Blog » House Adds On-Demand Video

January 12th, 2017 by Waldo Jaquith

In our tenth year of unhappily serving as the sole source of archived legislative video, yesterday’s session opening brought a welcome development: the announcement from the Speaker of the House that, effective immediately, the House will provide downloads of legislative video for each day’s floor session.
It’s no longer necessary to watch live, at 10 AM each morning. It’s no longer necessary for us to buy DVDs and extract the video online, necessitating a delay of the week or so before the video is available. The video is permanently archived, provided for viewing at the convenience of Virginians.

We will automatically mirror the video here daily, to to conduct our automated analysis of it (extracting screenshots, creating a transcript, copying the video to the Internet Archive and YouTube, etc.) Because House’s downloadable video lacks the closed captions found on the DVDs, and the video is not at full quality, we’ll continue to buy DVDs from the House of Delegates, but are optimistic that they’ll address these problems in time. And of course, we must continue to buy the Senate video, because they are still not providing downloadable video.

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