Sen. Bill Carrico (R-Grayson)

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40: Lee County (All), Scott County (All), Washington County (All), Bristol City (All), Smyth County (Part), Wise County (Part), Grayson County (All), Wythe County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Education and Health, Finance, Local Government, Rules, Transportation (Chair)
Copatroning Habits
74% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 65% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 62% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
47.2% in 2017
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cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Bill Carrico’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 243 video clips in all.


  • SB492: Towing; increases maximum hookup and initial towing fee of any passenger car.
  • SB493: Higher educational institutions, public; valid concealed handgun permit holders.
  • SB494: Line of Duty Act; health insurance coverage for eligible spouses.
  • SB495: Deputy Sheriff Supplemental Salary Fund; created, revenue source.
  • SB496: Off-road recreational vehicles; increases highway speed limit.
  • SB497: Public places; disorderly conduct, right of person in charge to detain.
  • SB498: Law-enforcement officers, local; retirement benefit, participation by certain political subdivision.
  • SB499: Conservation easements; validity, termination.
  • SB500: Jurisdiction; offenses against children.
  • SB501: Admissions tax; Wythe County authorized to impose tax.
  • SB502: Virginia Public Procurement Act; State Police, exemption for purchase of aviation equipment.
  • SB503: Admissions tax; Washington County authorized to impose.
  • SB504: VDOT; review of enrollment in federal pilot program or project.
  • SB505: Doctorate of medical science; establishes requirements for licensure and practice.
  • SB506: Children's residential facilities; operated or conducted under auspices of a religious institute.
  • SB507: Stormwater management regulations; localities outside Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • SB508: Unmanned aircraft systems; use by Department of State Police and Department of Transportation.
  • SB509: Handheld photo speed monitoring devices; State Police may operate a device in or around work zones.
  • SB510: Cigarette tax; counties authorized to hold referendum.
  • SB804: Controlled substances; reporting overdoses.
  • SB805: Passing a stopped school bus; conviction shall not be made part of driving record.
  • SB832: Prescription Monitoring Program; adds controlled substances included in Schedule V naloxone.
  • SB833: Installation of a pen register or trap and trace device; emergency circumstances.
  • SB886: Law-enforcement officers; psychological examination.
  • SB995: Outdoor advertising; regulation, signs in sight of public highways.
  • SJ37: Celebrating the life of L. Stanley Willis.
  • SJ70: Celebrating the life of Donald Williams, Sr.
  • SJ109: Commending the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
  • SR9: Celebrating the life of Joseph C. Smiddy.
  • SR21: Celebrating the life of Sidney Belt Harvey III.
  • SR35: Celebrating the life of Deputy Curtis Allen Bartlett.
  • SR60: Commending the Union High School football team.
  • SB35: Vehicle registration fees; funds allocated to Department of State Police.
  • SB805: Vehicle registration fees; funds for Department of State Police.
  • SB1250: Motor vehicle safety inspection; Superintendent shall provide information upon written request.
  • SB1314: Retail Sales and Use Tax; spirits sold at government stores.
  • SB1315: Foster care; possession of firearm.
  • SB1316: Trucks; overweight permits for hauling asphalt.
  • SB1317: Spousal support; military disability benefits not considered income.
  • SB1318: Troutdale, Town of; amending charter, specifies terms of mayor and recorder as four years.
  • SB1319: Wytheville, Town of; amending charter, removes certain provisions requiring special election.
  • SB1320: Admissions tax; Washington County to impose on multi-sports complex and entertainment venue.
  • SB1321: Ophthalmic prescriptions; definitions, who may provide prescriptions, requirements.
  • SB1322: Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; changes name of Advisory Committee.
  • SB1323: Neonatal abstinence syndrome; Board of Health to adopt regulations to include as reportable disease.
  • SB1324: Religious freedom; definitions, marriage solemnization, participation, and beliefs.
  • SB1325: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses for certain properties.
  • SB1326: Medicare; supplement policies for individuals under age 65.
  • SB1327: Doctors; licensure of medical science.
  • SB1328: Enterprise zone grants and tax credits; qualified real property improvement expenditures.
