Del. Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria)

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46: City of Alexandria (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2009
Next Election
November 2019
Courts of Justice, Rules
Copatroning Habits
76% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 77% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 58% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
40% in 2019

An attorney and government contractor, Del. Herring was elected in a special election after Del. Brian Moran stepped down from the seat to run for governor. She earned a BA in Economics from George Mason University and a JD from Catholic University

Recent Mentions in the Media Police, criminal justice reform bills prompted by demonstrations set to become Virginia law

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These are all of the video clips of Charniele Herring’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 65 video clips in all.


  • HB1: Absentee voting; no excuse required.
  • HB972: Marijuana; definitions, possession and consumption, civil penalties, report.
  • HB974: Writ of actual innocence; petition by convicted person.
  • HB980: Abortion; expands who can perform in first trimester, informed consent required.
  • HB981: Clean Energy and Community Flood Preparedness Act; definitions, funds, report.
  • HB1006: Human trafficking; assessments by local departments.
  • HB1010: Criminal fiscal impact statement; bills resulting in a net increase of period of imprisonment.
  • HB1011: Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; powers and duties.
  • HB1013: Prescription requirements; treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, repeals sunset date.
  • HB1014: Income tax, state; housing choice vouchers, eligible housing areas.
  • HB1015: Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Fund; created, report.
  • HB1033: Human trafficking victims; petition for vacatur and expungement of convictions, etc.
  • HB1042: Environmental Justice, Virginia Council on; established.
  • HB5055: Law-enforcement civilian oversight bodies; localities may establish, duties, effective date.
  • HB5146: Criminal records; automatic expungement for certain convictions, etc.
  • HJ84: Drug offenders; JLARC to study on efficiency, etc. of sentencing.
  • HJ99: General Assembly; 2020 Session schedule.
  • HJ100: General Assembly; 2021 Session prefiling schedule.
  • HJ123: General Assembly; notifying Governor of organization.
  • HJ126: Joint Assembly; General Assembly shall meet in Hall of House of Delegates on Wed., January 8, 2020.
  • HJ132: Cannabis and medical cannabis; joint subcommittee to study development of framework for regulation.
  • HJ197: Commending the Alexandria Police Department.
  • HJ337: General Assembly; amending Rule 12 of HJR 99, 2020, relating to deadline for revenue bills.
  • HJ508: General Assembly; amending Rule 22 of HJR 99, 2020, relating to sine die of 2020 Session, etc.
  • HJ510: General Assembly; 2021 Regular Session schedule.
  • HJ5006: General Assembly; limiting legislation to be considered & conduct of business for 2020 Sp I.
  • HR15: House of Delegates; establishing Rules.
  • HR17: House of Delegates; establishing Rules for the 2020-2021 Sessions of the General Assembly.
  • HR22: Cox, M. Kirkland; authorizing portrait to be painted of former Speaker of the House of Delegates.
  • HR219: Amending and readopting Rule 4 of the Rules of the House, conducting session in a disaster.
  • HR514: Virginia House of Delegates; amending and readopting Rule 4 of the Rules.
  • HR515: Speaker of House of Delegates/House of Delegates; authorized to conduct session electronically.
  • HR517: General Assembly; limiting legislation to be considered & conduct of business for 2020 Sp I.
  • HB1641: Absentee voting; no-excuse absentee.
  • HB1711: Motor vehicle registration, licensing, and certificates of title statutes; reorganization, etc.
  • HB1712: Vehicle registration; dismissal of summons for expiration, proof of compliance.
  • HB1914: Public health practitioners; requirements for issuing prescriptions, exceptions.
  • HB2347: Small Business Investment Grant Fund; recapture of awards.
  • HB2348: Economic development investments and grants; increases minimum wage requirements.
  • HB2369: Virginia Human Rights Act; establishment of right to reproductive choice.
  • HB2370: Marijuana; possession and consumption, penalty.
  • HB2417: Emergency protective order; required conditions, petition to dissolve or modify.
  • HB2418: Condominium Act; management of condominiums, distribution of information by electoral candidates.
  • HB2597: Child abuse and neglect; victims of sex trafficking, etc.
  • HB2696: Environmental Justice Advisory Council; established, report.
  • HB2739: Historical African American cemeteries; adds six in City of Alexandria.
  • HB2777: DCJS; powers and duties, establishment of guidelines for the surrender of firearms.
  • HB2778: Human trafficking victims; petition for vacatur and expungement of convictions, etc.
  • HJ727: Commending Louis Kokonis.
  • HJ1134: Kate Waller Barrett Branch Library; sit-in.
  • HB57: Absentee voting; no excuse.
  • HB104: Writ of actual innocence; a person may petition based on biological evidence regardless of plea.
  • HB105: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; training standards, community engaged policing.
  • HB195: Alexandria, City of; amending charter, tree planting and replacement.
  • HB217: Electronic case papers; transmission between district and circuit courts.
  • HB342: Peeping or spying into dwelling; penalty.
