Del. Beverly Sherwood (R-Winchester)

Photo of Beverly Sherwood
29: Counties of Frederick (part) and Warren (part); City of Winchester
Took Office
January 1994
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
88% of bills she has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 84% of them are Republicans. Of all of her fellow copatrons of the bills that she copatroned, 70% of them are Republicans.
Recent Mentions in the Media

ARLnow: Bill to Unshackle Pregnant Inmates Fails, But Policy Change Possible

February 8, 2011 | 3:00 am

These are all of the video clips of Beverly Sherwood’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 48 video clips in all.


  • HB1862: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; add to list of offenses requiring registration.
  • HB2048: Water quality; transfer of responsibility for administration of programs.
  • HB2250: Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act; sanitary districts.
  • HB2343: Public school security equipment; issuance of bonds for purpose of grant payments.
  • HJ867: Commending the Handley Regional Library.
  • HR140: Celebrating the life of Eugenia Weisman Evans.
  • HR160: Commending Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winchester, Frederick
  • HB288: Courthouses; exception from prohibition against carrying weapon for city and county treasurers.
  • HB289: Handicapped parking; allows localities by ordinance to grant free parking.
  • HB290: Taxes, local; authorizes localities not to pay interest on refund when error made by taxpayer.
  • HB1064: Geriatric prisoners; removes petition requirement for Parole Board to consider conditional release.
  • HB1065: Erosion & Sediment Control, Stormwater, & Chesapeake Bay Preservation Acts; integration of programs.
  • HB1145: Virginia Public Procurement Act; preference for local businesses.
  • HB1146: Charter; Town of Stephens City.
  • HJ57: Commending the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • HJ333: Commending the 10 River Basin Grand Winners of the Clean Water Farm Award Program.
  • HJ349: Commending the Virginia State Police.
  • HJ468: Celebrating the life of Zachary Taylor Whitacre.
  • HB383: Utility cooperatives; electing members of board of directors by proportional representation.
  • HB1534: General district court; civil jurisdiction in actions of unlawful entry or detainer.
  • HB1773: Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Secretary of; establishes position.
  • HB1774: State of emergency; preparation for response.
  • HJ550: Celebrating the life of Harry William Butler, Jr.
  • HJ551: Celebrating the life of Colonel Walter Wayne Miller, USAF (Ret.).
  • HJ552: Commending the Millbrook High School girls' basketball team.
  • HJ553: Commending Ben Grove.
  • HJ671: Commending Shenandoah University on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in Winchester.
  • HJ672: Commending Nick Bakos.
  • HJ673: Commending Gage Swartz.
  • HJ674: Commending the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Winchester Chapter 180.
  • HJ675: Commending Austin Woodall.
  • HJ948: Commending Wayside Theatre.
  • HB262: One-stop small business permitting program; exemption of handling fee for veterans.
  • HB263: Grass; adds City of Winchester to list of localities authorized to require cutting.
  • HB382: Funeral services; burial power of attorney.
  • HB383: Utility cooperatives; electing members of board of directors by proportional representation.
  • HB1320: Dam safety; DCR to award grants to local government and private entity for dam break analysis, etc.
  • HB1322: Waste kitchen grease; any person who transports must register with VDACS, exceptions.
  • HJ52: Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness Week; designating as last week of May 2010.
  • HJ53: Honor and Remember Flag; U.S. Congress urged to designate as national emblem of service.
  • HJ292: Commending the 29th Infantry Division of the Virginia-Maryland-District of Columbia National Guard a
  • HJ384: Commending the Capitol Security Working Team.
  • HR22: Commending Derrick Borlie.
  • HB1392: Jail construction, local; State will reimburse up to one-half of capital costs.
  • HB2108: Electronic video and audio communication, two-way; if available for a hearing, judge shall use.
  • HB2567: Probation; Department of Corrections to develop supervision plan when offender placed on probation.
  • HJ635: Women's Heart Day; designating as May 17, 2009, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ636: Commending the Handley High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ637: Commending Callas Contractors, Inc.
  • HJ638: Commending James Arnold Davis.
  • HJ639: Commending Jno. S. Solenberger & Co. Inc. True Value Hardware.
  • HJ642: Celebrating the life of Esten O. Rudolph, Jr.
  • HJ643: Commending Kari Pope and Headley Wilson.
  • HJ754: Virginia Caregivers Week; designating as November 2009, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ923: Commending the Virginia National Guard's 3rd Battalion, 116th Brigade Combat Team.
  • HB163: Real estate tax; exemption or deferral for certain elderly and handicapped persons.
  • HB837: Dam break inundation zones; localities with authority to address development.
  • HB838: Criminal Justice Services Board; establishment of Executive Committee.
  • HB839: Interoperability Executive Committee; established, report.
  • HB840: Capitol Police, Division of; powers and duties.
  • HB841: Capitol District; established as geographic seat of government.
  • HB842: Concealed weapons; exempts retired Capitol Police officers from permit requirements.
  • HB843: Concealed handgun permit applications; access to personal information.
  • HB844: Crimes Against Minors and Sex Offender Registry; use of data by SAVIN.
  • HB845: Charter; City of Winchester.
  • HB846: State Police, Department of; variable housing allowance.
  • HB847: Charter; City of Winchester.
  • HB1392: Jail construction, local; State will reimburse up to one-half of capital costs.
  • HB1488: Polygraph; no sexual offense victim shall be requested to submit for investigation to proceed.
  • HJ14: Celebrating the life of Robert M. Sager.
  • HJ17: Commending the the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties on its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ148: Commending the Virginia Forest Products Association on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ239: Celebrating the life of Robert Filmore Jones.
  • HJ296: Commending Shannon Beam.
  • HJ304: Commending the National Fruit Product Company, Inc.
  • HJ368: Commending Sterling Grooms.
  • HJ549: Commending Lawrence R. Ambrogi.
  • HJ6028: Commending the Millbrook High School boys' basketball team
  • HB343: Hospice programs; regulation thereof.
  • HB2025: Private roads; certification of speed limits, etc. by licensed engineers for law-enforcement purpos.
  • HB2026: Standards of Quality; school boards to report number of career & technical education completers.
  • HB2027: DMV driver record abstracts; copies are one-half normal charge for drivers for Faith in Action.
  • HB2028: Charter; City of Winchester.
  • HB2029: Victim notification; may be made through Statewide VINE System or other similar electronic system.
  • HB2304: Emergency management and preparedness; mutual aid agreements.
  • HB2349: Conservators of peace, special; strikes provision that they have authority in any city or county.
  • HB2669: Freedom of Information Act; allows public bodies to meet by electronic communication without quorum.
  • HB83: Public Building Authority; issuance of bonds for State Agency Radio System for State Police.
  • HB341: Confederate cemeteries and graves; increases number of graves cared for.
  • HB342: Law-enforcement officer; circumstances under which may detain person suspected of criminal activity.
  • HB343: Hospice programs; regulation thereof.
  • HB344: All-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles; owners must obtain title from DMV.
  • HB345: Dams; enforcement of tools needed to ensure safety.
  • HB596: Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund; Fund includes dam safety, report.
  • HB597: Dam safety; penalties.
  • HB984: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; penalties.
  • HB985: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; registration.
  • HB986: Victim notification program; civil immunity for operation thereof.
  • HB1004: Office of Commonwealth Preparedness; provides for appointment of director by Governor.
  • HJ40: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Yewell Stiles.
  • HJ395: Celebrating the life of Jack Wilson Fretwell, Sr.