Del. Chris Peace (R-Mechanicsville)

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97: Counties of Hanover (part), King William (part), and New Kent [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Next Election
November 2019
Appropriations, General Laws (Chair), Health, Welfare and Institutions, Science and Technology
Copatroning Habits
78% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 72% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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39.1% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Chris Peace’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 170 video clips in all.


  • HB847: Capitol Square Preservation Council; changes title of the chief officer.
  • HB849: Virginia Lottery; digital vendors.
  • HB850: Adult protective services; emergency order, appointment of temporary conservator.
  • HB852: Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee; established.
  • HB853: Saltwater recreational fishing license; member of an American Indian tribe exempt.
  • HB854: Polysomnographic technology; students or trainees, licensure.
  • HB855: Landlord and tenant law; notice requirements, landlord's acceptance of rent with reservation.
  • HB856: Unlawful detainer; execution of writ of possession.
  • HB857: Landlord and tenant law; general provisions and Act.
  • HB858: Scope of discovery; deposing certain corporate officers.
  • HB859: Uniform Statewide Building Code; administration and enforcement, agreements for assistance.
  • HB860: Prescription drugs; delivery of orders.
  • HB861: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include Indian Tribes.
  • HB862: Real estate licenses; required to obtain a business entity license.
  • HB1135: Professions and occupations; prior criminal history.
  • HB1465: Purchases and Supply, Division of; requirements to purchase, exceptions.
  • HB1576: Composite index; local ability to pay for certain counties.
  • HB1602: Alcoholic beverage control; creates confectionery license.
  • HJ89: Portable scales; DMV to study best practices when using for overweight trucks.
  • HJ137: Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Charles C. Green et al. v. County School Board of New Kent.
  • HJ157: Commending the Hanover County Historical Society.
  • HJ164: Commending Bay Aging.
  • HJ177: Celebrating the life of Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates.
  • HJ227: Commending the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing.
  • HJ245: Celebrating the life of Barbara S. Klotz.
  • HR46: Celebrating the life of Robert Lee Dodd, Jr.
  • HR63: Celebrating the life of Elton Jefferson Wade, Sr.
  • HR80: Celebrating the life of Charles Bradley Arnett, Jr.
  • HR116: Commending the American Council of Engineering Companies of Virginia.
  • HB1530: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; certification programs for certain businesses.
  • HB1942: Fostering Futures program; individual participating in program subject to a background check.
  • HB1943: Administrative Process Act; economic impact analysis of proposed regulations.
  • HB1944: Administrative Process Act; certain regulations for licensed providers by DMAS and DBHDS.
  • HB1945: Adult exploitation; broadens definition for purposes of social services laws.
  • HB1946: State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Office of the; amends provisions related to Office.
  • HB1947: Guardians; temporary delegation of powers regarding an incapacitated person.
  • HB1948: Substance abuse treatment upon conviction of a crime; recovery community organization.
  • HB1949: Initial licensure fee waiver for certain teachers.
  • HB1950: Cigarette tax, local; refund of returned tax stamps.
  • HB1951: Criminal Justice Services Board and its Committee on Training; citizen membership.
  • HB1952: Proposed acquisitions of real property; review by Department of General Services.
  • HB1979: Contractors, Board for; exemptions, responsibility for contracting with unlicensed person.
  • HJ671: Celebrating the life of Lelia Baum Hopper.
  • HJ794: Celebrating the life of Peter Wilcox Brown, M.D.
  • HJ830: Commending Sam Rogers.
  • HR281: Commending the New Kent Middle School football team.
  • HR291: Celebrating the life of James Pinckney Townsend.
  • HR314: Celebrating the life of Mary Elizabeth Haas.
  • HR338: Commending Alice Lynch.
  • HR346: Celebrating the life of Robert Williams Herzog.
  • HR349: Celebrating the life of Francis H. Payne, Jr.
  • HR381: Celebrating the life of Sumpter Turner Priddy, Jr.
  • HB667: Criminal Injury Compensation Fund; filing of claims.
