Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania)

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17: Orange County (All), Spotsylvania County (Part), Fredericksburg City (All), Culpeper County (Part), Albemarle County (Part), Louisa County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2015
Local Government, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 57% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 59% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
44.1% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$164,400.60 cash on hand (December 2012 report)
Top 10 Donors
Dan Brouillette Executive TX $10,000
Lee Fox Retired Spotsylvania $5,000
Orrick Johnson Realtor Fredericksburg $5,000
David Amstutz Retired Spotsylvania $5,000
SH Development Company Inc Real Estate Fredericksburg $5,000
John Nau CEO TX $5,000
The Printing Press Printing Harrisonburg $2,000
Keystone Automotive Industries Automotive TX $1,500
WRJ Holdings LLC Real Estate Fredericksburg $1,500
Duane Adams Insurance Louisa $1,100

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Recent Mentions in the Media Culpeper dedicates new sheriff's building

May 15, 2015
Culpeper dedicates new sheriff's buildingA reception held after the dedication was attended by numerous members of Peters' family, law-enforcement officers from neighboring jurisdictions and State Sen. Bryce Reeves, R?Spotsylvania. ?Donnie Johnston: Thanks for ...

NBC 29 News: Democrats Nominate Gallaway for 17th District Senate Seat

May 15, 2015
JoAnna Hickman, Chair of the Louisa County Democratic Committee, said, ?Ned Gallaway will make an excellent state senator. His background in education and experience in business makes him a perfect choice to assist our rural counties in both education ...and more »

Military Times: Contact state lawmakers about licensure, certification

May 9, 2015
Bryce Reeves, a Virginia state senator who was on a panel discussing the issues at the American Legion-sponsored summit, said state legislators need to know if there are problems in the ways legislation is implemented, because that kind of information ... Military Appreciation Day planned for May 20 at Fredericksburg Expo center

May 10, 2015
Sen. Bryce Reeves, R?Spotsylvania, will offer brief remarks. More than 40 vendors will have booths and displays that provide service to military members or show their support for them. There also will be rides, bounce houses, a herd of Chick?fil?A cows ...

The Daily Progress: READER'S VIEW: Hypocrisy has a name and it is Reeves

April 26, 2015
READER'S VIEW: Hypocrisy has a name and it is ReevesResponding to the latest turn in the 17th District Virginia Senate election campaign, Senator Bryce Reeves, who won the last election by only 226 votes, commented, ?My focus has always been on the hard-working people of this district and not the ...and more »


