Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville)

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57: County of Albemarle (part); City of Charlottesville [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Rules
Copatroning Habits
57% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 59% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 53% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
22.2% in 2018

David Toscano is an attorney specializing in family and real estate law. The Syracuse native holds degrees from Colgate, Boston College, and the University of Virginia. He served on the Charlottesville City Council from 1990-2002. He is married and has a son.

Recent Mentions in the Media

WINA AM 1070: Toscano tells House caucus he's giving up his leadership position next year

November 16, 2018
  Va. House Democratic leader Toscano plans to resign leadership post  Washington PostTop Democrat in Virginia House of Delegates is stepping down as leader  Virginian-PilotToscano tells Va. House Democrats he plans to resign from leadership soon  Richmond.comView full coverage on Google News

University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily: Prof. Sally Hudson challenges David Toscano for House of Delegates seat

December 4, 2018
  Hudson announced her candidacy Tuesday, challenging in a primary Democratic incumbent Del. David Toscano.

Washington Post: Va. Democrats elect Eileen Filler-Corn as House caucus leader

December 8, 2018
  RICHMOND ? Democrats in Virginia's House of Delegates elected Eileen Filler-Corn of Fairfax County to be their leader Saturday, replacing Del.

NBC 29 News: Sally Hudson Holds Campaign Launch Party for 57th District Seat

December 5, 2018
  Incumbent Delegate David Toscano will have some competition in next year's primary election. Toscano has held his 57th District seat for more than a decade, ...

NBC 29 News: State Lawmakers, Advocates Work to Pass Equal Rights Amendment in Va.

December 12, 2018
  Virginia lawmakers and advocates are working together to ensure women are guaranteed the same protections as men under the Constitution.

These are all of the video clips of David Toscano’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 451 video clips in all.