  • HB668: Spousal support factors; factors contributing to dissolution, including any ground for divorce.
  • HB669: CASA Program, Advisory Committee to; membership shall include one judge.
  • HB670: Truancy; educational neglect, penalty.
  • HB671: Appointed counsel for parents or guardians; attorneys who qualify as guardian ad litem.
  • HB672: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; malicious wounding, aggravated malicious wounding.
  • HB674: Kinship foster care; waiver of foster home approval standards.
  • HB675: Auxiliary grants; supportive housing providers.
  • HB676: Financial exploitation of adults; DARS work group to study.
  • HB677: Security freezes; fee exemption.
  • HB682: Teacher licensure; waiver of requirements, trade and industrial education programs.
  • HB683: Virginia Housing Trust Fund; revenue deposits.
  • HB684: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; rental of units and lots; disclosure packets.
  • HB687: Campaign finance; digital currency as an accepted form of contribution.
  • HB688: Certificate of public need; requirements before commencing a project.
  • HB689: Certificate of public need; exception for certain medical care equipment and services.
  • HB690: Immunity of persons at public hearing; attorney fees and costs.
  • HB812: Limited Residential Lodging Act; established, penalty.
  • HB814: Virginia Indian advisory board; Secretary of the Commonwealth may establish, membership.
  • HB816: Public Guardian and Conservator Advisory Board; established, membership, report.
  • HB1207: Family and Children's Trust Fund; exempt from taxation.
  • HB1312: Special license plates; MEG'S MILES.
  • HB1359: Transit Capital Project Revenue Advisory Board; established, report, sunset provision.
  • HJ103: Adoption; Commission on Youth to study home study process.
  • HJ174: Commending Robert R. Lindgren.
  • HJ201: Commending the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • HJ385: Commending the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office.
  • HJ417: Celebrating the life of Mathew Daniel Frank.
  • HJ418: Celebrating the life of Tyler Michael Frank.
  • HR61: Commending Elton J. Wade, Sr.
  • HR62: Commending the New Kent High School golf team.
  • HR63: Celebrating the life of Phoebe Marion Fitz Wallace.
  • HR78: Commending the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest.
  • HR87: Commending Kathleen S. Kilpatrick.
  • HR127: Commending debra of America.
  • HR143: Commending the Hanover Ruritan Club.
  • HR144: Celebrating the life of John G. Zehmer, Jr.
  • HR165: Celebrating the life of Eugene Larry Helmick.
  • HR205: Celebrating the life of Mary Aylett Creath Payne.
  • HR207: Commending Memory Porter.
  • HR220: Celebrating the life of Walter Willson Craigie, Jr.
  • HB902: Virginia-recognized Indian Tribes; contracts with firms to perform building function on Reservation.
  • HB905: Vital Records, State Registrar of; disclosure of death index information.
  • HB1046: Nurse practitioners, licensed; treatment of injured employee within scope of practice.
  • HB1047: Income tax, state; working family child care tax credit.
  • HB1363: Industrial waste; land application unlawful in certain counties.
  • HB1364: Solid and semisolid industrial wastes; fees for testing and monitoring of land application.
  • HB2081: Employers; disclosure of social media account information.
  • HB2082: Emergency care; forcible entry of motor vehicle to remove a minor.
  • HB2083: Community policy and management teams; policies governing referrals and reviews.
  • HB2084: Auxiliary grants; supportive housing.
  • HB2092: Sexual and Domestic Violence, Advisory Committee on; established.
  • HB2094: Building Code; limitation of prosecution for violations.
  • HB2100: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; allowable charges, rental of units.
  • HB2103: Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors, Virginia Board for; new home inspections, penalty.
  • HB2104: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; records held by VCU/MCV.
  • HB2105: Spousal support; denial to spouse convicted of certain violations.
  • HB2106: Virginia Indian Recognition, Joint Commission on; established, report, sunset provision.
  • HB2335: Pari-mutuel wagering on simulcast horse racing; certain wagering outside of Commonwealth permitted.