  • SB379: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB384: Sexual offenders; certain persons prohibited proximity to children at public libraries, penalty.
  • SB387: FOIA; exempts certain proprietary records of DRPT & VDOT from mandatory disclosure provisions.
  • SB1218: Autocycles; exempted from motor vehicle emissions inspection program.
  • SB1219: Tangible personal property tax relief; autocycles.
  • SB1220: Following too closely.
  • SB1222: Expanded access to investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
  • SB1224: Service dogs; establishes voluntary certification program.
  • SB1226: Virginia Public Procurement Act; requirements for Requests for Proposal.
  • SB1228: Passing with a double yellow line.
  • SB1229: Real estate with delinquent taxes; appointment of special commissioner in City of Fredericksburg.
  • SB1230: ABC Board; regulation of distribution and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • SB1231: Cigarettes; possession with intent to distribute contraband, fraudulent purchase.
  • SB1232: Administration and enforcement of cigarette laws.
  • SB1233: Speed limits; exceeding limit, fine.
  • SB1234: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB1237: Senate districts; adjustments.
  • SB1238: Emergency Management, Department of; electromagnetic pulses and geomagnetic disturbances.
  • SB1239: Electromagnetic pulse disaster; statewide drill on response.
  • SB1241: Drugs forfeited to law enforcement; disposal when no longer needed for research and training.
  • SB1280: Certificate of public need; State Health Commissioner to condition approval.
  • SB1305: Unclaimed property; use of death master file.
  • SB1327: Higher education; in-state tuition.
  • SB1354: Uniformed services-connected students; identification.
  • SB1355: Local planning commission; action on proposed plat.
  • SB1356: Veteran Employment Grant Fund and Program; created.
  • SB1357: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; duty of counsel to exercise due diligence.
  • SB1420: VPPA; information technology procurement, terms and conditions, limitation on contractor liability.
  • SJ278: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot.
  • SR97: Commending the James Monroe High School football team.
  • SR118: Commending Roger L. Harris.
  • SB25: Offshore natural gas & oil resources; Va. Offshore Energy Emergency Response Fund, established.
  • SB96: Tobacco products; purchase, etc., of nicotine vapor products by minors, penalty.
  • SB97: Bicycles, etc.; minimum clearance for passing.
  • SB177: Service dog; definition.
  • SB352: Cigarettes; sealed labeled pack shall be prima facie evidence.
  • SB364: Cigarette taxes; ineligibility to be an authorized holder.
  • SB365: Cigarettes, counterfeit and contraband; use by law enforcement.
  • SB366: Multijurisdiction grand juries; cigarette trafficking offenses, jury may investigate.
  • SB375: Mopeds; same insurance requirements that apply to motor vehicles.
  • SB376: Emergency vehicles; Virginia National Guard vehicles exempt from certain situations.
  • SB377: Firearms; dealers to go through process administered by Department of State Police.
  • SB378: Notaries; application for recommission.
  • SB379: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB380: Emergency Management, State Dept. of; state agency components to State Emergency Operations Plan.
  • SB381: Public Safety & Homeland Security, & Veterans & Defense Affairs, Secretaries of; transfer of powers.
  • SB382: A-to-F grading system; opportunity for public comment on system & grades assigned to public schools.
  • SB383: Autocycle; defines a new class of vehicle and provides for examination of drivers, fees, etc.
  • SB384: Sexual offenders; certain persons prohibited proximity to children at public libraries, penalty.
  • SB385: Virginia Retirement System and local government retirement systems; investments.
  • SB386: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; association charges.
  • SB387: FOIA; exempts certain proprietary records of DRPT & VDOT from mandatory disclosure provisions.
  • SB399: Virginia National Guard; DMA shall provide information to VEC upon request of a member.
  • SB400: Kinship foster care; removal of child from physical custody of kinship foster parent.
  • SB401: Insurable interest requirement; annuity contracts.
  • SJ39: Celebrating the life of Paul Edward Akers.
  • SJ40: Commending Captain Jason A. Haag, USMC (Ret.).
  • SJ41: Celebrating the life of Special Agent Christopher W. Lorek.
  • SJ42: Celebrating the life of Special Agent Stephen Palmer Shaw.
  • SJ61: Geomagnetic disturbances & electromagnetic pulses; joint commission to study preventing damages.
  • SJ91: Commending Little Keswick School.
  • SJ119: Commending Luca Paschina.
  • SJ120: Commending Major General Daniel E. Long, Jr.
  • SR7: Commending the James Monroe High School football team.
  • SR12: Sergeant Bowe R. Bergdahl; commending efforts to secure release from Haqqani network in Pakistan.
  • SB38: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; guidelines for use of logo.
  • SB71: Larceny; court may require accused to undergo an assessment and enter treatment program, etc.
  • SB896: Workers' compensation; weather as risk of public safety officer's employment,injuries incurred.
  • SB897: Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery; increases number of Confederate graves maintained.
  • SB898: Practitioners; Board of Medicine to revoke license of certain (Twomey bill).
  • SB899: School buses; local school boards may display certain decals on rear or sides of buses.
  • SB900: Commercial advertising; permits school board to sell space on school buses and real property.
  • SB901: Vital records; marital status.
  • SB902: Virginia Public Procurement Act; alternative forms of security, acceptance of cashier's check.
  • SB903: Nonsuits; dismissal of action, fees and costs.
  • SB904: Motorcycle titling; purchase of new motorcycles for parts.
  • SB905: Credit unions, federal; those operating within State to comply with Virginia Small Estate Act.
  • SB907: Drug asset forfeiture; task forces.
  • SB908: Parental rights; fundamental right to make decisions concerning upbringing, etc., of their child.
  • SB909: State park master planning; Department of Conservation & Recreation shall solicit comments, etc.
  • SB941: Child abuse or neglect, alleged; authority to talk to child or sibling.
  • SB942: Certificate of public need; amendments to existing certificates related to medical care.
  • SB1029: Planning, zoning, etc., procedures; local commission shall consult with installation commander.
  • SB1030: Search and seizure of computer and contents.
  • SB1031: Children; taking indecent liberties, use of communications system to propose sex offenses.
  • SB1032: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; add to list of offenses requiring registration.
  • SB1033: Juvenile and adult facilities; punishment for certain offenses committed within facilities, etc.
  • SB1060: Following too closely; includes bicycles, mopeds, etc., increases minimum clearance.
  • SB1180: TANF; restrictions on use of cash assistance, not to access cash through electronic transaction.
  • SB1181: IEIA, Commonwealth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Measurement System; authorizes to create.
  • SJ88: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot (first reference).
  • SJ332: Celebrating the life of Chris Yung.
  • SJ376: Celebrating the life of William Henry Wood.
  • SR44: Commending the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office.
  • SB37: Retail Sales and Use Tax; extends sunset provision for certain educational materials.
  • SB38: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; guidelines for use of logo.
  • SB39: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; increases maximum amount of coverage.
  • SB40: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption on certain tangible personal property.
  • SB71: Larceny; court may require accused to undergo an assessment and enter treatment program, etc.
  • SB72: Grand larceny; increases threshold amount from $200 to $750.
  • SB253: Dam safety; consultation with Department of Emergency Management.
  • SB254: Veterans Services, Department of; ratio of claims agents to number of veterans in State.
  • SB368: Major business facility job tax credit; extends time credit may be taken over a two-year period.
  • SB369: Fire insurance policy; notice regarding earthquake exclusion.
  • SB370: Virginia Resources Authority; designees for Board of Directors.
  • SB433: Veterans; determination of status of unclaimed cremains.
  • SB571: Camping grounds; competition with private businesses.
  • SB685: GPS tracking device; provides authority & protocol for law enforcement to apply for search warrant.
  • SJ88: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot (first reference).
  • SJ147: Commending Grace Anne Braxton.
  • SJ148: Commending Roy Gordon.
  • SJ149: Commending Daniel Certa.
  • SJ174: Commending Toby Owens.
  • SJ251: Celebrating the life of Colonel Van T. Barfoot.