Delegate Dave LaRock (R-Loudoun)

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33: Counties of Clarke (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2014
Next Election
November 2017
Education, Science and Technology, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
79% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 80% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 63% of them are Republicans.
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0% in 2016

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Second Democrat wants to challenge Del. LaRock in 33rd House District

March 2, 2017
A Waterford resident and long-time investment banker, Democrat Mavis Taintor, has announced her intent to challenge incumbent state Del. Dave LaRock (R) in the House of Delegates 33rd District. Taintor's run makes her the second Democrat in less than a ...

The Winchester Star: Governor vetoes bill to review applicants for public assistance

March 29, 2017
WIMS AM 1420Del. Dave LaRock, R-Hamilton, introduced House Bill 2092 as a ?common-sense anti-fraud initiative [that] would have helped ensure that all individuals applying for welfare benefits qualify by requiring the local director or commissioner to use existing ...McAuliffe vetoes 6 more bills; GOP calls him 'disengaged'YourGV.comGovernor vetoes Republicans' 'educational choice' legislationHenrico Citizenall 108 news articles »

The Winchester Star: A dozen Democrats consider running against Rep. Comstock

March 14, 2017
Locally, two Democrats have announced they are running against 10th District Del. Randy Minchew, R-Leesburg, and 33rd District Del. Dave LaRock, R-Hamilton. Round Hill resident Tia Walbridge is seeking the 33rd District seat, while Clarke County ... Residents demand effective action from local politicians

March 17, 2017
24 and replaced with a nearly identical bill sponsored by Delegate Dave LaRock (R-33rd) that was ultimately passed by both chambers and approved by the governor. Boysko was listed as a chief co-patron on LaRock's bill. ?I have learned?that you cannot ...

WHAG: Top of Virginia hosts post-session briefing legislative breakfast

March 2, 2017
WINCHESTER, Va. - A wide variety of topics were discussed including healthcare, transportation and tax reform as well as the Go Virginia Initiative as local state-level legislators came to the George Washington Hotel to share a variety of issues ...Lawmakers reflect on General Assembly legislationThe Winchester Starall 2 news articles »

These are all of the video clips of Dave LaRock’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2014. There are 16 video clips in all.


