Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania)

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17: Orange County (All), Spotsylvania County (Part), Fredericksburg City (All), Culpeper County (Part), Albemarle County (Part), Louisa County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Courts of Justice, General Laws and Technology, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services (Chair), Rules
Copatroning Habits
70% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 56% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 57% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
27.5% in 2019
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These are all of the video clips of Bryce Reeves’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2012. There are 104 video clips in all.


  • SB463: Drug crimes; disposition of forfeited property used in connection with the commission of crimes.
  • SB468: Line of Duty Act; death benefit eligibility, Department of Military Affairs employees.
  • SB476: School principals; incident reports.
  • SB481: Nonsuits; recommencement of action.
  • SB800: Trespass; civil action, vicarious liability.
  • SB1091: Rezoning and site plan approval; decommissioning solar energy equipment, etc.
  • SB1110: Alcoholic beverage control; local referendums.
  • SB1240: Health insurance; short-term, limited-duration plans.
  • SB1241: Veterans Services, Board of; increases membership and clarifies scope of responsibilities.
  • SB1242: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage restaurant license, penalties.
  • SB1243: Elections; date of June primary election.
  • SB1244: Voter registration; protected voter, foster parents.
  • SB1245: Alcoholic beverage control; annual mixed beverage special events licenses, etc.
  • SB1246: Virginia National Guard; state active duty pay, effective clause.
  • SB1247: Sale of caskets; preneed arrangements for funeral services.
  • SB1248: Stormwater Management Fund, local; locality by ordinance authorized to create.
  • SB1249: Military families; relocation to the Commonwealth, student registration.
  • SB1250: Voter registration; absentee voting, prohibited changes to voter registration record.
  • SB1251: Switchblade knives; manufacture and distribution.
  • SB1252: Cigarette taxes; definitions of noncombustible tobacco products.
  • SB1253: Foster care; security freeze on credit report.
  • SB1338: Toll facilities, certain; free use by emergency medical services vehicles.
  • SB1339: Foster care; numerous changes to laws governing provision of services in the Commonwealth.
  • SB1668: Alcoholic beverage control; Sunday store hours, distiller commission.
  • SB1674: Health insurance; short-term, limited-duration health plans, renewal guarantees.
  • SB1675: Police animals; killing or injuring, penalty.
  • SB1738: Illegal gambling; definition.
  • SJ39: Constitutional amendment; Literary Fund, proceeds from forfeited property.
  • SJ276: Interstate 95 Corridor Improvement Plan; Commonwealth Transportation Board to study.
  • SJ278: Constitutional amendment; personal property tax exemption for motor vehicle of a disabled veteran.
  • SJ366: Commending the Orange County Agricultural Initiative.
  • SJ367: Commending the Dolley Madison Garden Club.
  • SJ381: Commending The National Society of Madison Family Descendants.
  • SJ382: Commending the Chancellor High School field hockey team.
  • SJ383: Commending Dewey Leon Fincher.
  • SJ385: Celebrating the life of Tyler McKellan Spruill.
  • SJ405: Commending Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
  • SR105: Commending the Reverend Alphonso Washington.
  • SR109: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Jasper N. Beauchamp, USA, Ret.
  • SR110: Commending the 29th Infantry Division.
  • SB462: Virginia National Guard; education grants for members.
  • SB463: Drug crimes; disposition of forfeited property used in connection with the commission of crimes.
  • SB464: Opioids; licensed providers of treatment for persons with addiction.
  • SB465: U.S. Armed Forces & Va. Nat'l Guard; malicious bodily injury to or pointing of laser at members.
  • SB466: Speed limits, maximum; certain highways.
  • SB467: Alcoholic beverage control; creates a new limited mixed beverage license for retail cigar shops.
  • SB468: Line of Duty Act; death benefit eligibility, Department of Military Affairs employees.
  • SB469: Conditional zoning; removes restrictions on types of proffers a locality may request or accept.
  • SB470: Rabbits; raising and processing for sale, exemption from certain inspections.
  • SB471: MMIE projects; Virginia Public Building Authority to finance or assist.
  • SB472: Grand larceny; increases threshold amount.
  • SB473: Income tax, state; subtraction for military veterans with a service-connected disability.
  • SB474: Elections; status of officers of election.
  • SB475: Search warrant for a tracking device; delivery of affidavit.
  • SB476: School principals; incident reports.
  • SB477: Spotsylvania and Orange, Counties of; boundary agreement, attachment of GIS map to petitions.
  • SB478: Contractors; work without valid Va. license, prohibited acts.
