Delegate Barry Knight (R-Virginia Beach)

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81: Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2009
Next Election
November 2017
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Appropriations, General Laws, Rules
Copatroning Habits
78% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 87% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
64% in 2016
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

The owner and operator of Barry D. Knight Farms (a hog farm), Knight, his wife, and three children live in Pungo. Knight won his seat in a special election following the resignation of Del. Terrie Suit.

Recent Mentions in the Media

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December 2, 2016
Also on the agenda is maintaining and possibly improving the funding for higher education. For 40 minutes Friday, State Senator Tommy Norment (R ? James City County) and Delegate Barry Knight (R ? Virginia Beach) laid out issues vital to Hampton Roads.

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November 11, 2016
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Virginian-Pilot: ODU officials defend their decision to reject Ballard stadium proposal

May 7, 2016
Although he lives in the Pungo section of Virginia Beach, far removed from Old Dominion 's campus, state Del. Barry Knight said he admires the school and its football program. Like many ODU football fans, he said he was excited when he heard Stephen ...

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August 17, 2016
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March 1, 2016
Virginia House rejects Gov. McAuliffe's attempt to delay sales of higher-proof grain alcoholFor now at least, Del. Barry Knight has fended off concerns from Gov. Terry McAuliffe about his bill that would allow state liquor stores to sell a more potent version of neutral grain alcohol. The House of Delegates rejected a proposed amendment from ...and more »

These are all of the video clips of Barry Knight’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2010. There are 59 video clips in all.


