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December 23rd, 2012 by Waldo Jaquith

Ninety-two people have donated $2,654 on Kickstarter to fund liberating the 2012 and 2013 legislative video from the General Assembly. It took a just over three hours to raise the necessary $2,170, and the money just keeps coming in.

The General Assembly records its sessions on video, but they don’t share that video. It’s not on their website. Public broadcasting stations aren’t allowed to broadcast those sessions live. But the legislature will sell that video, for $10/DVD. It costs about $1,200 for a whole session’s video, and then there’s an enormous amount of labor required to get that video off the DVDs and onto the internet.

The order has been placed for the 2012 video from the House Clerk’s office, and when they return from their Christmas break, a check will be written to the Senate Clerk (they want money up front) to get their video for the same period. The process will be repeated for the 2013 video.

This process would be utterly impossible without the support of sponsors. Past years have been funded by the Sunlight Foundation, Public.Resource.Org, the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and, in 2011, individual donors funded buying the video, like this year. We should all be very grateful to all of the donors who made this possible: Aaron Bycoffe, Aaron Jorbin, Allen Tan, Amber Reichert, Andrew Filer, Andrew Nacin, Andrew Parr, Anil Dash, Anna Scholl, Anonymous, “aphid”, Brady Forrest, Brett Camper, Brian Rowe, Cameron Colby Thomson, Chad Dotson, Charlie Park, Charlotte Drummond, Chris, Chris Lin, Chris Makarsky, Christina Xu, Christine Sansom, Clarissa Peterson, Craig Fifer, Dan Munz, Daniel X. O’Neil, Derek Willis, Drew Jaynes, Duncan Smith, Eddie Codel, Edward Hutchens, Eric Mill, Erin Kissane, Erin Simon, Ernie Reed, Fred Benenson, Heather Higgins, Hope Leman, J. Ashley Odell, Jana, Jared, jason inofuentes, jay dedman, Jeff Cornejo, Jennifer Berk, Jessie Phillips Andersen, Joe Germuska, Joe Stanley, John Bracken, John Brainard, Katherine McNamara, Kenton Ngo, Laura Bergus, Laura Goren, Liza Daly, Llew, Mark Jaquith, Matt Cutts, Matthew Derby, Max Fenton, Max Temkin, Mildred Carson, Noah McMurray, Noah Veltman, Norcross, Paul Wright, Peter Richardson, Rebecca Williams, Rob Pegoraro, Ross M Karchner, Russell Perry, Ryan Looney, Ryan Wold, Sam Bailey, Sarah Hovde, Scott Kuhagen, Scott Simpson, Seamus Kraft, Sean Holihan, Shaun Kenney, Shayna Englin, Susan McGinnis, Taylor Lorenz, Thomas Ciszek, Tracy Gordon, Trey Mitchell, Tristen Pegram, Vivian Paige, Will Van Wazer, Yancey Strickler, and Zachary Nicoll.

2 Responses to “All 2012, 2013 Video Funded!”

  1. Pixie Bell Says:

    Congratulations to all – I didn’t know anything about it!

  2. Waldo Jaquith Says:

    I was going to write about it here, but then people went and gave all of the money before I could even write something!