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February 26th, 2008 by Doug Smith

The decision of Richmond Sunlight to put video of the floor sessions of both the House and Senate online is an attempt to provide additional access for the general public to floor debate and the legislative process.  Like our elected officials, we want to combat voter apathy and encourage civic participation to ensure our great democracy stands strong and representative.

Our hope is that additional sunlight on Richmond’s debates will facilitate community conversations, online or offline, about the vital issues challenging our Commonwealth and we welcome the continuing opportunities associated with providing this service to the general public.

2 Responses to “On The Videos on Richmond Sunlight”

  1. Sunlight, water, growth and credible appraisals | Real Central VA Says:

    […] Videos of the General Assembly are up at Richmond Sunlight. Yay, accountability and sunlight. […]

  2. Victoria Cobb Says:

    Doug and gang
    I think its great you are making footage available to the public. Some legislators may have to think a little more carefully before they speak.