  • HB2336: Virginia Public Procurement Act; IT procurement; terms and conditions; limitation on liability.
  • HJ634: Commemorating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta.
  • HJ651: Celebrating the life of Dr. William Cleveland Bosher, Jr.
  • HJ949: Celebrating the life of Jerome Kersey.
  • HR197: Commending Kay Beazley.
  • HR198: Celebrating the life of Wayne Dallas Fuller.
  • HR199: Commending Farrar W. Howard, Jr.
  • HR206: Celebrating the life of Linwood Custalow, M.D.
  • HR226: Commending Erin Adams.
  • HR237: Commending Mary Jane Hogue.
  • HR239: Commemorating the life and legacy of Janie Porter Barrett.
  • HR240: Commending Sherry E. Peterson.
  • HR246: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. David Traynham Anderson.
  • HR290: Celebrating the life of Charles B. Walker.
  • HB885: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; filing of claims.
  • HB886: Higher Education for Virginia, State Council of; postsecondary education and employment data.
  • HB887: Governor's Career and Technical Education School; establishing a jointly operated high school.
  • HB888: Uniform assessment instrument; regulations.
  • HB890: Social worker; family-services specialists & qualified equivalent workers allowed to perform tasks.
  • HB891: Health regulatory boards; powers and duties, special conference committees.
  • HB894: Auxiliary grants; expands eligibility for program to certain individuals.
  • HB897: Private security services businesses; exception for certified public accountants.
  • HB898: Civil penalty; untaxed tobacco products.
  • HB899: Condominium Act; purchaser's right of cancellation.
  • HB900: Condominium Act and Property Owners' Association Act; allowable fees, etc.
  • HB901: Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act; public offering statement, multisite registration.
  • HB902: Virginia-recognized Indian Tribes; contracts with firms to perform building function on Reservation.
  • HB903: Commonwealth, Secretary of the; liaison to Virginia Indian tribes.
  • HB905: Vital Records, State Registrar of; disclosure of death index information.
  • HB923: Prescription Monitoring Program; disclosure method of information to recipient.
  • HB1045: Contractors, Board for; additional monetary penalty for certain violations.
  • HB1046: Nurse practitioners, licensed; treatment of injured employee within scope of practice.
  • HB1047: Income tax, state; working family child care tax credit.
  • HB1095: Innovation and Technology Transportation Fund; created, report.
  • HB1235: DHP; use of implantable medical devices distributed by physician-owned distributorships.
  • HB1236: Foster care and adoption assistance; DSS to amend state plan to include payments up to age 21.
  • HB1252: Child welfare agencies; criminal history background checks requirement established.
  • HJ148: Oral health; recognizing importance as part of overall health.
  • HJ5021: Commending Dr. Leonard L. Edloe.
  • HJ5022: Celebrating the life of Robert Ryland Musick.
  • HR59: Commending Bob Bowles.
  • HR60: Commending Sheltering Arms.
  • HR61: Commending the Hanover High School baseball team.
  • HR62: Commending the St. Christopher's School baseball team.
  • HR63: Commending the Mechanicsville American Legion Post 175 baseball team.
  • HR64: Commending Virginia A. Habansky.
  • HR145: Celebrating the life of William T. Patrick, Jr.
  • HR504: Celebrating the life of Grace Hall Eddleton.
  • HR506: Commending Dr. Mark R. Jones.
  • HR524: Celebrating the life of Connor Sean Scanlan.
  • HR525: Commending R. David Ross.
  • HR540: Celebrating the life of Thomas Tyler Potterfield.
  • HR551: Celebrating the life of Renee Saunders Parr.
  • HR558: Celebrating the life of Peter Murray Johns.
  • HB264: Interstate Health Care Compact; established.
  • HB267: Dental laboratories; register with Board of Dentistry.
  • HB274: Circuit court judges; increases number in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, decreases in Seventeenth.
  • HB1242: Dangerous wild animals; Class 1 misdemeanor to privately possess, sell, transfer, etc.
