Delegate Betsy Carr (D-Richmond)

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69: County of Chesterfield (part); City of Richmond (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2010
Next Election
November 2015
Finance, General Laws, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
54% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 65% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 50% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
4.3% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$26,162.85 cash on hand (May 2013 report)
Top 10 Donors
Carole Weinstein Retired Richmond $20,000
Carole Weinstein Retired Richmond $15,000
Carole Weinstein Retired Richmond $10,000
Carole Weinstein Retired Richmond $5,000
Dominion PAC PAC Richmond $1,500
Virginia Wine Wholesalers PAC PAC Richmond $1,000
Thomas Foster Attorney Richmond $1,000
Frances Crutchfield Freelance Writer Midlothian $1,000
Rossie Hutcheson Non-profit employee Richmond $850
Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers PAC PAC Richmond $750

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Daily Signal: Va. Lawmakers Eye Laws to Govern Cell Phone Searches

January 5, 2015
Both Del. Peter Farrell, a Republican, and Del. Betsy Carr, a Democrat, have filed bills, HB 1274 and HB 1349, to prohibit authorities from searching all electronic devices?cell phones, laptops or tablets?without a warrant. These bills are part of a ...

Daily Press: Virginia legislators don't always report their lobbyist freebies

February 7, 2015
Virginia legislators don't always report their lobbyist freebiesReporting gifts and entertainment can be a headache for legislators, who pretty much rely on what lobbyists tell them they spent when they pay for a meal or give a gift, said Del. Mark Keam, D-Vienna, who was at the dinner for General Assembly Democrats.

Progress Index: Assembly rejects McAuliffe's drone recommendations

April 22, 2015
Assembly rejects McAuliffe's drone recommendationsDonald McEachin, D-Richmond, and HB 2125, sponsored by Del. Ben Cline, R-Rockbridge, ... One such bill was HB 1673, proposed by Delegate Richard L. Anderson-R. Among other things, it sought to restrict law enforcement and regulatory agencies from using ...and more »

RVANews: Bill to ban the felony box on job forms fails

January 28, 2015
The measure was considered Wednesday by the Civil Law Subcommittee of the House Courts of Justice Committee. It died on a non-recorded voice vote to ?gently? lay the bill on the table. Del. Betsy Carr, D-Richmond, had sponsored the House version of the ...'Good Samaritan' overdose bill clears committeeDaily Pressall 468 news articles »

RVANews: Bills targeting heroin deaths passed by House

January 23, 2015
... successfully reversed more than 10,000 overdoses between 1996 and 2010. HB 1638, introduced by Del. Jackson Miller, R-Manassas. This bill was rolled into HB 1427, a similar measure introduced by Del. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Woodbridge. It would give ...and more »

These are all of the video clips of Betsy Carr’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2010. There are 44 video clips in all.