  • SB479: Firearms; use or display during commission of a felony, killing or injuring police animals.
  • SB480: Income tax, state; phased-in subtraction of military retirement income.
  • SB481: Nonsuits; recommencement of action.
  • SB482: Alcoholic beverage control; increases amount of spirits that may be offered.
  • SB483: Alcoholic beverage control; distiller's license, remote store location and tasting room.
  • SB484: Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licensee, commission for sales on licensed premises.
  • SB486: Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licensee, samples, etc.
  • SB800: Trespass; civil action, vicarious liability.
  • SB803: Alcoholic beverage control; sales conducted at government stores established.
  • SB828: Damage or trespass to critical infrastructure or utilities; penalty.
  • SB831: Funeral services; acceptance of third-party-provided caskets.
  • SB861: Property Owners' Association Act; member approval required for certain capital expenditures.
  • SB993: Local planning commissions; proposed plats.
  • SJ39: Constitutional amendment; Literary Fund, proceeds from forfeited property.
  • SJ63: General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Day; designating as October 15, 2018, & each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SJ64: Celebrating the life of Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Scott Voelkel, USA.
  • SJ82: Commending William J. Vakos.
  • SJ86: Commending the Louisa Community Animal Response Team.
  • SJ87: Commending Skydive Orange.
  • SJ91: Commending Ted McInteer.
  • SJ207: Commending the Virginia Department of Veterans Services Benefits section.
  • SJ210: Celebrating the life of Suzanne Davis Miller.
  • SB26: Problem-Solving Docket Act; established, report.
  • SB149: Health insurance plan, local option; participation of regional emergency medical services councils.
  • SB1154: Terrorist organization, designated; providing material support, penalty.
  • SB1155: Termination of parental rights; manufacture of methamphetamine in presence of child.
  • SB1156: Virginia Public Building Authority; Military Mission Improvement and Expansion projects.
  • SB1157: Lobbyist disclosure; reporting by certain political subdivisions.
  • SB1158: Insurance; reciprocals.
  • SB1159: Public schools; career and technical education credential.
  • SB1160: Teacher Education and Licensure, Advisory Board on; increases membership.
  • SB1161: Alcoholic beverage control; food sale requirements.
  • SB1162: Teacher licensure; industry certification credential, local waiver.
  • SB1163: School principals; incident reports.
  • SB1164: Child-protective services; complaints involving members of the United States Armed Forces.
  • SB1166: Insurance; preauthorization for abuse-deterrent opioids.
  • SB1181: Virginia Retirement System; return to employment by retired public safety employees.
  • SB1182: Veterans Services, Board of; membership, duties.
  • SB1192: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; powers of the Director.
  • SB1347: Switchblade knife; person may carry concealed, exception.
  • SB1360: Military Affairs, Department of; civil actions.
  • SB1430: Higher educational institutions; student-death-related crisis.
  • SB1431: Administrative Process Act; economic impact analysis of proposed regulations.
  • SB1432: Excusable or justifiable self-defense; costs and attorney fees in civil or criminal cases.
  • SB1433: Consumer fireworks; regulation of sale, permit issued by Board of Housing and Community Development.
  • SB1548: Virginia Public Procurement Act; public body may purchase from contract of Va. Sheriffs' Association
  • SB1568: Buses and taxicabs; digital advertisements.
  • SB1569: Water and sewer fees; calculation factors.
  • SJ286: Commending Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.
  • SJ287: Commending the National Bank of Fredericksburg.
  • SJ288: Commending Ernestine Reid.
  • SJ298: The Saragarhi Day of Sikh Pride.
  • SJ322: Commending Dux.
  • SJ329: Commending Stephen Koleszar.
  • SJ330: Commending David Anthony Sam.
  • SB23: Grand larceny and certain property crimes; increases threshold amount of money taken, etc.
  • SB24: MMIE projects; Virginia Public Building authorized to finance.
  • SB25: General illumination lights; motorcycles.
  • SB26: Problem-Solving Docket Act; established, report.
  • SB27: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; appointed counsel may issue subpoena for all discoverable files.
  • SB149: Health insurance plan, local option; participation of regional emergency medical services councils.
  • SB150: Virginia Public Procurement Act; procurement of information technology goods & service.
  • SB151: Teachers; expenses tax credit for materials used in teaching.
  • SB152: Sale of furs and animal parts; adoption of regulations.
  • SB153: Orange County; taxes for certain local improvements.
  • SB154: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses, performing arts facilities.
  • SB233: Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact.
  • SB339: Stalking; penalty.
  • SB363: Persons with disabilities; rights in public places, fraudulent representation of service dog.