  • HB2030: Health insurance; installment payments of cost-sharing obligations associated with prescriptions.
  • HB2031: Audiology and speech-language pathology; provisional license.
  • HB2033: Provisional driver's license; restriction exceptions.
  • HB2054: RS&UT; exemption includes property used for harvesting forest products.
  • HB2062: Executive Mansion, Citizens' Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting; membership.
  • HB2065: Juvenile correctional centers; offenses committed by persons committed to DJJ, etc.
  • HB2066: Standards of Quality; assignment of certain staff by local school divisions.
  • HB2072: Condemnation; local application process.
  • HB2078: Public procurement; increases public notice of requests for proposals, technical amendments.
  • HB2093: Circuit court judges; increases number in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.
  • HB2139: State officers and employees; removal of certain officers from office.
  • HB2196: Tolls; Interstate Highway System components.
  • HB2197: Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.; construction of use of old Code sections.
  • HB2219: Cigarette taxes; certain bond or irrevocable letter of credit requirements.
  • HB2275: Condominium Act; expands respective declarant control period, warranty review committees.
  • HJ764: Commending the Virginia Capitol Foundation.
  • HR112: Celebrating the life of Elmore Whitehurst.
  • HR113: Celebrating the life of Chief Oscar C. Watson.
  • HR114: Commending Suzanne M. Sherman.
  • HR115: Commending the Bridging Communities Regional Career and Technical Center.
  • HR116: Commending Richmond Hill.
  • HB262: Transportation Board; adds urban and rural at-large members.
  • HB263: Correctional enterprises; Director of Purchases & Supply et al., to grant certain exemption, report.
  • HB264: Interstate Health Care Compact; established.
  • HB265: Health Professions, Board of; required to meet annually rather than quarterly.
  • HB266: Surgery; definition and who may perform.
  • HB267: Dental laboratories; register with Board of Dentistry.
  • HB268: Occupational therapy; definition.
  • HB269: Certificate of public need; process for review & approval of psychiatric & substance abuse services.
  • HB270: Public guardianship and conservator program; VDA to adopt person-centered practice procedures.
  • HB271: Substance Abuse Recovery Support Services Grant Program; established, report.
  • HB272: Death, marriage, or divorce records; changes time period before becomes public.
  • HB273: DCJS; requires provide minimum training standards for juvenile correctional officers.
  • HB274: Circuit court judges; increases number in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, decreases in Seventeenth.
  • HB275: Accountancy, Board of; confidentiality of certain information.
  • HB276: Neighborhood Assistance Act tax credits; eligibility of certain mediators.
  • HB277: Cigarette tax stamps, local; same technology used or required by State.
  • HB327: Historic structures; demolition.
  • HB764: Higher educational institutions; indemnification agreements.
  • HB765: College partnership laboratory schools; development of programs with public school divisions.
  • HB1185: The Road to Revolution; expands potential for sites on state heritage trail.
  • HB1242: Dangerous wild animals; Class 1 misdemeanor to privately possess, sell, transfer, etc.
  • HB1273: Chemotherapy; requirements for orally administered cancer drugs.
  • HJ56: Commending the Lee-Davis High School softball team.
  • HJ422: Commending Kirk Rohle.
  • HR33: Commending Beulah Baptist Church.
  • HR42: Commending the Older Dominion Partnership.
  • HR43: Commending the Lenoid and Bessie Fowlkes family.
  • HB720: Health insurance choice; created.
  • HB724: Open Education Curriculum Board; established.
  • HB1465: Higher educational institutions; policies prohibitting admission of illegal aliens.
  • HB1601: Aggravated involuntary manslaughter; punishment when committed by unlicensed driver.
  • HB1602: Virginia War of 1812 Heritage Trail; established.
  • HB1603: License plates, special; issuance to those marking bicentennial of American War of 1812.
  • HB1822: Local Defense Production Zone; created and creates a separate classification of machinery and tools.
  • HB2033: Prepayment of fines; circuit court may enter order for paying those under traffic infraction.
  • HB2034: Attorney General; investigation of complaints.