  • SB1329: Cigarettes; all localities allowed to impose a tax.
  • SB1330: Critical incident stress management team; peer support team privileged communications.
  • SB1331: Transportation planning activities; responsibility of Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment.
  • SB1332: 'Song of the Mountains'; designating as state television series.
  • SB1361: Food donation; tax credit for restaurants that donate prepared food or meals.
  • SB1384: Motor carrier size and weight limitations; with federal law.
  • SB1464: Firearms; restoration of rights of convicted felons.
  • SB1465: Concealed handgun; retired conservation officers may carry.
  • SB1497: Manufactured home; excludes a park model recreation vehicle from definition.
  • SB1510: Handheld photo speed monitoring devices; use by State Police in work zones.
  • SB1591: Economic Development Access Program; bonded projects.
  • SJ285: Study; Joint Commission on Health Care; sustainability of the Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • SJ311: Constitutional amendment; legislative review of administrative rules (first reference).
  • SJ312: U.S. Constitution; application for a convention of the states.
  • SJ341: Commending Max Brown.
  • SJ414: Commending William King Museum of Art.
  • SR120: Commending Harold Lee Jerrell.
  • SR142: Celebrating the life of Sue Ella Boatright-Wells.
  • SB35: Vehicle registration fees; funds allocated to Department of State Police.
  • SB36: State Police, Department of; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • SB37: Black vultures; control of those that pose danger to agricultural animals, etc.
  • SB38: General Services, Department of; animals trained for police work.
  • SB39: Alcoholic beverages; unlawful transport by persons who are under age 21, penalty.
  • SB40: Marriage licenses; issuance of license by State Registrar of Vital Records, conscience clause.
  • SB41: Religious freedom; marriage solemnization, participation, and beliefs.
  • SB42: Buying, receiving, or concealing stolen goods; adds the word 'knowingly' to the statute.
  • SB43: Municipal elections; clarifies that a city or town may move the time of its local elections.
  • SB44: Coal tax; limits aggregate amount of credits that may be allocated or claimed for employment, etc.
  • SB45: License plates, special; removes prohibition of logo, etc., of Sons of Confederate Veterans plates.
  • SB46: Commonwealth Space Flight Fund; extends transfer of funds through fiscal year 2023-2024.
  • SB62: Electoral College; allocation of electoral votes.
  • SB120: Passing stopped school buses; mailing of summons, rebutting presumption.
  • SB121: Senator George M. Warren Memorial Bridge; designating as Route 670 bridge in Washington County.
  • SB122: Charter; Town of Damascus.
  • SB329: BVU Authority; alters Board powers and duties, change in membership, conflict of interest policy.
  • SB456: Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy Fund; distribution to certain localities.
  • SB457: Asset forfeiture; changes burden of proof.
  • SB462: Virginia Retirement System; prohibited from investing in companies with business operations in Iran.
  • SB463: Nurse practitioners; licensed as certified nurse midwives, practicing without patient care team.
  • SB464: Gas-powered vehicles; included in definition of low-speed vehicles.
  • SB465: Request for Proposal of design-build projects.
  • SB479: Law-enforcement officers, retired; authority to carry concealed handguns.
  • SB699: Concealed handgun permits, out-of-state; government-issued photo id., reciprocal agreements.
  • SJ10: Celebrating the life of Richard Langley Settle, Jr.
  • SJ71: Individuals with brain injury, etc.; Joint Commission on Health Care to study.
  • SR61: Celebrating the life of Jay Cochran, Jr.
  • SB208: Grand larceny & property injury; health & safety made an element of crimes where coal mine damaged.
  • SB240: Public schools; withholding child from custodial parent.
  • SB289: Line of Duty Act; funding and review.
  • SB524: Segregated revenues; local fines and penalties.
  • SB607: Method of execution; Director of DOC certifies that lethal injection isn't available, electrocution.
  • SB608: Concealed handgun permits, lifetime; Department of State Police to issue, penalty.
  • SB680: Magistrates; appointment and supervision.
  • SB684: Forfeiture of property used in connection with the commission of crimes; conviction required.
