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Legislature Adjourns for the Year

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The General Assembly adjourned for the year yesterday, on time and without need to adjourn for a special session later in the year. The technical term for this is adjourning “sine die,” a term that legislative insiders use to mean “we can finally go home.” The phrase is Latin, generally pronounced “SEE-nei DEE-ei,” meaning “without day,” as in to adjourn indefinitely. Of course, they will be convening again—in January 2010, for an eight-week budget year session. Between now and then, though, every member of the House of Delegates is up for reelection. Republicans are defending their majority, while Democrats are looking to win the half-dozen seats necessary to control the legislature for redistricting, in 2011.

In the weeks and months ahead, we at Richmond Sunlight will be crunching some numbers on legislation, the video of the session, and adding some new features for folks looking to keep study what happened during this and past sessions.