  • SB570: Income tax, state; reduces imposition of personal tax by increasing maximum income within bracket.
  • SB606: Mediation; fees.
  • SB608: Firearms; confiscation, reporting, and return by law enforcement.
  • SB610: Concealed handgun permits, out-of-state; photo identification issued by government agency, etc.
  • SJ25: Commending the Que and Cruz Festival.
  • SJ26: Commending Bethel Baptist Church.
  • SJ27: International Assistance Dog Week; designating as first full week in August 2016.
  • SJ28: Commending Brigadier General Wayne A. Wright, ANG, Ret.
  • SJ29: Commending Christ Episcopal Church.
  • SJ30: Commending Thomas E. Short.
  • SJ31: Celebrating the life of Kelly G. Southard.
  • SJ43: Celebrating the life of Karen Correia Radley.
  • SJ44: Commending the Virginia National Guard.
  • SJ45: Commending Don and Marcelline Waugh.
  • SB379: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB384: Sexual offenders; certain persons prohibited proximity to children at public libraries, penalty.
  • SB387: FOIA; exempts certain proprietary records of DRPT & VDOT from mandatory disclosure provisions.
  • SB1218: Autocycles; exempted from motor vehicle emissions inspection program.
  • SB1219: Tangible personal property tax relief; autocycles.
  • SB1220: Following too closely.
  • SB1222: Expanded access to investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
  • SB1224: Service dogs; establishes voluntary certification program.
  • SB1226: Virginia Public Procurement Act; requirements for Requests for Proposal.
  • SB1228: Passing with a double yellow line.
  • SB1229: Real estate with delinquent taxes; appointment of special commissioner in City of Fredericksburg.
  • SB1230: ABC Board; regulation of distribution and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • SB1231: Cigarettes; possession with intent to distribute contraband, fraudulent purchase.
  • SB1232: Administration and enforcement of cigarette laws.
  • SB1233: Speed limits; exceeding limit, fine.
  • SB1234: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB1237: Senate districts; adjustments.
  • SB1238: Emergency Management, Department of; electromagnetic pulses and geomagnetic disturbances.
  • SB1239: Electromagnetic pulse disaster; statewide drill on response.
  • SB1241: Drugs forfeited to law enforcement; disposal when no longer needed for research and training.
  • SB1280: Certificate of public need; State Health Commissioner to condition approval.
  • SB1305: Unclaimed property; use of death master file.
  • SB1327: Higher education; in-state tuition.
  • SB1354: Uniformed services-connected students; identification.
  • SB1355: Local planning commission; action on proposed plat.
  • SB1356: Veteran Employment Grant Fund and Program; created.
  • SB1357: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; duty of counsel to exercise due diligence.
  • SB1420: VPPA; information technology procurement, terms and conditions, limitation on contractor liability.
  • SJ278: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot.
  • SR97: Commending the James Monroe High School football team.
  • SR118: Commending Roger L. Harris.
  • SB25: Offshore natural gas & oil resources; Va. Offshore Energy Emergency Response Fund, established.
  • SB96: Tobacco products; purchase, etc., of nicotine vapor products by minors, penalty.
  • SB97: Bicycles, etc.; minimum clearance for passing.
  • SB177: Service dog; definition.
  • SB352: Cigarettes; sealed labeled pack shall be prima facie evidence.
  • SB364: Cigarette taxes; ineligibility to be an authorized holder.
  • SB365: Cigarettes, counterfeit and contraband; use by law enforcement.
  • SB366: Multijurisdiction grand juries; cigarette trafficking offenses, jury may investigate.
  • SB375: Mopeds; same insurance requirements that apply to motor vehicles.
  • SB376: Emergency vehicles; Virginia National Guard vehicles exempt from certain situations.
  • SB377: Firearms; dealers to go through process administered by Department of State Police.
  • SB378: Notaries; application for recommission.
  • SB379: Grand larceny; threshold.
  • SB380: Emergency Management, State Dept. of; state agency components to State Emergency Operations Plan.
  • SB381: Public Safety & Homeland Security, & Veterans & Defense Affairs, Secretaries of; transfer of powers.
  • SB382: A-to-F grading system; opportunity for public comment on system & grades assigned to public schools.
  • SB383: Autocycle; defines a new class of vehicle and provides for examination of drivers, fees, etc.
  • SB384: Sexual offenders; certain persons prohibited proximity to children at public libraries, penalty.
  • SB385: Virginia Retirement System and local government retirement systems; investments.
  • SB386: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; association charges.
