Vote CSV

Each legislator’s voting record is available, by year, as a CSV file. (No XML yet.) That’s found by appending votes/yyyy.csv/ to the legislator’s page on Richmond Sunlight. For instance, Sen. Patsy Ticer’s CSV voting data for 2008 is found at Legislator voting CSV data provides the following, for which sample data for Sen. Ticer is included parenthetically:

  • bill number (SB115)
  • bill title (Traffic lights; creates Class 1 misdemeanor for running red light.)
  • vote (Y)
  • outcome (pass)
  • committee (Transportation)
  • date (2008-01-10)

This data is updated nightly, at 2:15am. The legislature, in turn, provides Richmond Sunlight with voting data at 2:00am each day; we’re not holding out on you.

Bulk Downloads

An increasingly large amount of data is being provided at This is simply a directory with files that we hope sport self-evident names. Right now you can download CSV files of all bills and legislators for the current session, or the full text of any bill (as HTML) of any bill from 2006–today. Bill text is also available on a per-year basis, zipped up as a single file for each year. This data is updated nightly, at 3:00am.