Sen. Don McEachin (D-Richmond)

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9: Charles City County (All), Henrico County (Part), Richmond City (Part), Hanover County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2008
Left Office
January 2017
Copatroning Habits
71% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 74% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 52% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
0% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

Attorney at the McEachin Law Firm. Represented the 74th House District from 1996-2001, when he stepped down to run for attorney general. After losing the race to Republican Jerry Kilgore he regained the seat via a primary victory and was reelected in 2005. He helding the seat for a single term before moving up to the senate by defeating Sen. Benny Lambert in the Democratic primary. Received his BS from American University and his JD from the University of Virginia. Married with three daughters.

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These are all of the video clips of Don McEachin’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 448 video clips in all.


  • SJ32: Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference).
  • SB183: Health insurance; removes prohibition on provision of abortion coverage.
  • SB220: Firearm transfers; penalties.
  • SB221: Discrimination between employees on the basis of sex; payment of wages.
  • SB222: Voter registration; automatic voter registration.
  • SB223: New sentencing hearing; abolition of parole.
  • SB227: Environmental Quality, Department of; toxic waste site inventory.
  • SB228: Environmental Quality, Department of; raises civil penalty that may be included with a special order
  • SB229: U. S. of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia; purchase of flags by public bodies.
  • SB285: Bail appeal; presumption against bail.
  • SB310: Grand larceny; increases threshold amount of money taken to $1500, etc.
  • SB311: Virginia Public Procurement Act; use of best value contracting, construction & professional service.
  • SB450: Department of Criminal Justice Services; community policing.
  • SB458: Alternatives to suspension; Board of Education shall establish guidelines for local school boards.
  • SB571: Commonwealth Resilience Fund; established.
  • SB574: Officers of election; required training every two years.
  • SB581: Discharge of deleterious substance into state waters; notice.
  • SB584: Unmanned aircraft systems; civil cause of action created, criminal violations.
  • SB593: Campaign finance; campaign fundraising prohibited during certain periods.
  • SB632: Guardianship; communication between incapacitated person and members of his family.
  • SB662: Legal holidays; Lee-Jackson Day, Election Day.
  • SB760: Malicious impersonation by computer; penalty.
  • SB761: Electric utilities; mandatory renewable portfolio standard.
  • SJ32: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); marriage.
  • SJ33: Commending the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • SJ39: Commending the Henrico High School boys' basketball team.
  • SJ40: Recognition of the Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia.
  • SJ98: Commending Richmond International Raceway.
  • SJ104: Celebrating the life of Leonard W. Lambert, Sr.
  • SJ105: Celebrating the life of Allix Bledsoe James.
  • SJ106: Commending Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  • SJ109: Commending the Highland Springs High School football team.
  • SJ149: Celebrating the life of John Stewart Bryan III.
  • SR80: Commending the Reverend Dr. Charles A. Summers.
  • SR87: Commemorating the 235th anniversary of the defense of Richmond in 1781.
  • SB642: Alcoholic beverage control; temporary licenses for applicant for mixed beverage restaurant license.
  • SB644: Educational neglect of students with disabilities; fraud within educational programs, penalties.
  • SB768: Firearm transfer; penalties.
  • SB769: Health insurance; essential health benefits, abortion coverage.
  • SB770: Workers' compensation; exclusivity of remedy.
  • SB771: Toxic waste site; to inventory Department of Environmental Quality.
  • SB772: Payment of wages; discrimination between employees on basis of sex.
  • SB785: Public employment; prohibits discrimination based on basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • SB1071: Environmental Quality, Department of; raises civil penalties.
  • SB1095: Prospective foster parents; barrier crimes.
  • SB1098: Juvenile Justice and Prevention, Advisory Committee on; delinquency prevention.
  • SB1296: Death sentence; requirements for imposition.
  • SB1297: Stalking; penalty.
  • SB1299: VPPA; public contracts for construction, etc., required to use products manufactured in the U.S.
  • SB1301: Unmanned aircraft systems; use by public bodies during execution of a search warrant, exception.
  • SB1337: Voter registration; voter list maintenance.
  • SB1345: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act & General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act.
  • SB1428: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Commonwealth Resilience Fund established.
  • SB1436: Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission; reduces number of membership.
  • SB1456: Virginia Community Policing Act; created, report.
  • SJ283: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); marriage.
  • SJ292: Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly of Virginia to extend state recognition.
  • SJ293: Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights.
  • SJ299: Virginia Housing Commission; affordable housing for people reentering society.
