Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-Williamsburg)

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96: Counties of James City (part) and York (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2008
Next Election
November 2015
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Education, Finance, Health, Welfare and Institutions
Copatroning Habits
83% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 75% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
16.7% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$8,422.53 cash on hand (May 2013 report)

Real estate agent. Married with five children.

Top 10 Donors
Dominion Leadership Trust PAC Inc. Political committee Falmouth $1,069
Realtors Political Action Committee of Virginia Realtor Glen Allen $1,000
Virginia Uranium, Inc. Mining Chatham $1,000
Williamsburg Pottery Factory, Inc. manufacturing Lightfoot $1,000
HCA for Good Government Hospitals Richmond $500
Altria Client Services Inc. Consumer Products Richmond $500
Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee banking Lynchburg $500
EPIC PharmPAC of Virginia Pharmacies Richmond $500
Dwight Bryant Manufacturing Newport News $500
Virginia Association of Health Plans Political Action Committee Nursing Homes Richmond $500

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily: Del. Brenda Pogge Endorses Chad Green for York Board of Supervisors

May 6, 2015
A Republican candidate running against a Walmart operations manager for District 3 of the York County Board of Supervisors now has three officials advocating for him in the upcoming primary. Republican Brenda Pogge, who has served on the House of ...

Virginia Gazette: Money flows freely in General Assembly campaigns

May 5, 2015
His challenger, Republican Mark Matney reported raising $50 and spending nothing. The area's other unopposed incumbent, Del. Brenda Pogge, R-James City, was unusually active in fundraising for her, raising $37,064 to go with a balance of $7,120.

Daily Press: Route 17 businesses left to bring entranceways up to standards, except one

April 25, 2015
After a meeting with Del. Brenda Pogge, R-Norge, several VDOT officials, and engineers from Yorktown-based Davis & Associates, VDOT agreed to make his entranceway 30 feet wide, as the design manual requires. VDOT agreed to add the 10 feet to Firth's ...and more »

Virginia Gazette: James City County Board of Supervisors passes budget, slightly smaller real ...

April 29, 2015
Some people who opposed the tax increase, like Roger Pogge, husband of Del. Brenda Pogge, R-James City, said they were disappointed the county didn't examine more options to reduce spending. "I'm disappointed they didn't look at more ideas like the ...and more »

Thenewjournalandguide: May 16: Liberty & Justice Forum For All

May 7, 2015
May 16: Liberty & Justice Forum For AllSpecial guests will include Pastor Mark Gonzales, Executive Director of the National Black Robe Regiment; Newport News City Councilwoman Tina L. Vick; Virginia State Delegate Brenda Pogge; Don Blake, Chairman of the Virginia Christian Alliance; Martin ...

These are all of the video clips of Brenda Pogge’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 100 video clips in all.


