Delegate David Bulova (D-Fairfax)

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37: County of Fairfax (part); City of Fairfax [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Next Election
November 2017
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Education, General Laws
Copatroning Habits
69% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 73% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 55% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
31.3% in 2016
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
Recent Mentions in the Media

NBC4 Washington: Va. Legislators Propose Changes to Ensure Teachers Lose Licenses After Sexual Misconduct

January 10, 2017
Del. David Bulova (D-Chantilly) is proposing a separate law, which would require school districts notify the Virginia Department of Education 10 days after initiating an investigation of a teacher suspected of misconduct. Current law only requires ...and more »

Lexology (registration): 2017 Virginia legislative forecast

January 11, 2017
WINA AM 1070House Bill 1554, introduced by Delegate David Bulova (D-Fairfax), proposes changes to the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act to address concerns raised by Tvardek, clarifying the Act provisions apply only when a declaration is silent on ...executive action to ensure equal opportunity and access for all virginians in ... - Governor - Commonwealth of VirginiaGovernor - Commonwealth of Virginiaall 105 news articles »

Virginia Connection Newspapers: Fairfax: Del. David Bulova Announces Re-Election Campaign

May 21, 2015
#Del. David Bulova (D-37) announced his campaign to seek re-election to the Virginia General Assembly at a May 17 event held at Brion's Grille in Fairfax. #?It is an honor to represent the community where I grew up and where I am raising my own family ...

Washington City Paper (blog): Hip Shot: SuperNOVA

July 15, 2016
Playwright-director-composer-choreographer-actor Alex Bulova writes with some experience here as a scion of Fairfax's Bulova political dynasty, including father and Virginia state delegate David Bulova and grandmother and Fairfax County Board chair ...

Virginia Connection Newspapers: Burke, Fairfax Station, Springfield and Mount Vernon legislators reflect on battles won, lost and tabled after ...

February 27, 2016
#Reflecting on this session at its midpoint, Del. David Bulova (D-37) said a strong theme of several hotly contested bills ?has come down to state versus local control.? #Bulova gave two examples, including Senate Bill 549, which constricts localities ...and more »

These are all of the video clips of David Bulova’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 135 video clips in all.


