Del. Tony Wilt (R-Harrisonburg)

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26: County of Rockingham (part); City of Harrisonburg [map]
Took Office
June 2010
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Labor and Commerce, Public Safety
Copatroning Habits
82% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 84% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 69% of them are Republicans.
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0% in 2021

Wilt is the president of Superior Concrete, Inc. in Harrisonburg. He's married with two children.

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From the Legislator’s Website

These are all of the video clips of Tony Wilt’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2011. There are 72 video clips in all.


  • HB1763: Tax credit; agricultural best management practices.
  • HB2182: Traumatic brain injury; definition.
  • HB2183: Small businesses; Department of SBSD to publish on its website a resource to assist businesses.
  • HB2184: Pandemic Remediation Task Force; established, report.
  • HJ513: Constitutional amendment; executive power, state of emergency, special session (first reference).
  • HB1231: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; crisis intervention team training.
  • HB1232: Vacant building registration; Town of Timberville.
  • HB1233: Dayton, Town of; amending charter, organizational and technical changes.
  • HB1234: Historical African American cemeteries; adds Newtown Cemetery in City of Harrisonburg.
  • HB1235: Religious-exempt child day centers; staff-to-children ratios.
  • HB1236: Lane filtering; motorcycles.
  • HB1237: Beehive distribution program; changes process for granting of basic beehive units.
  • HB1238: Political campaign advertisements; print media requirements.
  • HB1239: Persons permitted to work in mines; age requirements.
  • HB1240: Legal services plans; registration information or fees.
  • HB1285: Local electoral boards; office vacated if board member ceases to be qualified voter of county, etc.
  • HB1652: Income tax, state and corporate; tax credit, agricultural best management practices.
  • HB1653: School counselors; staffing ratios, report.
  • HB1671: Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of retail on-and-off premises, etc.
  • HJ304: Commending Pablo Cuevas.
  • HJ310: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Kevin G. Miller, Sr.
  • HJ5001: Constitutional amendment; executive power, state of emergency, special session (first reference).
  • HB2441: Special identification card without a photograph; fee, confidentiality, penalties.
  • HB2442: Sales & use tax; prohibits accelerated collection of payments from retail merchants & other dealers.
  • HB2443: Group health benefit plans; bona fide associations, etc.
  • HB2444: Legal services plans and contracts; changes to the definition of 'insurance.'
  • HB2445: Death certificate; medical certification, electronic filing w/State Registrar of Vital Records, etc.
  • HB2446: Motorcycles; driving on shoulder of highway.
  • HB2447: Super precincts; pilot program.
  • HB2448: Admission to bail; expiration and extension of recognizance, notice to bail bondsman.
  • HB2449: Scholastic records; disclosure of directory information.
  • HB2450: Annexation; alternatives.
  • HB2680: Milk production; creates an income tax credit.
  • HB2723: Portable electronics insurance; issuing and correspondence.
  • HB2764: Voter registration; persons assisting with completion or collection of completed applications.
  • HJ869: Commending the James Madison University women's lacrosse team.
  • HJ871: Celebrating the life of Anthony R. Whetzel.
  • HB1: Scholastic records; prohibited access to directory information.
  • HB93: Issuance of temporary license, permit, or special identification card; alien paroled into the U.S.
  • HB512: Sales & use tax; prohibits accelerated collection of payments from retail merchants & other dealers.
  • HB513: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; implementation of certification programs.
  • HB1142: Qualification of fiduciary without security; possession of assets, etc., by guardian, etc.
  • HB1144: Voter registration; persons assisting with the return of signed voter registration applications.
  • HB1146: Real property tax; land use valuation.
  • HB1149: Credential cards without a photograph; issuance by DMV; penalties.
  • HB1150: Pavement sealants; containing coal tar prohibited.
  • HB1152: Beehive grant program; DACS and Consumer Services to cease reviewing applications for funding.