  • HB1153: Real property tax; assessments, appeal to court.
  • HB1178: Trespass; physical interference with rights of owner, penalty.
  • HB1488: Conservation easements; tax benefits, disputes over easement terms.
  • HB1571: Electronic summons system; additional assessment for costs and fees.
  • HB1572: Open-space land; acquisition.
  • HB1573: Attorney General or his designee; duty to represent the interests of the Commonwealth.
  • HB1574: Voter registration; proof of citizenship.
  • HB1575: Concealed handgun permit; disqualification from obtaining when convicted of drunk boating.
  • HB1576: Real property tax assessments; arbitration.
  • HB1645: Alcoholic beverage control; expands bed and breakfast licenses.
  • HB1646: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; proceeding for enforcement.
  • HB1656: James City County; amending charter, director of planning.
  • HB1712: Vending stands & other business enterprises operated in public buildings; vacancies for the blind.
  • HB2055: Condominium Act; suspension of voting rights.
  • HJ659: Israel, State of; encouraging support for the State.
  • HJ660: Commending Victoria Annette Thomas.
  • HJ661: Celebrating the life of John Edward McDonald.
  • HJ662: Commending Benjamin Howlett.
  • HJ663: Commending the Historic Triangle Community Services Center.
  • HJ664: Celebrating the life of James Orie McReynolds.
  • HJ665: Commending Schmidt's Flowers & Accessories.
  • HJ776: Celebrating the life of Wainola Inez Campbell Holloman.
  • HJ777: Celebrating the life of Nora Ruth Williamson.
  • HB71: Agricultural operations; local regulation of certain activities.
  • HB72: Hybrid electric motor vehicles; eliminates annual license tax.
  • HB138: Magistrates; authorized to exercise powers regarding search warrants throughout Commonwealth.
  • HB524: Uniform Statewide Building Code; accessible units.
  • HB525: Real property tax; notice of assessment.
  • HB526: Health & physical education in high schools; participation in Junior Reserve Officers' Training.
  • HB527: Group homes; zoning.
  • HB529: Federal parks in Virginia; provision of temporary funding.
  • HB530: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; compliance with declaration.
  • HB1153: Real property tax; assessments, appeal to court.
  • HB1178: Trespass; physical interference with rights of owner, penalty.
  • HJ261: Commending Rachel Granata.
  • HJ262: Commending Darlene Russell.
  • HJ263: Commending Christine Wilson.
  • HJ264: Commending Robin Bledsoe.
  • HJ295: Commending Bethel Restoration Center.
  • HJ301: Commending Howard Wallace.
  • HJ383: Commending Susan Oweis.
  • HJ384: Commending Hampton Christian Academy.
  • HJ480: Commending the Jamestown High School girls' swim team.
  • HJ481: Commending the Jamestown High School boys' swim team.
  • HJ5097: Commending Deborah MacDowell.
  • HJ5098: Commending Anna Thomas.
  • HJ5099: Commending Jessica Capano.
  • HB1207: Higher education; right of students to assert objection to requirement of academic degree program.
  • HB1354: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes service charges of photographers and videographers.
  • HB1383: Criminal history record information; emergency medical services providers.
  • HB1419: Family health care structures, temporary; zoning provisions, extends time structure must be removed.
  • HB1420: Intervener; purposes of regulations promulgated by Board of Education.
  • HB1421: U.S. Constitution; delegates to attend convention to amend.
  • HB1622: Emergency medical services providers; Board of Health shall prescribe regulation, procedures, etc.
  • HB1642: Parental rights; fundamental right to make decisions concerning upbringing, etc., of their child.
  • HB2202: Vehicle towing charges; increases maximum hookup and initial towing fee.
  • HB2236: RS&UT; exemption for separately charged amounts for labor, etc., on property sold or rented.
  • HJ559: Commending Billy Apperson.
  • HJ574: Constitutional amendment; fundamental rights of parents (first reference).
  • HJ610: Commending Greenwood Christian Academy.
  • HJ804: Commending Nancy Davenport-Ennis.
  • HR104: Commending Taylor Elizabeth Hogge.
  • HR120: Commending Olivia Wilson.
  • HR136: Commending Carley Shannon.
  • HR137: Commending Tara Zimak.
  • HR138: Commending Kurtis Steck.
  • HR143: Commending John Henry.
  • HR144: Commending Debra Graves.