  • HB2035: Medicaid fraud; restitution.
  • HB2036: Commitment on parole supervision; court services unit to consult with local social services.
  • HB2037: Social work; unlawful for person not licensed by Board of Social Work to use title social worker.
  • HB2038: Cigarette tax; Tax Commissioner shall convene a working group to review current policies, report.
  • HB2364: Joint aid agreements by localities; localities to arrange aid to and from other localities.
  • HB2365: Virginia Racing Commission; authorization to join Interstate Racing and Wagering Compact.
  • HB2373: Medical malpractice; privileged communications of certain committees.
  • HB2520: Advisory boards, councils, and other advisory collegial bodies, certain; elimination.
  • HJ529: Celebrating the life of Kirby Hugh Porter.
  • HJ530: Celebrating the life of Dean Ridings.
  • HJ531: Celebrating the life of Thelma Rose Crump Wilson.
  • HJ532: Commending John H. Hodges.
  • HJ533: Commending Robert M. Ostergren.
  • HJ565: Amendments convention; expresses sense of General Assembly that Congress call convention.
  • HJ566: Oral chemotherapy drugs; Joint Commission on Health Care to study access thereto.
  • HJ588: Commending Stewart D. Roberson.
  • HJ624: Shellfish industry and state regulators; USFDA, et al., to work to improve shellfish safety.
  • HJ711: Commending the Hanover Ruritan Club.
  • HJ718: Celebrating the life of Frederick W. Peatross.
  • HJ755: Commending Marian A. White.
  • HR46: State sovereignty; Congress urged to honor Tenth Amendment to U.S. Constitution.
  • HB706: General Assembly deadlines; computation of time.
  • HB707: Water and sewer charges; adds Counties of Caroline and New Kent to those localities that may impose.
  • HB708: Home health care organization; establish policies for maintaining a drug-free workplace.
  • HB709: Electronic textbooks; allows for purchase of printed textbooks, etc., for public schools.
  • HB710: Health care data and reporting; increase awareness thereof through nonprofit organization websites.
  • HB711: Judgment; circuit court may decree sale of real estate used as owner's primary residence to enforce.
  • HB712: Law-enforcement employees; overtime compensation.
  • HB713: Contractors, Board for; prerequisite for obtaining business license.
  • HB714: Foreclosure sales; trustee to pay taxes.
  • HB715: Deed of trust; allows title insurance companies authority settlement agents have to release lien.
  • HB716: Intellectual property created by state employees; adds new reporting requirements.
  • HB717: Civil War Site Preservation Fund; established.
  • HB718: Children; Governor and DSS to develop and implement plan to reduce number in foster care.
  • HB719: Uniform Power of Attorney Act; established within Code of Virginia.
  • HB720: Health insurance choice; created.
  • HB721: Courthouse and courtroom security; sheriff to contract to private security business therefor.
  • HB722: Individual health insurance coverage; resident of State shall not be required to obtain a policy.
  • HB723: Podiatry; testifying as an expert witness, definition of practice.
  • HB724: Open Education Curriculum Board; established.
  • HB725: Polysomnographic Technology, Advisory Board on; established.
  • HB726: Mandated health insurance benefits; Commission to review for medical efficacy.
  • HB967: Assisted living facility and group home; no more than 8 aged, infirmed, etc., persons shall reside.
  • HB1350: Post-Disaster Anti-Price Gouging Act; time of disaster.
  • HB1389: College Partnership Laboratory Schools; established.
  • HJ13: Celebrating the 40th birthday of Secretariat on March 30, 2010.
  • HJ101: Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills and test; Board of Education to approve revised version, report.
  • HJ103: Celebrating the life of John Harding Ball, Jr.
  • HJ191: Health insurance choice; SCT, et al. to appropriate trade associations, etc., to develop blueprint.
  • HJ196: Commending the Chesapeake Bioscience Education Foundation.
  • HJ237: Celebrating the life of Oriana Robertson Hargrove.
  • HB13: Stalking; enhanced penalty if victim is a minor.