  • HB963: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; created, penalty.
  • HB1453: Naloxone; dispensing for use in opioid overdose reversal, etc.
  • HB1473: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; penalty.
  • HB1605: Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, report.
  • HB1822: Place of worship; carrying dangerous weapon personal protection.
  • HB1823: Property tax exemptions in Frederick County.
  • HB1824: DPOR; deregulation of interior designers.
  • HB1839: School principals; incident reports.
  • HB2048: Child support and fines; nonpayment, suspension of driver's license.
  • HB2092: Application for public assistance; eligibility, review of records.
  • HB2093: Local Government, Commission on; estimated fiscal impact on a locality of relocated refugees.
  • HB2261: Virginia Human Rights Act; unlawful discriminatory practice, definition of anti-Semitism.
  • HB2273: Blind parents; custody or visitation rights.
  • HB2299: Comprehensive community colleges; tuition grants and fees for certain individuals.
  • HB2475: Real property tax; payments in lieu of taxes for exempt organizations.
  • HB2476: Driver's licenses; revocation of driving privileges in other jurisdictions.
  • HJ693: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Transportation Funds.
  • HJ698: Study; Department of Social Services; Commonwealth's child support enforcement system.
  • HJ716: Commending the Patrick Henry College international moot court team.
  • HJ1067: Commending the Patrick Henry College intercollegiate moot court team.
  • HJ1069: Commending Breaux Vineyards.
  • HJ1070: Commending Sunset Hills Vineyard.
  • HJ1071: Commending the Loudoun Valley High School STEM Club.
  • HJ1072: Commending the Lovettsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company.
  • HJ1073: Commending Michele Coates.
  • HJ1074: Commending Sergeant John Kelly.
  • HJ1087: Commending The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards.
  • HR431: Public institutions of higher education; free speech.
  • HB168: Passing stopped school buses; rebutting presumption, mailing of summons.
  • HB257: Fire or rescue volunteers; mental health treatment; funding by locality.
  • HB258: Form of ballot; party identification of candidates.
  • HB259: SOL; Bd. of Education prohibited from adopting revisions that implement Common Core State Standards.
  • HB260: Firearms; law-enforcement certification of transfer.
  • HB273: Transfer of certain firearms; identification requirement.
  • HB389: Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, report, effective clause.
  • HB397: Discrimination; specification of certain terms relating to sex or gender.
  • HB431: Certificate of birth; amendment; designation of sex.
  • HB556: Abuse and neglect of children; a child includes a viable fetus.
  • HB736: Property tax; repeals certain exemptions in Frederick County.
  • HB962: Lyme disease; testing disclosure.
  • HB963: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; created, penalty.
  • HB970: Fetal remains; disposition, penalty.
  • HB1132: School principals; incident reports.
  • HB1134: Disorderly conduct; provisions shall not apply to certain students if occurs on school property.
  • HB1271: Practical design standards for projects.
  • HJ138: Dulles Toll Road Permit & Operating Agreement; Joint Com. on Transportation Accountability to study.
  • HJ139: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds.
  • HJ386: Commending the Patrick Henry College moot court team.
  • HJ387: Commending the Loudoun Valley High School boys' cross country team.
  • HJ388: Commending the Loudoun Valley High School golf team.
  • HJ389: Commending Drew Hunter.
  • HJ390: Commending Katherine Slover.
  • HJ470: Commending Martha Mason Semmes.
  • HB1470: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; use of revenues, effective date.
  • HB1625: Lovettsville, Town of; amending charter, updates boundaries, town powers, etc.
  • HB1752: SOL; Bd. of Education prohibited from adopting revisions that implement Common Core State Standards.
  • HB1753: Home instruction of children; requirements, year-end assessments, cutoff date.
  • HB1754: Home instruction of children; parent to provide certain testing scores to division superintendent.
  • HB2009: Firearms, certain; law-enforcement certification.
  • HB2079: Radar detectors; repeals ban on the use in motor vehicles.
  • HB2165: Property tax; exemptions for certain real property and nonprofit organizations in Frederick County.
  • HB2231: Student discipline; modifying long-term suspensions and expulsions.
  • HB2238: Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established.
  • HB2321: Virginia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; created, penalty.
  • HJ635: Communications sales and use tax; Department of Taxation to study performance of tax.
  • HJ636: Law-enforcement officers; DCJS to study the sufficiency of funding for training.
  • HJ655: Virginia Cyber Protection Teams; Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, to study.
  • HJ938: Celebrating the life of Zora M. McCall Brownell.
  • HJ939: Commending Craig M. MacLean.
  • HJ940: Commending Darryl C. Smith, Sr.
  • HJ941: Commending the United States Navy Reserve.
  • HJ942: Commending Laura Pearson.
  • HJ943: Commending Nichols Hardware.
  • HR312: Commending Carolee Cooke.
  • HB635: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; use of revenues.
  • HB647: MWAA; limits use of Commonwelth revenues to support Phase II of Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project.
  • HB652: Boundary adjustments; notice of any agreement shall be served upon affected landowners.
  • HB653: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; allocations.
  • HB658: Northern Virginia highway construction district; CTB allocations.
  • HB878: Firearms, certain; certification by chief law-enforcement officer within 30 days of request.
  • HB950: Income tax, state; home instruction and private school tax credit.
  • HB1266: Machine guns; owned by a trust.
  • HJ84: Dulles Access Highway; memorializing Congress to take legislative action necessary to impose tolls.
  • HJ85: Dulles Access Highway; memorializing MWAA to impose & collect tolls for use, etc.
  • HJ372: Commending LINK, Inc.
  • HJ472: Commending the Patrick Henry College moot court team.
  • HJ5236: Commending the Loudoun Free Clinic.
  • HJ5237: Commending the Free Medical Clinic of Northern Shenandoah Valley, Inc.
  • HJ5238: Commending HealthWorks for Northern Virginia.
  • HR135: Celebrating the life of Benjamin George Belrose.
  • HR136: Commending the Honorable Joe T. May.
  • HR547: Commending the Loudoun Valley High School baseball team.
  • HR548: Commending the Woodgrove High School softball team.
  • HR549: Commending the Woodgrove High School girls' lacrosse team.
  • HR550: Commending the Loudoun Valley High School debate team.