Del. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (D-Alexandria)

Photo of Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
5: City of Alexandria (part)
Took Office
January 2022
Next Election
November 2025
Copatroning Habits
92% of bills she has copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 97% of them are Democrats. Of all of her fellow copatrons of the bills that she copatroned, 72% of them are Democrats.
Bills Passed
50% in 2024


  • HB46: Firearm; transfers to another person from a prohibited person.
  • HB441: Polling place; assistance for certain voters, clarifies definition of 'person with a disability.'
  • HB442: Va. Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; landlord remedies, noncompliance with rental agreement.
  • HB627: Early childhood care; Child Care Subsidy Program expansion, provision of free child care.
  • HB686: School meals; availability at no cost to students.
  • HB894: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; electronic meetings.
  • HB895: Protective orders; venue.
  • HB1031: Legislature Modernization, Commission on; established, report.
  • HB1035: Places of public accommodation; possession and administration of epinephrine.
  • HB1039: Public elementary and secondary schools; possession and administration of undesignated glucagon.
  • HB1040: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; definition of 'caregiver,' remote participation in meetings.
  • HB1128: Children's advocacy centers; definitions, investigations by local departments of social services.
  • HB1398: Affordable housing; creates framework for localities to preserve housing.
  • HB1414: Estate tax; reinstates tax for persons dying on and after July 1, 2024.
  • HJ2: Constitutional amendment; qualifications of voters, right to vote, persons not entitled to vote.
  • HJ52: Student Appreciation Week; designating as week of March 20, 2024, & each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ154: Commending Nathan Hershberger.
  • HJ155: Commending Patricia Washington.
  • HJ156: Commending Joanna Anderson.
  • HJ157: Commending Debra Collins.
  • HJ158: Commending Zahra Rahimi.
  • HR107: Celebrating the life of Gloria Flanagan.
  • HB1729: Firearms; transfers to another person from a prohibited person.
  • HB1730: Alcoholic beverage control; grounds for suspension or revocation of license, exception.
  • HB1732: Va. Residential Landlord & Tenant Act; landlord remedies, noncompliance with rental agreement.
  • HB1857: Ticket resale; deceptive trade practices prohibited, definitions.
  • HB1879: Managed care health insurance plan licensees; network adequacy for mental health care services.
  • HB1880: Localities; record of legal settlement or judgment, disclosure of records.
  • HB1970: Virginia Coastal Resilience Technical Advisory Committee; renames Committee.
  • HB2049: Polling place; assistance for certain voters, definition of disability.
  • HB2050: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; electronic meetings, local and regional public bodies.
  • HB2371: Alexandria Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission; surety bonds for membership.
  • HB2445: Wholesome food donation; tax credit renewed.
  • HJ486: Commending the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Planning Committee.
  • HJ496: Commending the Alexandria City High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HJ500: Student Appreciation Week; designating as week of March 20, 2023, & each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ509: Constitutional amendment; public schools of high quality.
  • HJ516: Recurrent Flooding, Joint Subcommittee on; continued membership increase.
  • HJ550: Commending Beth Lovain.
  • HJ551: Commending Karen Pallansch.
  • HJ552: Celebrating the life of Chester Pike Avery, Jr.
  • HJ554: Commending Patricia Zissios.
  • HJ633: Commending Melwood.
  • HJ648: Commending Carpenter's Shelter.
  • HJ649: Commending Senior Services of Alexandria.
  • HJ650: Commending the Alexandria Harmonizers.
  • HJ651: Commending the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.
  • HJ709: Commending Brian Hricik.
  • HJ749: Celebrating the life of Gary Oelze.
  • HJ750: Celebrating the life of Lillie Miller Finklea.
  • HJ751: Celebrating the life of the Reverend George A. Pera.
  • HB444: Va. Freedom of Information Act; meetings conducted through electronic meetings, states of emergency.
  • HB448: Land disturbances; review of local authority regarding.
  • HB450: Parking of vehicles; electric vehicle charging spaces, signage for penalty, civil penalties.
  • HB451: Stalking; venue, penalty.
  • HB452: Public school buses; display of advertising, hiring of school bus drivers.
  • HB456: Virginia Passenger Rail Authority; membership.
  • HB460: Food delivery platforms; fee transparency.
  • HB465: Affordable dwelling unit; ordinances in certain localities.
  • HB1293: Food donations; labeling, liability.
  • HJ395: Celebrating the life of Florence King.
  • HJ400: Commending Dana Lawhorne.
  • HJ402: Commending Les Garrison.
  • HJ403: Commending Cora Reed.
  • HJ404: Commending Mark Jinks.
  • HJ405: Commending Bill Reagan.
  • HJ406: Commending Frank Fannon IV.
  • HJ407: Commending Rosa Landeros.
  • HJ408: Commending Lindsey Swanson and Katey Halasz.
  • HJ409: Commending Carol and Ryan Bailey.
  • HJ410: Commending McArthur Myers.
  • HJ411: Commending Ginny and Richard Obranovich.
  • HJ434: Commending Donald Simpson, Jr.
  • HJ435: Commending Thomson Hirst and Magaly Galdo-Hirst.
  • HR234: Commending Lauren Holthaus, Ph.D.