement property protective order public accommodations public input public meetings qualified immunity racism real estate recall records referendum religion reproductive health reproductive rights residential resiliency restoration of civil rights restoration of rights retirement revenue rggi right to a jury right to counsel right to vote sales tax sales tax exemption same day registration same day voting school school board school to prison pipeline schools sealing of records second look security sentence sentencing reform sexual sexually explicit material sick leave silver solar sovereign immunity sports student students subsidizing coastal homeowners sunday hunting tax tax credit tax relief taxes teachers tenant threat ticket quotas trade transgender transparency transportation tribe utilities utility utility monies for utilities o vadoc veterinarian violence virginia cannabis control auth voter voter id voter registration voting voting rights vrs wage and hour law war on drugs weapon womens health zoning