Del. Matt Fariss (R-Rustburg)

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59: Counties of Albemarle (part), Appomattox, Buckingham, Campbell (part), and Nelson (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Appropriations, Finance, Public Safety
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 86% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
41.7% in 2019
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These are all of the video clips of Matt Fariss’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2012. There are 40 video clips in all.


  • HB976: Virginia State Police; Executive Protection Unit, possession of firearms.
  • HB1585: Altavista, Town of; discounted water and sewer fees.
  • HB1593: Historical African American cemeteries; adds a cemetery in Buckingham County.
  • HB1598: James River; designating as a State Scenic River.
  • HB1694: Tax credits; creates vested interest.
  • HB5144: Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.; virtual visitation during public health emergency.
  • HB5145: General Assembly; conduct of business by electronic means joint committee established.
  • HR51: Commending the Appomattox Dixie Darlings softball team.
  • HR52: Commending the Appomattox County High School football team.
  • HR61: Commending the Appomattox County High School Agricultural Education Department.
  • HR62: Commending Jacob Johnson.
  • HR63: Commending Kelly Price.
  • HR79: Commending the Rustburg Dixie Youth AAA All-Stars baseball team.
  • HR85: Commending the Rustburg Dixie Youth Baseball O-Zone All-Star team.
  • HB1695: Passing a stopped school bus; civil penalty.
  • HB1696: Killing of nuisance species; authorizes shooting, etc., from a stationary automobile.
  • HB1697: Tow truck drivers; criminal history.
  • HB1698: Zoning Appeals, Board of; written order, certified mail.
  • HB1783: Forestry, Department of; conveyance of easement in Buckingham County.
  • HB1784: Alcoholic beverage control; spirit samples.
  • HB1785: Food establishment inspections; exemptions for private homes where resident processes yogurt.
  • HB1816: Land preservation tax credit; extends allowable time to claim credit.
  • HB2211: Administrative Process Act; formal hearings, proceedings held by telephone.
  • HB2212: Certain private roads or rights-of-way; gates and fences.
  • HB2657: Telephone/wireless devices; threats of death or bodily injury to a person/member of family.
  • HB2755: Conservation easements; comprehensive plan.
  • HJ1026: Commending Eugene C. Wingfield.
  • HB844: Burn ban; definition of 'orchard' and 'vineyard.'
  • HB1299: Alcoholic beverage control; increases amount of spirits that may be offered.
  • HB1354: Motor vehicles; covered & unlit lighting devices.
  • HB1398: Concealed handgun permit; new application via mail.
  • HB1458: Public property and highways; dumping of animal carcasses, penalty.
  • HB1459: Signs; permit to post on a Department of Transportation right-of-way.
  • HB1460: Land preservation tax credits; transfer to a designated beneficiary.
  • HB1607: Abandonment of an animal; penalty.
  • HJ408: Commending the Appomattox County High School wrestling team.
  • HR71: Commending the Appomattox County High School football team.
  • HR72: Commending the Appomattox County High School golf team.
  • HB1358: Gas emissions; control systems for certain landfills.
  • HB1599: Suspension of driver's license for unpaid fines, etc.; written offer of employment.
  • HB1600: Landfills; DEQ, et al., to work towards odor reduction in Campbell County.
  • HB1601: Electors for President and Vice President; allocation of electoral votes by congressional district.
  • HB1602: Invasion of privacy; civil action, damages, attorney fees and costs.
  • HB1792: Firearms; felon sharing residence with person who legally possesses.
  • HB1793: Burn ban; exception for frost or freeze protection of orchard or vineyard.
  • HB2239: Farm use vehicles, certain; registration exemption, highway distance limitations.
  • HB2325: Concealed handgun permit; application for permit requires photo identification.
  • HB2381: Dangerous dogs; clarifies definition, etc.
  • HB2440: Appomattox, Town of; amending charter, shifts municipal elections from May to November, etc.
  • HB2441: Tow truck drivers; registration.
  • HB2472: Alcoholic beverage control; spirits tastings by distiller licensee.
  • HR289: Commending the Appomattox County High School football team.
  • HR290: Commending the Rustburg Dixie Youth Baseball O-Zone All-Star team.
  • HR322: Commending the Appomattox Dixie Youth Baseball boys' all-star team.
  • HR323: Commending the Rustburg High School baseball team.
  • HR339: Commending Doug Smith.
  • HR382: Commending the Appomattox Dixie Youth Machine Pitch All-Stars baseball team.
  • HR405: Celebrating the life of Margaret Elizabeth Bailey Rackley.
  • HR408: Commending first responders to the Appomattox County tornado.
  • HR471: Commending the Rustburg Dixie Youth AAA All-Stars baseball team.
  • HR472: Commending the Appomattox Dixie Youth Angels softball team.
  • HB476: Animal intake policy; animal control officers, etc., shall annually file with State Veterinarian.
  • HB1141: Invasion of privacy; civil action; damages; attorney fees and costs.