  • HB360: Historical African American cemeteries; adds Daughters of Zion Cemetery in Charlottesville to list.
  • HB1009: Firearms, certain; prohibited public carrying, penalty.
  • HB1010: Relief; Davis, Robert Paul.
  • HB1011: U.S. Route 29 bypass; repeals statutory guidelines for construction and payment.
  • HB1014: CBD oil and THC-A oil; certification for use, dispensing.
  • HB1016: Parental leave benefits; creates a new program for full-time state employees.
  • HB1017: Child day programs; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB1018: Energy storage system; establishes tax credit.
  • HB1019: Firearms, etc.; permitted events.
  • HB1190: Medicaid managed care plans; exchange participation.
  • HB1225: War veterans; removal or upkeep of monument or memorial.
  • HB1246: Identity Theft Passport; police reports submitted to the Attorney General.
  • HB1249: DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
  • HB1262: General Services, Department of; disposition of surplus motor vehicles.
  • HB1264: DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
  • HB1266: Arrests; law-enforcement agency to report, etc.
  • HB1268: Health benefits; employees of members of an association.
  • HB1364: Closed preliminary hearings; child pornography, etc., case.
  • HB1503: Community solar generation; establishment of facilities.
  • HJ100: Internet; recognizes that broadband access is basic infrastructure.
  • HJ101: Energy storage devices; DMME to study use.
  • HJ302: Celebrating the life of Heather Danielle Heyer.
  • HJ303: Celebrating the life of Frances Elizabeth Gibson Loose.
  • HJ380: Commending David T. Gies.
  • HJ381: Commending Teresa A. Sullivan.
  • HJ441: Commending Christopher Howard Long.
  • HJ531: Commending the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission and its localities.
  • HB936: Students, certain, with limited English proficiency; Board shall make provision in its regulations.
  • HB1666: Speed monitoring systems; locality may, by ordinance, establish.
  • HB1711: Minimum city population required to enforce certain ordinance violations.
  • HB1800: Electric utility regulation; third party power purchase agreements.
  • HB2214: Transportation, Department of, and University of Virginia; use agreement.
  • HB2215: Adoption assistance; children with special needs.
  • HB2216: Putative Father Registry; changes name to Virginia Birth Father Registry.
  • HB2217: Address confidentiality program; victims of sexual violence and human trafficking.
  • HB2232: Child day programs; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB2365: Registration records; deadline extension.
  • HJ684: Commending Robert C. Vaughan III.
  • HJ711: DNA data bank; VSCC to study expanding number of certain crimes that require DNA.
  • HJ981: Celebrating the life of William Henry Anderson, Jr.
  • HJ984: Commending Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  • HJ990: Celebrating the life of Holly Marie Kerr Edwards.
  • HJ991: Celebrating the life of William Harold Lucy.
  • HJ992: Celebrating the life of Rouhollah K. Ramazani.
  • HJ993: Celebrating the life of Pierre Paul Saunier, Jr.
  • HJ994: Celebrating the life of James Gordon Simmonds.
  • HJ1031: Commending J.F. Bell Funeral Home, Inc.
  • HJ1035: Celebrating the life of Charles Henry Gleason, M.D.
  • HB742: Neighborhood Assistance Program; eligibility for tax credits.
  • HB899: Elections; early voting by persons age 65 or older.
  • HB913: Discrimination; prohibited in employment and housing.
  • HB914: Campaign finance; fundraising during special sessions prohibited.
  • HB915: Passing stopped school buses; mailing of summons.
  • HB932: Court-appointed counsel; compensation, increases frequency of reporting.
  • HB933: High school graduation and dropout data; students who have been placed in custody of DSS.
  • HB935: Extended Foster Care Services and Support Program; created.
  • HB936: Students, certain, with limited English proficiency; Board shall make provision in its regulations.
  • HB941: Clean energy programs; expands scope by including certain residential properties.
  • HB1137: Electric utilities; net energy metering, energy balancing devices.
  • HJ374: Celebrating the life of Francis Harrison Fife.
  • HJ381: Commending Rabbi Daniel S. Alexander.
  • HJ423: Celebrating the life of Horace Julian Bond.
  • HJ439: Commending Timothy John Longo, Sr.
  • HJ516: Commending Stephen L. Sellers.
  • HJ519: Commending the University of Virginia athletics program.
  • HJ520: Celebrating the life of Howard Arthur Pape.