  • HB1345: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for certain light bulbs.
  • HB1346: Income tax, state; payment of refunds.
  • HB1347: Habitual offenders; intervention interview.
  • HB1348: Telecommunication records; warrant requirement, prohibition on collection by law enforcement.
  • HB1349: Search of electronic device without warrant prohibited.
  • HB1500: Overdoses; definition.
  • HB1501: Highway maintenance; bases payments to cities and towns on lane-miles of highways.
  • HB1502: Highway maintenance; payments to certain cities.
  • HB1680: Employment applications; inquiries regarding criminal arrests, charges, or convictions.
  • HB1681: Workplace safety; employer reporting requirements.
  • HB2280: Law enforcement and other entities; use of body-worn camera system.
  • HB2281: Commission for the Commemoration of the Centennial of Women's Right to Vote.
  • HJ604: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights.
  • HJ624: Constitutional amendment; Virginia Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission created.
  • HJ688: Commending Rostovs Coffee and Tea.
  • HJ689: Celebrating the life of Fannie Gunst Straus Rosenthal.
  • HJ690: Celebrating the life of Bette Worsham Hawkins Dunford.
  • HJ691: Celebrating the life of Beverly Lynn Ward Reynolds.
  • HJ700: Commending Elk Hill.
  • HJ706: Constitutional amendment; congressional and state legislative districts.
  • HJ711: Commending Mount Olive Baptist Church.
  • HJ781: Commending the Virginia Public Safety Foundation.
  • HJ782: Commending Frank Robinson.
  • HJ783: Celebrating the life of Cornelius Wright Sherman.
  • HJ784: Commending the Richmond Peace Education Center.
  • HJ785: Commending the National Association of Women Business Owners Richmond Chapter.
  • HJ786: Celebrating the life of Sally Clay Estes Flinn.
  • HJ840: Celebrating the life of John Early McDonald, Jr.
  • HJ951: Celebrating the life of Baylies Brewster.
  • HJ952: Commending the Richmond Metropolitan Area Group of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.
  • HJ953: Celebrating the life of Thelma Anthony Jones-Hawthorne.
  • HJ954: Celebrating the life of William W. Stanton VI.
  • HJ955: Commending Binford Middle School.
  • HJ956: Celebrating the life of McEva R. Bowser.
  • HJ957: Commending William David Rice.
  • HB89: Income tax, state; Tax Commissioner and State Comptroller to implement procedures for tax refunds.
  • HB556: Restoration of civil right to vote; felon eligible to vote upon completion of sentence.
  • HB557: Overdoses; safe reporting.
  • HB810: Firearms; willful discharge resulting in permanent physical impairment, Class 6 felony.
  • HB813: Electronic devices; search without warrant prohibited.
  • HB814: Cellular telephone, etc.; warrant requirement for use as tracking device.
  • HB817: Telecommunications records; warrant requirement for certain records to be retrieved.
  • HB882: Alcoholic beverage control; sale of cider in any size containers allowable for wine, etc.
  • HJ69: Constitutional amendment; Virginia Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission created.
  • HJ70: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights.
  • HJ71: Carillon Advisory Committee; designating in 2014 as World War I 100th Anniversary Committee in Va.
  • HJ134: Commending T. K. Somanath.
  • HJ135: Commending the First Freedom Center.
  • HJ136: Commending the Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation.
  • HJ137: Commending the Carillon Civic Association.
  • HJ138: Commending the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.
  • HJ139: Commending the Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court.
  • HJ140: Commending the Greater Richmond Multiple Myeloma Support Group.
  • HJ141: Commending the Boy Scouts of America Heart of Virginia Council.
  • HJ220: Celebrating the life of Sheronda Faye Woody.
  • HJ221: Celebrating the life of Myrtle J. Spain Crawford.
  • HJ222: Celebrating the life of Michael Joseph Ripp.
  • HJ224: Commending the Honorable Dwight Clinton Jones.
  • HJ225: Commending Equality Virginia.
  • HJ226: Commending the Senior Connections of the Capital Area Agency on Aging on its 40th anniversary.
  • HJ228: Commending The Virginia Home.
  • HJ291: Celebrating the life of Ellen G. Trammell.
  • HJ292: Celebrating the life of Percy J. Minor, Sr.
  • HJ293: Celebrating the life of Lacy Green Walker.
  • HJ294: Commending the Virginia Production Alliance.
  • HJ299: Commending the Micah Initiative.
  • HJ427: Celebrating the life of Benjamin Adelbert Thorp IV.
  • HJ428: Commending the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects.
  • HJ5090: Celebrating the life of Ronne Toker Jacobs.
  • HJ5107: Commending the Virginia Opera Association, Inc.
  • HJ5195: Celebrating the life of Edith Logan Sheppard Ott.
  • HJ5196: Celebrating the life of Cynthia B. Creasy.
  • HJ5197: Celebrating the life of Charles R. Nicholson, Sr.
  • HJ5198: Commending Community Idea Stations.
  • HJ5243: Commending the Richmond Jazz Society.
  • HR36: Commending T. K. Somanath.
  • HR37: Commending Sixth Baptist Church.
  • HR38: Commending Legend Brewing Company.
  • HR39: Commending the First Freedom Center.
  • HR40: Commending the Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation.
  • HR53: Celebrating the life of Norvell G. Rice.
  • HR54: Commending the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.
  • HB832: Retail Sales and Use Tax; distribution of revenue to localities based on school-age population.