  • HB1153: Commercial driver's licenses, restricted; issuance for non-driving offenses, penalties.
  • HB1156: Teacher licensure; endorsement in dual language instruction pre-kindergarten through grade six.
  • HB1158: Death certificates; medical certification, electronic filing, hospice.
  • HB1220: Food protection managers; regulations.
  • HB1399: Broadway, Town of; amending charter, November municipal elections.
  • HB1537: Animal boarding establishments; clarifies definition of boarding establishment.
  • HB1595: Vested rights; owners of property not required to retrofit existing landscape cover materials.
  • HJ128: Celebrating the life of John Robert Brady.
  • HJ330: Commending the Brent Berry Food Drive.
  • HJ435: Celebrating the life of Ronald E. Carrier.
  • HR182: Commending the National Federation of Independent Business.
  • HB2075: Commercial driver's license; instruction in comprehensive community colleges.
  • HB2076: State Water Control Board; stormwater management programs, regulations, professional license.
  • HB2077: Emergency Services and Disaster Law of 2000; reference to firearms, emergency shelter.
  • HB2078: Alcoholic beverage control; annual mixed beverage performing arts facility license.
  • HB2079: Firearms; selling, bartering, etc., to persons not lawfully present in United States, penalty.
  • HB2080: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; eligible employees.
  • HB2276: Death certificate; amendments other than correction of information.
  • HJ829: Commending the James Madison University football team.
  • HJ1033: Commending Carol Smith Fenn.
  • HJ1034: Commending Arthur Jerry Benson.
  • HJ1037: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Charles Weldon Wampler, Jr.
  • HR435: Commending Marshall Price.
  • HR436: Celebrating the life of Abram H. Clymer.
  • HB937: Vote centers; State Board of Elections to conduct pilot program.
  • HB938: Commercial driver's licenses; third party testers.
  • HB939: Motorcycles; auxiliary lighting.
  • HB940: Mechanics' liens; increases amount of lien, nonresident notice requirements.
  • HB942: School boards; reasonable access by certain youth groups.
  • HB943: Title to motor vehicle, manufactured home, etc.; lost certificate of title.
  • HB944: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; installation or use of landscape cover materials.
  • HB945: Annexation; extends current moratorium on city annexations and county immunity actions.
  • HB1246: Bail bondsmen; solicitation of business from person in court, etc., penalty.
  • HB1250: Virginia Erosion and Stormwater Management Act; consolidation of programs, opt-out for locations.
  • HJ130: Commending the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce.
  • HJ426: Commending Joseph S. Paxton.
  • HJ427: Commending the Rockingham County Fair.
  • HJ428: Commending Larry Shifflett.
  • HJ429: Celebrating the life of Jo Ellen Emswiler.
  • HB780: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program; distribution of benefits.
  • HB1118: Firearms; criminal background check for transfer, exemption for holders of concealed permits.
  • HB1698: Students; questionnaires and surveys requesting sexual information, etc.
  • HB1699: House of Delegates districts; technical adjustment to Districts 25 and 26 in Rockingham County.
  • HB1700: Motorcycles and autocycles; relating to brake lights.
  • HB1701: Neighborhood assistance tax; tax credit percentage for business firm or an individual.
  • HB2027: Weapons; prohibition at airports, exception for handguns.
  • HB2028: Scenic rivers; clarifies role of Scenic River Advisory Committees.
  • HB2029: Concealed handgun permits; background check, exemption for permit holders.
  • HB2314: Bail bondsmen and bail enforcement agents; license suspension when arrested for a felony, reporting.
  • HB2315: Vehicle registration or vehicle inspection; dismissal of summons for failure to renew, etc.
  • HB776: Surviving spouses of military members; eligibility for in-state tuition charges.
  • HB778: School boards, local; administration of student surveys and questionnaires.
  • HB780: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program; distribution of benefits.
  • HB786: Teachers and other school board employees; grounds for dismissal.
  • HB795: Waste kitchen grease; persons transporting to conspicuously display decal.
  • HB960: Retail Sales and Use Tax; modifies exemption for school supplies and clothing.
  • HB1076: Individuals with disabilities; terminology.
  • HB1118: Firearms; criminal background check for transfer, exemption for holders of concealed permits.