  • HR75: Commending religious liberty and freedom from political persecution.
  • HR86: Commending the Reverend Dr. Lehman D. Bates II.
  • HR262: Commending Malcolm Moses Brogdon.
  • HB1316: Virginia Retirement System; average final compensation.
  • HB1617: DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain Class 1 misdemeanors.
  • HB1938: Campaign finance; campaign fundraising during special sessions prohibited.
  • HB1939: Neighborhood assistance; reduces tax credit.
  • HB1959: Higher educational institutions; information for six-year plans.
  • HB2051: Charlottesville, City of; amends current sidewalk construction provision.
  • HB2073: Electric utilities; net energy metering, energy balancing devices.
  • HB2075: Electric utility regulation; solar renewable energy certificate registration system.
  • HB2098: Tangible personal property; miscellaneous and incidental property.
  • HB2139: Higher educational institutions; reporting of felony criminal sexual assault.
  • HB2181: Coal; tax credit allowed beginning January 1, 2015.
  • HB2201: Academic transcripts; documentation of dismissal.
  • HB2360: Punitive damages; changes cap from $350,000 to $750,000.
  • HB2370: Firearms; transfer at gun shows, voluntary background check, penalties.
  • HJ739: Celebrating the life of Thomas F. Bergin.
  • HJ740: Celebrating the life of the Honorable James Brady Murray.
  • HJ741: Commending the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society.
  • HJ742: Commending Donna Shaunesey.
  • HJ743: Commending Eugene Williams.
  • HJ744: Commending Lorraine Payne Williams.
  • HJ798: Celebrating the life of John Robert Erwin.
  • HJ959: Celebrating the life of Betty Van Yahres.
  • HB121: Tax information; disclosure by Department of Taxation.
  • HB312: Civil action; rescission of deed, etc., court may award to plaintiff reasonable attorney fees, etc.
  • HB397: Social worker; family-services specialists & qualified equivalent workers allowed to perform tasks.
  • HB406: Evaluate Tax Preferences, Joint Subcommittee to; required to report to General Assembly annually.
  • HB407: Adoption; disclosure of identifying information.
  • HB922: Alcoholic beverage control; special agents.
  • HB1110: Children placed in child-caring institutions or group homes; reimbursement of costs to educate.
  • HB1233: Address Confidentiality Program; victims of stalking eligible for Program.
  • HB5005: Judgeships; authorization to fill certain judgeships and appropriation of funds to pay.
  • HJ72: Pay It Forward, Pay It Back; SCHEV to study feasibility of implementing.
  • HJ120: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
  • HJ280: Celebrating the life of Joseph Charles Palumbo.
  • HJ318: Commending the Senior Center, Inc.
  • HJ455: Commending Raymond Lee Richards.
  • HJ456: Commending Jennifer J. Brown.
  • HJ457: Commending the Virginia High School League.
  • HJ458: Commending James H. Bash.
  • HJ460: Celebrating the life of Mary Wilkinson Gaston.
  • HJ483: Commending the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • HJ5037: Commending Nancy C. Damon.
  • HJ5038: Commending Anthony Guy Bennett.
  • HJ5133: Commending the Albemarle High School boys' lacrosse team.
  • HJ5134: Commending the Western Albemarle High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ5135: Commending the Western Albemarle High School boys' soccer team.
  • HJ5220: Commending the University of Virginia baseball team.
  • HJ5255: Commending the Paramount Theater.
  • HJ5256: Commending James Haden.
  • HJ5257: Commending Lincoln Vernon Lewis.
  • HJ5258: Commending First Presbyterian Church.
  • HR67: Public interactions; Virginia ABC to observe agency policies and protect constitutional rights.
  • HB450: Parental rights; procedure for restoration, child and parent to consent to restoration of rights.
  • HB1723: Child support; imputation of income, custodial parent attendance in educational, etc., program.
  • HB1724: Subdivision ordinance; Charlottesville may allow developer to construct sidewalk on residential lot.
  • HB1727: Water and waste authorities; rates and charges.
  • HB1728: Virginia Vulnerable Adult Protection Act; created.
  • HB1729: Payment of wages to employees; requires employers to maintain and preserve certain records.
  • HB1735: School boards, local; salary increases for members.
  • HB1795: Child support; confidentiality of guidelines worksheets in mediated agreements.
  • HB1975: Certificate of public need; continuing care retirement communities, admissions to nursing home beds.
  • HB1976: Higher Education, Virginia Commission on; Board appointments.