  • HB437: Adoption and foster care; barrier crimes, exception.
  • HB817: Firearms; DCJS, et al., to develop guidance documents for petitions to restore rights.
  • HB818: Monument Removal Fund; established, memorials for war veterans.
  • HB1054: Prescription requirements; treatment of sexually transmitted disease.
  • HB1055: Discretionary sentencing guidelines; judicial performance evaluation program, report.
  • HB1401: Naloxone; administration by correctional and probation officers.
  • HB1531: Public Safety & Homeland Security, Secretary of; duties, public database.
  • HB1532: Health education program; program to include safe use of prescription drugs.
  • HJ1: Drug offenders; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study courts' sentencing.
  • HJ509: Commending the Alexandria Harmonizers.
  • HB1893: Youth-controlled online businesses; registered office.
  • HB1894: DCJS training standards; community engaged policing.
  • HB2083: Restitution; modification of terms and conditions of payment plan.
  • HB2084: Search warrants; person subject to arrest.
  • HB2085: Petition for writ of actual innocence.
  • HB2086: Writ of actual innocence; basis on nonbiological evidence, untested evidence.
  • HB2087: Sentencing guidelines; written explanation.
  • HB2088: Voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles; opt-out voter registration.
  • HJ695: Study; JLARC; sentencing of drug offenders; report.
  • HJ898: Celebrating the life of Patricia Ann Thomas-Semonian.
  • HB290: Prescription Monitoring Program; indicators of misuse, disclosure of information.
  • HB291: Financial exploitation of adults.
  • HB292: Voter registration; preregistration for persons age 16 or older.
  • HB293: Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers of benzodiazepine or opiates.
  • HB301: Officer-involved shootings; VSP shall include in annual Crime in Virginia report.
  • HB403: Northern Va. Transportation Authority; use of population estimates in connection with decisions.
  • HB510: Sexual crimes against minors; extends statute of limitations.
  • HB511: Tax returns; subject to perjury.
  • HB1230: Higher educational institutions; student intellectual property rights.
  • HB1298: Sentencing guidelines; written explanation that court must file.
  • HB1307: Vacant building; locality may by ordinance establish certain criteria.
  • HJ79: Schedule I and II offenders; JLARC to study sentencing and alternatives to incarceration.
  • HJ316: Commending George Mason University.
  • HJ518: Commending the Alexandria Fire Department.
  • HR197: Celebrating the life of Keith Marshall de la Cruz.
  • HB598: Writ of actual innocence; type of plea required for issuance.
  • HB671: Writ of actual innocence; petitions, bail hearings.
  • HB1394: Elections; absentee voting; no-excuse, in-person.
  • HB1429: Voter identification; accepted forms of identification.
  • HB1430: Unemployment compensation; benefit charges.
  • HB1682: Alexandria, City of; amending charter, changes certain powers of mayor, city council, etc.
  • HB1683: Higher educational institutions; liaisons to report criminal sexual assault, etc.
  • HB1807: Cigarettes; possession with intent to distribute contraband, fraudulent purchase.
  • HB1808: Missing persons; search and rescue.
  • HB1809: Private police departments.
  • HB1810: Prescription Monitoring Program; civil subpoenas.
  • HB1823: Discrimination; equal pay irrespective of sex.
  • HB1841: Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements for dispensers.
  • HB1882: Writ of actual innocence; bail hearings.
  • HB2154: Writ of actual innocence; type of plea required for issuance.
  • HB2179: Tax information; release to Commonwealth Attorneys and the Attorney General.
  • HJ522: Constitutional amendment; qualifications to vote, restoration of civil rights.
  • HJ622: Drug offenders, certain; diversion programs.
  • HJ877: Commending the Alexandria Sexual Assault Center.
  • HJ878: Celebrating the life of Ferdinand T. Day.
  • HB598: Writ of actual innocence; type of plea required for issuance.
  • HB599: Psychiatric bed registry; DBHDS to develop plan for registry.
  • HB600: Condominium Act; conversion condominiums, special provisions.
  • HB601: Absentee voting; allows qualified voters to vote absentee in person without an excuse.
  • HB669: Absentee ballots; date requirement.
  • HB670: Absentee ballots; requirements of voter.
  • HB671: Writ of actual innocence; petitions, bail hearings.
  • HB678: Income tax; tax credit for small businesses hiring graduates of Virginia's public colleges.
  • HB682: Central registry of records; extends time records must be kept by Department of Social Services.
  • HB683: Investigation of alleged child abuse and neglect; agreements with school divisions.
  • HB912: Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare (VIEW); Workforce Development Pilot Program, report.
  • HJ76: Mandatory renewable energy portfolio standard program; report.
  • HJ77: Constitutional amendment; marriage (first reference).
  • HJ78: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights to persons convicted of nonviolent felonies.
  • HJ235: Commending Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
  • HB191: Small businesses; tax credit for those hiring graduates of Virginia's colleges and universities.
  • HB1303: Small businesses; tax credit for hiring graduates of Virginia's public colleges and universities.
  • HB1918: Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; attorney fees.
  • HB1919: Writ of actual innocence; joint motion for petitions.
  • HB1920: Writ of actual innocence; type of plea required for issuance.