  • SB707: Capitol Square; payment of restitution for any damage to Square or any building, etc.
  • SB738: Virginia Sickness and Disability Program; open enrollment period for certain members of VRS.
  • SB739: State Police, Department of; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • SB740: Carbon dioxide emissions; regulation, General Assembly approval of state plan.
  • SB741: Coalfield employment enhancement; extends expiration date of tax credit to January 1, 2019.
  • SB742: Elections; run-off elections.
  • SB753: Trooper Andrew Fox Memorial Bridge; designating as New River Bridge on Interstate 81.
  • SB754: Vehicle registration; increases fees, allocates funds for Department of State Police.
  • SB786: Electoral college; revises process for allocation of electoral votes.
  • SB787: License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend TO BE MUTUALLY HELPFUL TO ONE ANOTHER.
  • SB788: Public assistance; changes in custody.
  • SB789: District court seal; Committee on District Courts may also adopt an official seal.
  • SB790: DPOR; promoters of boxing, martial arts, and wrestling events.
  • SB791: Motor vehicle safety inspection; increases charge.
  • SB792: Secondary state highway system; expands number of streets eligible to be taken into system.
  • SB793: Towing truck driver, etc.; prohibits occupants in motor vehicle while such vehicle is being towed.
  • SB794: Judicial personnel; testimony of certain personnel.
  • SB795: BVU Authority; authorized to provide cable television, etc.
  • SB852: Public schools; definition of corporal punishment, exception.
  • SB1170: Assault and battery against family or household member; penalty.
  • SB1171: Bristol, City of; amending charter, clarifying changes to the Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority.
  • SB1172: Developments of regional impact; entitlement to certain sales tax revenues.
  • SB1173: Virginia Retirement System; revocation of participation by Town of Damascus.
  • SB1175: Rental property tax; localities permitted to impose a short-term tax on bicycles.
  • SB1176: Bristol, City of; amending charter, clarifying changes to the Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority.
  • SB1431: Commonwealth Space Flight Fund; allocations, 2021-2022 fiscal year sunset.
  • SB1432: Income tax, corporate; commercial spaceflight entities.
  • SB1433: Protective orders; assault and battery; penalty.
  • SJ221: Commending Cliffview Church of God.
  • SJ279: Tannerite; joint subcommittee to study danger of use of these explosives.
  • SJ331: Celebrating the life of Brock Anthony Michael Funk.
  • SR108: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the creation of the Court of Scott County.
  • SR109: Commending Rachel Davis Fowlkes, Ed.D.
  • SR129: Commending the Washington County Victim/Witness Assistance Program.
  • SB203: Occupational therapy; practice as a therapist or therapist assistant applicant.
  • SB204: Charitable gaming; raffles by nonprofit organizations.
  • SB206: Department of State Police; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • SB208: Grand larceny & property injury; health & safety made an element of crimes where coal mine damaged.
  • SB211: Controlled substances; eliminates law-enforcement reports to Board of Pharmacy.
  • SB213: Dextromethorphan Distribution Act; penalty.
  • SB214: Entitlement to certain sales and use tax revenues; City of Bristol and Washington County.
  • SB216: Assault and battery; conspiracy to commit is Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • SB217: Surface mining; pollutant discharge permit.
  • SB236: Students; codifies right to religious viewpoint expression.
  • SB240: Public schools; withholding child from custodial parent.
  • SB289: Line of Duty Act; funding and review.
  • SB290: Water & sewer charges; Prince George & Smyth Counties, charges constitute lien on property.
  • SB291: Visually impaired students; evaluation by certified Teacher of Visually Impaired.
  • SB524: Segregated revenues; local fines and penalties.
  • SB525: VDOT commuter lots; parking violations, failure to appear in court.
  • SB526: Prescription Monitoring Program; disclosure method of information to recipient.
  • SB527: State Police, Department of; appointment of supervisory officers.
  • SB552: Gas severance tax; extends sunset provision to December 31, 2015.
  • SB607: Method of execution; Director of DOC certifies that lethal injection isn't available, electrocution.
  • SB608: Concealed handgun permits, lifetime; Department of State Police to issue, penalty.