  • HB1978: University of Virginia; Board of Visitors, composition and quorum.
  • HB2006: Mortgages; retains its subordinate status.
  • HB2329: Adoption; death of joint petitioner prior to entry of final order.
  • HJ676: Standards of Learning; Board of Education to study alternatives to assessments.
  • HJ712: Celebrating the life of Jean Miller Brundred Murray.
  • HJ713: Celebrating the life of Preston Alexander Coiner.
  • HJ714: Celebrating the life of William Henry Wood.
  • HJ857: Commending the Jefferson School City Center.
  • HJ959: Celebrating the life of Daniel John Meador.
  • HB146: Virginia's Tax Preferences, Commission to Review the Effectiveness of; established, report.
  • HB147: Statewide fraud control program; medical assistance overpayment moneys to be paid into Fund.
  • HB444: Public Procurement Act; certain payments under state plan for medical assistance services exempted.
  • HB445: Adoption; various changes to procedures.
  • HB446: Coal tax credits; termination of certain credits.
  • HB447: Appropriation bills; House Appropriations and Senate Finance issue reports with budget conference.
  • HB448: Net energy metering program; standby charges.
  • HB449: Virginia Public Procurement Act; preferences by localities, etc.
  • HB450: Parental rights; procedure for restoration.
  • HB451: Adoption; appointment of counsel if parent is determined to be indigent.
  • HB658: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local; definition of personal interest in a transaction.
  • HB1113: Biscuit Run; DCR to negotiate land exchange of certain acres in Albemarle County.
  • HB1264: Income tax, state; extension of time to file tax return.
  • HJ285: Celebrating the life of Mary Ann Wilder Elwood.
  • HJ286: Celebrating the life of Alicia Inez Bowler Lugo.
  • HJ287: Celebrating the life of Dr. Raymond C. Bice, Jr.
  • HJ291: Commending the City of Charlottesville on its 250th anniversary.
  • HJ389: Commending the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia.
  • HJ506: Commending Snow's Garden and Landscaping Center.
  • HJ5008: Commending Gordon J. Walker.
  • HJ5014: Commending The Salvation Army's Charlottesville Corps.
  • HJ5019: Celebrating the life of Charles Steven Martin.
  • HJ5028: Commending Horace Julian Bond.
  • HB440: Accident and sickness insurance policies; coverage of children who are under age 27.
  • HB441: Community and agricultural net metering; requires State Corporation Commission to establish program.
  • HB748: Parental rights; final orders for termination are appealed directly to Court of Appeals.
  • HB1236: Energy conservation; investor-owned electric utilities, etc., to provide information to customers.
  • HB1529: Pendente lite support orders; payment of debts.
  • HB1682: Subordinate mortgage; increases maximum amount upon refinancing of primary mortgage.
  • HB1683: Motor vehicles; passing of bicycles, etc.
  • HB1684: Voter registration; identification requirements for first-time voters who register by mail.
  • HB1685: Agricultural net energy metering; creates a category of eligible customer-generators.
  • HB1686: Distributed solar generation demonstration programs; SCC to consider approval of facilities.
  • HB1868: Adult adopted person; access to identifying information.
  • HB1869: General Assembly; reports to accompany general appropriation bills.
  • HB1870: VEDPA; reports by businesses receiving development subsidies.
  • HB1871: Length of school term; minimum number of required days or hours.
  • HB1872: Public infrastructure maintenance bonds; City of Charlottesville may require from developers, etc.
  • HB1873: Converted vehicles; definition, certain vehicles need not be examined by DMV.
  • HB2421: Adoption procedures; makes numerous changes.
  • HB2422: Protective orders; makes numerous changes to laws governing family abuse and stalking, penalty.
  • HJ606: Commending Robert W. Tucker, Jr.
  • HJ864: Commending the Charlottesville High School Orchestra.
  • HJ950: Commending the Honorable Lewis F. Payne.
  • HJ951: Commending Peppy Linden.
  • HB60: Food safety preparation inspections; exempts private homes that process certain foods.
  • HB61: Driver's licenses; release by DMV of photographs of deceased persons to family members.
  • HB62: Budget bill; required reports from House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees.
  • HB63: Absentee voting; expands scope of persons defined as members of voter's immediate family.
  • HB64: Absentee ballots; authorizes State Board of Elections to develop procedures for counting.
  • HB65: Print-on-demand ballots; restrictions on printing.