  • HB1142: Slingshot; hunting of wild birds and wild animals, except deer, etc., unless shooting is prohibited.
  • HB1274: Judicial officers; recording of citizen complaints.
  • HB1275: Magistrates; complaint made by complainant, the written complaint shall be returned to complainant.
  • HB1329: Trespass by hunters using dogs; penalty.
  • HB1338: Law-enforcement officers; personal security for Governor.
  • HB1358: Gas emissions; control systems for certain landfills.
  • HJ193: Commending the Appomattox High School football team.
  • HJ211: Commending the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.
  • HJ272: Commending Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center, Inc.
  • HJ337: Commending Springfield Baptist Church.
  • HB741: Antique motor vehicles; exempted from exhaust system requirements.
  • HB1544: Emergency vehicles; vehicle illuminated identification systems.
  • HB1545: United States Postal Service; inspectors.
  • HB1546: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; sworn members of enforcement division of DMV added.
  • HB1551: Antique motor vehicles; exhaust systems.
  • HB1685: Private police departments.
  • HB1686: Fish; DGIF shall establish a special permit.
  • HB1687: Battery; increases penalty when against a school employee engaged in performance of his duties.
  • HB1707: Hugh T. Pendleton Memorial Highway; designating as a portion of Route 24 in Campbell County.
  • HB1724: Forest products; revision of definition, changing of tax on all products.
  • HB2086: Motor vehicle liability insurance; coverage for damage to covered property.
  • HB2230: Electoral college; revises process of allocation of electoral votes.
  • HB2371: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for certain nonprofit entities.
  • HB2382: Land preservation; tax credits for individuals and corporations.
  • HJ644: Internet; benefit of sharing wireless access with local law-enforcement agencies.
  • HJ727: Commending the Nelson County Future Farmers of America Farm Business Management team.
  • HJ728: Commending the Nelson County Middle School Future Farmers of America Agronomy team.
  • HJ817: Commending ABATE of Virginia, Inc.
  • HR202: Federal felons; restoration of gun ownership rights.
  • HR243: Commending the Altavista Combined School football team.
  • HR258: Commending the Appomattox Machine Pitch All-Stars baseball team.
  • HR259: Commending the Rustburg Angels All-Stars softball team.
  • HR260: Commending Bob and Annie Bryant.
  • HB64: Stephen L. Thompson Memorial Highway; designating as a portion of Va. Route 24 in Town of Rustburg.
  • HB398: Statutes of limitation; accrual of right of action.
  • HB441: Motor vehicle insurance; salvage vehicles.
  • HB560: Land use permits; issued by VDOT to a company providing utility service solely for agricultural use.
  • HB741: Antique motor vehicles; exempted from exhaust system requirements.
  • HB856: Hazardous waste; removes requirement that permit is required from DEQ to transport.
  • HB857: Muzzle-loading rifle season; persons to wear certain blaze orange clothing.
  • HB858: State forest activity fee; Department of Forestry to promulgate emergency regulations to establish.
  • HB1042: Muzzleloading pistols; allowed to use certain pistols to hunt game birds, etc., in certain counties.
  • HB1071: Stormwater Management Program; delays implementation by local governments.
  • HB1168: Wetland and stream mitigation banks; state lands that are used to provide compensatory mitigation.
  • HJ110: Commending Altavista Combined School football team.
  • HJ146: Celebrating the life of Hugh T. Pendleton, Jr.
  • HJ215: Commending Charles Warren Falwell, Sr.
  • HJ227: Celebrating the life of Clayton Campbell Bryant, Sr.
  • HJ282: Celebrating the life of Floyd Withers Merryman, Jr.
  • HJ308: Commending the Appomattox Angels All-Star softball team.
  • HJ5040: Celebrating the life of James Rudolph Burgess.
  • HJ5047: Commending Altavista Combined School boys' basketball team.
  • HB1363: Private security services businesses; exempts certain employees and representatives from training.
  • HB2085: Consumer Counsel of Dept. of Law, Division of; replaces referenece to Office of Consumer Affairs.
  • HB2086: Agriculture and Consumer Services, Board of; regulatory powers.
  • HB2214: Licenses, restricted; issued when suspended for failure to pay fines and costs.
  • HB2248: Money laundering; adds investigations of violations to multijurisdiction grand juries.
  • HB2279: Children; placement of nonresident child in State residential facility.
  • HJ744: United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia, Incorporated; State Recognition.
  • HJ765: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Gregory Todd Copes.
  • HJ778: Commending J. R. Burgess.
  • HB742: Farm vehicles; distance limit.
  • HB743: Farm utility vehicles; tax exemption.
  • HB744: Interstate Compact on Placement of Children; placement of children in residential facility.
  • HB1219: Common Interest Community Board; authorized to terminate inactive condominium, etc., registrations.
  • HB1269: Zoning appeals, board of; appeals resulting in tie vote may be carried over until next meeting.
  • HJ498: Commending Stephen L. Thompson, M.D.
  • HJ499: Commending Hugh W. Rosser.