  • SB615: Carbon dioxide; regulating emissions.
  • SB667: Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute; DBHDS to onvey certain real property.
  • SB668: Zoning ordinance; circuit court of Grayson County to order referendum to repeal existing ordinance.
  • SJ35: Selenium; Department of Environmental Quality to review toxicity to aquatic life.
  • SJ93: Commending Wytheville Community College.
  • SJ102: Move Over Awareness Month; designating as June 2014, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SJ138: Celebrating the life of Thomas Michael Maynard.
  • SJ139: Celebrating the life of Samuel S. Burkett.
  • SJ140: Celebrating the life of Marshall Eugene Guy.
  • SJ141: Commending Wise County and Norton City Public Schools.
  • SJ142: Commending the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority.
  • SJ155: Commending Dulcie M. Mumpower.
  • SJ192: Commending the Town of Chilhowie.
  • SJ5035: Commending Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, Incorporated, of Norton.
  • SR15: United States Constitution; memorializing Congress of U. S. to propose Regulation Freedom Amendment.
  • SR506: Commending the Chilhowie High School girls' basketball team.
  • SR520: Commending Claude Patton Worrell.
  • SB320: Prescription Monitoring Program; required checks prior to dispensing certain controlled substances.
  • SB324: Limitation on Administrative Actions Relating to Firearms Act; established.
  • SB327: Workers' compensation; presumptions, members of enforcement division of DMV.
  • SB331: Law enforcement officers; early retirement.
  • SB333: Mopeds; prohibited on highways with speed limits in excess of 35 miles per hour.
  • SB334: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of NASCAR.
  • SB720: Transient occupancy tax; adds Grayson County to list of counties authorized to levy.
  • SB721: VIEW; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • SB722: Emergency absentee ballots; ballots provided to hospitalized voters.
  • SB723: Electoral College; State's electoral votes shall be allocated by congressional district.
  • SB727: Workers' compensation; presumptions, members of enforcement division of DMV.
  • SB731: Mopeds; prohibited on highways with speed limits in excess of 35 miles per hour.
  • SB764: Smyth County; added to list permitted to charge for water and sewer shall be a lien on real estate.
  • SB765: Legal notices; advertisement on websites by Towns of Damascus and Glade Spring.
  • SB838: State employees; option of converting accumulated sick leave into service credit under VRS.
  • SB839: Local boundaries for law-enforcement; organizing for purpose of 911 dispatch and response.
  • SB844: Courthouse repair; certain counties may appoint committee to examine court facilities.
  • SB845: Misdemeanors; expungement of police and court records.
  • SB861: Retail Sales and Use Tax; entitlement of City of Bristol to certain revenues.
  • SB920: Emergency custody and involuntary temporary detention; transportation.
  • SB943: Corrections and Juvenile Justice, Departments of; powers and duties of Director, etc.
  • SB948: State Police, Department of; accident reports may be retained in hard copy or electronic form.
  • SB1067: RS & UT; exemption includes all-terrain vehicles, levies 5% motor vehicle sales & use tax.
  • SB1068: Easements; authorizes conveyance of right-of-way between Dept. of Forestry & Ratcliffe Foundation.
  • SB1069: Virginia Longitudinal Data System and Advisory Council; established, report.
  • SB1071: Community Integration Advisory Commission; extends sunset provision to July 1, 2016.
  • SB1288: Criminal history record information; emergency medical services providers.
  • SB1289: Retail Sales and Use Tax; development of regional impact.
  • SJ261: Constitutional amendment; expands freedom of speech provisions (first reference).
  • SJ280: Public education; recognizing need to tackle problem of hunger in classroom.
  • SJ403: Celebrating the life of Roger Clark Cooke.
  • SJ404: Commending Douglas Waller.
  • SJ405: Commending Kevin Watson.
  • SB317: Drug treatment courts; established in Buchanan, Dickenson, Goochland, Montgomery & Russell Counties.
  • SB318: VIEW; screening and assessment of public assistance recipients for use of illegal substances.
  • SB319: Unemployment compensation; misconduct and qualification for benefits, etc.