  • HB1552: Local school boards; student and parent notification; career and technical education programs.
  • HB1553: Property Owners' Association Act; board of directors; actions taken without a meeting.
  • HB1554: Property Owners' Association Act; amendment of declaration.
  • HB1619: Watershed discharge permits; review of allocations.
  • HB1620: Open-end credit plans.
  • HB1675: Palliative care information and resources.
  • HB1735: Conditional rezoning proffers; provisions applicable to certain proffers.
  • HB1764: Regional school boards; full-time virtual school programs.
  • HB1765: Appeal to circuit court; failure to appear.
  • HB2082: Standards of quality; biennial review by Board of Education.
  • HB2307: Cover sheet for deed; property subject to the Property Owners' Association Act.
  • HB2431: School property; retail fee-based electric vehicle charging stations.
  • HB2432: Teachers and other school personnel; investigation of certain complaints, license revocation.
  • HB2433: Alcoholic beverage control; cider shall be treated as wine for all purposed of ABC law.
  • HJ573: Pongal Day.
  • HJ704: Study; Secretary of Natural Resources and Secretary of Education; environmental education; report.
  • HJ795: Commending Valluvan Tamil Academy.
  • HB189: Satisfactory evidence of identity; United States Passport Book and United States Passport Card.
  • HB190: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; use of population estimate in connection with decisions.
  • HB208: Tributary plans; repeals provisions that prescribe content of plans as part of tributary strategies.
  • HB404: Equitable distribution; transfer of separate property.
  • HB407: Interstate 66; designation of HOV lanes.
  • HB438: Sediment reduction credits; use by Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permittees.
  • HB512: Subdivision ordinance; provisions.
  • HB554: Confidentiality of information about victims of certain crimes.
  • HB916: Interstate 66; prohibits imposition or collection of tolls on any component.
  • HB1084: Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution.
  • HB1085: Stormwater Local Assistance Fund; established.
  • HB1365: High school graduation; Board of Education's requirements.
  • HB1374: Interstate 66; Commonwealth Transportation Board may impose tolls to use.
  • HJ338: Celebrating the life of Jack Lewis Hiller.
  • HR219: Commending the Fairfax, City of, Independence Day Parade.
  • HR225: Celebrating the life of Charles Edward Camper.
  • HB1471: Affordable housing; City of Fairfax added to list of localities with authority to provide.
  • HB1515: Maternity patients; information about safe sleep environments for infants.
  • HB1516: Wildlife traps; use of remote trap-checking technology.
  • HB1535: Tributary strategies; removes requirement for Secretary of Natural Resources to provide a report.
  • HB1536: Water Quality Improvement Act; references to obsolete tributary strategy plans.
  • HB1632: Common Interest Community Board; duties.
  • HB1634: Farm winery; licensees allowed to manufacture wine containing 21% or less of alcohol by volume.
  • HB1653: Voter identification; accepted forms of identification.
  • HB1667: Conflicts of Interests Acts, and General Assembly; certain gifts prohibited.
  • HB1697: Synthetic plastic microbeads; prohibition against manufacture or sale of certain products, penalty.
  • HB1725: Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority; created, report.
  • HB1870: Ground water management area; withdrawal permits.
  • HB1871: Private wells; registration of wells located in ground water management areas.
  • HB1872: Schools denied accreditation, etc.; principal and assistant principal training program.
  • HB2037: Motor carriers; limits use of passenger's personal information.
  • HB270: Alcoholic beverage control; certain licensees to provide information to consumer.
  • HB271: Candidate filing requirements; gift disclosures.
  • HB374: Charter; City of Fairfax.
  • HB376: Deer; spotlighting, exemption from restrictions.
  • HB445: Administrative Process Act; standard procedures for adoption of waste load allocations.
  • HB446: Traffic light signal photo-monitoring; criminal investigation.
  • HB561: Virginia Fire Services Board; Board shall meet no more than six times per year.
  • HB766: Service districts; energy and water conservation and management services.
  • HB767: Crimes; seizure and forfeiture of property.
  • HB996: Driver's licenses; applicants less than 19 years old.
  • HB1055: Concealed handgun permits; completion of firearms safety courses.
  • HB1072: Personal Information Privacy Act; use of DMV-issued driver's license or ID card information.
  • HB1109: Higher Education Board, Virginia Commission on; increases membership.
  • HJ246: Commending Brain Injury Services, Inc.
  • HJ5006: Commending Daniel F. Drummond.
  • HJ5079: Commending Richard J. Rappoport.
  • HJ5117: Commending Donna R. Sterling.
  • HJ5179: Celebrating the life of Theodora Daniel Goodson.
  • HJ5213: Commending the City of Fairfax Band Association.
  • HJ5214: Commending Daniels Run Elementary School.
  • HB426: Planning districts; requires preparation of regional strategic plans for guidance of district.
  • HB428: Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees.
  • HB429: Telephone bills; blocking third-party charges.
  • HB1532: Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees.
  • HB1533: Charter; City of Fairfax.
  • HB1580: Telephone companies; exempted from certain billing practices.
  • HB1584: Digital accounts and assets; enables a fiduciary to gain access.
  • HB1593: Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures of property used as methamphetamine lab.
  • HB1674: Education, Board of; releases from state regulations.
  • HB1883: Handheld personal communications devices; texting while driving, reckless driving.