  • HB1921: Absentee voting; declared state of emergency.
  • HB1922: Early voting; any registered voter qualified to vote in election may vote in person.
  • HB2056: Counterfeit cigarettes; penalties.
  • HB2120: Physician, licensed, etc.; may perform procedure for physical evidence recovery kit examination.
  • HB2121: Law-enforcement officers; grounds for decertification, DCJS authorized to waive requirements.
  • HB2122: Incapacitated persons; photographs, x-rays, etc., may be taken as part of medical evaluation, etc.
  • HB2187: Spousal support; termination upon cohabitation.
  • HJ535: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights to persons convicted of nonviolent felonies.
  • HJ669: Renewable energy; Commission on Electric Utility Regulation to study portfolio standard program.
  • HJ838: Celebrating the life of Agnes Wolf.
  • HB191: Small businesses; tax credit for those hiring graduates of Virginia's colleges.
  • HB1093: Garnishment; garnishee shall pay money on behalf of judgment debtor directly to judgment creditor.
  • HB1094: Personal jurisdiction; expands long-arm statute, acknowledging parentage.
  • HB1095: Qualified domestic relations order; enforcement of support.
  • HB1096: Attorney fees; awarding of fees to be reasonable in juvenile and domestic relations district courts.
  • HB1097: Judicial retirement; increases mandatory retirement age to 72.
  • HB1098: Civil rights; automatically restored to certain persons for eligibilty to register to vote.
  • HB1099: Employment discrimination; expands circumstances creating an individual cause of action.
  • HB1100: Virginia Housing Trust Fund Authority; created, report.
  • HB1198: Circuit court hearing; termination of juvenile court jurisdiction.
  • HB1199: Administrative Process Act; right to counsel in rule-making proceedings.
  • HJ27: Mandatory renewable energy portfolio standard program; Commission to study establishment for State.
  • HJ146: High capacity transit; Transportation Board to make priority for funding by State.
  • HJ147: Expedited partner therapy; Joint Commission on Health Care to study options for implementing.
  • HJ361: Commending Stacy Hoeflich.
  • HR613: Commending the Honorable Donald M. Haddock, Sr.
  • HB453: Protective orders; service of notice by law-enforcement officer.
  • HB464: Virginia Respite Care Registry and Fund; established.
  • HB1496: Providing alcohol to an underage person; person who purchases is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB1497: Judicial retirement; mandatory retirement.
  • HB2083: Prescription requirements; treatment of sexually transmitted disease.
  • HB2084: Rapid re-housing pilot project; Department of Housing and Community Development to establish.
  • HB2085: Guardianship; child custody.
  • HB2086: Virginia Respite Care Registry and Fund; established.
  • HB2087: Workers' compensation; adds methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus to infectious disease list.
  • HB2088: Absentee voting; expands provisions on late in-person voting in business and medical emergencies.
  • HB2089: Emergency protective orders; law-enforcement officer may serve notice.
  • HB2090: Emergency custody orders; increases hours in which orders must be executed after its issuance.
  • HB2091: Uniform Statewide Building Code; air conditioning in certain residential buildings.
  • HB2092: Death sentence; removes some circumstances which circuit courts are required to set execution dates.
  • HB2436: Abortion coverage; offering through health benefits exchange.
  • HB2437: Bail bondsmen; regulation.
  • HB2438: Criminal cases; delayed appeal.
  • HJ543: Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights to persons convicted of nonviolent felonies.
  • HJ661: Celebrating the life of Joseph J. Moraski.
  • HJ706: Celebrating the life of Donna Rose Feldman Bergheim.
  • HJ761: Celebrating the life of Susan Lowell Butler.
  • HB25: Greenhouse gas emissions; Statewide Transportation Plan to include quantifiable measures and goals.
  • HB451: Rental assistance pilot project; established, report.
  • HB452: Limited service pregnancy centers; Department of Health to promulgate regulations for registration.
  • HB453: Protective orders; service of notice by law-enforcement officer.
  • HB454: Human Rights Council; expands protection for employees for discrimination by certain employers.
  • HB455: Discrimination by public employers; based on genetic characteristics prohibited.
  • HB456: Preliminary hearing; admissibility of certificates of analysis at trial.
  • HB457: Tax information; disclosure of to Executive Director of Northern Virginia Transportation Commission.
  • HB458: Attorney-issued summons; protective orders.
  • HB459: Pedestrians and drivers; sets out responsibilities at marked and unmarked crosswalks.
  • HB460: Minority Business Enterprise; changes name to Supplier Diversity & Procurement Advocacy.
  • HB461: Photo-monitoring systems; operator may enter into agreement with DMV to obtain vehicle information.
  • HB463: Hospital emergency departments; required to develop and maintain electronic health records.
  • HB464: Respite Care Registry and Fund; Department for Aging to establish.
  • HB465: Jury verdict; allows court to amend pleadings to conform to amount awarded.
  • HJ210: Commending the League of Women Voters of Virginia on the occasion of the 90th anniversary.
  • HJ485: Commending the Alexandria Commission for Women.
  • HB2672: Minority Business Enterprise, Dept. of; definitions to include individual who is U.S. citizen, etc.
  • HB5002: Evidence, testimonial; procedure notifying defendant of introduction of certificate of analysis.