  • HB1701: Driver's license applicants; person who fails DMV exam 3 times must take VA Driver's Manual course.
  • HB1702: Counseling, Board of; confirmation of appointments by General Assembly.
  • HB1896: Virginia ports; change in ownership or concession.
  • HB1897: Cellular telephone or other electronic devices; warrant required for search.
  • HB1899: Candidate petitions; appeal of disqualification for insufficient signatures.
  • HB1901: Fines under certain local ordinances; paid to local school division and Literary Fund.
  • HB1902: Marriage and family therapy; licensure of practitioners.
  • HB1903: Cellular phone; use as tracking device.
  • HB1904: Warrants; requirement for certain telecommunications records.
  • HB1905: Restoration of civil rights; automatically eligible to vote upon completion of his sentence.
  • HB2177: Counseling, Board of; qualification of members, etc.
  • HB2307: Income tax, state; individuals allowed to have their refunds mailed to their addresses. Emergency.
  • HJ124: Public Safety Memorial; requests Governor to include names of state and local parole officers, etc.
  • HJ613: Commending the Sitter and Barfoot Veterans Care Center.
  • HJ627: Celebrating the life of Judy Ann Baughan Lankford.
  • HJ628: Celebrating the life of Anne Folkes Miller.
  • HJ660: Celebrating the life of Tazewell Ellett III.
  • HJ661: Celebrating the life of John Wesley Pearsall.
  • HJ662: Celebrating the life of Laila Wheary Pearsall.
  • HJ663: Constitutional amendment; Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission created (first reference).
  • HJ664: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for certain persons convicted of felonies.
  • HJ691: Commending the cricket leagues of Virginia.
  • HJ710: Celebrating the life of Ranjit Kumar Sen.
  • HJ725: Commending the Asian American Society of Central Virginia.
  • HJ726: Celebrating the life of Henry Snead Martin, Jr., D.D.S.
  • HJ733: Commending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.
  • HJ743: Commending the Virginia Mentoring Partnership.
  • HJ788: Commending Virginia FREE.
  • HJ789: Celebrating the life of Ruby Ethel Giles Turner.
  • HJ790: Commending the Richmond Chapter of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.
  • HJ791: Commending the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community.
  • HJ934: Commending the Intertribal Women's Circle.
  • HJ962: Commending the Virginia Housing Development Authority.
  • HJ963: Celebrating the life of Mohammad Taib.
  • HJ964: Commending the Reverend Dr. Earl M. Brown.
  • HR221: Celebrating the life of William Joseph Connelly.
  • HR222: Celebrating the life of Joseph Brent Freeman.
  • HB830: Arts and cultural districts; allows a locality to create more than one.
  • HB831: Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission; created.
  • HB832: Retail Sales and Use Tax; distribution of revenue to localities based on school-age population.
  • HB833: At Home in Virginia; designating as official state song.
  • HB834: Fines and fees; imposed under certain local ordinances are to be paid to school division, etc.
  • HB1189: Public schools; student data requests.
  • HJ124: Public Safety Memorial; requests Governor to include names of state and local parole officers, etc.
  • HJ125: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights to persons convicted of felonies, etc.
  • HJ150: Celebrating the life of Julia Anderson Williams.
  • HJ159: Commending RideFinders.
  • HJ191: Commending Tucker Pavilion.
  • HJ241: Commending Bishop Peter James Lee.
  • HJ502: Commending Iris E. Holliday.
  • HJ503: Commending Carole Weinstein.
  • HJ504: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. Marjorie Leeper Booker.
  • HJ520: Commending Boy Scout Troop 400.
  • HJ521: Commending the Richmond Free Press.
  • HJ522: Commending the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild.
  • HB2321: Virginia Free File tax program; Tax Commissioner to renegotiate agreement with Consortium of Va.
  • HB2524: Firearms; prohibition of sale, etc., of magazines that hold 20 or more rounds of ammunition.
  • HJ610: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights to persons convicted of felonies.
  • HJ611: Celebrating the life of Samuel Dale Phillips.
  • HJ712: Commending the South Richmond Adult Day Care Center.
  • HJ939: Commending Richmond City Public Schools.
  • HB834: Delmarva Peninsula Compact; repeals provision therefor.
  • HB835: Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission; created.
  • HB836: Social security numbers; no state or local agency may collect under certain circumstances.
  • HB837: Taxation, Department of; limiting contact with taxpayers via email.
  • HB838: Correctional facilities, local; use of state funds for local alternative incarceration programs.
  • HB839: Literary Fund; fines under local ordinances to be transmitted to state treasury & deposited in Fund.
  • HB1265: Professional corporations; includes certified interior designers in organizations managed by board.
  • HJ116: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for persons convicted of felonies.
  • HJ177: Commending the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.
  • HJ360: Celebrating the life of Andrew Lucius Turner, Jr.
  • HJ409: Commending Ben Youngstone.
  • HJ474: Commending the City of Richmond on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the consolidation of the