  • SB320: Schedule II, Schedule III, etc, controlled substances; required check with Program.
  • SB321: Prescription Monitoring Program; disclosures.
  • SB322: Motor carriers; insurance requirements.
  • SB323: Handguns; eliminates prohibition on purchasing more than one in a 30-day period.
  • SB324: Limitation on Administrative Actions Relating to Firearms Act; established.
  • SB325: Asset forfeitures; consolidates certain provisions and eliminates redundancies.
  • SB326: Asset forfeiture; forfeited drug assets are to be distributed in accordance with Constitution.
  • SB327: Workers' compensation; presumptions, members of enforcement division of DMV.
  • SB328: Workers' compensation; establishes presumption, officers processing clandestine drug laboratories.
  • SB329: Early education; parental obligation.
  • SB330: Coal mine safety; operator of coal mine to submit map and revisions that show directional changes.
  • SB331: Law enforcement officers; early retirement.
  • SB332: Charter; Town of Troutdale.
  • SB333: Mopeds; prohibited on highways with speed limits in excess of 35 miles per hour.
  • SB334: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of NASCAR.
  • SB335: Weight limits; haulers of sand, gravel, and crushed stone.
  • SB573: Capitol Police; disposal of unclaimed firearms.
  • SB607: Retail Sales and Use Tax; distribution of revenue collected in certain public facilities.
  • SB608: Charter; Town of Gate City.
  • SB609: Coalfield employment enhancement tax credit; extends sunset date.
  • SJ91: U.S. Constitution; application to Congress to call constitutional convention.
  • SJ141: Commending the Virginia State Police on the occasion of its 80th anniversary.
  • SJ164: Commending the Whitetop Mountain Band.
  • HB73: Income tax, state; additional personal exemption for surviving spouse or head of household.
  • HB474: Public utility lines; procedure municipality may obtain to place across a railroad right-of-way.
  • HB1726: Bridge vertical clearance; responsibility of signage.
  • HB1727: Virginia Fair Employment Act; certain public contractors, etc., to enroll in E-Verify Program.
  • HB1728: Vehicle window tinting films; not to be applied to certain windows reducing light to less than 35%.
  • HB1729: Criminal background checks; DBHDS to use for employment of certain persons.
  • HB1731: Firearms, etc.; those manufactured and retained in State exempted from federal regulation.
  • HB1732: Concealed handgun permits; recognition of out-of-state permits.
  • HB1733: Commercial vehicles; person required to register with Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry.
  • HB1734: Professional Soil Scientists and Wetland Professionals, Board for; licensed soil scientists.
  • HB2010: Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation; created.
  • HB2011: Motor Vehicle Dealer Board; motor vehicle dealers to have Internet connections, etc.
  • HB2012: Law-enforcement employment; disclosure of juvenile records.
  • HB2050: Secondhand metal articles; sales procedures.
  • HB2051: Size and weight compliance agents; citations for overweight vehicles.
  • HB2322: Reckless driving; raises threshold for speeding from 80 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour.
  • HB2461: Trucks; maximum weight limits for those hauling gravel, sand, etc.
  • HJ593: Constitutional amendment; free exercise of religion (first reference).
  • HJ594: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; efficacy of establishing additional registries.
  • HJ595: Commending the Virginia Association of Counties and Virginia Cooperative Extension's.
  • HJ772: Celebrating the life of Mel Leaman.
  • HJ777: Commending Joy Ranch on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB8: Concealed handgun permit; renewal by mail.
  • HB9: State Police Volunteer Chaplaincy Program; established.
  • HB69: Firearms, ammunition, etc.; those manufactured and retained in State not subject to federal law.
  • HB70: Students, nonpublic school; participation in public school interscholastic programs.
  • HB71: Line of Duty Act; short-term disability benefits for state police officers.
  • HB72: Firearms; possession with intent to use on school property is a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB73: Income tax, state; additional personal exemption for surviving spouse or head of household.
  • HB74: Boating safety course; exempts person from taking if possess valid license issued by Coast Guard.
  • HB472: License plates, special; issuance to those bearing legend: FRIENDS OF COAL, etc.