  • HB141: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of the Road to Revolution state heritage trail.
  • HB751: Involuntary commitment hearings; accessibility of results by colleges and universities.
  • HB752: Higher educational institutions; mental health record release authorization when enrolling.
  • HB1296: Towing and Recovery Operator, Board of; postpones effective date of any regulations.
  • HB1326: Retail Sales and Use Tax: exemptions for textbooks extended to students at institutions of learning.
  • HB1550: Service of process; plaintiff requesting on defendant where service was not had, plaintiff must pay.
  • HB1619: Distribution of handbills in highway right-of-way; grants City of Falls Church, etc. to prohibit.
  • HB1721: Income tax, state; homebuyer tax credit.
  • HB1808: Income tax, state; homebuyer tax credit.
  • HB1938: Income tax, state; increases livable home tax credit.
  • HB1939: Radiologist assistants; licensure.
  • HB1940: Open Education Resource Center Grant Fund; established, development of two-year pilot project.
  • HB1941: Patent and copyright policies; requires Secretaries of Administration and Technology to establish.
  • HB1942: Single-sex education; clarifies manner school boards may establish program in school division.
  • HB1943: Optometrists; those licensed may sell contact lenses & allowed to dispense ophthalmic devices.
  • HB1944: Succession; determination of parent-child relationship in determining rights to property.
  • HB1945: Regional alternative education programs; certain students may be administratively assigned thereto.
  • HB1946: Case and financial management systems; Ex. Secretary of Supreme Court responsible for.
  • HB2436: Assault and battery; penalty when against emergency room personnel.
  • HB2661: Recordation tax; exemption.
  • HJ680: Native Americans of Virginia; General Assembly to support establishment of commemorative commission.
  • HJ683: Retailers for Life Month; designating as April 2009, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ691: Celebrating the life of Robert Edward Shepherd, Jr.
  • HJ692: Celebrating the life of Michael Sean Tansey.
  • HJ695: Commending New Kent County Courthouse on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ730: Large animal veterinarians; Va.-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Med. to study shortage of.
  • HJ792: Assisted Living Awareness Day; designating September 15, 2009, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ871: Commending J. Roy Geiger.
  • HJ880: Celebrating the life of Jane Rowe Reynolds Murray.
  • HJ947: Celebrating the life of Carlton Miles Southworth.
  • HJ1000: Commending Lee-Davis High School on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ5008: Celebrating the life of Frances Nelson Gray.
  • HR61: State sovereignty; urging Congress to honor under tenth amendment of U. S. Constitution.
  • HB1: Disabled veteran; definition thereof.
  • HB13: Stalking; enhanced penalty if victim is a minor.
  • HB14: Higher educational institutions; aliens unlawfully present not eligible for admission thereto.
  • HB136: School; definition thereof for purposes of prohibiting weapons on school grounds.
  • HB137: Textbook purchases; permits local school boards to enter into contracts with publishers.
  • HB138: Adoption; filing of petition.
  • HB139: Income tax, state; tax credit for certain biodiesel fuels producers.
  • HB140: Governing bodies & school boards, local; required to annually publish their approved budgets online.
  • HB141: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of the Road to Revolution state heritage trail.
  • HB294: Water and sewage connections; New Kent County to require connection by certain property owners.
  • HB536: Court-appointed counsel; compensation in district court for those defending juvenile offenders.
  • HB751: Involuntary commitment hearings; accessibility of results by colleges and universities.
  • HB752: Higher educational institutions; mental health record release authorization when enrolling.
  • HB753: Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN); protective order information sent thereto, expiration.
  • HB754: Horse racing; local referendum.
  • HB1296: Towing and Recovery Operator, Board for; postpones effective date of any regulations.
  • HB1326: Retail Sales and Use Tax: exemptions for textbooks extended to students at institutions of learning.
  • HB1327: Custody and visitation; ex parte orders.
  • HB1328: Stalking; enhanced penalties.
  • HB1329: Communication towers, state-owned; wireless broadband service in unserved areas.