  • HR145: Commending Sam Kitson.
  • HR149: Commending Casey O'Neil.
  • HB370: Highway median maintenance; VDOT to enter into agreements with local governments.
  • HB371: Agricultural and forestal districts; adds James City County to list authorized to create.
  • HB372: Pawnbrokers; digital images required to be maintained.
  • HB373: Locksmiths; transfers regulatory authority for licensing to DPOR.
  • HB374: Party identification on ballots; requirement extends to local elections.
  • HB375: Firearms; workplace rule by locality that prevents storing in locked motor vehicle, exceptions.
  • HB376: Driver's licenses; storage of driver's license information.
  • HB377: Condominium Act; exemptions from registration.
  • HB378: Funeral services licensees; continuing education requirements.
  • HB379: Funeral services; alkaline hydrolysis prohibited, penalty.
  • HB380: Regional emergency services councils; plan requirements related to crime victims.
  • HB381: Motorboat registration; changes expiration date.
  • HB382: Assistive technology devices; transfer of by school division.
  • HB383: Zoning ordinances; attorney fees.
  • HB1207: Higher education; right of students to assert objection to requirement of academic degree program.
  • HB1208: Home instruction of children; limits required description of curriculum.
  • HJ67: Commending the Patient Advocate Foundation on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.
  • HJ68: Commending Care Net Resource Pregnancy Center.
  • HJ175: Commending the Virginia Academy of Family Physicians.
  • HJ447: Commending Emily-Anne Rigal.
  • HR67: Celebrating the life of John Watts Bowditch.
  • HR71: Commending Dr. William M. Kelso.
  • HR578: Commending the Williamsburg Christian Academy boys' basketball team.
  • HR579: Commending the Williamsburg Christian Academy girls' basketball team.
  • HB164: Protective orders; authorizes judicial officer to require respondent be subject to GPS monitoring.
  • HB1462: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; definition of crime.
  • HB1671: Public procurement; includes person with disability-owned businesses in provisions.
  • HB1672: Real property tax; adds James City County to those permitted to enact provisions regarding zoning.
  • HB1673: Prostitution; establishment of enhanced enforcement areas to deter.
  • HB1674: Common interest communities; definitions, fees for disclosure packets.
  • HB1675: Emergency medical services; requirements for submission of applications for variances & exemptions.
  • HB2013: Community services boards; Commissioner to establish workgroup to develop a drug formulary for use.
  • HB2014: Students; Disability Commission to study continued access to assistive technology devices.
  • HB2378: Accreditation of schools; delayed implementation of certain statutes and regulations, etc.
  • HB2379: Discontinued secondary system highways; shall be available for use by public as a road.
  • HB2380: Firearms; civil immunity for employers who do not prohibit employees from storing in their vehicles.
  • HB2381: Street gang prosecution; expands definition of predicate criminal act to include burglary, etc.
  • HB2382: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; written notice to sex offenders of applicable laws.
  • HJ525: Celebrating the life of Lynda Lee Waddill.
  • HJ631: Commending Kyle King.
  • HJ742: Commending Heidi Peterson.
  • HJ879: Celebrating the life of Walter Ernest Mettler, Jr.
  • HJ932: Celebrating the life and accomplishments of Thomas Nelson, Jr.
  • HJ933: Celebrating the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Rush.
  • HB164: Protective orders; authorizes judicial officer to require respondent be subject to GPS monitoring.
  • HB165: Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act; stay of proceedings.
  • HB166: Capital murder; adds fire marshals, etc., to statute so death sentence can be imposed.
  • HB167: Criminal Street Gang Act; adds burglary and shooting to list of predicate criminal acts.
  • HB168: Personal flotation devices; requires children 12 and under to wear.
  • HB169: Intellectual disability services system; restructuring.
  • HB170: Prostitution; penalty.
  • HB171: Firearms in locked vehicles; immunity from liability.
  • HB172: Sex offenders; prohibiting proximity to children.
  • HB173: Influenza vaccine; certified emergency medical services personnel may administer and dispense.