  • HB473: Weight limits; extends sunset provision for trucks hauling gravel, etc., in coal-producing counties.
  • HB474: Public utility lines; procedure municipality may obtain to place across a railroad right-of-way.
  • HB475: Concealed handgun permit; permit to carry in part of school building not being used for activities.
  • HB476: Polygraphs & other detection devices; Director of DPOR to approve use to detect deception or truth.
  • HB477: Electric utilities; limit on increases in base rates.
  • HB478: Citizen reported issues and requests; locality to establish database for information.
  • HB479: Veterans Services, Department of; shall provide burial vaults at no cost to eligible veterans.
  • HB480: Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; CTB to conduct third party audits of agreements executed.
  • HB481: Claims; Lois Ann Grimes.
  • HB856: Speed limits; increases on highways where it is presently 65 mph to 70 mph.
  • HB857: Line of Duty Act; access to records of investigation.
  • HB962: Claims; Daniel and Brenda Brewer.
  • HB1219: Polygraph examiners; Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation to regulate.
  • HB1308: Investor-owned public utility; SCC to suspend enforcement of all proposed rates, toll, charges, etc.
  • HJ275: Virginia Confederate soldiers; memorial at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.
  • HJ276: Commending Karen Halsey.
  • HJ287: Commending John W. Burrow.
  • HJ288: Commending the Life Center of Galax.
  • HJ334: Commending Amy Phillips.
  • HB374: CHILD WITH AUTISM signs; VDOT to post within an area in which child resides.
  • HB1651: Line of Duty Act; short-term disability benefits for state police officers.
  • HB1652: Confederate cemeteries & graves; adds Skinquarter Baptist Church Cemetery & McKenzie Cemetery.
  • HB1653: Driver's license; provisional; issuance to person less than 19 yrs. old.
  • HB1654: Driver's licensees; examination of one believed to be incompetent.
  • HB1655: Firearms; award of court costs, etc., to entity that prevails in action challenging locality.
  • HB1750: Campus police; report of certain incidents to State Police.
  • HB1751: Admissions tax; adds Carroll County to list of localities that may impose at events.
  • HB1752: Weight limits for gravel trucks, coal haulers, etc.; extends sunset provision thereon.
  • HB1753: Judges; if convicted of felony, etc., and all apeal rights terminated, his next term shall expire.
  • HB2314: State Police Volunteer Chaplaincy Program; established.
  • HB2315: Electric utility rates; deferral of increases.
  • HB2316: Transient occupancy tax; adds Smyth County to those permitted to impose an additional 3%.
  • HB2317: Vehicle safety inspections; State Police to accept electonic form of data required to be submitted.
  • HB2490: Claims; Daniel and Brenda Brewer.
  • HB2491: Charter; City of Galax.
  • HJ974: Commending Robert S. Bowers, Jr.
  • HB365: Substance abuse screening; person become ineligible for public assistance if using illegal drugs.
  • HB366: Unemployment compensation; testing for controlled substances.
  • HB367: Sanctuary cities; prohibits localities from adopting policy that protects undocumented immigrants.
  • HB368: Inmates; officer of correctional facility to inquire of alien status.
  • HB369: Retirement System; state & local law-enforcement officers may take full retirement if have 25 yrs.
  • HB370: Concealed handgun permit applications; access to personal information.
  • HB371: Firearm control; locality to pay attorney fees resulting from taking actions prohibited.
  • HB372: Motor vehicle dealer; advertising.
  • HB373: Highway welcome and exit signs; localities may put up within highway rights-of-way.
  • HB374: CHILD WITH AUTISM signs; VDOT to post within an area in which child resides.
  • HB375: School students, nonpublic; participation in interscholastic sports.
  • HJ76: Recognizing the Town of Independence as the Official Home of the Grand Privy Race in Virginia.
  • HJ413: Commending Angela G. Lawson.
  • HJ414: Commending Leah Paige Truitt.
  • HJ6026: Commending the Historic 1908 Courthouse in Independence.
  • HR21: Celebrating the life of John Ashby Bowden, Jr.