  • HB1550: Service of process; plaintiff requesting on defendant where service was not had, plaintiff must pay.
  • HB6009: Trooper Robert Tinsley Lohr Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 207 bridge over I-95 in Caroline.
  • HB6010: Trooper Robin Lee Farmer Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 639 bridge over I-95 in Caroline Co.
  • HJ5: Right Choices for Youth Month in Virginia; designating as October 2008, and each succeeding year.
  • HJ6: Commending the Highland Springs High School boys' basketball team
  • HJ7: Celebrating the life of Finnella Saunders Fearnow.
  • HJ8: Celebrating the life of Theodore F. Woody, Jr.
  • HJ9: Celebrating the life of Lance Corporal Jeremy L. Tinnel.
  • HJ10: Celebrating the life of Robert H. Shackelford, Jr.
  • HJ11: Celebrating the life of Murice Grayson Balderson.
  • HJ12: Commending Dr. Farrar W. Howard.
  • HJ13: Celebrating the life of Rebecca Clary Harris.
  • HJ40: Commending Dr. Robert Bruce Stroube.
  • HJ41: Adoption Awareness Month; recognizing as November 2008, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ42: Real ID Act; memorializing Congress to repeal or amend.
  • HJ176: Public schools; Joint Commission on Technology and Science to study open education resources.
  • HJ262: Commending New Kent County which joined the 'Cool Counties' initiative.
  • HJ353: Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Charles C. Green, et al. v. County School Board of New Kent.
  • HJ354: Commending Quinton Volunteer Fire & EMS, New Kent Company Two on its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ556: Commending Jennifer Phillips.
  • HJ564: Commending the Rotary Clubs of Hanover and Mechanicsville.
  • HJ5008: Celebrating the life of Frances Nelson Gray.
  • HJ6012: Celebrating the life of Mildred Jeter Loving.
  • HJ6015: Celebrating the life of Eugene Williamson McCaul.
  • HR19: Commending Caroline, King William, King and Queen, New Kent, and Spotsylvania Counties.
  • HB1: Motor vehicles; definitions.
  • HB1677: Motor vehicles; eluding police officer.
  • HB1722: Road to Revolution Heritage Trail; establishment thereof.
  • HB1723: 'Year 2000' references; eliminates references to problems arising therefrom.
  • HB1920: School bus decals; school boards may display decals with bus safety hotlines.
  • HB2828: Stalking; enhanced penalty therefor if victim is a minor.
  • HB2835: Attorney General; compromise and settlement of disputes.
  • HB2836: Revocable trusts; validity thereof.
  • HB3084: School bus warning devices; requires red lights to be activated whenever bus door is opened.
  • HB3182: Medical evidence; appeals to circuit court.
  • HB3207: Assisted living facilities; resident shall not be removed by Board of Social Services.
  • HJ565: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Trust Fund (first reference).
  • HJ566: National Action Week of United States Bone and Joint Decade; designating as Oct. 12-20, 2007.
  • HJ573: Celebrating the life of Captain Shane T. Adcock.
  • HJ574: Commending Robert Jones.
  • HJ579: Constitutional amendment; prohibits taking of private property by eminent domain powers.
  • HJ597: Sales tax nexus; joint subcommittee to study.
  • HJ702: Public schools; joint subcommittee to study appropriateness and efficacy of open education content.
  • HJ703: Redistricting process; joint subcommittee to study.
  • HJ837: Commending Nancy Lee Martin.
  • HJ858: Celebrating the life of Lewis Latane Trice.
  • HJ930: Commending JoWanda Rollins.
  • HJ276: Celebrating the life of Lloyd Eugene Byrum, Jr.
  • HJ355: Commending the King William High School competition cheer team.
  • HJ367: Celebrating the life of Antoon Maria Arkesteyn, Jr.
  • HJ461: Celebrating the life of Montie Benn Felts.
  • HJ5009: Commending Jerry Hoffman.
  • HJ5032: Celebrating the life of Thomas Hardyman.
  • HJ5043: Commending Larry Gallaher