  • HB618: Local ordinances; permits locality to obtain determination by circuit court as to constitutionality.
  • HB966: State Corporation Commission; processing business entity formation documents.
  • HB1296: Obscenity law for colleges; limitations, exception.
  • HB1328: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; written notice of applicable law to offenders.
  • HJ2: Commending Steve Sherwood.
  • HJ3: Commending T. K. Weiler.
  • HJ4: Commending the Grafton High School baseball team.
  • HJ8: Commending Jasmine Williams-Hayes.
  • HJ18: Commending the Bruton High School football team.
  • HJ19: Commending the Tabb High School field hockey team.
  • HJ20: Commending Brigadier General John W. Nicholson (Ret.).
  • HJ21: Commending the Warhill High School football team.
  • HJ106: Commending Tara Zimak.
  • HJ107: Commending the Center for the Constitution at James Madisons Montpelier.
  • HJ178: Commending Ryan Krank.
  • HJ193: Parental Rights Amendment; urging Congress to pass amendment to Constitution and submit to states.
  • HJ215: Commending John Hanna.
  • HJ394: Commending the Campus Kitchen at the College of William and Mary.
  • HJ451: Commending Michael Ryan.
  • HJ452: Commending Anita Vassar.
  • HB1538: Public schools; abortion services prohibited.
  • HB1734: Concealed handgun permits; amends various processes, procedures, and requirements for obtaining.
  • HB1741: Firearms; possession or transportation thereof by persons under the age of 18, penalty.
  • HB1742: Deferred compensation plans, local; locality to provide automatic enrollment of all employees.
  • HB1743: Law-enforcement officer; expands definition to include auxiliary deputy sheriffs appointed.
  • HB1744: Natural health care providers; not licensed may provide care to consumer for use of natural foods.
  • HB1745: Victim witness fee; increases fee in criminal cases.
  • HB1746: Family life education; adds benefits, etc., of marriage for men, etc., to list of topics covered.
  • HB1747: Towing & Recovery Operators, board of; public safety towing.
  • HB1748: Concealed handgun permit; no requirement for fingerprinting if previously issued permit.
  • HB1749: Workers' compensation; infectious disease presumption for wastewater systems employees.
  • HB2502: Transient occupancy tax; adds representatives of lodging properties to local tourism organizations.
  • HB2503: Juveniles; collection of DNA to include that of any age 14 whose delinquency charges are deferred.
  • HB2638: Capital murder; add auxiliary police officer, etc. to definition of law-enforcement officer statute.
  • HB2666: Elections; authorizes candidate representatives to observe part of election day, no assisting voter.
  • HJ746: Commending Sanford B. Wanner.
  • HJ769: Commending the Tabb High School field hockey team.
  • HJ973: Commending Sarah Lichtel.
  • HJ5023: Commending Dr. Jim Shaw and Cooka Shaw.
  • HR54: Commending Ward R. Scull III.
  • HR55: Commending Paul Garman.
  • HB526: Peninsula Ports Authority; creates procedure for dissolution thereof.
  • HB527: Juveniles; retention of fingerprints for those given deferred disposition in criminal case.
  • HB528: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; ordinance appeals.
  • HB529: Concealed handgun permits; renewal and replacement thereof.
  • HB530: Freestanding birth centers; licensing.
  • HB555: Wetlands; localities to establish and operate mitigation banks.
  • HB1400: Minor's drug test; disclosure of results.
  • HB1494: Congressional, Senate, & House of Delegates districts; makes technical adjustment between districts.
  • HB1538: Public schools; abortion services prohibited.
  • HJ286: Celebrating the life of Jo Ann Davis.
  • HJ483: Celebrating the life of Chief Warrant Officer Dwayne L. Moore.
  • HJ509: Commending Steven R. Staples.
  • HJ523: Commending Norge Community Hall on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ524: Commending the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HJ566: Commending Deloris Lee Borum.
  • HJ567: Commending Paige Reid Archer.
  • HJ568: Commending Nancy B. Kane.
  • HJ569: Commending Libby Garrett.
  • HJ5023: Commending Dr. Jim Shaw and Cooka Shaw.
  • HJ6033: Commending Christopher Fairman.
  • HJ6034: Commending the Grafton High School boys' soccer team.
  • HJ6035: Commending the the Jamestown High School boys' soccer team.