  • HJ177: United States Constitution; memorializing Congress of U. S. to propose Regulation Freedom Amendment.
  • HJ213: Commending the Virginia Environmental Professionals' Organization.
  • HJ410: Commending Myron Blosser.
  • HJ411: Commending the Broadway High School one-act team.
  • HJ412: Commending John F. Long, Jr.
  • HJ413: Commending June W. Hosaflook.
  • HJ471: Commending Friendship Industries Incorporated.
  • HJ5058: Commending the Spotswood High School girls' basketball team.
  • HJ5060: Commending Thomas Harrison Middle School STEM Explorations Academy.
  • HB342: Deer or bear; person whose property may be damaged is authorized to kill.
  • HB1577: TANF; restrictions on use of cash assistance, not to access cash through electronic transaction.
  • HB1578: Local taxes; interest on refunds and delinquent taxes.
  • HB1947: Deer or turkey; authorizes Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to create separate special licenses.
  • HB1948: Tow truck drivers; definition of tow.
  • HB1974: Vehicle safety inspection; fees, calculation of future increases or decreases.
  • HB2089: Permits and other information; DEQ to transmit electronically air pollution control, etc.
  • HB2099: Fur-bearing animals; landowner may trap, etc., upon his land during closed season if damaging.
  • HB2293: Bail; minimum financial conditions.
  • HB2294: Inmates; carnal knowledge, expansion to include defendants on bond, penalty is Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HJ960: Celebrating the life of David Lee Arnold.
  • HJ961: Commending Donald G. Harper.
  • HB20: Emergency Services and Disaster Law; constitutional rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.
  • HB95: Bear hound training; allows training of dogs to hunt bears to occur from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
  • HB96: Accreditation of schools; delayed implementation of statutes and regulations.
  • HB97: Motorcycles; driving two abreast in a single lane.
  • HB117: Taxes, local; interest on refunds and delinquent taxes.
  • HB336: Virginia Land Conservation Fund; distribution of revenues.
  • HB337: Professions and occupations; unlawful procurement of certificate, license, or permit.
  • HB338: Hunting licenses, special; create separate licenses for hunting of bear, deer, and turkey.
  • HB339: Budget development; each state agency to submit a prioritized list of its programs to Governor.
  • HB340: Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program; requires organization must meet for tax credits.
  • HB341: Auditor of Public Accounts; procurement of private accountants and auditing firms.
  • HB342: Deer or bear; person whose property may be damaged are authorized to kill.
  • HB893: E-911 Services Board; Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator to serve as advisor.
  • HJ394: Celebrating the life of Andrea Lynch Lohr.
  • HJ395: Celebrating the life of Specialist Levi Efrain Nuncio.
  • HJ525: Celebrating the life of John Boyd Noftsinger, Jr., Ed.D.
  • HB1411: Reckless handling of firearms; revocation of hunting license.
  • HB1553: Deer, bear or turkey hunting; Board of Game and Inland Fisheries to establish separate licenses.
  • HB1554: Accreditation of schools; delayed implementation of certain statutes and regulations.
  • HB1555: Minority Business Enterprise, Department of; definition of small business.
  • HB1556: Bear hound training; allows training of dogs to hunt bears to occur at night.
  • HB1713: Presumption against admission to bail; adds to list of crimes committed.
  • HB1714: Identity Theft Passport; provisions for issuance.
  • HB1715: Conservation easements; removes requirement that person recording easement mail certified copy.
  • HB1756: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for sales of nongraded U.S. gold or silver bullion coins.
  • HB1757: Victims of domestic violence; expands Address Confidentiality Program to all jurisdictions in State.
  • HB1758: Local roads; cities and towns responsible for construction programs.
  • HB1759: Agriculture and Consumer Services, Board of; presidents of VPISU & VSU may appoint designees, etc.
  • HB1760: Stormwater management fees; localities shall provide waivers to federal, state, etc., agencies.
  • HB1889: Tracking dogs; may be used to find wounded or dead bear or deer.
  • HJ554: Celebrating the life of Specialist Brian Michael Anderson, United States Army.
  • HJ555: Commending Donald J. Ford.
  • HJ887: Commending Caitlin Connor Uze.
  • HJ979: Celebrating the life of Billie Ray Burchett.