  • SJ304: Commending Faye O. Prichard.
  • SJ306: Commending Virginia Organizing.
  • SJ358: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month; designating as March 2016, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SB245: Fiduciary; qualification of administrator in action for wrongful death.
  • SB247: Voter registration lists; interstate cross-checking programs.
  • SB248: Discrimination; prohibited in state employment.
  • SB249: Tuition, in-state; Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
  • SB250: Employment applications; inquiries regarding criminal arrests, charges, or convictions.
  • SB251: Grand larceny and certain property crimes; increases threshold amount of money from $200 to $1,000.
  • SB252: Insurance; state health care plan to provide that coverage of 1 additional adult may be purchased.
  • SB341: Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority; chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • SB367: Driver's licenses and special identification cards; designation of intellectual disability, etc.
  • SB498: Electric utility regulation; renewable energy portfolio standard program.
  • SB500: General Assembly; compensation of members.
  • SB520: Firearm transfers; penalties.
  • SB576: Mental health; prohibition of firearms.
  • SB642: Alcoholic beverage control; temporary licenses for applicant for mixed beverage restaurant license.
  • SB643: Electric utility regulation; recovery of costs of offshore wind facilities, etc.
  • SB644: Educational neglect of students with disabilities; fraud within educational programs, penalties.
  • SB645: Virginia Public Procurement Act; transportation construction services.
  • SB646: Health insurance; essential health benefits, abortion coverage.
  • SB648: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; prohibited gifts, disclosure of permissible gifts.
  • SB5002: Judgeships; authorization to fill certain judgeships and appropriation of funds to pay.
  • SJ112: Celebrating the life of Johnny William Cain.
  • SJ144: Celebrating the life of John Randall Cook.
  • SJ150: Commending United Network for Organ Sharing.
  • SJ209: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Benjamin Joseph Lambert, III.
  • SJ5033: Commending the John Marshall High School boys' basketball team.
  • SJ5053: Commending Awanta Miles.
  • SJ5076: Commending Virginia Union University.
  • SJ5077: Commending Swansboro Baptist Church.
  • SR13: Celebrating the life of Nathan Jacob Schnurman, Sr.
  • SR26: Rules of the Senate; established.
  • SB377: Construction projects using public funds; iron, steel, manufactured goods must be produced in USA.
  • SB650: Hospitals and physicians; processing health insurance claims.
  • SB651: Women-owned and minority-owned businesses; enhancement measures.
  • SB701: State government employment; nondiscrimination.
  • SB707: Health care providers; submitting health insurance claims.
  • SB781: Women-owned and minority-owned businesses; enhancement measures.
  • SB782: Standards of Accreditation; adds high school graduation rates, etc.
  • SB783: Birth control; definition.
  • SB784: Henrico County General District Court; increases number of judges.
  • SB789: Employees; equal compensation irrespective of sex.
  • SB816: Payment of wages to employees; requires employers to maintain and preserve certain records.
  • SB865: Tolls; General Assembly to approve prior to imposition and collection for use of Interstate System.
  • SB1090: Tuition, in-state; undocumented persons to meet certain criteria, approval for.
  • SB1132: Claims; Bennett Barbour's estate.
  • SB1136: Firearm transfers; penalties.
  • SB1139: Discovery rule; statute of limitations.
  • SB1142: Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Board of; licensure of funeral establishments, hardship waivers.
  • SB1143: General Assembly; prohibits compensation to legislators for attending certain conferences.
  • SB1144: Personal property; fraudulent conversion or removal of leased property.
  • SB1145: Absentee ballots; confirmation of receipt.
  • SB1146: Controlled substances, drugs or paraphernalia; disposal of those seized.
  • SB1148: Firearms magazines; prohibits person from selling, etc. those designed to hold more than 10 rounds.
  • SB1149: Prostitution; disposition of minors.
  • SB1268: Lake level contingency plans; wastewater releases from power generating facilities.
  • SB1269: Renewable energy portfolio standard program; sale of electricity from renewable sources.
  • SB1311: Food and beverage tax; adds to list any county that maintains its own roads, etc.
  • SB1327: Alcoholic beverage control; prohibited practice by retail wine and beer licensees, penalty.
  • SB1331: Drones; moratorium on use of unmanned aircraft systems by state or local government department, etc.
  • SB1349: Alcoholic beverage control; mandatory revocation of mixed beverage licenses, prohibited acts.
  • SJ320: Commending Samuel Welford Hopkins, Sr., Congressional Gold Medalist.
  • SJ321: Constitutional amendment; restoration of voting rights.