  • HB2061: Human trafficking hotline; posted notices, etc.
  • HB2230: Higher Education, Virginia Commission on; composition of Board members.
  • HB2296: Virginia Urban Best Management Practices Cost-Share Program Fund; established.
  • HB2326: Regional strategic plans; preparation and adoption by planning district commission.
  • HJ921: Celebrating the life of Susan Lucinda Morgan Armstrong.
  • HJ965: Commending Daniel F. Meier.
  • HJ966: Commending Mosby Woods Elementary School.
  • HR217: Commending Colin Powell Elementary School.
  • HB423: Common Interest Community Board; duties.
  • HB424: School records; self-authentication.
  • HB425: Telephone carriers; prohibited from billing customers for certain services, etc.
  • HB426: Planning districts; requires preparation of regional strategic plans for guidance of district.
  • HB427: Highway maintenance funds; CTB to allocate funds on basis of achieving level of disparity.
  • HB428: Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees.
  • HB429: Telephone bills; blocking third-party charges.
  • HB430: Inter-local service delivery; expands scope of Regional Cooperation Incentive Fund to foster.
  • HB431: Charter; City of Fairfax.
  • HB1158: Virginia Water Protection Permit; issuance of permit by State Water Control Board.
  • HB1164: Secondary and urban system highways; STO to conduct periodic examination of process.
  • HB1200: Human trafficking hotline; posted notices, civil penalty.
  • HB1201: Foreign service workers and military; exemptions from jury service
  • HJ344: Celebrating the life of Carolyn L. Kauffman.
  • HJ384: Commending George Mason University.
  • HJ420: Commending Robert F. Lederer.
  • HJ421: Commending Ann Monday.
  • HJ478: Commending Suzanne Harsel.
  • HJ5018: Celebrating the life of Dr. John Earle Petersen.
  • HR46: Celebrating the life of John J. Toner.
  • HR573: Commending Suzanne Levy.
  • HB696: Surface & groundwaters; Water Control Board impose penalty when failure to report water withdrawal.
  • HB698: Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc.; licensure required to submit emergency plans.
  • HB699: Uniform Commercial Code; prohibits inclusion in a sales agreement.
  • HB1737: Stormwater management systems; local regulation.
  • HB1738: Reporting of water withdrawals; State Water Control Board to impose a civil penalty.
  • HB1739: Municipal separate storm sewer facilities; right of entry of operators to certain properties.
  • HB1740: Special safety corridors; county or city to designate for vehicles transporting explosives, etc.
  • HB1741: Common interest communities; charges for access to association books and records.
  • HB1742: Charter; City of Fairfax.
  • HB1887: VHDA Act; terms and conditions of purchases from and sales to lenders of mortgage loans.
  • HB1888: Water and sewer charges; liens imposed by localities.
  • HB2100: Child care facility; some localities require certification from national criminal background check.
  • HB2101: Landlord enforcement; locality may hold landlords responsible for certain violations of tenants.
  • HB2102: Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees.
  • HB2103: Aboveground storage tanks; Water Control Board to develop performance standards for certain tanks.
  • HB2104: Retirement System; exempts certain employees from higher retirement age.
  • HB2105: Electric vehicle charging service; excludes certain persons from retail sale of electricity.
  • HB2393: Human trafficking hotline; posted notices required in business providing certain entertainment.
  • HJ669: Plug-in electric vehicles; Governor to appoint an interagency task force to study use thereof.
  • HJ696: Celebrating the life of Bradford Burleson Self.
  • HJ762: Commending Inova Fairfax Hospital on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ961: Commending the City of Fairfax on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ962: Commending Mantua Elementary School on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB208: School divisions, local; policy on Internet shall be posted on its website.
  • HB209: Outdoor signs and advertising; penalties collected for violations of provisions.
  • HB210: Extortion; person who threatens injury to property including sale, etc., of identifying information.
  • HB211: Freedom of Information Act; definition of scholastic record.
  • HB212: Handheld personal communications device; texting while driving primary offense.
  • HB696: Surface & groundwaters; Water Control Board impose penalty when failure to report water withdrawal.
  • HB697: Water Protection Permit; proposed activity should be in accordance with state water resources plan.
  • HB698: Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc.; licensure required to submit emergency plans.
  • HB699: Uniform Commercial Code; prohibits inclusion in a sales agreement.
  • HB700: Grievance procedures; local government to permit an observer for each party.
  • HB701: Anti-prostitution community service program; suspension of sentence for first-time offenders.
  • HB702: Property Owners' Association Act; fees for disclosure packet paid when delivered.
  • HB703: Vocational programs; definition.
  • HB1221: Water Facilities Revolving Fund; loans for stormwater runoff control best management practices.
  • HB1310: Contractors, Board for; certification of geothermal heat pump ground loop system providers.
  • HB1311: Stormwater management regulations; extends effective date that establishes local program criteria.
  • HJ44: Commending Denise Moser.
  • HJ45: Commending Brain Injury Services, Inc., on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • HJ97: Children; Crime Commission to study penalties for taking indecent liberties involving minors.
  • HJ108: Commending the City of Fairfax Band on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.