  • HB114: Agritourism; notice posted on signs to read 'ATTENTION' rather than 'WARNING' at locations.
  • HB115: Agriculture commodity funds; removes authority of General Assembly to disburse unexpended balances.
  • HB116: Jury commissioners; reappointment.
  • HB117: Boats or other watercraft; excess width permits for transporting vehicles.
  • HB127: Real property tax; exemption on residence of spouse of military service member killed in action.
  • HB136: Duck blinds; damaged stationary blinds in Virginia Beach, notification to DGIF.
  • HB137: Feral hogs; employees of DGIF & federal agencies allowed to hunt or kill from aircraft, etc.
  • HB138: Virginia Beach arena; extends an existing contingent sunset provision.
  • HB143: Alcoholic beverage control; neutral grain spirits or alcohol sold at government stores, proof.
  • HB150: Menhaden fishery; VMRC to adopt regulations to implement Interstate Fishery Management Plan.
  • HB151: Purse nets; prohibits fishing for menhaden in certain waters.
  • HB202: Anatomical gifts; search and rescue dog training.
  • HB320: Port-related tax credits; sunset extension.
  • HB321: Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; powers, employment of attorneys.
  • HB322: Alcoholic beverage control; summary suspension of license in emergency circumstances.
  • HB323: Alcoholic beverage control; purchase and sale of products.
  • HB566: Licensed onsite soil evaluators; changes references in terminology.
  • HB648: Sewage system or nonconforming system; development of procedure for processing requests.
  • HB813: Offshore waters and submerged lands; Commonwealth jurisdiction of three geographical miles.
  • HB1191: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for certain items sold by a sheriff at a correctional facility.
  • HB1245: Judicial Retirement System; mandatory judicial retirement.
  • HB1289: Blind and Vision Impaired, Department for the; contracts for operation of certain vending machines.
  • HJ285: Commending JoAnn Falletta.
  • HJ292: Commending Bruce Biehl.
  • HR33: Celebrating the life of Monsignor William L. Pitt, Jr.
  • HB1794: Foreclosure sale by trustee in execution of deed of trust; advertisement of time-share properties.
  • HB1795: Virginia Real Estate Board; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB1796: Alcoholic beverage control; operation of government store by distiller licensee.
  • HB1797: Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity; definition of small business.
  • HB1798: Fiduciary; qualification without security, issuance of certificates of qualification.
  • HB1804: Onsite sewage systems; validity of certain septic tank permits.
  • HB2072: Forest products; establishes overweight permit for hauling.
  • HB2119: Alcoholic beverage control; improvement of customer service.
  • HB2224: Virginia Racing Commission; authorized to issue significant infrastructure limited license, etc.
  • HB2239: Driver's licensees; administration of driving test to those believed incompetent.
  • HB2248: Virginia Public Procurement Act; purchase of owner-controlled insurance for construction project.
  • HJ603: Higher educational institutions; prevention of sexual violence on campus.
  • HJ729: Commending the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.
  • HJ826: Commending the City of Virginia Beach Department of Agriculture.
  • HJ852: Commending Robin Douglas Davenport.
  • HR195: Commending the Ocean Lakes High School football team.
  • HB184: Auctioneers; exemption from licensure.
  • HB185: Municipal deed; restrictions on certain property in Virginia Beach.
  • HB186: Seized drugs and paraphernalia; forfeiture to law enforcement.
  • HB187: Real and personal property tax exemption; aviation museum.
  • HB188: Jury commissioners; appointment and selection of jurors.
  • HB189: License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Surfrider Foundation.
  • HB487: Fiduciaries; letters of administration, bond without surety.
  • HB907: Accountancy, Board of; licensing requirements.
  • HB909: Channel bass (red drum); repeals an obsolete section restricting taking of bass.
  • HB911: Living shorelines projects; issuance of general permits.
  • HB1051: Constitutional officers; if proposed budget reduces funding of such officer, 14 day written notice.
  • HB1141: Alcoholic beverage control; creates annual arts venue event license.
  • HB1267: Va.Beach arena; if Va. Beach issues bonds for a facility, it shall create an Arena Financing Fund.
  • HJ65: Commending Kempsville Baptist Church.
  • HJ202: Commending Lakeside Construction Corporation.
  • HJ438: Commending Nick Boothe.
  • HJ5005: Celebrating the life of Jack W. Peoples, Sr.
  • HJ5012: Celebrating the life of Marvin Lee Dozier.
  • HJ5215: Commending Swan Island Club.
  • HR564: Commending Major General Daniel E. Long, Jr.
  • HR580: Commending Swan Island Club.
  • HB1547: Cemeteries; minimum tree canopy during development process shall be 10 percent.
  • HB1548: Municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) permittees; guidance documents.
  • HB1629: Eel pots; authorizes Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to issue an annual permit to use in Back Bay.
  • HB1641: Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; powers and duties of regulatory boards.
  • HB1755: Charter; Town of Bedford.
  • HB1756: Bedford, City of, reversion; taxation of real property that becomes part of Bedford County.
  • HB1853: Planning, zoning, etc., procedures; local commission shall consult with installation commander.
  • HB1855: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; exempts records of Department of Aviation.
  • HB2069: Seedlings; State Forester to furnish those grown in nurseries to State without expense, etc.
  • HB2209: Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; powers and duties.
  • HB2265: Cash proffers; locality may waive certain written notice requirements to reduce outstanding payment.
  • HB2308: Local correctional facilities; electronic visitation and messaging with prisoners.
  • HJ596: Celebrating the life of William Lyle Pugh, Sr.
  • HB87: Aircraft; person who projects point of light from laser at an aircraft is guilty of misdemeanor.
  • HB88: Menhaden harvest; removes cap.
  • HB174: Bail bondsmen; requirements for property bail bondsmen, suspension of license.
  • HB175: Duck blinds; limits placement by riparian landowners in Back Bay.
  • HB176: Nutrient credit certification; regulations, Nutrient Trading Act is established, penalty.
  • HB238: Blue crabs; Marine Resources Commission to manage harvesting in Albemarle and Currituck counties.
  • HB239: Forestry, Department of; use of methyl bromide gas fumigation.
  • HB553: Airports, privately owned; duty of care and liability of landowners.
  • HB554: Political subdivisions; Department of Aviation lease approval requirement.
  • HB1252: Construction of structures affecting navigable airspace; technical review.
  • HB1253: Cash proffers; prohibits locality from accepting those purporting to contain waiver of legal rights.
  • HJ10: Commending the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.
  • HJ11: Commending Oak Grove Baptist Church on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • HJ232: Celebrating the life of F. Wayne McLeskey, Jr.
  • HJ434: Celebrating the life of Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood.
  • HJ441: Commending Edward F. Lewis.
  • HJ505: Celebrating the life of J. Curtis Fruit.
  • HB1456: Certificate of public need; authorization of certain amendment.
  • HB1620: Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority; increases membership.
  • HB1621: Open-space land; expands definition.
  • HB1622: Reckless operation of watercraft; includes paddleboards and other self-propelled watercraft.
  • HB1623: Wetlands; requirement of individual or general Virginia Water Protection Permit.
  • HB1624: Environmental Quality, Department of; powers of Executive Director.
  • HB1625: Fumigation facilities; exempted from various state and federal regulations.
  • HB1626: Onsite sewage systems; voluntary upgrades.
  • HB1723: Virginia Marine Resources Commission; permits for encroachment on subaqueous beds.
  • HB1724: Crab dredging season; Virginia Marine Resources Commission to adjust opening or closing dates.
  • HB1725: Virginia Farmland Preservation Fund; created.
  • HB2369: Menhaden; cap on harvesting will be reduced 20 percent annually.
  • HB2370: Multiple-year licenses; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to issue for hunting, fishing, etc.
  • HJ510: Sovereign immunity; JLARC to study costs incurred by localities resulting from claims, etc.
  • HJ518: Celebrating the life of Private First Class Alvaro R. Regaledo-Sessarego.
  • HJ571: Celebrating the life of Owen Bradford Pickett.
  • HJ739: Celebrating the life of John Alison Baum.
  • HJ906: Commending the Military Aviation Museum.
  • HB81: Jurors; equalizes pay of those in condemnation cases with that of regular jurors.
  • HB82: Public sewer system; locality may adopt ordinance establishing standard for use & services; penalty.
  • HB83: Pawnbrokers; local government may by an ordinance require daily report to be electronically filed.
  • HB381: Motor vehicle titles; exempts special construction and forestry equipment from being titled.
  • HB975: Motor vehicle titles; exempts special construction and forestry equipment from being titled.
  • HB1249: Health Spa Act; clarifies by instituting usage of term facility where services are offered.
  • HB1250: Vested rights; issuance of written order, etc., by zoning administrator regarding use of property.
  • HJ274: Commending Creeds Elementary School on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.
  • HJ320: Commending Helen Dragas.
  • HJ415: Celebrating the life of E. George Middleton, Jr.
  • HJ428: Commending Jack E. Harcourt.
  • HJ471: Commending Kevin Michaels.
  • HB1901: Cavalier Wildlife Management Area; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to convey certain property.
  • HB2224: Braille; certification of instructors.
  • HB2565: Farmland Preservation, Office of; to provide technical assistance to local governments interested.
  • HB2566: Purchase of land by Department of Forestry; used for nonstate forest purposes.
  • HB2584: Spirits delivery permit; authorizes permittee to purchase spirit from Board and deliver to business.
  • HB2586: Sandbridge Beach Subdivision; Board to determine which structures, etc., are in imminent danger.
  • HB2599: Real Estate Cooperative Act; amendment of declaration, revival of expired declarant rights.
  • HJ918: Commending Reba S. McClanan.
  • HJ988: Commending Macon F. Brock.