  • SJ402: Commending Ralph R. White, Jr.
  • SR25: Commending Tonya Mallory.
  • SR35: Commending the Charles City County Social Services Brown Bag Program.
  • SB15: Grass and weeds; adds Town of Ashland to list of localities authorized to require cutting.
  • SB377: Construction projects using public funds; iron, steel, manufactured goods must be produced in USA.
  • SB378: DUI ignition interlock; required on first offense as a condition of a restricted license.
  • SB379: Firearms transfers; penalties.
  • SB380: Birth control; definition.
  • SB381: Electric utilities; integrated resource plans.
  • SB382: Renewable energy portfolio standard program; reporting requirements to State Corporation Commission.
  • SB383: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange Authority; created.
  • SB384: Dental and dental hygiene school faculty; licensure.
  • SB385: Candidate campaign committees; prohibited interest payments on certain loans, penalty.
  • SB386: Fraudulent conversion of leased property; removes provision.
  • SB645: Alcoholic beverage control; prohibited practice by retail wine and beer licensees, penalty.
  • SB646: Life insurance benefits; providing additional benefits incidental to a loss in event of death, etc.
  • SB647: Child-placing agencies; prohibits DSS from contracting or funding those agencies that discriminate.
  • SB648: Firearms; carrying while under influence of alcohol or drugs in a public place, penalty.
  • SB649: Haynesworth, Thomas Edward; awarded 27 years of creditable service in Virginia Retirement System.
  • SB650: Hospitals and physicians; processing health insurance claims.
  • SB651: Women-owned and minority-owned businesses; enhancement measures.
  • SB654: Claims-made liability insurance policies; notice of potential claim.
  • SB655: Compensation for wrongful incarceration; eliminates 20-year maximum for calculating.
  • SB656: Public schools; possession and administration of auto-injectable epinephrine.
  • SJ7: Commending Union Presbyterian Seminary on the occasion of its 200th anniversary.
  • SJ168: Celebrating the life of Waverly Manson Cole, M.D.
  • SJ180: Commending Richmond International Raceway on the occasion of its 60th anniversary of operation.
  • SJ190: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Reverend John Jasper.
  • SJ241: Commending Moses Eugene Malone
  • SR20: Celebrating the life of Amarria Denise Johnson.
  • SR509: Commending Mount Zion Baptist Church.
  • SB67: Adverse possession; abolition.
  • SB639: Health records; penalty for delay.
  • SB747: Nondiscrimination in state employment; prohibited based on race, color, religion, etc.
  • SB774: Jurisdictional limits of courts; increases maximum civil limit of general district courts
  • SB794: Electric utilities; integrated resource plans.
  • SB795: Foreclosure procedures; makes various changes to procedures.
  • SB798: Judicial foreclosure; court must order sale of property subject to foreclosure for deeds of trust.
  • SB799: Community revitalization fund; City of Richmond to establish fund for preventing deterioration.
  • SB814: Offshore energy resources; State to support oil and natural gas exploration, etc., exception.
  • SB815: State Grievance Procedure; scope of hearing officer's decision, reinstatement.
  • SB816: Civil cases; increases filing fees to finance judicial salaries.
  • SB817: Lawyers; client accounts.
  • SB818: Certificate of public need; exempts construction of an outpatient radiation therapy facility, etc.
  • SB907: Electric utilities; inclining block rate schedules.
  • SB908: Court fees; increases from $10 to $14 additional fees that are collected.
  • SB1118: DUI ignition interlock; person convicted is required to have on first offense, restricted license.
  • SB1119: Permit compliance; Department of Environmental Quality increases limit of civil penalty issued.
  • SB1120: Judgment lien; court shall not decree real estate to be sold to enforce.
  • SB1122: State employees; health insurance benefits.
  • SB1311: Dental school faculty; licensure.
  • SB1312: Derelict buildings; authority of locality to appoint receivers to repair.
  • SB1313: Income tax, corporate; tax credit to employers that provide employee transportation assistance.
  • SB1314: Fraud Against Taxpayers Act; repeals certain authority of Attorney General.
  • SB1315: Governor's Development Opportunity Fund; contract between political subdivision and beneficiary.
  • SB1316: Sentence credits; allows a maximum of seven and one-half for each 30 days served.
  • SB1317: Prescription requirements; treatment of sexually transmitted disease.
  • SB1377: Claims-made liability insurance policies; prohibits an insurer from denying coverage.
  • SB1395: Handgun; Class 1 misdemeanor for carrying while under influence of alco