  • HJ109: Commending Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts, Inc., on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
  • HJ136: Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day; designating as March 30, 2010, & each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ313: Commending Elisa Lueck.
  • HJ314: Commending Julie Knight.
  • HJ315: Commending Gary J. Rasmussen.
  • HJ316: Commending Thomas Owens.
  • HJ323: Celebrating the life of Major Harold E. Brown, Jr.
  • HJ326: Commending Girls on the Run of Northern Virginia.
  • HB1990: George Mason University; board of visitors to enter in memorandum of agreement with Fairfax.
  • HB1991: Stormwater management programs; establishment by localities.
  • HB1992: Outdoor signs and advertising; all penalties & costs collected for violations of advertising.
  • HB1993: Highway maintenance funds; requirements for Commonwealth Transportation Board in allocating.
  • HB1994: Renewable portfolio standard program; establish goal for investor-owned incumbent electric utility.
  • HB1995: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; adds Cities of Alexandria, etc., to use % of revenues.
  • HB1996: Grievance procedure; permits grievant to have witness present during second & third steps.
  • HB1997: Line of Duty Act; includes local employees disabled on or after January 1, 1966, in definition.
  • HB2107: Public use; definition thereof.
  • HB2406: School records; may be received as evidence in cases involving custody of students, etc.
  • HB2653: Zoning ordinance enforcement; not to be charged therewith unless locality provided written notice.
  • HJ629: Celebrating the life of Sally Braun Ormsby.
  • HJ684: Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Week; designating as February 7-14, 2009, and each year.
  • HJ898: Commending the Camelot Neighborhood Watch Program on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.
  • HJ990: Commending Saint Mary of Sorrows Church on the occasion of its 150th anniversary
  • HJ5007: Celebrating the life of Albert G. Van Metre, Sr.
  • HJ5020: Commending Virginia International University on the occasion of its accreditaion and 10th anniv.
  • HB28: Titling vehicles; gives applicants the option of providing license number in lieu of Soc. Sec. no.
  • HB360: Nonpoint source pollution reduction; Governor & General Assembly to provide funding therefor.
  • HB387: Public use; determining whether locality is authorized to acquire property.
  • HB388: State agencies; conveyance of easements.
  • HB389: Highway systems; allocation of maintenance funds.
  • HB390: Compromised Data Notification Act; created.
  • HB391: Uniform Statewide Building Code; rental inspection districts.
  • HB392: Stormwater ordinances; authorizes localities classified as MS4 to enact.
  • HB393: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; changes applicability of certain fund distribution.
  • HB394: Water and waste authorities; powers.
  • HB1355: Sewage treatment plants; expanded or upgraded facility may limit amount of septage.
  • HB1436: Line of Duty Act; funding for Line of Duty Health Benefits Trust Fund.
  • HB1437: Trees; conservation during land development process for air quality improvement.
  • HB6011: Highway systems; Transportation Board to determine allocation of maintenance funds therefor.
  • HJ96: Celebrating the life of Albert J. Wright, Sr.
  • HJ171: Endocrine disrupting compounds; Department of Environmental Quality to study effects on environment.
  • HJ297: Commending Evelyn Aguirre.
  • HJ554: Commending R. Michael Mohler.
  • HJ5007: Celebrating the life of Albert G. Van Metre, Sr.
  • HJ5020: Commending Virginia International University on the occasion of its accreditaion and 10th anniv.
  • HJ6054: Commending Patrice M. Winter.
  • HB964: Unemployment tax filing; annually for employers of domestic service individuals.
  • HB2483: Water quality monitoring; establishes deadline for public to submit its recommendations thereof.
  • HB2484: Photo-monitoring systems; certain counties and cities may establish to enforce traffic light signal.
  • HB2485: Public Procurement Act; procurement of environmentally preferable products.
  • HB2486: Trees; conservation thereof during development process for air quality improvement in certain.
  • HB2487: Low-flow protections; authorizing withdrawal of water from Potomac River.
  • HB2488: Civilian surveillance; Class 1 misdemeanor if person engages in without legal authority.
  • HB2489: Single-family dwellings; time limit for construction of.
  • HB2490: Regional strategic plan; removes exemption for Planning District 8 with regard thereto.
  • HB2667: Signs, certain; those located on real property of educational institution.
  • HB2668: Charter; City of Fairfax.
  • HB3148: Compromised Data Disclosure Act; created
  • HB418: Human Anti-Trafficking Act; created.
  • HB421: Solid waste management permits; need certification for locality where facility located.
  • HB960: Investment fraud; applies to those convicted of misuse or misappropriation of funds, etc.
  • HB961: Traffic light signals; use of photo-monitoring systems in certain localities.
  • HB962: Blight abatement; authorizes localities to place lien on properties repaired or acquired.
  • HB963: Income tax, state; agricultural best management practices tax credit.
  • HB964: Unemployment tax filing; annually for employers of domestic service individuals.
  • HJ107: Urban Best Management Practices Cost-Share & Tax Credit Program; DOC to study, report.
  • HJ243: Commending Shelby McIntosh.
  • HJ308: Commending Robyn Boggs.
  • HJ391: Commending the Inova Fairfax Hospital on the occasion of its 45th anniversary.
  • HJ474: Celebrating the life of Herman Forrest Drummond, Jr.
  • HJ5028: Commending Jim Larranaga.
  • HJ5035: Celebrating the life of Thomas A. Hill.
  • HJ5130: Celebrating the life of Rosemary Leary Caturano.