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December 23rd, 2012 by Waldo Jaquith

In an effort to make our video of the General Assembly as accessible as possible, we’ve partnered with the amazing Internet Archive, the 16-year-old internet library with the mission of permanently housing all human knowledge. Nearly 200 videos from 2008–2011 have been uploaded, about 200 GB in total, with another 300 still to be added. (The 2008 video is still to come, with 2012 on the way, and 2013 once the session actually happens.) While these videos are all available on Richmond Sunlight, putting them on the Internet Archive ensures that they’ll be available permanently, that they’re provided in the most modern, popular formats, and that they can be downloaded in their entirety quickly and conveniently. Browse the collection on the Archive, where you can download files as MP4s, Ogg Theora, or even animated GIFs.

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