Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington)

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31: Arlington County (Part), Fairfax County (Part), Loudoun County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Local Government, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 82% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 58% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
21.4% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Barbara Favola’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2012. There are 128 video clips in all.


  • SB39: Juvenile and domestic relations district court; fee for filing certain petitions.
  • SB40: Marijuana; reduced penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute.
  • SB41: Sick leave; use for care of immediate family members.
  • SB42: Banks; loan applicant verification.
  • SB43: Abused or neglected child; expands definition.
  • SB44: Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
  • SB45: Hate crimes; disability, civil action, penalty.
  • SB46: Pedestrians; drivers yielding the right-of-way.
  • SB61: Alcoholic beverage control; creates confectionery license.
  • SB62: Security freezes; elimination of fees.
  • SB63: Firearms; control of possession, etc., by localities at lawful demonstrations and protests.
  • SB64: Custody and visitation decisions; communication to parties required in writing.
  • SB66: Assault and battery against a family member; child witness as a sentencing consideration.
  • SB67: Intake process, etc.; statements made by child to an intake officer or probation officer.
  • SB70: Custody and visitation; rights of parents with a disability.
  • SB75: Child support; interest on arrearages.
  • SB76: Teacher licensure; education preparation programs.
  • SB80: State School Health Advisory Board; established, report.
  • SB112: Hate crimes; criminal acts against persons because of gender, etc.
  • SB113: Firearms; mechanical devices designed to increase rate of fire, penalty.
  • SB117: Value engineering; raises minimum project cost.
  • SB118: Dissemination of juvenile record information; emergency medical services agency applicants.
  • SB119: Firearms; reporting when lost or stolen.
  • SB120: Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee; established.
  • SB182: Child abuse or neglect; extension of hearings to review findings by local depts. of social services.
  • SB183: Child abuse and neglect; notice of founded reports to Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • SB184: Child abuse and neglect; founded reports regarding former school employees.
  • SB185: Highways; localities may rename.
  • SB187: Zoning; violation penalties.
  • SB188: Virginia Public Procurement Act; competitive negotiation for professional services.
  • SB189: Telecommunications; Dept. of Historic Resources to convene work group to examine Sect. 106 review.
  • SB190: Substitute teachers; duration of teaching period.
  • SB191: Net energy metering; eligibility limits.
  • SB200: Local government taxing authority; equalizes municipal and county taxing authority.
  • SB201: Hospitals; regulations governing, facilities performing abortions.
  • SB203: Food stamp eligibility; drug-related felonies.
  • SB204: TANF; eligibility, person who refuses to participate in periodic drug testing, drug-related felony.
  • SB300: School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • SB301: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; school boards and school board employees.
  • SB302: School Divisions of Innovation; performance-based assessments.
  • SB732: Firearms; possession, etc., following convictions for certain misdemeanor crimes, penalty.
  • SB736: Paid family leave program; establishment of program.
  • SB748: Firearms; DCJS, et al., to develop guidance documents for petitions to restore rights.
  • SB790: Virginia Employment Commission; development of a plan for a paid family-medical leave program.
  • SB801: State correctional facilities; DOC, et al., to study patient-centered behavioral health services.
  • SB802: Death penalty; severe mental illness.
  • SB839: Resident stickers; turns in certain residential areas.
  • SB840: School meal policies; each local school board required to adopt policies.
  • SB841: Truancy; procedures relating to intervention.
  • SB843: Family life education; medically accurate information on human reproduction.
  • SJ123: Commending Paula Irene Otto.
  • SJ144: Commending the Arlington Street People's Assistance Network.
  • SJ179: Commending CNA.
  • SJ214: Commending the Lymphatic Education and Research Network.
  • SR49: Commending Adrian K. Lund, Ph.D.
  • SB546: Possession or transportation of firearms following convictions for certain misdemeanor crimes.
  • SB809: Firearms; person to report loss or theft within 24 hours.
  • SB810: Food stamp program; categorical eligibility.
  • SB811: Law-enforcement officers; de-escalation training requirement.
  • SB830: Food stamps; eligibility to receive benefits if convicted of drug-related felonies.
  • SB841: Marijuana; possession or distribution for medical purposes, affirmative defense for treatment.
  • SB847: Paid family leave; Commissioner of Labor and Industry to develop an implementation plan for program.
  • SB868: Child protective services; investigation of complaints of child abuse or neglect.
  • SB876: Kinship Guardianship Assistance program.
  • SB877: Regulations governing hospitals; facilities performing abortions.
  • SB894: Commissioner of Behavioral Health and Developmental Srvcs; reports of critical incidents or death.
  • SB932: Conveyance of utility easements; transportation.
  • SB933: DCJS training; jail officers; mental health first aid.
  • SB936: Constitutional officers; local leave benefits.
  • SB983: Children from birth to age five who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing; parent resource.
  • SB1032: Comprehensive community colleges; tuition grants and fees for certain individuals.
  • SB1148: Airspace; authority to lease or convey.
  • SB1149: Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare; transitional support services, time limit.
  • SB1150: Alcoholic beverage control; ABC Board to require bar bystander training.
  • SB1151: Local towing advisory board; membership.