  • SB387: FOIA; exempts certain proprietary records of DRPT & VDOT from mandatory disclosure provisions.
  • SB399: Virginia National Guard; DMA shall provide information to VEC upon request of a member.
  • SB400: Kinship foster care; removal of child from physical custody of kinship foster parent.
  • SB401: Insurable interest requirement; annuity contracts.
  • SJ39: Celebrating the life of Paul Edward Akers.
  • SJ40: Commending Captain Jason A. Haag, USMC (Ret.).
  • SJ41: Celebrating the life of Special Agent Christopher W. Lorek.
  • SJ42: Celebrating the life of Special Agent Stephen Palmer Shaw.
  • SJ61: Geomagnetic disturbances & electromagnetic pulses; joint commission to study preventing damages.
  • SJ91: Commending Little Keswick School.
  • SJ119: Commending Luca Paschina.
  • SJ120: Commending Major General Daniel E. Long, Jr.
  • SR7: Commending the James Monroe High School football team.
  • SR12: Sergeant Bowe R. Bergdahl; commending efforts to secure release from Haqqani network in Pakistan.
  • SB38: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; guidelines for use of logo.
  • SB71: Larceny; court may require accused to undergo an assessment and enter treatment program, etc.
  • SB896: Workers' compensation; weather as risk of public safety officer's employment,injuries incurred.
  • SB897: Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery; increases number of Confederate graves maintained.
  • SB898: Practitioners; Board of Medicine to revoke license of certain (Twomey bill).
  • SB899: School buses; local school boards may display certain decals on rear or sides of buses.
  • SB900: Commercial advertising; permits school board to sell space on school buses and real property.
  • SB901: Vital records; marital status.
  • SB902: Virginia Public Procurement Act; alternative forms of security, acceptance of cashier's check.
  • SB903: Nonsuits; dismissal of action, fees and costs.
  • SB904: Motorcycle titling; purchase of new motorcycles for parts.
  • SB905: Credit unions, federal; those operating within State to comply with Virginia Small Estate Act.
  • SB907: Drug asset forfeiture; task forces.
  • SB908: Parental rights; fundamental right to make decisions concerning upbringing, etc., of their child.
  • SB909: State park master planning; Department of Conservation & Recreation shall solicit comments, etc.
  • SB941: Child abuse or neglect, alleged; authority to talk to child or sibling.
  • SB942: Certificate of public need; amendments to existing certificates related to medical care.
  • SB1029: Planning, zoning, etc., procedures; local commission shall consult with installation commander.
  • SB1030: Search and seizure of computer and contents.
  • SB1031: Children; taking indecent liberties, use of communications system to propose sex offenses.
  • SB1032: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; add to list of offenses requiring registration.
  • SB1033: Juvenile and adult facilities; punishment for certain offenses committed within facilities, etc.
  • SB1060: Following too closely; includes bicycles, mopeds, etc., increases minimum clearance.
  • SB1180: TANF; restrictions on use of cash assistance, not to access cash through electronic transaction.
  • SB1181: IEIA, Commonwealth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Measurement System; authorizes to create.
  • SJ88: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot (first reference).
  • SJ332: Celebrating the life of Chris Yung.
  • SJ376: Celebrating the life of William Henry Wood.
  • SR44: Commending the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office.
  • SB37: Retail Sales and Use Tax; extends sunset provision for certain educational materials.
  • SB38: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; guidelines for use of logo.
  • SB39: Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; increases maximum amount of coverage.
  • SB40: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption on certain tangible personal property.
  • SB71: Larceny; court may require accused to undergo an assessment and enter treatment program, etc.
  • SB72: Grand larceny; increases threshold amount from $200 to $750.
  • SB253: Dam safety; consultation with Department of Emergency Management.
  • SB254: Veterans Services, Department of; ratio of claims agents to number of veterans in State.
  • SB368: Major business facility job tax credit; extends time credit may be taken over a two-year period.
  • SB369: Fire insurance policy; notice regarding earthquake exclusion.
  • SB370: Virginia Resources Authority; designees for Board of Directors.
  • SB433: Veterans; determination of status of unclaimed cremains.
  • SB571: Camping grounds; competition with private businesses.
  • SB685: GPS tracking device; provides authority & protocol for law enforcement to apply for search warrant.
  • SJ88: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot (first reference).
  • SJ147: Commending Grace Anne Braxton.
  • SJ148: Commending Roy Gordon.
  • SJ149: Commending Daniel Certa.
  • SJ174: Commending Toby Owens.
  • SJ251: Celebrating the life of Colonel Van T. Barfoot.