Del. David Reid (D-Loudoun)

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32: County of Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2018
Next Election
November 2019
Counties, Cities and Towns, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
83% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 96% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 75% of them are Democrats.
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15% in 2019
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  • HB1686: Electric utilities; limitations on fossil fuel facilities.
  • HB1694: Virginia Retirement System; E-911 dispatchers.
  • HB1704: Higher educational institutions; financial aid award notification.
  • HB1705: Dulles Airport Access Road; use of certain high-occupancy vehicles on the eastbound lanes.
  • HB1723: County board of supervisors; presiding officers, terminology.
  • HB1727: Virginia Lottery; personal identifying information of prize winners, etc.
  • HB1728: Post-adoption contact & communication agreements; authority to enter into agreements.
  • HB1736: Community Integration Advisory Commission; extends sunset provision.
  • HB1824: State employees; sick leave for certain disabled veterans.
  • HB1968: Virginia National Guard; state active duty pay.
  • HB2476: Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and mandatory fees.
  • HB2647: Condominium Act; meetings of unit owners' associations, proxy voting.
  • HJ699: Commending Shreyaa Venkat.
  • HJ702: Commending Alain Noriega.
  • HJ759: Commending Mikaeel Martinez Jaka.
  • HJ760: Commending the George Washington University School of Nursing.
  • HJ880: Commending the Rock Ridge High School softball team.
  • HJ966: Commending the Northern Virginia Technology Council Foundation.
  • HJ967: Commending Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun.
  • HJ985: Celebrating the life of Commander Frederick Lineburg, USN, Ret.
  • HB350: Full-day kindergarten program; implementation in school divisions.
  • HB351: Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and room and board, enrollment.
  • HB352: Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; toll rate approval by State Corporation Commission.
  • HB353: Handguns; limitation on purchases, penalty.
  • HB354: School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB355: Virginia Fuels Tax Act; refueling vehicles.
  • HB356: Voter registration; notification of denial.
  • HB357: Voting; ballots cast during court-ordered extended polling hours.
  • HB469: Electric vehicle; establishes tax credit on purchase or lease price.
  • HB470: Dependents of disabled veterans; waiver of tuition and mandatory fees.
  • HB471: Small businesses, new; state and local tax and regulatory exemptions.
  • HB472: Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases.
  • HB473: Virginia Public Procurement Act; use of best value contracting.
  • HB474: Solar energy collection devices; land lease program for installation.
  • HB475: Commercial motor vehicles; certain high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • HB476: Community service careers; tuition and fee waivers at higher educational institutions.
  • HB477: Guardianship; communication between incapacitated persons and others.
  • HB478: Domestic violence-related misdemeanors; enhanced, penalty.
  • HB1218: Residual parental rights; termination if in child's best interest, foster care placement.
  • HB1219: Parental rights; annual foster care review.
  • HB1326: Virginia Retirement System; E-911 dispatchers.
  • HB1356: Transient occupancy tax; expands tax in Northern Virginia statewide.
  • HJ74: Electric vehicles; DOLI to study effect of switch on automotive mechanics.
  • HJ122: Child abuse; VSCC to study laws & policies governing investigation.
  • HJ172: Commending Jeremy Beck.
  • HJ173: Commending Melanie Kelly.
  • HJ174: Commending Matthew Tobia.
  • HJ175: Commending Megan Poole.
  • HJ176: Celebrating the life of Captain Howard Todd Kauderer, USN, Ret.
  • HJ248: Commending the Loudoun County Sheriffs Office.
  • HJ249: Commending the Briar Woods High School cheerleading team.
  • HJ365: Commending Michaela Joyce.
  • HR39: Commending the graduating class of Skyline Regional Criminal Justice Academy Jail Officer Basic 1.
  • HR40: Commending the Stone Bridge High School volleyball team.
  • HR41: Commending the Salvation Army of Loudoun County.
  • HR42: Commending Sporting Virginia Futsal Club.
  • HR43: Commending Denise Corbo.
  • HR64: Commending Broad Run High School DECA.
  • HR65: Commending Iridium Communications.
  • HR132: Commending Ashley Caldwell.