  • HB66: Child and spousal support; court to appoint vocational expert to conduct testing and interviews.
  • HB67: Domestic relations cases; witness refusal to answer question on ground that it may self-incriminate.
  • HB68: Preliminary hearing; district court judge may order witness testimony to be reduced to writing.
  • HB213: Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and Landlord and Tenant law; definition of landlord.
  • HB436: Donations by localities; may donate to nonprofit organizations providing energy efficiency services.
  • HB437: Real property tax; permits localities to collect roll-back taxes.
  • HB438: Dam safety; Soil and Water Conservation Board to establish incremental damage analysis procedure.
  • HB439: Common Interest Community Board; provisional licenses for property managers.
  • HB440: Accident and sickness insurance policies; coverage of children who are under age 27.
  • HB441: Community and agricultural net metering; requires State Corporation Commission to establish program.
  • HB442: Electric utilities; authorizes retail customer to continue purchasing renewable energy.
  • HB443: Adoption; amends eligibility and application process requirements for assistance.
  • HB444: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited contracts, exceptions.
  • HB747: Stepparent and close relative adoption; appointment of guardian ad litem not required.
  • HB748: Parental rights; final orders for termination are appealed directly to Court of Appeals.
  • HB749: Parental placement adoption; birth parent waiver of consent for out-of-state placement.
  • HB750: Adoption; birth & adoptive parents may enter into post-adoption contact & communication agreements.
  • HB751: Charter; City of Charlottesville.
  • HB1225: Voting equipment; allows acquisition of direct recording electronic machines by any locality.
  • HB1236: Energy conservation; investor-owned electric utilities, etc., to provide information to customers.
  • HJ17: Commending Sally H. Thomas.
  • HJ152: Commending the University of Virginia men's soccer team.
  • HJ156: National Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day; designating as January 29, 2010.
  • HJ157: Celebrating the life of Dr. Robert Latham Brundred Murray.
  • HJ158: Commemorating the life of Paul G. McIntire on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth.
  • HJ198: Youth Fitness Day; designating as April 25, 2010, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ200: Commending Theresa L. Tapscott.
  • HJ201: Commending The First Tee.
  • HJ290: Commending John Thomas Casteen III.
  • HJ318: Commending Gary B. O'Connell.
  • HJ459: Commending Judy Walker.
  • HJ460: Commending Jeanne O. Cox.
  • HB76: Recordation tax; changes basis on which are calculated.
  • HB77: Recordation tax; expands exemption for certain nonprofit providers of affordable housing.
  • HB750: Parental rights; appeal when terminated.
  • HB1321: Foster care; transition plan for children 16 years of age or older.
  • HB1581: Highway logo and tourist-oriented directional sign programs; VDOT & Transportation Bd. to provide.
  • HB1832: Elections; electoral board of city contained within one county may appoint city general registrar.
  • HB1833: Indoor Clean Air Act; allows localities to exceed requirements that regulate smoking.
  • HB1834: University of Virginia; repeals requirement that board of visitors submit annual report of progress.
  • HB1835: Rail Enhancement Fund; may be used to subsidize railroad operations.
  • HB1836: Pesticides; schools shall permit immediate application thereof to eradicate pest infestations.
  • HB1837: Speed limit; adds Albemarle County to list of maximum speed limit on nonsurface treated highways.
  • HB2155: Electric utility service; net energy metering.
  • HB2156: Involuntary commitment hearing; upon request, district court judge, etc. may restrict attendance.
  • HB2157: Biodiesel & green diesel; all diesel fuel sold, etc. in State to consumers to contain at least 2%.
  • HB2158: Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Transit Authority; established.
  • HB2159: Adoption of a child; amends statutes governing.
  • HB2160: Post-adoption contact and communication; establishes procedures between birth parents, etc.
  • HB2161: Retail Sales and Use Tax; additional tax authorized in City of Charlottesville & Albemarle County.
  • HB2537: Special education; definition of a parent to make decisions relating thereto.
  • HJ665: Celebrating the life of Dr. Eugene Abram Foster.
  • HJ802: Commending Building Goodness Foundation.