  • HR22: Celebrating the life of James Paul Shaw.
  • HB2105: Charles B. Morris Memorial Bridge; designating as I-77 bridge over Route 58 in Carroll County.
  • HB2106: Concealed handgun permits; certain applicants not required to submit fingerprints.
  • HB2107: Sex offender registry; requires persons convicted of certain crimes to register.
  • HB2108: Visual displays; permits visual displays if driver's view is enhanced.
  • HB2109: Law-Enforcement Officers Procedural Guarantee Act; includes those employed by sheriff's office, etc.
  • HB2110: Cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine; exclusion from drug first-offender deferral consideration.
  • HB2111: Interpreters; fee for non-English-speaking defendants.
  • HB2112: Safe-deposit boxes; company or bank to permit spouse or next of kin of deceased lessee access to.
  • HB2113: Mopeds; requiring stickers thereon.
  • HB2114: Tuition, in-state; Community College System granting thereof to persons out of state within 30 mile.
  • HB2515: Disorderly conduct in public places; prosecution thereof to include utterance or display of words.
  • HB2516: Law-enforcement employees; overtime compensation therefor.
  • HB2547: Firearms; regulation by counties for hunting.
  • HB2721: Criminal history background checks; providers licensed by DMHMRSAS.
  • HB2846: Fiduciaries; expenses and commissions allowed reviewed by commissioners.
  • HB3069: Overtime compensation; to include state law-enforcement employees.
  • HB3118: Freedom of Information Act; records of Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
  • HB3190: Coal mine certification; requires pre-employment substance abuse testing and suspension for certain.
  • HB3210: Police canines; training and certification requirements for those used by law-enforcement agencies.
  • HJ631: Nurses and nursing aides, licensed practical; Board of Nursing to study pay parity therefor.
  • HJ633: Commending Evelyn Thompson Lawrence.
  • HJ724: Constitutional amendment; religious freedom (first reference).
  • HJ823: Commending the Virginia Department of State Police.
  • HJ859: Commending the Town of Independence's annual Mountain Foliage Festival and Grand Privy Race.
  • HB5: Trout fishing; Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to issue special permits for handicapped.
  • HB363: Overweight vehicles; specialized mobile equipment with permits to operate on interstate highways.
  • HB364: DUI of alcohol or drugs; removes reference to engine or train from DUI statutute.
  • HB365: Jail facilities, local or regional; extends deadline for consideration of construction, etc.
  • HB366: Mopeds, motorcycles, etc.; localities to adopt ordinances regualting noise therefrom.
  • HB367: Registration card; contents to include insurance update.
  • HB368: Juveniles; mental health facility recommendations are admissible during commitment hearing.
  • HB369: Retirement System; changes in benefits for state employees, state & local law-enforcement officers.
  • HB370: Firearms; localities may adopt an ordinance that prohibits from carrying for hunting on public hwys.
  • HB371: Law-enforcement officer, etc.; persons using abusive language towards guilty of misdemeanor.
  • HB372: Solemn ceremonies; unlawful assembly in protest near or at ceremony is guilty of misdemeanor.
  • HB373: I-SaveRx Prescription Drug Program; Sec. of Health Human Resources to discuss with other states.
  • HB1179: Speed limits; special limitation on interstates.
  • HB1180: Public safety employee hardship; powers of Governor during emergency.
  • HB1181: Canine detector and patrol units; certification of those used by law-enforcement agencies.
  • HB1182: DUI of alcohol or drugs; offense considered if certain milligrams in blood.
  • HB1401: Concealed handgun permit applications; removes option for locality to require fingerprints.
  • HB1406: Prostitution; solicitation from a minor.
  • HB1474: Viral hepatitis; certain awareness program required.
  • HB1475: Commonwealth Transportation Board; bonds for Route 58 Corridor.
  • HB5006: Route 58 Corridor; authorizing Transportation Board to issue bonds therefor.
  • HJ179: Commending Charles Emmett Olive.
  • HJ198: Commending the Virginia Department of State Police for its support of Hurricane Katrina relief.
  • HJ378: Commending Tom Barr.
  • HJ5086: Commending William Lee Strong.