Sen. Benny Lambert (D-Richmond)

Photo of Benny Lambert
9: Charles City County (All), Henrico County (Part), Richmond City (Part)
Took Office
January 1986
Left Office
January 2008
Copatroning Habits
52% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 50% of them are Democrats. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 55% of them are Republicans.
Recent Mentions in the Media

Bearing Drift: Virginia State Senator Benjamin “Benny” Lambert Dies at 77

March 2, 2014 | 3:00 am


  • SB442: Teacher Education & Licensure, Advisory Board on; nonlegislative members appointed by Governor.
  • SB684: Medical care facility; exempts from definition certain specialized centers for provision of MRI.
  • SB846: Uniform Statewide Building Code; adoption by localities of residential rental inspection districts.
  • SB847: Students with disabilities; provides due process procedures therefor.
  • SB848: Assessments; notice of change.
  • SB849: Condominium Act; assessments and taxation on certain condominium units.
  • SB850: Retirement System; optional retirement benefits to be approved by local government.
  • SB851: Retirement System; elected members of local governing bodies.
  • SB852: Water and sewage systems, private; localities not required to take over.
  • SB853: Admissions tax; permits Charles City County to impose.
  • SB854: Transient occupancy tax; allows Charles City County to impose.
  • SB915: Student records; limitations on access thereto.
  • SB1134: Insanity; petition for release of person acquitted by reason thereof.
  • SB1135: Mobile telecommunications services; authorizes Charles City County to adopt.
  • SB1343: War Memorial; State Treasurer to advance loan for construction of wing.
  • SB1344: Recordation tax; exemption for deeds of trust or mortgages given by nonprofit organization.
  • SB1345: Dogfighting; certain people are required to report.
  • SJ384: Managed care; Department of Medical Assistance Services to continue expanding use thereof.
  • SJ477: Commending Virginia State University on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.
  • SJ512: Celebrating the life of Angel Janell Jackson.
  • SJ513: Celebrating the life of Herbert Levi Sharpe, Jr.
  • SJ514: Celebrating the life of Lafayette Meekins, Jr.
  • SJ533: Commending Walter R. T. Witschey.
  • SB426: Health care services; reduced rate for medically indigent.
  • SB427: Residential Landlord Tenant Act; confidentiality of tenant records.
  • SB428: Congenital Anomalies Reporting and Education System; secure system to be provided.
  • SB438: Health Care, Joint Commission on; repeals sunset provision.
  • SB439: Sole physical custody; one person retains responsibility for daily care and control of child.
  • SB440: Standards of Quality; Standards of Learning assessments to reflect contributions of diverse people.
  • SB441: Correctional Education, Board of; changes membership to provide appointments of teachers.
  • SB442: Advisory Board on Teacher Education & Licensure; nonlegislative members appointed by Governor.
  • SB443: Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program and Fund; increases educational oppotunity.
  • SB450: Lead poisoning; lead hazard control or identification of child being poisoned thereof.
  • SB608: Claims; Rufus Thomas, Jr.
  • SB609: Claims; Troy D. Hopkins.
  • SB664: Higher educational institutions; to purchase directly from state contracts.
  • SB684: Medical care facility; exempts from definition certain specialized centers for provision of MRI.
  • SJ99: Police cadet academy; joint subcommittee to study development thereof.
  • SJ103: Lead Poisoning Prevention, Joint Subcommittee Studying; continued.
  • SJ105: Standards of Learning assess.; to consider increase in certain studies related to minorities.
  • SJ107: Childhood lead poisoning; memorandum of agreement relating to prevention thereof, report.
  • SJ114: Celebrating the life of Ernest Parker, Sr.
  • SJ141: Celebrating the life of Warner Magajar Jones, Sr.
  • SJ142: Celebrating the life of Aubrey Woolworth Fountain, Sr.
  • SJ160: Memorial resolution; Celebrating the life of Mignon Diane Griffin.
  • SJ167: Memorial resolution; Celebrating the life of the Reverend James McNeal Yarbrough.
  • SJ178: Celebrating the life of Caroline Byrd Keeney.
  • SJ258: Resolution; commending Trinity Baptist Church.
  • SJ263: Memorial resolution; celebrating the life of William Darl Cosby, Sr.
  • SJ292: Memorial resolution; celebrating the life of John Andrew Watson, Jr.
  • SJ293: Celebrating the life of Edna Henry Hurt Ball.