  • HJ824: Celebrating the life of John Ashley Blackburn.
  • HJ978: Celebrating the life of Carroll E. Harris.
  • HB75: Attorney General; general registrar added to list of individuals that may request official opinions.
  • HB76: Recordation tax; changes basis on which are calculated.
  • HB77: Recordation tax; expands exemption for certain nonprofit providers of affordable housing.
  • HB162: Income tax, state; certified EarthCraft House tax credit.
  • HB274: Parental rights; appeal when terminated.
  • HB281: Protective orders; possession of firearms.
  • HB282: Parentage proceedings; circuit courts, etc. have concurrent jurisdiction.
  • HB283: Family life education; parental notification.
  • HB284: Income tax credit, earned; employers to provide notice to employees.
  • HB285: Adoptions; consent revocation period for parental placement.
  • HB286: Income tax credit, earned; Department of Social Services to provide notice to all applicants.
  • HB750: Parental rights; appeal when terminated.
  • HB883: Affordable housing; permitting certain densities in plan in City of Charlottesville.
  • HB884: School buses; prohibits idling of engines of those diesel-powered on school premises.
  • HB885: Bus engine idling; allows all counties, cities, and towns power to adopt ordinances limiting.
  • HB1321: Foster care; transition plan for children 16 years of age or older.
  • HB1322: Involuntary outpatient treatment; court to determine treatment of orders.
  • HB1323: Temporary detention order; magistrates to issue based on recommendation of treating physicians.
  • HB1324: Mental health records; mandatory sharing.
  • HB1325: Child support; exemption for parents who are imprisoned for life.
  • HB1478: Pedestrian control signals; abide by words or symbols displayed thereon.
  • HJ23: Commending the University of Virginia Hospital Auxiliary on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ44: Service Fee Directory; comprehensive information system to replace or revise.
  • HJ62: Public service academy, national; urging Congress to create.
  • HJ199: Commending the Monticello High School football team.
  • HJ234: Commending Jeanette Lancaster.
  • HJ281: Commending Chris Long.
  • HJ282: Commending Shelby J. Marshall.
  • HJ383: Celebrating the life of Steven Lowell Nock.
  • HJ384: Commending the Western Albemarle High School field hockey team.
  • HJ395: Celebrating the life of Mitchell Van Yahres.
  • HR34: Commending Kwon, Jae-Hwa.
  • HB1654: Minimum wage; increase from its current federally mandated level.
  • HB1685: Primary system highway construction; Transportation Board to allocate funds therefor.
  • HB1686: Driving under influence of alcohol; suspension of driver's license pending appeal of conviction.
  • HB1687: Criminal history record check, etc.; exempts birth parents revoking voluntary entrustment agreement.
  • HB1688: Parental placement adoptions; consent revocation period.
  • HB1985: Adoption laws; technical changes.
  • HB2451: Affordable housing ordinances; changes law authorizing establishment of housing trust funds, etc.
  • HB2503: Development rights; county and adjacent city may enter voluntarily into an agreement.
  • HB2504: Criminal history & central registry check; est. mandatory background check for foster, etc. parents.
  • HB2674: Toy vehicles; prohibits use thereof on highways, exception.
  • HB3083: Liens; nonexoneration thereof against property bequeathed.
  • HJ782: Commending James William Simmons.
  • HJ878: Commending Daphne R. Keiser.
  • HJ922: Celebrating the life of Hovey S. Dabney.
  • HB332: Nursing education programs; to report to Board of Nursing annually their enrollment, etc.
  • HB333: Retirement System; employer contribution rates.
  • HB334: Absentee voting and ballot applications; no qualification for voters to use.
  • HB998: Charter; City of Charlottesville.
  • HB999: Grievance procedure; Albemarle County utilizing an administrative hearing officer rather than panel.
  • HB1363: Minimum wage; increase per hour.
  • HB1541: Electric Utility Restructuring Act; net energy metering.
  • HB5049: Highway construction funds; Transp. Brd. to allocate certain projects be maintained by municipality.
  • HJ108: Celebrating the life of John Edward Baker.
  • HJ300: Commending Dr. Joe Gieck.
  • HJ332: Commending Dr. Frank McCue III.
  • HJ458: Commending the University of Virginia.
  • HJ5080: Commending the University of Virginia mens lacrosse team.
  • HJ5089: Celebrating the life of Linda Irene Peacock Okerlund.
  • HJ5141: Celebrating the life of Grace L. Tinsley
  • HJ5142: Commending Jennifer J. Brown.